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UPDATE: I recently moved back to North jersey, happy to be back north,back home :)  &nbs
Female Dominant, 28,  Fort Lee, New Jersey












 Dominant Female

 Fort Lee 

 New Jersey

 5' 6"

 125 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

UPDATE: I recently moved back to North jersey, happy to be back north,back home :) 



Hey all you open minded, and loyal subjects, where are you? I am actively searching for an obedient pet for something we can grow into for the long term.

I would best describe myself as Controlling in one word. but to elaborate. I crave humiliation,belittling,degrading my pet. I love tease and denial and recently discovered my love of using my slave as a cuckold. that's not the only use I am seeking a long term slave for. but it's certainly a pleasure i have. seeing that I am a size queen and love small penis humiliation. telling all baby dicks what they truly are. its a turn on and something i have grown to love.

I love face sitting and face slapping and hair pulling as well as face spitting. not all are into what I'm into. so if you aren't then save your comments. I don't have to explain myself to anyone. I have desires that I need to express and it's your job as my slave to enjoy them whether you do or you do not, you certainly will act as though you do.. 

My pleasure my happiness and desires come first,second and third lol. I matter more then you.

your main goal should be to please me to make me smile to keep me happy.

If you can't handle this sort of obligation then we won't work out slave.

So if you are loyal, obedient. open minded and aim to please. message me with respect. always address me properly as Princess until I tell you, you have my permission to address me as Mistress.. 

anyway I will look forward to hearing from the rare few that will actually intrigue me so do your best. you most likely won't get a second chance lol xoxoxoxoxoxo

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