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I have lived this way of life most of my adult life... . I have one slave that is in trainin
Dom/Slave Couple, 56/42,  Oregon
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 Dom/Slave Couple




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 5' 7"

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 5' 5"

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Submissive Female

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A Poly Household


 Computer Expert

I have lived this way of life most of my adult life... . I have one slave that is in training since May 2008; she is long term, live-in. There is balance in my house, a set number of rules to follow and expectations. Sexual and domestic servitude is only a part of the overall balance.

As a live-in slave within my house you will be cared for 24/7, I will give punishments for an issue and then it is over... I don't drag it out. Rewards are preferrable to punishments. If you are not open to change you will not last here. I travel quite a bit so you will get to go with me; this will include some international travel (I will get you a passport).

I provide a strict, stern, and secure environment that is rewarding and allows you to develop within your servitude and submission. It is also a place that is nurturing, as well as being a refuge from the outside. I like a wide range of activities that include edge play. I'm experienced and equipped for just about any type of play from electrical, to medical, bondage, piercings, to whatever. So you will get to expand your experience and horizons in these things. There are three friendly house cats and many other activities outside of the house.

Ethenticity and background is not important, what is important is desire and honesty.

I am looking for a woman between the age of 18 and 35 (age is variable if you think you still fit all the qualifications) that is serious about being a long term domestic and sexual slave. You must understand the actual freedom in giving up all control and responsibility.


I am currently looking to relocate to around the Puget Sound area in Washington State. 


 All pictures that I have are of myself and various training rooms that I have built. I do not plagerize others photos and call them my own. I am happy within myself as a Dominant and have no need to lie or manipulate others or puff myself up like an insecure pretender. I expect honesty from you as well.


I will not send money to you... if you are to come here then you will have to make your own way and then I will reimburse all costs... this eleminates pretenders, scammers, and fakes.


I am currently living on the southern coast of Oregon. Friends are welcome...



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Journal Entries:
3/27/2013 3:36:40 PM

I find it interesting that so many women here get upset if you send a short message, yet if you take the time to compose and write a very well thought message which might take up to an hour or more... They don't have the courtesy to bother even a thank you or reply.


This is indicative of the state of those they claim to be submissive or slaves that they cannot even have the courtesy to reply to somebody who takes the time and thought in order to make a serious offer.


Whereas these same women end up with some moron that doesn't have a clue on how to care for a slave or submissive let alone treat one... And in the girl goes crying and whining about not being able to find a decent master.

11/3/2009 12:20:11 PM
Just had a trip down to Mojave California to talk to Burt Rutan (designer of Spaceship One). Didn't get in to see him, but I did get to talk to a few engineers there about my project. Also got to spend some time in LA with friends, unfortunately they are not BDSM oriented so I didn't get to see what is happening in that area.

I am still looking for a sister slave to my current slave but it is proving to be a difficult road as there are so many pretenders and fakes. Many of the so called slaves are not slaves at all... they just want to be kept girls or women without having to give up all control as a normal slave would.

It is a shame because they will never find the real freedom and joy a true slave has. It is not an area that you can play or pretend in... you have to go all the way and very few are willing to do that. They are in essence pretending to themselves first of all.

My project is to clean up the oceans from millions of tonne's of garbage that is basically destroying the marine life as well as it's natural ability to convert green house gasses into breathable air. The problem is over analysis is only producing paralysis... meaning we are the only group that is not analyzing the problem but working on an actual solution. It takes visionaries and engineers for this not biologist...

6/12/2009 9:47:49 AM

Finally getting out of Winnemucca... I am so tired of the dirt, the dust, the arsenic in the water and people with an IQ of 10... not to mention the illegal aliens that steal you blind and then get free medical (for minor colds and crap) at the hospital that everybody else ends up paying for.

6/2/2009 10:32:28 AM
I am moving my house to Grants Pass temporarily.

6/2/2009 9:25:23 AM

We are a world of One


We are individuals, fathers, mothers, children… we seen only one thing and that is to do what is right by our families, and to live a good life our self. Yet because of the culture and society that we live in individually civilization over the last 100 years has been less than responsible for it’s own innate maturity and inner growth. We have focused upon the personal gain growing a base of power and control scrambling to enrich ourselves… from the person that cleans the office building at night, to the scientist that discovers new compounds, to the engineer that designs new hardware.


In all of this, we as a civilization have dumped chemicals, sewage, and our waste into the waters and the oceans of our home. We mistakenly always thought that because of the vastness of the oceans, we could get away with it and cause no harm. Yet after a hundred of years of massive dumping, we have finally starting to notice that we have been causing massive damage to the Oceans.


There are massive areas of virtually dead ocean where little life and survive, we have created the killer red plankton that eats the very flesh of a living animal or person. In five locations of the ocean there are areas each the size of Australia that are nothing more than Sargasso seas of garbage… stagnant within themselves and death to most living things be it fish, or bird, turtle, or coral.


In the 60’s, in our fanaticism to protect the renewable trees from strip deforestization and paper bags in the grocery store, we heralded the use of plastics as a cheap replacement. Yes, it drastically reduced the use of wood for paper, yet we were irresponsible in that nobody asked the simple question of what happens to all this plastic that never decays? Even today, plastic that is claimed to be recyclable cannot be reused for the original purpose because it melts at to low a temperature to become sterile again. Also there are so many different combinations of polymers that it is easier to just throw away the little plastic bag or bottle than trying to sort through it.


The story is the same with human waste, rather than finding an effective way of neutralizing the raw sewage, we have been dumping it into the ocean with a blind eye. The same with chemicals and other toxic waste. In some countries, this has been addressed, yet overall, little has been accomplished to stop the continued flow of waste that is killing the oceans. I is not only the cities that are dumping it is also the hundreds of thousands of ships, boats, and yachts sailing the sea at any time and any day. In addition to that, these very ships and yachts are a major (and needless) drain of this planets resources.


For example; a medium to small container ship: This is usually measured in pounds of fuel per horsepower per hour. Roughly speaking, 0.25 lbs/hp/hr is considered to be pretty good, and 100,000 hp is a low-side estimate of an average container ship's horsepower. This then works out to 25,000 pounds of marine diesel fuel per hour. Marine diesel weighs about 7lbs/gallon, which gets us about 3600 gallons per burned per hour. Estimating a speed of 30mph. What this means is that for a container ship to travel 30 miles, it'll burn through 3600 gallons, which is the same as burning 120 gallons to go one mile . What most people do not know is this: Container ships don't burn quality marine diesel, they burn bunker fuel which is just a step above asphalt. It is very cheap, literally pennies per gallon but very dirty, usually vented or exhausted under the ship “…so we don't see the pollutants destroying our environment and the Ocean”


If we are to halt the very destruction of the biological mechanism that produces food for us to eat, oxygen for us to breath and the conversion from carbon dioxide to oxygen (effectively curtailing the CO2 buildup creating the Global warming effect), then somebody needs to actively bring to the worlds eye, exactly what is happening. More so than that, we need to show the shipping and mega-yacht industry that by using new and more advanced technology to power ships we reduce the immediate drain of resources while at the same time we reduce a substantial amount of Ocean pollution. This is just one step in taking responsibility and taking positive action.


Because of the Laws and controls by the US Government in how a not-for-profit tax exempt legal entity can function; as soon as we start going to any state or Country in getting legislation or regulation that is Ocean positive… we loose our status and the attorney General can technically come in and take total control. Therefore since the education and encouragement of healthy Ocean policy is important; we will not be seeking an American Tax exempt status. Yet in order to pursue this honorable goal of removing the trash from the Oceans, of reducing the sources of input of trash, and working on ways to clean up the mess our civilization has created.

You want to stop Global warming, then fix the mechinism that converts carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen and gets rid of the green house gasses... help bring the Ocean back to working order and good health.




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