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Update:Exploring the cuckold aspect now. Seeking couples. Reach out and we will talk.After bei
Hetero Male Dominant, 29,  Mumbai, India
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 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 163 lbs





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Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

Exploring the cuckold aspect now. Seeking couples. Reach out and we will talk.

After being a kinkster for long, I have finally decided to make a profile here, yet again. I had a profile long back and I am looking again for someone who compliments me as I am. I would change my sub, mold her into what I want but the only condition I have is that she deep down should be what I am making her. And yet, that in itself is a paradox.


I've never found anything in the universe as intimate and rewarding as when a sub trusts me enough to start sharing those very things they've spent a lifetime holding so tightly. I want to create a space where she can feel safe enough not to have to be so fucking strong all the time. I want the space where she is vulnerable to me. She should be a sub, a whore or whatever she's been turned into. She should enjoy this even if it looks like a punishment. We are here for our cravings, our darkest desires and that is what we should see fulfilled.


About me:

I am tall, well educated man and am kind by nature. That is for the vanilla world. I have known BDSM as a culture for about 6 years now even though I was always like that. I used to think I am twisted. Imagine my relief when I came to know of this culture. In this culture, I am a sadist and humiliation, objectification are a big turn on for me. I do have other fetishes too. 

So, here's hoping for great times ahead.


And yeah, Thank You for reading. Don't be shy if you are interested. Your considerations will at least be given a thought if not taken care of.



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