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Pansexual Female Submissive, 35,  Bloomington, Illinois
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Kalista07 - submissive

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 Submissive Female



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 On February 2, 2013 I moved in with my Master and his children. July 7, 2013 I accepted his collar. On October 31, 2013 I accepted his proposal. I love him more than I could imagine. He makes me happy in ways best left to fantasies. Prior to him my live was a very dark and negative place. I have worked my ass off to get where I am today. I love him and I love my life. I even love myself! I've found what I'm looking for....which is honestly the very last thing I was looking for on this earth..... I'm currently happily, wonderful, awesomely taken. Kali

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Journal Entries:
11/3/2013 2:42:55 PM

I am extraordinarily happy!! I have more contentment and happiness than I could have dreamed imaginable!  On February 2, 2013 I moved in with my Master. On October 31, 2013 we became engaged!! I love him more than I can describe. 

I belong to my Master, with every fiber of my being. My heart, body, mind, and soul belong entirely to him!

3/6/2013 6:42:03 PM
I used to hate that expression, "when you stop looking that's when it appears"....But in retrospect that's exactly what occurred here for me. My life is so very full right now! I never imagined I could find a Master, a lover, a partner....On many levels, I wasn't even sure I wanted both. I love my life!!! I love him!! I am so very loved!!! Kali

9/12/2011 5:00:52 PM

Clarity allows for a clear vision of things that should have been, currently are, and have the potential to be in the future. I have no clarity as to what will happen in this lifestyle for me... I may eventually end up deciding I have no place at all in this lifestyle.. But, one thing is for sure.. where I go...who I do what with.. what I like.. Is all up to me now!!!


7/2/2011 1:58:31 PM

This Independence Day will bring so many firsts for me. I could list them here, I'm sure some of the would sound trite and I'm okay with that. I'm choosing not to list them because so many of them are personal and you need to know me a little to know exactly how valuable each of these "firsts" are.


Suffice it to say...... This Independence Day I am truly Free!!!


And what a wild, amazing, scary and wonderful thing that is to be!!



6/30/2011 10:37:24 PM

Life has truly changed for me...... I have at last found contentment and peace from within. And NO ONE can ever take that away.


5/29/2011 8:50:46 AM

Please do not contact me to hit on me, try to fuck me, own me, collar me, date me, flirt with me etc.


I've just left my husband and I am trying to heal. If you have no respect for me then at least pretend like you have some respect for yourself and do not prove yourself to be an asshat.


Thanks for your attention and cooperation in this matter.


Friendship and support, or course are always welcome.



4/25/2011 5:58:43 PM

There are few things I have less tolerance for than people who tell lie.... I am kind by nature. I do the right thing by virtue, morals, and choice.  Apparently people underestimate my kindness for weakness and naivety, perhaps this should frustrate me. It actually makes me laugh. A friend of mine used to always say, "do not challenge me to a battle of wits and show up unarmed".    


Just today's musings.....



4/8/2011 9:59:28 PM

I secured my own apartment today. I will be moving out of his house very soon, while this saddens me due to our marriage ending... On the other hand I am very excited about the possibility of being able to be free and experience joy again. Living in a house where I have been ignored and made to feel invisible has gotten very old.

It is time for me to be free again.

3/21/2011 9:36:15 PM

Life is a constantly evolving source of growth for some... you either keep up with that growth or not. Those are really the only choices. To think that someone else is going to carry you along this journey of life is not only selfish but it's pretty arrogant as well.


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