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Hetero Male Master, 71,  Picayune, Mississippi
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I am the 71 year old Master of a House located in south Mississippi. I am a Vietnam veteran with PTSD and major backjoint problems. Because of these issues I am looking for a younger(then Me) slave. Grins! she MUST have a sense of humor and have the ability to converse! she must NOT be upset or afraid of guns, knives, or swords, she must love humiliation and pain. she should be bi, or bi-curious. The limits I allow are No sex with children, No sex with animals, No scat, No dismemberment and No death!

If you are interested in talking , send a current photo and a little about you,(Not what is in your profile). Tell Me about the real you.

NO, I WILL NOT SEND MONEY, TO ANYONE! TANSTAAFL(There aint no such thing as a free lunch!), Thank you R.A.H.











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Journal Entries:
1/15/2018 10:08:09 AM
 To be honest, I stole this. But it is the truth, and very well put!
What is a slavegirl? A girl who is owned. A girl who devotes her life exclusively and completely to bringing pleasure to her Master. A girl who has no desires of her own except to please her Master.

 It is an ideal impossible to reach in its perfection. Yet, for centuries men have cultivated the arts by which slavegirls can be trained, indoctrinated, conditioned to serve. Such a depth of submission is nearly impossible to force upon a girl, although it can be done. The best training is aimed more at bringing out the natural drives and inclinations that reside within the heart of every girl to submit to a Master.

 The central form of service to a Master is bringing Him sexual pleasure. And the primary form of sexual service a girl can give to her Master is the use of her mouth.

 Much has been written about cocksucking from the mechanical perspectives. Much of my own writing includes views on the subject, so I will not dwell long on that aspect. What is far more subtle, far more significant, is the attitude of the slavegirl.

 A slavegirl learns to yield her body to her Master's pleasure. She does not "fuck", but offers up her body to be fucked. And when her Master decides to take her body, she does everything in her power to make her body pleasing for him.

 Similarly, she yields her mouth to her Master's pleasure. Her Master may command her to suck His cock, but the slavegirl always yields her efforts to His will, bending to His needs and urges, following His responses, keeping herself fully available for His complete use.

 Free women sometimes suck cock, but the way in which they do so is not the same as that of a slavegirl. The free woman uses her hands, sometimes doing the bulk of the necessary stimulation with those hands, leaving her mouth to caress only the very tip of the cock. And the free woman seeks to control the speed, depth of penetration and force with which her man takes his pleasure, even holding him back to restrict his penetration to limits she finds comfortable and acceptable.

 Such an approach is totally unacceptable for a trained slavegirl.

 First, cocksucking in its purest form is properly done with only the mouth. A well-trained slavegirl will learn to take the entire length of her Master's cock into her throat without a hint of gagging, never does anything to even suggest He withhold His penetration of her mouth and throat, yields her mouth completely for His use. Likewise, while a free woman may sometimes attempt to speed the process, making Him come at her whim, the slavegirl knows her duty is to do all she can to prolong and maximize her Master's pleasure, until He Himself decides He wishes to ejaculate.

 Some free women swallow their man's come...others spit it out or allow it to be dropped on her body or on the bed sheets or on the floor. A slavegirl always swallows, unless it is her Master's wish to come on her face or body. And in such a case, she will wear His come with both the pride of a slavegirl and the humiliation of a girl who has been soiled by her Master, until she is permitted to clean herself.

 The ideal blowjob from a slavegirl is delivered with her hands bound or chained behind her back or where they will be out of the way. They have no part in the process, unless it is her Master's wish she use her hands. If she is permitted, her hands will ONLY serve to caress, to stimulate or to invite deeper penetration. Should her Master thrust harder into her mouth or throat than she is able to gracefully accept, she might be punished or subjected to training for that failure. But if she actively resists her use by attempting to push her Master back, that would earn her a much more severe punishment. 

 Many times she will be required to suck his cock while in much more restrictive bondage, sometimes punishing bondage. This takes none of the responsibility away from the slavegirl to bring him complete pleasure, using whatever movement her bonds allow to serve Him. If those bonds are uncomfortable or painful, there is nothing wrong with displaying that discomfort or pain, but the slavegirl should never let the ordeal prevent her from providing Him with pleasure. In fact, if a slavegirl knows her suffering in severe bondage brings her Master great pleasure, it is her responsibility to beg to be bound, to hope He agrees to bind her and to revel in happiness that He has chosen to take a greater degree of pleasure from her increased suffering.

 When the slavegirl finishes sucking her Master's cock, she always has an additional duty--that of cleaning Him. Trained slavegirls ALWAYS clean their Master's cocks after they take pleasure, regardless of which of her holes He uses, and always with their mouths. They begin by continuing to suck, but more gently and soothing, since He has just taken His pleasure. From there, she proceeds to licking the shaft, down towards the base, and from there she licks his body around the base of His cock, down to His entire ball sac, and finally licks behind the balls and up through the crack of His ass to pick up every bit of sweat that might have accumulated. Done well, this will be soothing for Him, helping Him to relax, perhaps even stimulating him to further activity.

 What is the purpose of a slavegirl’s mouth?

 At the top of the list is bringing pleasure to her Master by sucking his cock, or submitting her mouth to be fucked by him, swallowing his load when done, as if it was nectar from the Gods, or wearing it proudly if He should choose to come on her face or body, then soothing His cock with that mouth to relax Him after His pleasure, and finally cleaning His body with her mouth when finished, to leave him pristine and fresh as well as satisfied and relaxed.

 The slavegirl who takes these duties to heart and makes them her top priority in life knows in her heart the meaning of submission and will bring her Master the greatest pleasure a girl can give.

12/31/2017 5:45:53 PM

12/25/2017 8:47:53 AM
Wishing all of My family and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy Yule! No matter where you are!

10/3/2017 7:19:29 PM
 Well, it's October again. I want to warmly thank all the very nice people who have written to Me, either after viewing My profile, or in answer to My message to them. I even thank those who declined any offers. At least they did respond

8/26/2017 9:50:05 AM
 A rant: I simply hate it when a girl (baby/little/sub/slave) blocks Me simply because I look at her profile and show interest! I was just blocked by a submissive in Kentucky before I could even write to her! If you are not interested, have the courtesy to say so! I have NEVER blocked anyone (except for those who ask for money). As a Dominant (in the lifestyle for over 40 years) I have run across many different types of lifestyles, fetishes, wants, desires and, when contacted, I will always answer, sometimes just a "I am not interested" post.
 Venting finished!
 Good luck to all of you in south/central Texas. Take care and be safe!

8/24/2017 9:17:16 AM
 What do I want in a girl? First, I want a girl that I like and find attractive. your beauty and appeal often rests on you obedience. I want My girl(s) to be sassy, but obedient. I want an active mind as well as a lively ass. Body shape is not ll that important to Me. If you become Mine I will do My very best to put you into the physical shape I find attractive. I will humiliate My girl(s) to keep then aroused, this may be s little as a facial, or a golden shower, to public orgasm control and public exposure/sex. Look deep into yourself, and think about ll of those things that make you cringe, but just the thought makes you blush and drip!

6/11/2017 10:47:57 PM
Trying something new. If I admire you, and don't write, there are several reasons: you may be so lovely/alluring that I just like your profile. Or, I may be interested in you, but I am tired of writing, and not getting any response, or just being blocked (being a 69 year old disabled Vietnam veteran may have something to do with that). If I have admired you, check out My profile and let Me know if you are interested, or not! I will not send a bad response.

6/8/2017 9:20:46 AM

I'd like to take an opportunity to clear some Common misconceptions about this beautiful lifestyle. First there are only three dynamics in BDSM they are Tops/bottom, Dom/sub, and Master/slave. 

Tops/bottoms only exchange power and control during sexual scenes. Tops/bottoms are under the BDSM umbrella as we all have sex, but sex isn't the only attribute to living the lifestyle. 

Dom/sub is a deeper connection one where we actually live BDSM as a life style. This is done 24/7. Dom's don't get a break and neither do subs. We have TPE. (Total power exchange) meaning the subs have a voice and can talk about things to their Dom, but the Dom has the final word.

A Master/slave dynamic is different than a D/s in the sense a slave has little choices, and many times give up their voices/choices to please their Master. This requires the ultimate connection. Many times the Master will only allow the slave to make choices around cooking, cleaning, ect.

Now for some more history you may want to sit down for this one. DD/lg /bg /littles/brats arent a BDSM dynamic. They are not titles. They are actually called age play / role playing. Yes, there have always been bratty subs, but it wasn't something that was a dynamic. It was truly a bratty sub. The Daddy Dom is still a Dom. Little girls/baby girls/littles/brats are still subs. They fall under Dom/sub.

Sir and Ma'am were commonly used words for respect to the Dom figures both male and female. They are not pet names. They are earned titles. Think about this. As you hold your Dom to high standard. This used to be recognized and treated as so. Pet names towards a sub is NEVER okay if they are an unknown/unowned sub. 

Lets move on to the Master and Dom titles, yes these are titles. Ones you used to have to actually prove yourself to a BDSM community in order to earn such title. Unfortunately now all it takes to be a Master is a keyboard and misconceptions.

5/29/2017 8:58:24 AM

4/27/2017 8:54:38 PM
 Hi All. I have just had an interesting event. I ran across the profile for a slave, with a long, long list of limits. I explained that as a slave she only has this limits her master gives her. Then I asked for her name, a photo and an alternate method of contact. After she vents at me that "her limits were ALL hers", tell me that she won't send a photo, she up and blocks me before I can rebut! Sigh.

4/23/2017 8:05:17 AM
 Today is My 69th birthday. I want to thank ALL of the subs/ slaves and Friends who have supported Me for that time. I have been a member of this wonderful lifestyle for 42 years, and want to stay for another 42 years!

4/12/2017 12:44:47 PM
Again, Money intrudes. Let Me be clear, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch", or a free ride! And, the "-----" rhymes with witch, blocked me in mid argument. If you read My profile, and see this; if you are not willing to relocate to Me on your own, simply tell Me you are not interested. I won't get angry, but I will find out out who is a true slave, and who is not.

4/12/2017 10:32:32 AM
I just stole this from a nice young girl "DaddySucker",

The Female Slave's Manifesto
by Woodburn

I want to be nothing for You Master. An empty, slimy cunthole, lower and more degenerate than the most burned out junkie city whore. A piece shit for You, something You wipe off the bottom of Your shoe. Nothing. The most emptiest of nothing. A dark hole of being. A woman animal craving penetration and violence. My flesh is here for You to beat upon it, to punch it, to slap it, to whip it, to bruise it, scratch it, mar it, disfigure it, re-shape it. I am just woman-meat for You to play with, Master. Use me for Your pleasure.

Use me. I am a fuck-puppet, a pin-cushion, a pain-pig. I am a sweet sheath for Your Cock, a vessel for Your most violent and sadistic desires, just a thing, an object for You to use to vent Your rage.

Humiliate me, Master. I will drink Your piss and eat Your shit. Only for You, my Master will I do these things. You have brought me down to this as only You know how to do. You know that this is where a woman animal like me belongs and feels happy. I am happiest when I am the emptiest, when all my will is gone, when You hit me the hardest and call me the most vile names imaginable.

I am Your pig, my Lord. Your loving, begging, woman-pig and I deserve the most atrocious punishments Your imagination can devise. Have no mercy on me and let me feel the most extreme and deep cruelty You are capable of. Let me come to You, Master, even willing to die for You, to choke for You and bleed for You if that is what will make Your Cock hard and draw the sperm from Your balls.

My life is in Your hands. I give it to You as I give You everything. I turn it over to You. I surrender in complete defeat to You, unconditional surrender of my heart, my body, my mind, and my soul. No one but You, Master, has ever owned or will ever own me so completely. Fuck my throat and stifle my breath with Your Cock. Make me fuck the savage pain You strike upon me. Tear into me. Fuck me all up. Put me in the hospital if You wish. Take me away from all that love me and all that I love if You wish.

Render me worthless. Make me bleed and hurt my soul. I am Your complete slave. I love You even when You return my love with vile insults and wicked pain. Your sadism is perfect, beautiful and complete. It is the light that burns through me and changes me. Slam it all through me, Master, make me vibrate like an orchestra of strings wailing in agony and pain and sorrow for my lost self, wailing as I spiral downward into deeper and deeper depravity and darkness.

Drag me down like the worthless piece-of-shit whore-slut that I am...down into the drowning depths of submission for You. Let me drown for You. Drown me in this addictive and mindless desire that throbs in me and never stops. Let me drink and breathe in this most perfect nothingness of surrender.

Your power over me is absolute. There are no questions to be asked. I am Your helpless lamb. Lead me to slaughter. I am Your good little girl. Punish me heartlessly and leave Your marks on me. Rope me and chain me, bind my flesh. Let Your bindings slice into my flesh and stop my blood. Numb and aching I will spread my thighs for Your angry whip. Make me pay the price, Master.

Reduce me to my most common denominator. Empty me of myself and fill me with All that is You. Take everything from me and leave me nothing. Leave me empty. Leave me weak. Leave me lifeless. Fuck me with Your Cock and then with Your fist as if that too were a beating, fuck me lovelessly, thrust into me as if You would kill me with each brutal stroke. Burn Your whips into me. Clamp me. Stretch me. Pierce me. Cut me. Bleed me.

I am Your pig and I am ready to be used. I am here to take whatever You plan for me. I live for Your pleasure. I live to drink Your Cum. Take me down, Master.

Show Your whore her place and don't ever let her forget it. And then discard me, throw me away, as if I were nothing more than a used shit-rag. Trample on my love as if it were less than meaningless and laugh at my despair.

This is what You have made me and this, for You, have I become.


3/24/2017 8:09:24 AM
 March is almost gone! Spring and summer are here! It is time to start getting ready for outdoor/woods play! And soon the water will be warm enough for night-time beach play. Come out and play with Me!

3/14/2017 3:50:33 PM
 Here We go again! The SCAM of "My Master/Mistress", wants to sell Me is getting really old! I have been in this lifestyle for a number of years and have NEVER paid for a sub/slave! Modern slavery is a consensual relationship!

3/12/2017 6:25:50 PM
 It has been awhile since I wrote in My journal. Winter is almost over and I am again searching for a sub/slave for House Wolcot. The sub/slave(s) accepted will be offered a lifetime collar. The MUST be attractive to me.she Must have a sense of humor! she MUST have a high sex drive.she MUST be able to adapt from My moods. she does not have to have any experience, I will train her to be Mine. 

12/31/2016 8:17:31 AM

12/26/2016 8:57:48 AM
I have met many good people here on CollorSpace, however this is not for them. WHAT PART OF I WILL NOT SEND MONEY IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND? TANSTAAFL(There ain't no such thing as a free lunch- Thank you RAH!). If you want to join My family, you MUST come to Me. I offer a place to live, a Master and family to serve, a LTR (Long Term Relationship). But you are not going to be able to just coast! you will have to bust your ass showing Me that you want to be here with Me and Mine!

11/23/2016 7:51:57 PM
 I just want to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to ALL of My family and friends out there in Kink land!

10/28/2016 7:44:59 PM
 For all of the slaves out there, here is a hint! your Master/Mistress will choose your limits, and He/She will choose your life for you. He may not be an Adonis, nor will She be an Aphrodite, but they will be Dominant! As a slave you have one purpose, and one purpose only: To please your Master/Mistress, in any way wished. This may include sex, or not!
 So, when you state that you are looking for a certain body type, a certain age range, a certain race, all you are doing is to make any REAL Masters/Mistresses pass you on by. If you are a slave, you serve. Period!Now, it is true that until you submit, you may decide the He/She is not for you. That is fine. I encourage slaves to be sure.
 Another thing: Never ask your Master/Mistress for money! If you need to relocate to them, then find a way. If you ask for money, you are telling everyone that you are a scammer and a gold-diger!

9/26/2016 5:07:21 PM
 Sometimes I just get so tired of all of the scams and lies. I KNOW that there are good sub/slaves out there. I have met some of them! Yes, even here on Collarspace. I wonder if I am the only one who uses His real age and photo? I see profiles for 19-21 year old Dommes who are "experienced"or say "there",experienced! Or the 19 year old slave with "NO limits"! I keep wondering what she will do when I want to remove her breasts? Come on people, and little truth. Is that too much to ask for?

7/11/2016 9:27:26 AM
 This summer is turning into a killer here. I am thinking of looking for a girl this summer who does not turn into a blast furnace in bed!

4/30/2016 10:04:35 AM
 Because of physical difficulties I am releasing My live in slave "BabiNicole". She is a good girl and I am looking for a good home to send her to. If any Dom/Masters are interested, please contact her directly. I will of course give references!

4/21/2016 3:32:11 PM
 I have been having a wonderful time reading profiles! "I am a slave, and my limits are:"! A slave has no limits! Any limits she are allowed are generated by her Master! It does not matter is she is lesbian, bi-sexual or straight! her SOLE purpose in life is to obey her Master! she is his musical instrument, and He will play her as He wishes.

1/15/2016 8:42:28 PM
 Hello ALL, I am just writing to give some comments on things that I have noticed: Why is it that subs/slaves seldom seem to read a profile?  And I read that many subs/slaves recieve hate mail when they decline a request, but not all of Us Doms are like that. In My case, I usually thank the sub/slave for replying and let it go. On the other hand, I do get u set when some-one simply deletes Me with out reading, and blocks Me!

1/1/2016 10:46:50 PM
The New Year is upon Us! Some much to do, so little time! So many to do, and only so much stamina! Grins! Despete a number of responsives and interviews, I am still looking for another girl for the House, but I expect that she(they?) are out there, just waiting to be found.

12/28/2015 9:18:50 AM
 Well, the religious holidays are over and We are heading into a New Year. New Years Eve, Valentin's Day and mardi Gras are coming up. The search for a girl(s) goes on. I thought I had one, but she turned out to be a flake. Where are the true slaves?

12/20/2015 7:06:26 AM

12/18/2015 2:08:48 PM
 Hello World, just a note. I am doing very well with My black slave, but I am in need of a white, Asian or Hispanic slave(either bi, or lesbian) would will keep My slave happy, as well as being humiliated by having to submit to Me as well!

11/12/2015 11:19:27 AM
 Good morning WORLD! I have done very well here on Collarspace. I still run across the odd gold-digger, but mostly I have been talking to, and meeting some very nice people. I am still having some problems with the over 40 crowd! Mostly because they have been abused in the lifestyle. No GOOD Dom/Master will harm His girl(s). But there are so many amateurs and wannabes out there in the cyber world! But I have gained the trust of several sub/slaves and We are now in negotiation.

10/29/2015 6:27:43 AM
 I have been meeting some good subs/slaves/Doms here, but I have to say that I wish 50 shades of gray had never come out!  Sigh. It is a good thing most of My really good contacts have been older (38+).

10/18/2015 7:29:47 AM
 Well, I broke My own rule and sent money. How dumb can I be! Fool Me once, shame on you, fool Me twice, shame on Me! So here is the NEW RULE; IF YOU WANT TO COME TO ME, IT IS ON YOU TO GET HERE. AFTER YOUR INITIAL TRIAL PERIOD I WILL RE-EMBURSE YOU. BEING MINE IS NOT A FREE RIDE, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY YOUR WAY, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

10/16/2015 8:52:12 AM

10/8/2015 7:43:41 PM
 I am searching for a slave that knows her place, and is proud of it. A girl who will obey Me in ALL things because she knows that she has value---to Me! Wheather I am beating her, humiliating her, using her sexually; she will know that she is My property and she will understand that even though I expect to use her very hard, I will not damage her. I want a girl who is My slave, and that is her value to Me, being My slave!

9/30/2015 5:04:27 PM
OK, I have changed My profile because a friend has pointed outt hat several of the things My old profile mentioned were supposed to be on My bucket list, even though I have done/had them in the past!

9/25/2015 7:34:39 AM

9/20/2015 7:04:06 AM
 I am a hard Master, but, I am only looking for submissives who will submit consentually.

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