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Pan Female Submissive, 22,  Alberta , Canada
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Welcome to my thoughts, I am on an ongoing quest in life to live learning, teaching and leaving part of me with everyone I meet. I welcome others to join in leaving their marks on me, whether they are good or bad they will help me grow. Our choices and actions determine how we will grow I want it to be in a positive manner. I am learning to embrace ds and bdsm as my lifestyle not just an interest, and want to submerge myself even more with abandon and spirit. I am an active member in the local community, events, cope, munches etc Ask about my if you want and COME JOIN THE FUN!! I am here to share, spread, and acquire enlightenment, education, passion, pleasure and pain. Everyone should feel the spectrum of emotions that can happen when you follow your wants and push yourself. Feel free to message me but be aware, your message will influence my response. A little about my kinky self and preferences I have no interest in adult baby, age play, fecal, poly, and animals hard limits i.e. things I don't really want to do but the right person could help me over come include intense pain, water sports, blood play, needles/knives, and humiliation I have an interest in breathplay, aroma play, wax play, fire play, anything related to water(h2o), and electrical play The list goes on and on bondage, whips, chains, etc I believe you have to try something to have an opinion about it I have an ever growing canvas of play opportunities and if you approach me right am happy to expand it. Enjoy your adventures and never let yourself say what if. Make the bruises and kiss them better Nervous Nightmares and Delightful Dreams












 Submissive Female



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 0"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Submissive Female


 Lives For:


 Musical Theater (Expert)


 Mental Bondage


 Horror Movies


 Art Galleries


 Volunteerism (Expert)






 Arcade Games

 Board Games


 Historical Shows

 Online RPGs

 Science Fiction





 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining

 Garage Sales

 Going to the Opera (Beginner)



 Breast Play

 Electrical Play

 Being Massaged


 Hair Pulling


 Massage (Giving)


 Card Games


 Comedy Shows


 Online Chatrooms

 Puzzle Games

 Role Playing Games

 Simulation Games


 True Crime

 Web Surfing



 Candle Making

 Cross Stitch



 Flea Markets (Beginner)



 Rear End Play

 TV News

 TV Sports

 Curious About:

 Amusement Parks (Beginner)


 Renaissance Faires

 Scuba Diving


 Body Worship



 Canes and Crops

 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Fire Play

 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks


 Masks (Wearing)

 Masks on Partner

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control


 Outdoor Bondage


 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish

 Sensory Play


 Speech Restrictions


 Suspension Bondage

 Theatrical Scenes



 Wax Play

 Alternative Medicine

 Art Collecting

 Body Art







 Bar Hopping


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Journal Entries:
8/9/2011 2:24:41 PM

I have come to the conclusion the chivalry and dom/me can not be used in the same sentence unless it entails it being non-existent.

I have become very frustrated by the fact that no one makes an effort to be a decent regular person and carry on a conversation when they send a message on this site. 

And I dont understand why dom/mes dont want to get to know a sub before talking about submission. 

I keep thinking maybe the lifestyle is not for me because I dont seem to be finding what I am looking for.  But then I hope ... maybe just maybe it is not me.  Alas I am not sure what the point of this unread rant was was a rant none the less.  

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