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Gay Male Master, 59,  Rockport, Texas
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This profile will be deleted soon. The current profile is under RptMan. Experienced, confident, mature Dominant Bear. Master.
Questions and applications for an online or in-person interview are welcomed. Interviewing serious candidates now. Strongest interests include bondage, cbt, , puppy play, ws, chastity, foot worship, humil scenes, sensation play, open to add to the list, inventive perverts welcomed. Open to interview prospects that can relocate.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 9"

 235 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Begging (Expert)

 Body Worship (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 Foot Worship (Expert)

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Masks (On Partner)

 Massage (Getting)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial (Expert)

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay (Expert)

 Role Playing (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions (Expert)

 TV News (Expert)

 Political Activism (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)

 Old Guard (Expert)



 Fine Dining (Expert)


 Anal Play (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)


 Canes and Crops

 Collars (Expert)

 Electrical Play (Beginner)


 Eye Contact Restrictions (Expert)

 Genital Punishment

 Fisting (Expert)

 Gags (Expert)



 Leashes (Expert)

 Masks (Wearing) (Expert)

 Mental Bondage

 Objectification (Expert)


 Science Fiction


 Web Surfing (Expert)

 Art Collecting


 Intellectual Discourse


 Writing (Expert)

 Blue Grass


 Folk Music

 Pop Music



 Rock Music

 Agnosticism (Expert)

 Auto Racing


 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries




 Corner Time


 Local BDSM Community

 Hair Pulling

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap

 Public Play

 Sensory Deprivation

 Suspension (Beginner)

 Vibrators (Expert)


 Wax play



 Comedy Shows

 Historical Shows


 Online Chatrooms (Expert)

 Puzzle Games


 Body Art (Beginner)



 Painting (Beginner)





 Liberal Politics  (Expert)

 Libertarian Politics  (Expert)



 1950s Lifestyle

 Cuckolding (Beginner)

 Polyamory (Expert)


 Alternative Music


 Classical Music

 Eighties Music

 Electronica / EDM

 EMO Music

 Industrial Music


 New Wave

 Nineties Music


 Punk Rock Music

 Seventies Music

 Atheism (Expert)





 Coffee Shops

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales

 Musical Theater


 Travel (Expert)



 Gas Masks

 Rubber Fetish

 Board Games

 Drawing (Beginner)

 Online Auctions

 Sewing (Beginner)





 Country Music

 New Age Music

 Baseball (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Gorean Lifestyle


 Antique Shows

 Clubbing (Expert)


 Fire Play (Beginner)

 Knife Play

 Needle Play

 Theatrical Scenes


 Vacuum Stimulation

 Horror Movies

 Online RPGs

 Role Playing Games

 Aromatherapy (Beginner)

 Herbalism (Beginner)

 Pottery (Beginner)






 Goth Lifestyle


 Heavy Metal Music

 Hip Hop Music



 Ice Hockey


 Bar Hopping (Expert)

 Gambling (Beginner)

 Going to the Opera (Beginner)


 Romance Novels

 TV Sports

 Alternative Medicine

 Soap Making (Beginner)

 Opera Music



 Hard Limits:

 Karaoke (Beginner)

 Conservative Politics (Expert)

 Female Supremacy



 Sky Diving (Beginner)

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Journal Entries:
9/1/2014 1:37:08 PM
Two months further along.  Have met and interviewed some local slaves/subs.  Not really what I want, but usable in the short term.  Seems that everyone, on both sides of the Dom/sub  scale, moans about how tough it is to find a good match.  Seems to me that there just isn't a perfect match for anyone, and that everyone has to compromise somehow, but maybe it's just a cultural thing to expect "the perfect one".   For sure, the interwebs make it SEEM easy, and sites like this sure put out the idea that anyone can just dial up what they want, as if sex and kink and love were just another page on Amazon, but it sure doesn't work that way when you get to the checkout page.  

5/19/2014 11:20:54 PM

The picture keeps changing.  I'm still planning to claim two or more slaves, but leaning more toward settling in the DFW Metroplex.  Overall, I'm not a big fan of that area, but the other parts of Texas aren't any  more appealing, and the other likely contender, Houston, is just too humid for human beings.  Still a lot to consider, but that's the way the pole is pointing as of today.

1/2/2013 8:37:00 AM

Still bugged by the sheer number of slaves out there that seem to think every Master can (and should) take them for 24/7 slavery.  Maybe there are a few Men out there who can afford to feed a slave, but in the long term, the slave still needs veterinary care and other things, and the cost adds up.  I'd love to have the resources to do it, but it just makes more sense for me to own slaves that have jobs.  I get the appeal of being removed from the world of mundane work and whatever, but just don't see how very many can make it happen.

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