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Hetero Male Dominant, 49,  Lamesa, Texas
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While being active in the lifestyle for over 20 years now I have worn many hats. I have worn the collar and held the leash. I have felt the whips bite and have swung the flogger. I have been the servant and have been served.

As far as play styles go I can play very heavy or light depending on the needs and desires of my partner. I enjoy both equally so long as my partner flies.

I have a passion for furniture and toy making. I love the excitement of building a new toy as well as creatively perving out more traditional household items.












Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 0"

 290 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

A Poly Household

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 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Bondage (Expert)

 Corsets (Expert)

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 Wax play (Expert)


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 Hypnosis (Beginner)

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Journal Entries:
9/1/2017 9:28:46 PM

A toy for the Toymaker

All that know me are aware of my love for creating toys. Sometimes the creations start out as basic building materials. Sometimes they are ordinary items which I put my creative and perverted spin on. Still other times the materials come from something old, worn or broken. Regardless of the origin each toy is changed from its original form and molded into my vision of what it can be.

Over the years I have refined my skills to be able to make better and better products. Lessons learned from past mistakes coupled with new techniques I picked up along the way has improved the overall quality of craftwork. As I look back on my path as a toymaker it is not all that dissimilar to my journey through BDSM in general. It is with that revelation that I have decided on how to proceed with finding the right toy for me relationship wise.

Earlier today I made a post about labels. We each choose what label best represents or vision of ourselves in this lifestyle. It is with that in mind that I am going to describe what it is that I am looking for in a life partner.

The toy I seek

A person who identifies as a toy is a rarity in today's scene. One of the main reasons for this is that the role itself is very misunderstood. Many equate a toy to some sort of plaything or something easily discarded. In my vision this could not be further from the truth.

To me a toy is a most cherished possession. It is something that me as the owner will take great pride in. If I had to compare it to any other typical BDSM role I would say it is most closely related to a slave in many aspects however my toy will be viewed by me as my most prized possession.

Like with any new toy the person I seek is not something that will be perfect right out of the box. Like a good whip it takes great care and refinement to get the new toy to a place where it is an extension of the owners own being.

I seek to find the right person to take on this role so that we can both travel down our paths as one.

The qualities I am looking for in my toy are the following:

  • Someone with a good energy and a kind soul.
  • Someone who not only is willing to provide various services but whom can derive pleasure from the act of serving itself.
  • Someone who craves trying new things.
  • Someone who desires structure in their lives.
  • Someone who can stimulate not only my body but my mind as well.
  • Someone who holds Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty as core qualities.
  • Someone I can build a life with inside and outside of BDSM.

I am not looking for a perfect person. We are all human and have flaws. What is more important to me is to find some willing to grow and improve themselves as we grow and learn together.

As with any sort of relationship I am not expecting blind submission from anyone right out the shoot. Trust is built through time however I want someone who desires a long term relationship together as the ultimate goal.

Your new potential owner

What I have to offer my new toy is

  • A kind hearted person.
  • A loyal and protective owner.
  • A well developed BDSM play skillset.
  • An experienced Master.
  • A great cuddler.

Age, race, size or shape are not my primary concerns however some mutual level of attraction is important. Also while I am not locked in to this having to be a solely monogamous relationship my relationship with my toy will always be my primary as she and I will working to become life partners.

Those interested in learning more should send me a PM expressing your interest or with any questions you may have.

Kinky Cajun

9/1/2017 10:15:54 AM

Labels, labels labels….

During my journey through the scene I have witnessed many common labels rise to and fall from prominence.

At the start of my path there were 7 major identifiers in my community. Everyone was either a Master, Dominant, Top, a slave, a sub, a bottom or god forbid a S/switch.

Over the years many other labels surfaced such as Bigs/littles, Daddy/babygirl, Owner/pet or the dreaded BRAT!

Most recently I have seen the rise of even more labels such as Rigger/rope bunny, Spanko/spankee, kittens and puppies and bunnies….oh my!!

So many labels… So many ways of identifying oneself…. So many choices of dynamic types it is no wonder that so many people are confused nowadays.

It has taken me years to figure out where I fit in this fetworld and what it is that I truly desire. I have been blessed to be able to experience so much along this journey. Those blessings have come from both the number of wonderful people I have had the pleasure to encounter as well as the number of scoundrels that crossed my path as well.

It may sound strange to acknowledge both the good and bad I have come across but they have each played a role in shaping who I have become along the way. It is through the fire that one's weaknesses are made strong.

For now, my journey continues.

Disclaimer - This was written from a male's perspective but could apply equally to females as well. This was also not written with the intent to condemn anyones chosen label. Anyone offended by this writing can feel free to kiss my ass and go away.


5/8/2017 10:23:47 AM
Note to new subs:

When meeting a Dominant for the first time it is important to know that not all so called Doms will immediately demand acts of submission.  

Personally I want to get to know a potential partner as a person before any element of D/s is introduced.  Waiting to exert dominance is not a sign that the Dom is weak or less of a Dom.  It most often signifies that this is not his first rodeo and takes a measured approach to new relationships.

Have patience, D/s will come when the time is right.


1/27/2017 6:52:31 AM
It seems like each day I hear someone speaking of trying to find a mythical bdsm unicorn.   Many hang on to hope that they exist.  When each person describes the unicorn they seek there are quite a few differences.

For myself the unicorn I seek has the following qualities:
  • Honest
  • Adventurous
  • Intelligent
  • Witty
  • Classy
This may seem like it would be easy to find but somehow I have been unsuccessful for the past 25 years.

Perhaps one day....

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