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Pan Male Submissive, 40,  Knoxville, Tennessee
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I am 40, cute, and submissive, a little shy and have been bullied and told what to do most of my life. I am not upset about it .. I have learned to embrace it. I know to keep my mouth shut and just do it.
Crossing girly boy, shaved smooth, looking for dominant men and women. ~ BLACK MEN ALWAYS WELCOME ~ (winks)

* ONE WORD DEION OF ME * - PUSSY - Please add me as a friend on xhamster! >

~ One of the most erotic times in my life, was when my ex wife Tracy always ordered for me in restaurants. (not dressed of course) and the waiter or waitress would always give a cute wink or smile to her.


MISTRESSES/DOMMES: - My submission is not a fantasy or pretend. It comes from years of doing what I am told by men and women, being cheated on and given the choice to love it or leave, and a "girly" personality since my early teens. I am real, with experience, and I need a dominant female in my life to cnrol me, use me, and allow me to be the tiny dick sissy boy that comes naturally. I was trained by a dominant BBW who only had sex with black men, so I would consider being a loving baby bitch to a couple as well. (see true story experiences in my journal)

I'm a stupid fucking cunt that needs to keep it's mouth shut. I have been told in the past that I run my mouth like a high school cheerleader, but nothing worth hearing ever comes out. I need to shut my dick sucker and let people who know what they are talking about .. speak.













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 6' 1"

 205 lbs






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Journal Entries:
9/8/2013 8:29:57 AM

This morning I got a call from a black guy that uses my mouth often to cum in, that he was on his way. I have been catering to him everytime he calls, I run errands, I've cleaned his apartment and all I ask is that in edition to letting me suck on his cock, he take just one picture of his big, thick, beautiful black dick as I am sucking and pulling on it. - After 4 months of begging, today he snapped one just as he was shooting a load down my throat. (You can see my cheeks starting to bulge) 


I never spill a drop. One time I left a drop on the bottom side of his balls, and I got slapped twice across the face. I cried like a school girl because it hurt so bad, and he laughed, called me a fagot and left.


-Today - I got my picture. I only wanted it to share with all of you, and to show potential mistresses that even when I don't have a domineering cuckoldress in my life, I continue to be submissive, subservient, docile and obedient to the real men that keep them happy sexually. Kisses all! Have a great Sunday!



6/23/2012 2:11:23 AM



Not long after a girlfriend of mine broke up back in 2008, I kept remembering a white guy that used to come to our condo and fuck my girlfriend, while I watched in my cutest sissy stuff. One night he had me lay under her and lick her pussy while he pounded her ass, and I was thinking I was gonna get to suck his fat, heavy long dick. He came in her ass and I licked it out but no suck.

About a year ago (2011) I saw he had made a profile on the xhamster video site, and I said hi. He remembered me and I began chatting with him as much as possible. Last summer I went to Red Roof Hotel to dress up and meet a guy from Craig's List, but he never showed. I had my laptop so I found that Mark was online and started chatting.

His main questions were about getting some pussy, and of course I stroked his ego telling him how it was a shame he couldn't find anyone to devour that dick of his. It took an hour, but he finally came to my room, sat on the bed and held my face as I sucked and licked every inch of that big dick. He is 35ish, tall, thin, handsome and very dominant, and he tied my hands behind my back and throat fucked me like the cunt I am. I almost puked, but managed to keep it to a slight slobber. When he came, he warned me a few seconds before, and instructed me to keep it in my mouth even after I tasted it, and not to move. (as he used to do with Kim). I did just that and he finally pulled my mouth loose and said "swallow" - GULP was all he heard. Haven't met back up with him, but I hope to for sure. For now, I need to concentrate on finding an owner Mistress to train me and give me chores to do, so i can have some pussy to offer him should he allow me to suck it again. I love being a sissy bitch for men, but it would be so much more fulfilling, if I were serving a beautiful Mistress and her lovers as well. Hugs N Kisses.

6/23/2012 1:20:19 AM



1. Took me to a gloryhole dressed in a ballerina outfit, and left me there for 6 hours while she got fucked by who knows who. (in Nashville 2003 - they aren't there anymore)


2. Had me wear shorty shorts, (legs shaved) mascara and eye liner and took me to a restaurant on vacation in 2004. - It was in Gulf Shores, AL


3. Had me go on a date with her and her boyfriend as the driver, dressed in a mini skirt, wig and full make-up. Made me get out and pump gas and I was laughed at and called a fag.


4. Made me wear a french maid out fit from our house to a lover's, and clean his apartment every day for 3 months. I paid him $5 per day for the privilege.


5. Made me take orders from a redneck at a store we owned, in front of everyone that knew I was her husband.


6. Took me to TSC swinger's club in Nashville wearing a pink shirt, girly shorts (always shaved body), and pink flip flops showing my pink toe nails. The shirt said "I Suck Cock" on the front and back, she ordered from a novelty store online.


7. Had her lover order my meal for me in a crowded restaurant, after I tried to order. He told me to shut up, then changed my order to the cute waitress as she was at first shocked, then giggled.



6/23/2012 12:59:21 AM



My senior year I was 18 and dating an older girl, 21, named Ginger, who worked with my best friend's mom. She was a BBW which I had come to love, and as strict a girlfriend as a puss like me could want. Our relationship ended after I finally got the nerve up to try to fuck her. She asked me what took so long, and my face got red because I didn't want to say I am a scared pussy boy. She instantly grabbed at my dick, and said (this is 100% true) -"What the fuck is this? Have you not been through puberty?" God I was embarrassed but she at least let me suck and lick her pussy that night. She came and squirted in my face 2 times, had me lick it all up, then went to sleep. Two weeks later she broke up with me.

6/23/2012 12:14:15 AM



In 2003 and 2005, my ex wife Tracy became pregnant with the two kids we have, and knew they were not mine from the start. She had been dating a white guy (with a huge beautiful cock) off and on in between lovers, since 1999, before we met. They were in love but not to the point of wanting to get married, just to be together when possible. He lives in Alabama but travels Tennessee. His name is David, like the guy I have been blowing since I was 14, and never was in to cuckolding or letting me watch. She had kept fucking him even after we started dating and got married, but didn't tell me until we officially agreed that I would be a cuckold.

In 2002, she told him about me, and he could care less either way since they always met at his luxury suite, sometimes Nashville, or Knoxville and she once even drove to Huntsville, Alabama to spend the weekend with him. Since he was on the road, she missed him terribly. They always ended phone calls with "I Love You Baby", and I'm certain it was more intense when she went to spend the night in person at his Hotel.

  In 2002, Just after she asked me what I thought about her going off the pill, so she could have his baby since she never got to see him much. I was nervous about that, but I knew I could either agree, or leave, or she would just do it anyway. On the day we decided I was a cuckold without rights or a say, I was never having sex with her again, and I knew this. I agreed, and she told David on the phone about 20 seconds afterward. I was a bit shocked that she was telling him this, as I thought she would get pregnant and we wouldn't tell anyone how. David was as excited as her, and when she got off the phone, I was on my way to the ATM to get $400 for her trip to Alabama.

She had planned to stay 3 days, but stayed a whole week, and things were different with us after that. She was colder than usual to me, and that says alot. This is when she decided to start taking me shopping with her, and getting me some sissy clothes to wear, and keep my body hair shaved. (It was mostly already - been shaving my legs and arms since I was very young). She wanted me to be like a babysitter girl for their child, and assumed I would like dressing sissy since I sucked cock all the time, and was excited about shoes shopping as she was. She was right.

     Their first baby was born and it was a little girl they named Bree. I loved babysitting and being a girly boy anyway, had that bond with her from the start. She would grow up to see me as her mom's husband, but only to hide my feminine life from friends and family. David began coming in more often to visit and take her to Alabama a few times, and I stayed in a Hotel when he came to our house. (I have never seen him once to this day)

    A couple years later their second child, Brianna was born. The kids still live with her not 5 miles from my house, and she still brings them by to visit their mom's “gay ex husband” (she only lives 5 miles from me). David and her still see each other, and she is still in love with him. She has a boyfriend that lives with her who has a giant cock, and that's the only reason I'm sure. He doesn't know about David, and thinks the kids are mine. Her new boyfriend is Rick, and he hates me but loves to humiliate and control me too.



6/19/2012 7:42:26 PM



It's been since the 90's since I even made a single decision during a relationship, that involved more than being a fag and buying my girl cute skirts and things at the mall, or grocery shopping. This all started before a Domme/sub status was acknowledged, though we both already knew our roles.

It was a summer day around 1998 when I was shopping in a new store, expensive store at that, and bought a bunch of furnishings and her some clothes and bracelets, and used the money Stacy had given me for the bills, close to $1400. The electric was cut off the rent was due, and my girlfriend's car payment was now going to be late. I was stripped of bank and credit cards and given little cash, to buy only what I was told, and she had a guy she knew down the street come and check on me daily, often taking me back to his house to do his laundry and wash his car. (as payment for bothering him with my dumb self). He did give hints that he had been fucking her for a long time, but I wasn't going to question anyone about anything at this point.

Two weeks after this, we were at a club in Nashville, where she always danced and I always just sat, drink and pay for what she tells me to. Some huge Latino guy kept hitting on her and she just wasn't in the mood, and sent him to our table to see me about it. All I did was get a scared look on my face, knowing I have never fought anyone and would get my ass kicked in a second. He said “ Are you this stupid cunt's husband or boyfriend or what? You going to say anything dumb ass?” I said nothing, but she overheard him call her a stupid cunt, and a guy at another table, finally stood up to protect her, with a look of disgust on his face for me. She was so mad, she whispered to me “don't ever plan on fucking me, eating me, sucking a tit or even looking at me naked from here on out. If we get married, you can stay in an adjoining room and I will fuck a bull cock and hope I get knocked up.” All I said was “OK.” She also said if I wanted to end the relationship, as she suspected I would, to go the fuck on right then. I just got a confused look on my face and asked why I would do that? She just shook her head and went back to dancing, and the rest of the night she was letting guys feel down her panties and they would taste their finger. I was told to go home before she was ready, but I'm pretty sure she sucked the one guy's cock in his car when the club closed. She got home about 4am, and I was so nervous she would hit me, so I asked if she wanted me to cook her breakfast before she laid down. She giggled saying “No, I already ate.”

5/16/2012 12:10:11 AM

MAY 16, 2012 - 2:21 AM EST-  My neighbor is this big bully type Marine guy. He has caught me in my sissy stuff, so much it's no secret I'm a fag to the whole apartment complex. I offered to clean his apartment many times to keep from beating me up or something, but he made me admit today that I want to suck his huge cock.

The first time I saw the outline of it, he and his sexy, chubby mean girlfriend were smoking on their back patio early one morning last year, and he must have just fucked her cause his dick was still hard, shoved in to some tight white undies, and it curved way around to the left, and OMFG it was thick. She caught me daydreaming first, through the cracks in the old wooden fence partitions that separate our porches. I was on my knees peeking through so they wouldn't see me, and she finally burst out laughing and pointed me out. He instantly knew by the look on my face that i was eye-worshiping his big dick. He got so fucking mad, he pushed the face down on top of me and told me to have it back up when he gets home from work, or our landlord (an old racist play christian) would know that I dress like a girl and suck cocks. His girlfriend, just snickered at me and said "better do what he says little faggot". (She is mean but her nature is exactly like my ex Tracy, and I am drawn to her like Rick Santorum to a gloryhole.
* Before I finish the story, I want to let anyone not experienced in the cuckolding world know, most men, no matter how straight, macho and brawny, will be the first to let another guy, especially a sissy or a woman's hubby, suck his dick. Most of the homophobia you hear is all in fake religious conservative politics, usually followed by one of the Christ Whisperer bigots getting caught paying some kid to suck their dick.

 * BACK TO TODAY - My Marine told me early this morning to go ahead and clean his apartment, all the laundry, dishes, windows, everything, which I was to wear the maid outfit, makeup and all, and we would discuss reward later. Needless to say I was elated, I went all girly bitch with fragrances, changed the sheets and pulled them down for them both and was thrilled. I knew she don't ever get home till later, so I was licking my lips, and was looking like one sexy little cunt with my outfit, by the time he got home.
* For a whole hour he made me sit in the floor while he played with his heavenly dick, letting me come just close enough enough to smell it, and would jerk it back, slap me and call me a fag. he kept saying " Everytime you reach down to try to suck my dick, you are calling me a queer sissy boy. Better watch yourself if you don't want that ass beat." - Then he would say over and over again , "OK OK you did a good job cleaning, come down here and taste this dick" - Then a SLAP across my face. He wants me to do this again in a few days when his apartment gets dirty, and says he will let me suck and lick all I want for 3 minutes next time. I know he is lying but I am so stupid and a dumb cunt without being owned for over a year, I will do it.

4/29/2012 1:18:13 AM


(true story)

 When I was 15, I had a friend Ted, who's dad was a rich trucking company owner. he lived a mile or so from my house, I always walked the road to visit him, spending most of my summer at his big house with the pool. As we became best friends, it was obvious who was the dominant of personalities between us. It wasn't anything sexual, just how it was between us. Anytime his mom or dad gave him chores, he and his older brother would always have me do them, so I could use the pool with them and hang out with them. I wasn't poor, just an upper middle class kid, but they were actually rich and had things all teenagers would dream of.

As we would drink his dad's booze, we always got horny talking about the girl's in the neighborhood we wanted to fuck, and would pull out our dicks in anticipation.. Ted's dick was long and thick, as was his brother's, and they always giggled at how mine was still small though I had gone through puberty. One night when Ted and I had been alone all day, swimming and drinking, we pulled out dicks out and watched some porn. I had already been sucking my friend David's dick for over a year, and this night the temnptation was overwhelming. I would show ted how hot it would be if a girl walked in and wanted to suck him off, by leaning over and making sucking sounds, just as I did when I was doing to David a year earlier. He was laughing and put his dick back in his swim trunks, but this happened often afterwards.

Finally, one night in bed, we were goofing off and I just took his wole dick down my throat and started sucking. he was shocked and told me not to do that if I didn't want to, but I kept sucking until he came in my mouth. When he saw I had swallowed his cum, he laughed and called me a fag. The next day he left and never came back, but i saw him about 2 years later out cruising in town. I went up to his window, and he asked "what's up fag" and I just said not much. he smiled and drove away. That was the last time I saw him, but I know he loved his blowjob I had given him two years before, because it was so sloppy, loving and real.

4/26/2012 8:38:07 AM

My ex wife knew for years after our marriage that I hated arrogant redneck type guys. They always bullied me in school and we had a guy like that working for us at our store. I fired him one day for yelling at me to move out his way, because he was bringing a big box out and I couldn't lift it. I told him not to talk to me that way and he said "or what". I fired him and he laughed and kept on working. When my wife Tracy saw the argument,s he came over and asked Eric if I was bothering him. He told her what I said and she made him my boss from that point on. He called me weasel, fag, puss, wimpy etc. I just did what I was told. Tracy may have told him I have a tiny dick and shave my legs, because he would always tug on his jeans making sure to show me he had a big one. I had to ask him for days off, when to go on break, and he assigned my daily work. Since the company was in Tracy's name, she made me ask him for my paycheck and changed the way the store operated. They couldn't believe I took this abuse and many times told me to leave. I did not.

3/12/2012 10:56:42 PM




 You hear a lot of fantasy stories that are very erotic and sexy … this one is 100% true.

When I was 14, a cute redhead boy moved in 3 doors up from my house. He was my brother's age, around 16, but he liked spending time with me as well. His name was David and he changed my world.

Unlike the other boys, he seemed to enjoy my girly ways and used to sit and watch as I would put on my mom's dresses, skirts and panties and let me pretend to be his wife in non-sexual ways. One day, as we sat in the camper out back of my house, he pulled out his dick and said “if you are going to be my wife, you might as well go ahead and suck my dick”, then chuckled like it was a joke. I laughed and reached over with my mouth just an inch or so from the head of his big thick dick, making sucking noises as though I was blowing my husband. We did this many times over the next couple weeks, till finally, one day, I was over powered by the temptation to have his dick in my mouth. I wasn't dressed up or anything, I just waited for him to pull out his dick, and this time I leaned over and put the head in my mouth. I waited a couple seconds to make sure he was ok with this, then started to suck. He kept telling me how god it felt and that I should see how much I could fit in my mouth. I went down sucking and slurping until he came violently in my mouth, in which I swallowed all of it, with just a tad running down my lips. He told me to lick my lips to get the rest, and so I did. Later that day I told him I thought I was gay, even though I still liked girls. He agreed and said we can do this anytime we want, just to call and he could come down.

After a year or so of being David's little sissy boy dick sucker, I was shaving my legs and body hair, trying to be as girly as possible for him. He loved how I did things like this, just to keep him interested in blow jobs from me. We both dated girls off and on, and he had no interest in sucking dick or anything “gay”, but he loved the control he had over me and how bad I wanted his dick no matter what. When I got a job at a convenience store not far from my house, he once came there and took me to the bathroom and I dropped down to my knees and sucked him off. My co-worker Nancy saw us go in there together, but never asked about it. I didn't really care anyway, I just wanted to suck his dick anytime I could.

One summer day, I called him to come down when my parents were at work, and he did something that I will never forget. He sat on the couch next to me with is big hard dick out, but told me to sit where I was and to control myself. I squirmed and twitched as we talked, but I have no idea what we talked about. He left that day leaving us both with new knowledge. He made the rules; I follow them.

As a southern boy, I always had to go to church with my parents, and David started volunteering to go along. My dad had an old truck with a camper top, so we would climb in the back to ride to church sometimes. One day it was just David and me, and he was incredibly horny. He sat with his back against the camper top, and told me to slide up to him out of view of the cab. He slid his arm around me and asked me if I “wanted some dick”. Of course I did but said no because of the risk of getting caught. He kept reminding me that I thought I was gay all these years, until I finally got lost in his charisma and started sucking. He talked so sweet to me that night and I started to fall in love with him in a major way.

As time went on, David and I both were married with kids, but always kept in touch. When I was divorced in the mid 90's, I was living in Nashville and had a condo in Knoxville for visitation with my kids. Coming to town early, I always made sure the first few hours in town, before picking up the kids, was giving David a loving, deep throat blow job. During this time, I started shaving my body hair again and buying cute female skirts and tops to wear for him. Before long, I was dressing up for him in full sissy bitch attire, and he loved it. One night, by my surprise, he kissed me. I was looking pretty sexy and girly anyway, but this was incredible. Not only did I kiss him as much as I could that night, he also finally put that big dick inside me and made love to me for a long time. Before, he would always cum in my mouth, but got carried away and filled my butt hole, then pulled my panties back over.


To this day, even with our normal lives, David and I still get together often. I sometimes go to a Hotel and dress up for him, or he has me risk getting caught by driving to meet him in my sissy clothes to suck his beautiful dick. David was my very first sexual experience, and I was his. He recently told me the first time he came, was in my mouth. He is now getting divorced, and told me he will be needing his dick sucked more often now. I will be there, and I will do as he says. I am bisexual yes, but I am in love with David W.



10/30/2011 2:40:09 AM




When I lived in Nashville, I never did completely dress feminine, but I would just go"gay boy" with some white short shorts, maybe hot pink panties that show thru, some mascara, a little base and blush, flip flops with hot pink toe nails. I would visit every glory hole (when they were still there). First stop was the 5th Ave Adult Bokstore you see as you enter downtown Nashville, but it was kind of hard to find exept for those of us who lived there. - My shaved legs were tanned from the summer, the girls and guys were checking my ass out. Got a grin from the token sales lady and headed back. Saw a hot black guy in a booth, peeked in and pretended to not know how to operate the movie, and he got up and came with me . (I did know - i brought my ex wife to same booth many times to suck some cock). Needless to say, I wound up on the floor, him on the chair, with 9 inches of thick black cock in my mouth. Have more about that day to tell, and many others, but getting sleepy. Hugs N Ksses



9/21/2011 1:05:30 AM

The happiest time in my life for my ex and me both, was living together with our Black Master Wendell in Nashville. He owned us for a year... every step, every breathe. We both learned to serve him totally that changed both our lives. Her "christian" family found out we had a black man living at our home (didn't know anything sexual or BDSM was going on) and they went ballistic with n***** this and n***** that, as some of these oppressed racist rednecks will. We actually told everyone that Wendell was an old friend of mine from my touring days with Magnatone Records, and he needed a place to stay in Nashville while looking for an apartment. It didn't matter what the reason... He was is black and they are hypocrites.

 I know racism is alive and well here in Christ Whisperer country, but these people can only quote you verses about gays or swearing. They skip the part about "selling ALL your earthly goods, give it to the poor (socialism) and follow Christ LOL. That ain't never gonna happen. 

Ok, I have vented my frustrations and I wish well to you all :-)



9/20/2011 8:06:55 AM

I dated a girl in the early 90's, for 2 years. She was a virgin and we were going to get married. It took dating her 9 months for me to get to touch her pussy, and another 5 months till she let me lick it. She never touched my cock once. I showed it to her, and she just said to put it away. She would get horny, and come to my apartment and have me eat her until she came, but always said I could fuck her ONLY on wedding night. When she broke up with me, I was so sad and could not imagine what had happened. 6 months later I saw her with a huge rough cut guy she met right after me, and she was pregnant. I was crushed and sad, but jacked off that night thinking about her fucking him, probably the night she met him. I have had many experiences like this. Found out after a few break ups, that guys would meet my girlfriend somewhere and have her sucking his big cock in the car a few minutes later. I had to sheepishly get the nerve to ask for a kiss most of the time. I have been jerking off in humiliation and acceptance since I saw her with that guy. I wondered how big his cock was, and fantasied about him making me suck it in front of her.

True Story!

9/19/2009 9:21:33 PM

A couple years ago, my mom and dad went to try and locate a new sporting goods store in Knoxville. Before leaving the house, she called me in Nashville and left the following message on my voicemail: "Hi Scott, it's mom, calling to say hi! Your dad and I are leaving in a minute to go find DICKS! Call us if you need us!" ....I've been in therapy ever since!

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