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Hetero Female Submissive, 48,  Washington
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I am a plump BBW 48 year old.? Im a babygirl at heart, always have been, always will be. Im a girlly girl, my favorite color is pink. I like things that are glittery and shiny. Im a babygirl who craves affection and adoration. Im a happy person and try to see the best in people and situations. I can be silly sometimes and love to make people smile. I enjoy getting compliments, even though they make me blush. A little shy at first. I try to be a good girl but I do have a bratty streak. I am easy going and very open minded (willing to try almost anything once and dont judge others), creative and love to learn new things. Im eagar to please and ache for hearing Im a good girl! I need to feel disired. I love being called cute pet names, like babygirl, princess, little one and kitten. Im VERY impatient and WAY too curious for my own good! I have never had a "REAL" Daddy before. I would like to find a Daddy with experience. Someone who not only helps me grow into the baby girl I was meant to be but will also be understanding, patient and help me learn and guide me. I want a Daddy who spoils me but also gives me structure, guidance, provides me with (reasonable) rules, nurtures me, protaspects me, holds me, loves me, makes me feel safe and be my everything. Im looking for long term, hopefully forever. I hope to find my kink soulmate. I hope I can find a Daddy who is sweet, cuddly, loving but strict, funny, tall and silly sometimes. I want a Daddy that can be quiet but very convincing that things are done his way just by the look on his face and his confidence. I like laughing until my sides hurt, passionate kisses, words of encouragement, forehead kisses, long car rides to no where, romance, movies, coloring and music. I like being told what to do but in a kind way "maybe this would be better" instead of a bossy way "you need to do this".? I would love to find a Daddy who loves and indulges in my goals and kinks. I only know how to give my whole heart, which means my heart breaks easily. I have a big heart and ware it on my sleeve. I am emotionally sensitive like most babygirls and littles.? I can be stubborn but playful.. I do not want to share my Daddy. Part of the reason I need a Daddy. I am NOT patient and I am extremely jealous and possessive. < style="font-size: 20px;">Im a Christian and believe that God intended for men to the "head" and women to be the helper. With that being said, I want to be able to KNOW he will encourage, treasure, guide and make EVERY decision in my best interest. I am not a slave so I? expect my options to be heard and taken into account when decisions are being made, thought I know Daddy has the final say. Someone I can trust with my life and happiness who will protect, honor and cherish me. To teach me through punishments and rewards. With that, I will be able to give my mind, body and soul to pleasing him. Too give him my trust, devotion and service, to put his needs, wants and desires above my own. I want to be able to serve, obey and surrender. Someone I can show my love, devotion and loyalty to daily. Not just as a Dom but as my friend, teacher and lover who wants to be the one I turn to. I have some learning to do, but I am eager and willing to do so. I want to be perfect for my Daddy.? A Daddy who is strong, patient, confident, honest, attentive, understanding and have good communication. I hope to find a Daddy who will care for me, my emotions and insecurities in a strict but caring way. Someone who knows when I need a hug or when I need to get a sound s p a n kin.
Respect is a huge thing!!! These kind of relationships requires an enormous amount of trust and commitment. It is a two way street. I value honesty and good comunication altho I have a hard time talking about my feelings. I want to be 110% committed and would like the same. I dont need someone who is quick to anger or has a bad temper. Control is key. If you can't control yourself how can you control me? It takes time to to get a feel for someone's character so I might be slow to commit.
I am not interested in just submitting right at first. My submission must be earned through honesty, respect, understanding, love and compassion. I am not poly or want to share. I am not looking for just sex or 1 night stands. Being slapped in the face isnt ok, (I will tell you why if you want to know.) No scat, no water sports, needles, anything illegal, diapers, knives, guns.
If you like my profile, please do send me a message. I could be the one your looking for!!!









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