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Pan Male Submissive, 26,  Bristol, United Kingdom
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Juice20m - photo 2

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Hey everybody. Welcome to my profile, I'm no creative writer so forgive any blandness.

I want to be able to explore myself and the world while having the comfort of a steady income and my own house. Basically I want a spaceship.

I recently decided to label my best and worst qualities as being a people pleaser. It's a good thing for sex/kink life and social life, I really am at my happiest when everybody around me is happy. But on the bad side, I've tended to neglect my own wellbeing and feelings to put others ahead of me. Something I need to work on I think.

I'm still very new to the scene would love to get involved with everything and anything. Slow to start in general but once comfortable I can be as forward as anyone could be.

Hope to fill this space with body pics of play dates, sessions etc. Can confirm who I am through different pictures should it ever become necessary. I'm about 5ft 8ish, haven't properly checked my height in years and weigh 72kg as of last month. Quite happy with how i look and I take care of myself as best i can. Not out of shape but no gym bunny. I skateboard and cycle lots to keep myself in shape. Work on my feet non stop as well.

Work as a Care Assistant for agency. Seen my fair share of shit, literally and figuratively. Love my job, love making the residents day as good as it can be, love being successful in a days work and love trying to exceed my current position.

Very interested in restraints, rope and toys. Clamps, vibes, predicaments all sound like lots of fun. Whether its setting it up and watching somebody squirm or being the victim myself. Want to try a bit of everything.

Interested in meeting locals to Bristol/Bath area. Whether for meets or coffee dates, im easy and enjoy being out.

Few limits, but mostly due to me not knowing much, could fluctuate at any time but always looking to push myself when i can.
*Anything illegal

I'm honest and sometimes a little blunt. My worst and best attribute. I'm keen to learn and pay attention to detail when I'm interested in something. Generally quite cheerful once I'm comfortable.

This is me. Generalized of course. I'm sure there's more but you'll have to ask specifics. Thanks for reading my profile, feel free to message. <3













 Submissive Male


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 73 lbs






Actively Seeking:

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Dominant Female

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Journal Entries:
3/24/2022 8:15:52 AM

So i've finally decided to be a bit more exact, maybe greedy, about what it is i want and i am looking for.

I'm not a fan of one off's or one night stands, so unless the offer is extremely impressive or rewarding then i'm likely not going to be interested. Mainly because i will talk myself out of it, it's just what i do. Things like longer term dynamics or events are easier for me to push myself to commit to which just suits me better.

I'm primarily looking for an M/s dynamic with me as a sub, Master or Mistress ( preferably both ). Master's will have to be extra understanding with me as i'm still considering myself as straight, but i'm wanting to explore and enjoy myself. 

The M/s dynamic is exciting and appealing to me due to the fact i feel it will give me purpose. Goals to achieve, a standard to maintain, somebody to care for and somebody to care for me. I love the idea of bondage and restraints, whether for sex or not, the physical imprint of your owner holding your body feels like it would make me feel safe. Collars, cuffs, harness, rope. 

I've said i'm available to relocate but it would again have to be with extremely impressive or rewarding circumstances. Offers of a job for example would be ideal, i'm thinking about starting remote studying later this year so a summer job somewhere while studying would be amazing. Short of that, relocating within my local area would also work well as long as my independance with activities i do to maintain my own mental and social well being is respected. Give and take of course. 

If none of the above work, then commuting range of Bristol is my only option. I don't drive and am struggling for money so the commute range by train is quite short. Please don't shame me on this, only just started working again after a time off work due to mental health. Working part time as to not overwhelm myself. Was thinking about looking into escorting, but short term i don't think it's for me as it feels like it would be overwhelmingly vanilla.

Interests wise, as i said above, bondage restraints, toys, predicaments, being trained, predicaments and serving. 

I'm looking for someone, or some people, to look after me. Somebody i can give my time and effort to and be rewarded in turn. I'm looking to aquire new skills and new confidence. 

This is my fetlife profile, i'm able to reply on there a bit better and am more active there. Feels free to send a friend request or a message.

Well thats about all i have in me, i hope to have peaked an interest in some of you beautiful people. Feel free to send any messages, always happy to chat. 

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