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Hetero Female Submissive, 23,  Hammond, Indiana
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Jokersharley - submissive

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Hiya puddins Harley Quinn here. I've seemed to misplaced mistah J again Haha. Hopefully this won't be a dead end search. All joking aside I'm 23 and I have a 5 year old son. I'm 5'2 , big breasts, red hair, green eyes. I'm sweet, fun, I love to laugh and have a good time, I try to do my best in everything I do, Im very blunt and honest, I'm intelligent and extremely caring. I love to read and I enjoy a good book. I love video games and Batman so I'm a bit of a nerd. As you can see from my photos I love Harley Quinn and the joker. Her devotion to him is what I want to give to my dom. Oh ladies...I'M STRAIGHT! Sorry for the caps I just wanted to make sure you saw it. Women do not attract me in the slightest. My writings may give you more insight to who i am most of them are dreams I have had with twists and add ins if you enjoy my writings (WARNING: my writings may cause unwanted arousal viewer discretion is advised.) please leave me feedback I love hearing that someone enjoyed something I wrote. Also anticipate more I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Thanks. I have a little and I have a sexy side and my adult side. I love making friends in the lifestyle so please message me. I love new ideas for my stories so please message me if you have something good. I'm very outgoing and honest. Ask anything and you'll get an answer I'm an open book. I am a girl with curves I believe the correct term would be thick if you seek a thin frail girl your barking up the wrong tree. I can't handle acting like a grown up all the time so there are plenty of times where I become like a five year old. If you do message me please use a great attention grabber to start it off. I love receiving long and enticing messages. I'm into trying new things and up for suggestive ideas. Nikki <3 Just a nice quote I found.... "Submission is not about being used, submission is about being of use. submission is not about what is done to you, submission is about what you do for others. Strong Men simply needs a woman at His feet, who is truly His. Anything else is less than His fulfillment. This will never be understood by weak men." ~ Unknown I'm also on : lilsubbienikki











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Journal Entries:
7/16/2013 11:48:56 AM
My fantasy: A large male kidnaps me in a dark alley and ties me up throwing me into his car and blindfolding me. Then he takes me to his house and puts me in the basement. He strips me completely naked while I beg and plead for him to let me go.He then attaches wrist and ankle cuffs to my wrists and ankles and attaches my wrists above my head by and eyelet hook and my ankles to others. Then he rapes me hard from behind and pinching my nipples. He spanks me and continues to keep me there as his own personal sex slave.

7/16/2013 11:48:22 AM
Another fantasy/ short erotica: He grabs me by the hair and throws me onto the bed carefully strapping my ankles and hands to the posts. He gags me and tells me I'm his. He terrifies me but I trust this man, I love this man, I know this man wouldn't cause me any harm (well that I didn't deserve). Then he blindfolds me and tells me to remember I belong to him and him alone. He touches my collar to remind me its there. A small simple act but reassuring to me. Theres footsteps coming closer they don't belong to him. I whimper and he silences me. I tug on the restraints and they cut into my wrists. He rubs my head reassuring me. The other man mumbled something to my master I strain to hear them. I whimper again and he slaps my thigh a warning. He comes back to my side and rubs my head. I'm okay I tell myself I'm okay he's here he will protect me. I hear a wrapper. I can handle this I can do this for him there isn't anything I can't do for him. The other man is in between my legs now hands on my thighs. My master in kneads my breasts with his palms as the other man enters me hard. I try to get away. Making little gurgling noises under the gag. My master removes the gag and kisses me hard passionately as the other man pumps away. He puts the gag back on.I hate him! How could he do this to me? The man finally finishes and collapses on top of me.I whimper and pull on the restraints once more. Then he gets up and master releases me and kisses me hard and telle how good I was. He says there's more and for me to put my hands behind my back. I don't even think I do exactly as I'm told. Then he picks me up and puts me on the man's cock. I whimper again and he smacks my ass. He pushes me forward so my breasts are crushed against the man's chest. I hear rummaging behind me as the man starts pushing me up and down onto him. Master unties my hands and ties them to an eye hook above my head. He tells me to hold on as he wipes the cold liquid on my asshole. I whimper in protest as he drives into me hard. Both men pumping into me hard and rough. I can't get away. I moan quietly. He tells me I'm not allowed to come yet. I moan louder as they work deeper stretching me. Master slaps my ass and pulls my hair. The other man slowly moves his finger over my clit and I almost loose it. My master slaps my ass again. I moan very loud now and am panting. The other man keeps circling my clit, I can feel the orgasm building, my insides cooling tighter and tighter. Master pounds my ass harder it hurts but its a good kind of hurt. The other man keeps hitting my gspot. Oh if he would just press my clit just get that good spot please. Finally he rubs my clit hard and master tells me to come and all three of us come together. My earth shatters and I scream as they milk every after shock from my body. I collapse on the man as master collapses on me. The end.

7/16/2013 11:47:37 AM
Ok another fantasy/ short erotica: I sat at my desk answering phones and filing as usual another boring day. Over the intercom came my boss, Sebastian's voice Nikki I need my coffee and the paper. I sighed heavily and got up to make his coffee and appeared knocked on the door meekly. Could my life be anymore pathetic? Fetching coffee, answering phones, filing paperwork. This is not the way it was supposed to be. I opened the door and slid in. He was on the phone as usual. Sebastian was not only a wealthy CEO but he was charming and sexy. The man was amazing if I wasn't so attracted to him I probably would have quit and found something more exciting. Stupid crush. I left the coffee on his desk along with the paper and he raised a hand for me to wait for him to finish. I stood patiently next to his desk as he finished up with a client. He looked up at me after he hung the phone up and smiled giving me shivers. "Nikki you've been working here for what two years now right ?" He asked. Here we go he's going to fire me. "Yes sir", I replied quietly. His grin got bigger " maybe you should start dressing like my secretary" looking me up and down. I guess he was right I looked down a pants suit I looked more like a CEO myself. I never thought there was anything wrong with it till he brought it to my attention. "What do you mean sir?" He hands me a bag a rather large bag and another smaller bag. "A present sir? What for?" He says, " its not a present for you go put it on and come back to my office." I disappear quickly put of his office and into the bathroom. What is this? How strange of him to give me anything aside from files and a paycheck. I dash into a stall and open up the smaller of the two bags. Heels. He got me very high and sexy heels black. What the hell? Why heels? I open the bigger bag to reveal a short business suit no shirt just the jacket and skirt. I look down well I have a shirt to go with it. I quickly peel off my clothing and shimmy into the skirt, jacket and heels. I shove my clothing into the bigger bag and inspect myself in the mirror. Ugh this skirt is so short. I pull it down but what's that really gonna do. I quickly head back to his office. Again he's on the phone so I take a seat across from him. He hangs up quickly. "Nikki?" He says. "Yes sir?" "Did I tell you to put leave your shirt on?" "No sir but I think it would be inappropriate for me to have my bra showing at work." He sighs very loudly as if I'm annoying him. I stand there awkwardly in front of him fidgeting. "Take it off now along with your bra since you seem to think showing your bra is inappropriate". My mouth falls open in astonishment over his words. I slowly start walking to the door when he yells my name. I turned so quickly I almost fell over. "I said take them off now!",he yells obviously furious with me. "Yes sir I was just heading to the bathroom to do that." "I said now and by that I meant right here Nikki. Did I tell you to go to the bathroom? This is my problem with you, you hesitate too much and your a lousy listener.", he says with fire blazing in his eyes. "Here? Sir?" I turn around and take the jacket off quickly. "Turn the fuck around this instant!!!", he yells louder this time. This time when I turn around I do fall over and land with my legs in the air. He rushes over and holds out his hand to help me up. I can feel the heat rush to my face. How embarrassing right? "Are you alright?" He asks me obviously startled by my fall as well. "I'm fine sir". I quickly compose myself and unbuttoned my blouse quickly with shaking fingers. I could feel his eyes on me as I slip it off of my body and lay it gently on his chair. I struggle with the clasp on my bra, my hands are shaking so bad they keep slipping off it. Finally I get it and slip the bra off. Quickly I grab the blazer and throw it on to cover myself . He walks over to me in long strides and reaches his hand in the blazer grasping my left breast in his huge palm. I obviously appalled slap his hand away. "Sir I don't know what kind of girl you think I am, but that is not going to happen!" I then storm out of his office and slam the door. I sit down at my desk silently and go back to my work. I look up to read the email on my computer. Nikki, GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THIS FUCKING OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!!! You know who. I slowly get out of my chair and knock very softly on his office door. My heart is. pounding so loud I can hear it. "Get in here!" I open the door slowly and take a step inside the door, not looking up at all. "Are you going to just stand there biting on your lip? Come here now", he demands. I shuffle over to his desk at a pace of a snail and stand in front of the very large desk. "No come around the desk and kneel next to me" ,he commands. I slide over to the side of him. I can't bring myself to do what he asks of me. I'm not a whore. A tear rolls down my cheek. "Kneel! Now!", he yells. I can't move. I'm trying to moved but I'm shocked I can't move. I can't run. He grabs my shoulders firmly and pushes me to my knees and sits back down at his desk. I can feel him staring at me. I can feel his anger. You could cut the silence and tension with a knife. "Now that's better darling", he says. Another tear rolls down my cheek. I feel my lips tremble. "Put your hands behind your back",he says. I slowly make myself do this. He smiles at me. "Sexy very sexy. Now you can stay there all day." "But why sir?", I whisper. "Well your better use to me here for one and for two you look so deliciously perfect kneeling here, wearing what I told you to wear. Sometimes the best things in life aren't reasonable. You here like this is exactly what I want." He explains. Just seeing her kneeling there, perfect breasts pushed up, lips trembling, and terrified as all hell had me going. This is exactly how I've pictured her the day I hired her. I keep thinking about her I can't get her out of my head. I want her in my house cuffed and collared. Mine. She needs a lot of training but one day she will be perfect. I rub her head and she shivers. Just the reassurance I needed I knew she would be into this. "Oh pet?" "Yes sir?", she replies in barely a whisper. ""Your coming home with me after I finish this last bit of work go put your bra back on now." She nods and gets up quickly. "Oh and pet? Don't even think about turning around." She turns pale and slowly slips the blazer off. I hold my breath. She has perfect tits, perky, round and soft with nipples that look like pencil erasers. I bet she's wet too. She quickly covers them up with her bra, black lace, obviously embarrassed. She latches it just fine this time and puts the blazer back on so quick it was like she never took it off. I gotta get this work done so I can get her out of here. "Go finish up your work or I'm never gonna be able to get anything done.",I tell her. Just like that she strutted out. Unshaken and cool as a cucumber. She won't be easy to break. He walks out of his office and stops at my desk, I look up from my paperwork for a second and he snaps his fingers as if he's trying to tell me something. I don't get it and stare at him blankly. Next thing I know he grabs me by the arms and rips me out of my chair. My heart is thudding in my chest. He shoves me into the elevator and I yelp as I hit the wall. Then he comes at me hard forcing his tongue into my mouth. His hands are all over me my ass, breasts, in my hair. Everything is moving so fast I can't even stop it. He grabs my wrists and pins them against the wall. I can't move. Hes takes his other hand and runs it up my inner thigh. No I feel his fingers clawing at my panties, the elevator door opens and he's at the other side immediately leaving me out of breath. My knees are wobbly, my heart is beating out of my chest and he's fine completely normal again. He grabs my elbow and escorts me to his suv. He pushes opens the passenger door and tells me to get in then he quickly gets in. "Nikki, my pet once we get to my place you are to remove your panties, and bra immediately. Leave your shoes, stockings, skirt, and blazer." He says. "Sir why are you doing this? I mean I get the whole fetish thing, but shouldn't you do this with one of your girlfriends and an actual girlfriend instead? What is this to you anyway?" He laughs. " I'll explain everything once we get to my house." He replies. He places his hand on my thigh as we drive away and he keeps creeping it up till he's got my skirt flipped up and he's touching my pussy through my panties. "Panties why are you always covering the good parts?" He says laughing. He flips my skirts back down removes his hand and pulls in a very long driveway. After another ten minutes just to get to the house we pull into a very large garage containing tons of gorgeous,expensive cars. He hops out of the suv and comes over to my door. He scooped me up and places me on the ground delicately. Then he nudges me forward to and door where I walk into the most beautiful home I've ever seen in my life. Huge kitchen with gorgeous marbled counter tops, huge spacious living room. This is the kinda house you dream about having. He throws me on the huge island in the middle of his kitchen and rips my panties off. I'm so shocked I can't even make a sound. The he slides the blazer off of my arms and quickly unclasps my bra. His hands grasp my breasts as if he's contemplating the size in his hand. I can feel my face redden. Then he slips the blazer back on and places me back on my feet. "Can I get you anything? Snack or drink maybe?" He asks. I stutter on my words. "J-Just water please." He grabs a glass and pours me some water and slides it over. I sip it slowly. "Alright enough of this. Let me explain okay?", he says. "I want you, I don't have a girlfriend. I don't want to do this with some dumb bimbo I want to do this with you. Let me explain further so you know exactly what I'm talking about. I know this is all sudden and alarming for you but this is how this is going to go if you want it to. You will do everything and anything I tell you to. You will obey me, if you go against me there will be consequences for your actions." "Consequences? Sir." I reply trembling. "Yes, consequences if you don't abide by my rules you will be spanked, whipped, or something more creative I come up with." He replies. "As I was saying I have rules and expectations for you. This (he runs his hand down my back) is just one of them. You will wear what I wish you to wear. I will give you what you need and I will guide you. In the end you will be exactly what I want you to be. We will start off small. Get on your knees." He demands. I slowly slip down to my knees silently. "Very good pet. Now follow me on your hands and knees." He says firmly. I crawl slowly behind him and he let's me crawl past him I feel his eyes on my ass. Then he's back in front if me again as I follow him to a very large room. He flips on a light and I'm taken completely aback. There's whips, chains, a great big leather x on the wall and tons of chains hanging from the ceiling, weird bench things, wooden stocks. I'm shaking I'm so scared. I look up at him shaking. This is exactly what I wanted. "Welcome to my dungeon my pet" ,I say. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. She's frozen in place. I walk over to the wall and grab some cuffs, leather. "Take the blazer off pet. Place your hands over your head." I command of her. She nods slowly but isn't very sure of herself, she remains still. So hesitant. I grab the front of the blazer and rip it off her sending the buttons flying. I grab her wrists and lift them into the air and cuff them together. "Don't move a muscle." I grab some chain and chain her hands above her head so she's barely touching the ground. A spreader bar would do the trick. I grab the best one off of the wall and return to her. "Spread your legs." She trembles but slowly slides her legs apart. Another tear tolls down her cheek. I push her legs open the rest of the way and set the bar. Hmm it would be better if she were bent over, I lower her arms slightly and move a spanking bench for her to lean on pushing her bottom half down. She grasps the chains so tight her knuckles turn white. I flip her skirt up in the back. Can't move, can't move! Why is he doing this to me. I can't stop crying or shaking. I feel his fingers on my ass, I want to scream, I want this over with. I whimper. "Stop your whining I haven't even done anything yet. Are you hurting pet?" He asks. I shake my head. He pulls my face up so he can look into my eyes. Another tear falls my lips tremble. I just want to collapse. He's so powerful. He has me weak with just a look, a simmering, lustful look. He strokes my breast lightly, making me pant. Then his finger plunges inside me. He holds his finger up for me to see, glistening when did I get so wet? He chuckles and walks back to the wall. "Open your mouth as wide as you can pet", he commands. I start to open my mouth in protest and he shoves his fingers into my mouth prying it open and shoves a ball gag in. "Don't want you to make too much noise the first time pet." He says. Then something behind me makes a thrumming sound and I jerk away from it. He grabs my hips and yanks me back to him and the thrumming sound. Next thing I know there's a slow vibration right on my clit. I try to pull away but he still has hold of me. "Don't move pet or you'll regret it" he warns. "Now let's see your going to answer some questions pet nod or able your head. Okay?" he says. I nod slowly trying to ignore the vibrations. He pushes his fing er inside me and starts moving it in and out slowly. I let put another moan and try to push back on his finger. He slaps my ass. "Don't move. Now pet has anyone ever taken you here." He presses a finger against my asshole. I shake my head." Very good. I will take you there. You might even like it but for now we will try smaller." He says. Then I hear rummaging his hands aren't on me. Then I feel something cold and slick dripping onto my ass. "Noo!", I scream through the gag. Then he presses something hard and cold against my asshole. "Please no please". I jerk away but he grabbed my waist and shoved the object in. "I told you not to move pet. It's not hurting you calm down." He says. Then the thrumming speeds up. I moan loudly. "You seem to like it even pet." Then I hear the crinkling of a wrapper a condom. Oh no. He impales me onto his cock I struggle to get away. He doesn't move just stays there letting me adjust. Then he pushes in further slowly. I feel overwhelmed and too full with that thing in my ass. Then the vibrations go faster and I moan. He laughs and starts moving slowly inside me. "I think id prefer to hear you moan and scream as I bring you to orgasm pet." He says while unbuckling the gag. I pant and moans again. He grabs my breasts and impales me repeatedly onto his cock. He turns the vibrator up another notch and I feel my insides coil tighter and tighter. He moves faster fucking me harder and harder making a slapping sound. His balls slap against my ass and I loan louder this time. Damn me I'm going to come from this. He turns the vibrator up even more and my world disappears as I shatter and come to release I can hear myself scream. I shutter and collapse on the bench. He then comes and lays on top of me still inside me. When he pulls out of my I whimper at the loss. I remove the cuffs and spreader bar from her and scoop her up into my arms. I carry her through my house to my bed where I lay her down and hold her in my arms. She starts to sob uncontrollably. I run my fingers through her fiery crimson hair, trying to comfort her in anyway. "How could you do that to me Sebastian?" She cries. "I didn't hurt you pet. I gave you what you needed. You enjoyed yourself. Didn't you" I asked. "I never had an orgasm like that. I've never felt the way I do now. This isn't right." She said. I laugh softly " not all sex is boring. If something can bring you that much pleasure how is it wrong?" She's over thinking I can tell by looking at her. She slowly gets up but i hold her in place. "You can't go. Not yet I'm not done with you and I know your not done with me. I've seen the way you look at me. I know you have noticed me staring at your gorgeous tits or your ass every once in awhile. This isn't something that we haven't anticipated. Just accept this. I want you. I want to collar you. I want you to live here with me." She looked up at me "why?" She replied, looking confused. "Whether you want to admit it or not Nikki your submissive. If you truly werent you would have fought me harder. What just happened wouldn't have. Accept who you are." I've been with Sebastian for over five years now and I haven't looked back there are times where I don't understand our relationship, but I love the man and id do anything for him. The end

7/16/2013 7:51:29 AM
Nikki was getting ready to hit the club as usual, typical Friday night. Well it was schoolgirl night at the club so Nikki put on here short plaid skirt and see white see through shirt, underneath a black lace bra, then her black thigh high stockings and a pair of high heeled Mary janes. She threw hee hair in some messy pigtails and perfected her makeup. She was looking forward to an evening out with friends and a nice buzz going. She stepped out onto the street getting ready to walk the four blocks to her friends house. She had a funny feeling and turned around there was a man walking behind her. Probably checking out her ass. She knew her skirt bounced up with every step and her panties didn't leave much to the imagination. She sped up, so did he. She grabbed her cell phone out of her bra and held it in her hand just to be safe. Next thing she knew the man was calling her name. She turned around slowly" do I know you?", she asked. "No, but you will." He replied. He yanked her phone out of her hand and a van screeched to a hault right next to them. A man jumped out and grabbed Nikki's arms while the other man grabbed her feet. She screamed and thrashed trying to get away. Inside the van the men tied her hands and feet and then strapped a gag into her mouth. The man who was walking behind her grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard while the other man lifted her skirt. She started to cry and whimper. She couldn't move. "Shut up bitch" the first man said and slapped her across the face so hard she fell over. She lie there for what felt like an eternity. "You better not have killed her",the other one said. "She's fine. Let her lie there were almost there anyway. Duke stop driving like a jackass. You're going to bruise my new toy." They pulled up to a beautiful home in the middle of nowhere. "Damien grab the bitch ill make sure everything is ready for her." The first man said. Damien grabbed me and tossed me over his shoulder like it was nothing. I screamed against the gag and tried to kick him. He slapped my ass really hard and told me to knock it off. I froze. He brought me into the house and laid me out on a table. "Wow finally a good one. She's fucking hot, how long you been watching this one Gabriel?" A man I hadn't yet seen said. "A year and a half now I've been watching her. She will make my every fantasy come true. Great tits nice ass! It's like she was made for me." He grabbed my breasts again, I let another tear fall. "Alright boys this is my prize so I'm going to have first. I'll bring her to you guys once I'm finished." He said. Then he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me all through the house and into a room. He untied me with a warning, "if you try to get away you will pb make matters worse. I don't recommend it there are over thirty men here. You will not get far." I lost it and started crying again. He buckled a dog collar around my neck and cuffs on my ankles and wrists. He kept my clothes on, for now. Of course is get kidnapped in my sluttiest outfit. He chained my hands above my head. He lifted my skirt revealing my black lace thong that matched my bra. "I like this" he traced his finger over my panties right at my lips. I jerked away from his touch. "Don't move over I'll make sure you can't." He said. He grabbed at my shirt and torn it right down the middle sending buttons flying. "Please don't do this. Let me go and I won't say anything I promise please." I tried to say behind the gag. He laughed, pulled out a knife and cur the rest of my shirt off of me. My sobs echoed in the room. Then he grabbed my breasts hard like he was trying to rip them off. I cries out against the pain and twisted in my restraints. The cuff cut into my wrist. The he pulled down my bra setting my breasts put of the cups and sitting on top of them. I felt my nipples harden. His tongue was over one nipple then he bit down hard and I screamed against the gag. I looked down at my battered nipple it was bleeding. He bit through the skin. He was now behind me running he fingers over my skin. I jerked away again and he grabbed me by the hair pulling my head backwards. He said, "now your not going to be able to move away from me." He let me go and my head throbbed. Then he was chaining my ankles. No I need to be able to move I can't move. He laughed as he saw the realization creep in. He grabbed the thin strip of fabric right where it met my pussy and cut then both of the sides and my panties fell to the ground shredded. I cried harder. This was really going to happen to me. I know all about rape. Sadly this wasn't my first encounter with it. He impaled me on his fingers. No not wet. It hurt so bad. He laughed again. "Dumb bitch you will get wet for me." No I won't I can't. My body won't betray me like this. He rubbed my clit then started eating my pussy. No fight it Nikki fight it. His tongue circled my clit and then he sucked it into his mouth hard and licked at it. Then he plunged a finger in me and smiled. Showing me his fingers glistening with my own arousal. "Sluts always get wet for me." He said. I sobbed violently knowing what was coming next. I heard a zipper behind me and a belt hitting the floor. The he bent me forward slowly and entered me hard. I cried out. He was huge. He filled me completely and it hurt. He then pumped hard into me. I bit down harder on the gag holding back the orgasm I could feel building. I would not come for him he couldn't make me. He rubbed my clit hard. I shattered my world came apart and I shook violently. I came so hard. After all I could do was go limp in shame my body had failed me. I was mortified, humiliated. Then his release came and he pumped into me harder, grabbing my waist. I felt him spasm and his cum filling my pussy. He groaned and collapsed against me. "Good girl. See what happens when your a good girl and do as your told. You enjoyed that didn't you?" He said. I just cried some more. I enjoyed being taken, being raped. This isn't the way it was supposed to be. My first rapist just shoved his cock into my slit dry he tore me. I didn't enjoy a second of it. Rapists aren't supposed to make you wet first. They're not supposed to touch your clit. They're supposed to be cruel and take you to get what they want. He untied me and strapped my wrists to my ankles and attached a chain to my ankles. Then he was gone. One of the other men came in just then, Damien I think they called him along with Duke and the other man I saw when I came here. Damien picked me up an impaled me on his cock, I screamed against the gag. Then the gag was gone. "No teeth now slut." Said duke and he was in my mouth. Then the other guy was pushing his finger into my anus. I begged no against dukes cock. Then the man shoved his cock into my ass hard no lube. I cried out against the man's cock. The man chuckled then grabbed my hair and made me choke on his cock repeatedly. I was completely filled with the men and it didn't seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. I sucked in a breath and tried to think of something else. Like it wasn't happening to me. Then Duke spurted his seed all over my tongue and face. That's when Gabriel came back to find me. He grabbed the man pumping away at my asshole and threw him off of me. Then he grabbed me and slide me off of Damien who was still pumping away at my pussy. He threw me off the bed and onto the floor then he punched Damien right in the jaw the man who was fucking my ass dry jumped on his back and Gabriel threw him to the ground and started punching him. Duke grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out of the room stating that he wasn't done with me. We passed several scary looking men who looked at me with lust in there eyes. Tits out no panties and my skirt hiked up. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder grabbing my ass and showing me off to the other men. One asked him if he could have a turn and he said" once I've finished with her you can." The man looked at me and told me he'd see me later. I shuddered. He throws me into a small dog cage I can't move, I have to stay on all fours. He reaches in and grabs a nipple pinching it hard and I yelp. He laughs and leaves me there saying he will be back for me later. I must've passed out because when I woke I was back in what I assumed what was Gabriel's room. I was cuffed to the bed I didn't know what to do. I pulled at the cuffs and couldn't get away. Gabriel strolled in hed "don't pull at those you'll only hurt yourself." I stopped struggling. "Please let me go. I'll do whatever you want just please uncuff me." I plead. He laughed again "anything?" I nodded briskly. He laughed again and told me I'd regret that then he uncuffed my hands I rubbed my wrists. Then he uncuffed my ankles. "Thank you" ,I cried. To be continued......

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