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Hetero Male Master, 60,  Metrowest Mass, Massachusetts
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 Dominant Male

 Metrowest Mass 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 8"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

    I used to think it would be quite easy to find what I was looking for on here........but after time, I think it is just so so difficult if not impossible.         What I am looking for is one who IS a slave or  wants to talk that path TO slavery.  
           That sounds easy enough.....except even a simple word such as SLAVE is not all that easy to define and it has been thrown around  to mean so many things these days.   One a month ago had a very simple and easy definition and I will modify that, but use it here to define what I believe as slave is.

           A slave carries out orders, wants of their owner to the best of their ability, no matter what that order or want is.  Obeying and pleasing is the focus of a slave's life, so deeply that the rest of its life will wash away as time goes on.    Who it will serve and for how long is also part of that.     At the start, it is about habits, mindset and routines as a foundation of enslavement is instilled in its mind as a foundation is needed to be established.  In time, it is the tricky integration of this into the vanilla of one's life that is needed and that is tricky and not easy. In the end, with effort, time, communication and many other things a beautiful situation will exist.       JAY 

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Journal Entries:
7/3/2015 1:45:38 PM
It is a long July 4th weekend for me....actual days off!! THAT I have not had in a long time!!!   It is time for thinking..relaxing..(which really is NOT good becuase this time in my personal history goes to a few sad sad events).   
     I look it seems almost everyday on my see if there are interesting female slaves available....USUALLY there aren't any...BUT lately in the last few days there was!!  THAT I got responses really pleased me...that there was communication was REALLY good!!  Hopeful...YES!!!  Optimism!!!

     ******One I communicated with for two days...and she said that we connected and wanted to connect MORE...but then her profile disappeared!!!

     ******Another was in dire sraights and while she did not concentrate on that ended up going back to her ex...and frankly THAT will not be the best at all..BUT??? What can one do...all of a sudden her profile disappeared!!!

     ******Another today it seemed was quite real and again...who I started to understand..and before I knew an hour her profile disappeared!!!

     AM I poison or something??  Am I that far off as far as finding a real slave???
To me this is NOT about fun and is about what is deep inside!! Less about sex...more about mind and OTHER things in life!! TOTAL control is NOT something that can happen ASAP!!!   Many think it is like the movies or an erotic quick and is OWNED!!!  NOT happening!!  It takes work and effort, communication and trust and many OTHER things!!  I know this and KNOW it can happen!!!!

    I am hoping it WILL happen with me...and a female slave!!!!

7/9/2014 7:50:27 PM
I wondered why I came back on to this site.  there are some pretty dumb ones on here--ones that go on and on and when you read it gives you an impression of what they want.  When I told this one about how confused she was she told me I was way off and basically dismissed me.  That HER words were what was way off was way beyond herself.  and she was wondering why the responses were so off..  a pity she did not understand her own profile words   beyond silly  

6/29/2013 4:02:04 PM

Even FORTY years later after it's birth on "Pawn Hearts" it still has deep meaning and depth.


This live version with the trio from Berlin shows how this song can be done live...even with the trio sans Jackson's saxophone and NOT with the great srudio noodlings and overdubs that made this a premier piece of progressive rock.  WOW!!!  That is all I can say when I hear this.


5/26/2013 3:50:49 AM
This song is for all who have been beaten down and totally out of it at some time in their lives...The song, written some 35 plus years ago, still says it all, with depth and emotion.

5/26/2013 3:47:26 AM

Won't get Fooled Again (OK I may but that is OK)

I am not optimistic about finding one who is serious about submission and wishing to understand it and slowly move forward over time to deep submission and ownership. But there are many who I can spot as NOT AT ALL being close.

*****There are those that are eye candy and one sees amateur models posing in slutty poses and oh yes, they are slaves as well. It says "slave" so it has to be true, no???

*****And then there are those that want relocation ASAP and if one thinks that crazy then CLEARLY one is NOT a Master... There are many steps that I see as needed BEFORE relocation can be talked about seriously. it's a process of many many steps, but rushing to step one thousand and more BEFORE the first five are taken to me indicates it's about RELOCATION not submission.

      A few weeks ago I met one on here and exchanged some messages. She seemed to be on the same page as I was and saw most on here as having submission/dominance that was paper thin. It seemed like a good start but then after a day or so, no messages, so I wrote one to her and asked what was going on. She said she had sent a message, I had not responded and blah blah blah moving on and such. To me it seemed petty and more something a high schooler would say and clearly assumed way too much. So I responded and pointed out the classic notion of making bad assumptions and that I had not received any message from her. I also added that "if one is too lazy to write a message and just assume things that speaks loudly about their character."   I did not think it mean in any way, because I found it incredibly petty and rather juvenile. What I received was an eight sentence potty mouthed ranting that REALLY showed what she was all about. And of course I was blocked, which was no surprise. Frankly, those that have potty mouths like that have a brain that is also full of that, so it is good to know that. Yes, I did think she might have been one different, but a small stumble showed what she really was....NOTHING!!

5/17/2013 1:10:04 AM

There are many on here that make assumptions that are just plain stupid, ignorant or dumb...or maybe just all three. One such event just happened and had to do with my username.  It had to do with the sixes in it. They claimed that they wouldn't have anything to do with anyone with sixes like that and made up a whole story none of which was ANYTHING close to the truth. Pea brains at best, brainless and totally judgemental and many other things. And to think that one was complaining about trolls and the mail they were receiving.  

    The sixes have more to do with a year "66" and when user names exist, are taken, I just added two more until one DID NOT exist and took it.  Gee...that was easy, or so I thought.

    Did not realize that such a number would put all kind of connotations on it that are light years from the truth or would put idiotic fantasies into others, those closer to having mental issues or such. My heart goes out to those that have issues like that. Maybe they believe in the Easter bunny or that the world is flat.


5/14/2013 4:00:42 PM

I never thought of keeping a journal....but today I thought...why not??  I have been on CM for a few months now and frankly I am pretty disappointed by not only CM and it's policies and such at times, but most of the CM community.

   It's a good place for fakers and clueless ones and just about anyone. Hey just write that you are a slave and see how many will respond quick.  It is laughable how paper thin so many are. Many want to beb relocated quick fast...why??   That is because it is NOT anything about teh submission but ALL about getting another to relocating them. There are all kinds of players and scames going on here and sadly few that are real.Yes, there are many that play on here of course, but thirty years ago there wee ZERO like that because ONLY those real knew anything about it or would take the time to find it.  The internet??  In many ways making it all harder to find ones real.

   I always ask two questions about one's submission. One is about their submission and if it is deep. So few have this and to so many it is a game, a role more fun times. ANother is if this submision they have is just sexual or not. To many it is limited to just sex...again limited in so many ways. Others who ARE submissive have it deep in them and as life is far wider than just sex, so is their submission.

   Maybe there are some real females on here searching to understand themselves and who they are and wishing to take a long journey into submission, but they are few and far between.


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