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Hetero Male Switch, 32,  Charleston, West Virginia
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Looking for people nearby to chat with, and, hopefully, get to meet and experiment with. I'm looking to expand my horizons and try new things. Please message me, even if you just want to chat. :)   Who I am:
Vanilla-wise, I enjoy swimming, camping, kayaking, and all of that type of fun summertime business. I love music---anything acoustic is good for me. I play a little bit of guitar, but I'm not disciplined enough to spend the time to be good at it. I am a huge sports fan. I am definitely no fair-weather fan. My Orioles have only been to the playoffs 4 times since I've been alive! I also like all the other normal stuff, like reading a good book, watching movies, and long walks on the beach... with your mother. ;)
What I am here for:
Ideally, I am looking for someone who doesn't take themselves TOO seriously. I want to experiment, learn, and enjoy whatever aspects of vanilla or bdsm life that I share with people who I meet. I can't sit here and name all the fetishes that I enjoy because, despite being 31 years old, I'm still relatively inexperienced. I am always excited to meet new people and talk online, but I would really like to find people to share some real life experiences with.     You Scored as You scored as Hedonist As long as everyone is enjoying themselves, who cares? Not the Hedonist. You just want to feel as much pleasure as possible, as often as possible, in any way you can.

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Journal Entries:
11/16/2013 2:19:53 PM

I just want to play!!!

9/25/2011 1:59:06 PM

Don't get on here much anymore. I use a certain other style site. I'm jkhwv on there.

8/8/2011 1:45:00 PM

At this point... ready for ANYTHING.

12/19/2010 11:04:10 AM
Still looking for people to chat with, to begin with, in the Lewisburg, Beckley, Princeton, Bluefield areas. I live near Hinton, WV.

9/18/2008 6:46:42 PM
Is there anyone human out there?

8/17/2008 1:14:50 PM
Still searching for someone nearby. :(

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