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Bisexual Female Submissive, 25,  Texas
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Hello everyone. I am a successful business woman, the head of an office. In my normal life, people listen to me, don't question me, and depend on me.


Have you ever had a female boss who you fantasized about? I want to be the target of those fantasies. Be it turning me into a maid, or a dog, or a cow. I am looking for people to humiliate me, call me names, and destroy my ego. I need to be taken down a peg from my life as an professional success.

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Journal Entries:
7/14/2016 2:29:47 AM
5. I come to work one day to find my employee identification photo in the computer records has been replaced with a picture of just my tits. I storm to my office to fix this prank immediately when I see that the name on my office door says "Just Tits." I log in to find my name, on all paperwork, is Just Tits, all photos of me are replaced with photos of my tits, and I cannot change them. For some reason, everyone seems to think its normal to look at my tits when they talk, and call me "Miss Tits", like nothing at all changed. I am forced to become, Just Tits.

7/14/2016 2:25:18 AM
4. On my way home from work one day, an employee comes up behind me, bags me, and throws me in a car. I never see who it is, but I am taken to a farm, stripped, covered in mud, and forced to live a long weekend eating slop from a troth, rolling in mud, and generally living the life of a pig. That Monday, after three days as a hog, I wake up at home, the only reminder, a pig tail butt plug inside me, and a note, telling me to wear it every day. I have no idea who made me a pig, who knows about my new tail, but I wear it every day so they won't have to kidnap me to remind me I am a pig. 

7/14/2016 2:22:38 AM
3. One of my favorites. I decide, against my better judgement, to order a custom maid's uniform, nothing too sexy, something a maid would actually wear. I hide it in my office closet and never put it on, that would be crazy, but it is there, and custom made to fit my body. An employee finds it while cleaning, and through hypnosis, blackmail, or brainwashing, I am forced into the uniform and taken to be their maid each day when I get to work, cleaning their home dressed as a poor servant when I should be their boss!

7/14/2016 2:19:42 AM
2. Perhaps some of you feel I'm too young to be in management, or too immature. Perhaps my employees think that too, they resent having a girl so young as their boss, so they ask for a meeting, and once we're alone in my office, pull me across their lap for a spanking. Soon, sobbing, I am forced into diapers and put on the floor, and they take their place at my desk. Nothing officially changes hands, I simply report to them each morning to be diapered and put in a playpen, my office turned into my daycare, and in exchange they get my paycheck each weak, and I get just enough to afford the diapers they demand I wear. Atleast they let me hide them when I'm not in my office, but once I enter the adult realm, I have to dress appropriately. They are the manager, I am a spoiled little brat. 

7/14/2016 2:15:02 AM
How about some fantasies I have had over the last year, everyone? You can all laugh at what makes this corporate professional squeal. 

1. I can be quite a bitch. After months and months of making fun of me behind my back, an employee snaps. I call him into my office to discuss the denial of his vacation, and he decides to turn me into man's best friend. Before I realize what is happening he has me stripped, collared, and on all fours, snapping picture after picture of me on a leash. Using his fresh new blackmail material, he forces me to covertly transport more and more dog toys and supplies into my office, until hidden in my office is a wonderland of ways to make me a dog. He then spends the vacation he didn't get forcing me to fetch balls and eat dogfood from a can, in my own office, mere feet from all of my employees. And I have to obey, or he will print up the "Lost Dog" posters.

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