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Hetero Male Switch, 40,  Vancouver, Canada
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Last Online:


 Male Switch



 5' 10"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Femdom Couples


 Anal Play

 Breast / Chest Play

 Corner Time


 Role Playing






 Massage (Giving)



I welcome the advances of a woman that complements my likes and desires and I appreciate the confidence portrayed in taking the initiative ) .......coy is for the submissive women ).

I find nothing more erotic, exciting and appealing than the titillation, anticipation and sensual tension of a mutually reversed dynamic with a truly Dominant woman )

Im looking for someone that is confident, creative and audacious) also strong without being bitchy or bossy, someone that is very sexually persuasive and knows how to get what she wants ). This kind of connection, to me, is one of the most erotic and sensual things two people can share, the unique dynamic of roles reversed for the enjoyment of experiencing the opposite perspective and the excitement of allowing ones self to relish in their inner most desires and opening themselves to unfamiliar circumstances along with the sort of taboo aspect that encompasses doing something non-traditional, heightens the deep connection that comes with a respectful, mutual understanding of each others desires. Playing into that relation-connection, ultimately, super elevates the sensation and the shared secret that bonds two people closer and tighter. Of course there is also the cheeky grin that says Oh ya, were doing this! )

My admiration of a dominant woman stems from mutual respect, I have an abundance of confidence, and can directly relate to others that portray the same quality. Those that know me and people that meet me would never guess this other side of me, but I do aspire to be with someone sensually authoritative, creative and adventurous ) I am fit, athletic and straight, non-smoker and mostly vegan ) I have short brown hair and good straight teeth with a strong jaw line. I actually keep myself clean shaven, a smooth upper body leaving only a narrow landing strip down below and I am considerably more endowed than average (because thats also important to you right? lol). I would love to get to know you and your not so typical likes, wants and desires ) rest assured, your naughty side is respected and admired )


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