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Sub/Dom Couple, 37/49,  Medina, Ohio
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IamEASY4you - submissive

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We are a very happily married, clean , 100%str8, std free white couple with a very submissive female for wild sex and fun here. Kimberly is also fixed. She does not want me to be with anybody but her and I am fine with that. She likes it when we can meet a man to get rough with her as you tie her up, pull her hair, spank her ass hard, talk dirty to her, use toys on her, kiss her, 69 with her, blind fold her, pour hot candle wax on her, take pics and or video of her or with her and a LOT more too. We want to find a man that can have or get a place to fuck her and train her like this at least 1 or more times a month. We are free to meet ONLY on some Friday nights and on most Saturdays and saturday nights. But when ver she is fre to meet you can have her ALL night long every time then. I will also let you have some alone time with her as soon as I see that you are fucking her good enough. She does like to have 2 cocks at the same time too. So if you have a male friend or if you would want me to help we can do that too. But that would be totaly up to you. Kimberly also has a LOT of slutty clothes that she can bring to pose for pics or to wear them how you tell her to for different things. It does NOT matter if you are married or single for this. PS: If you are able and willing to get her a little drunk and you put on a really good show at a bar for me to see you showing her off at a bar to make her loo AND act like a total slut. Then I will even make sure that the next time we meet. I will let you have her all night and I wont even be there at all. She will be yours until the next day or even the next night. Depending on what you and I arange for when you will be finished with your new slut.






Last Online:








Gender Identity:










 5' 3"

 140 lbs




Gender Identity:










 6' 2"

 195 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

 Lives For:


 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Pantyhose Fetish (Expert)

 Role Playing (Expert)

 Stockings (Expert)

 Photography (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)

 Swinging (Expert)


 Horseback Riding



 Blindfolds (Expert)


 Corsets (Expert)

 Electrical Play (Expert)

 Local BDSM Community (Expert)

 Maid/Butler Service (Expert)

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play  (Expert)

 Sensory Deprivation (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions

 Uniforms (Expert)

 Vibrators (Expert)

 Wax play (Expert)


 Card Games (Expert)


 Painting (Expert)

 Tattoos (Expert)


 Rock Music

 Seventies Music

 Auto Racing





 Amusement Parks

 Bar Hopping (Expert)

 Clubbing (Expert)


 Flea Markets (Expert)

 Garage Sales (Expert)

 Movies (Expert)

 Shopping (Expert)

 Travel (Expert)






 Scuba Diving


 Walking (Expert)

 Anal Play (Expert)

 Begging (Beginner)

 Body Worship

 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops

 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Plastic Wrap

 Theatrical Scenes (Beginner)

 Arcade Games

 Science Fiction

 Cooking (Expert)



 Cuckolding (Expert)

 Country Music

 Eighties Music


 Pop Music




 Gambling (Expert)

 Renaissance Faires

 Online Auctions (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Bird Watching (Beginner)


 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries (Beginner)

 Beachcombing (Beginner)

 Coffee Shops  (Beginner)

 Fine Dining

 Museums (Beginner)

 Musical Theater (Beginner)

 Raves (Beginner)


 Going to the Opera (Beginner)

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