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Hetero Male Dominant, 50,  Leicester, United Kingdom
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I think it was time to change the profile 021021, I am happily married, my wife is 100 onboard with me having someone to play with. I am a genuine guy down to earth and reasonably experienced in kink and bdsm. I am looking for someone that I can be comfortable with and also want someone who is going to be comfortable being intimate while playing.

I do appreciate that there are many fake profiles on here and I am happy to verify myself and hope you are also happy to do so. We dont have to verify off the site we can verify with certain photos requesting certain pose or writing held with the pic.

If I have messaged you then I am genuinely interested in getting to know you and hope to chat. If I have just visited your profile chances are there is a fifty percent chance that I would like to chat with you.

If you visit my profile thank you very much, you may message me and maybe we can chat.

Other then that all the best to all on here.












 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 5' 5"

 63 lbs



 Not Listed



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Female

Female Led Couples



 Scuba Diving

 Blindfolding you

 Body Worship


 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops

 Electrical Play


 Rear End Play (Expert)

 Being Massaged

 Erotic touch

 Foot Worship


 Hair Pulling

 Medical fetish play

 Modern Primitivism




 Amusement Parks


 Fine Dining


 Camping (Expert)

 Cages (Beginner)


 You wearing my collar



 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community




 Orgasm Control

 Sensation Play

 Public Play



 Curious About:

 Corner Time

 Fire Play

 Gas Masks


 Housework Service





 Auto Mechanic

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Journal Entries:
1/29/2023 3:31:25 AM

This site does not update age so just to let everyone know I am actually turning 50 this year

2/10/2018 12:16:05 PM
Just been looking at some of the domme profiles on here, ninety percent are pro dommes or fin dommes, and they are mostly shit profiles just can?t understand the men that respond to those. Then there?s the other ten percent of which half are fake and the other half again are split between really crap profiles and the decent ones. So as a guess there?s only two and a half percent decent dommes.

11/29/2017 11:33:53 AM
Omg there is so many time wasters on here and fakes too. I?ve had to block a fair few. I never used to bother with blocking before but some women are just taking the piss. I should have listed their user names too. Then there?s the ones who reply and start a conversation and then just go silent on you. I?d rather one just didn?t reply at all. Or if not interested in me just block me then I can?t contact them again. Ffs wish we all men could just do without women all together

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