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Dom/Slave Couple, 55/57,  Robinson, Illinois
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We are a Master & slave couple residing in the cornfields of SE Illinois. Thirteen people, including ourselves, make up the House of Sindarian. Sindarian is an alpha Dominant with over 25 years experience in the lifestyle. He is well versed in many styles of sadistic play, but his specially, for which he is well known, is flogging. ciara, his slave, is fairly new to the lifestyle (10yrs) but a hard wired slave who's purpose is to serve.
We emphasize spirituality in our life and lifestyle. We are eclectic pagans who serve our Gods & Goddesses. We are heavily involved in our local (100 miles away) lifestyle group and love to attend lifestyle events. Sindarian is a member of the Board of MAsT: International a Master Slave relationship group.
We have a 24/7 Master & slave relationship and enjoy mentoring others as they find their path in this life.






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Journal Entries:
2/9/2010 6:11:26 PM
The Three Cs of a Relationship

They are Communication, Compatibility, and Commitment.

Without effective communication,
it is hard to have and continue an relationship.
It is the Life's blood of the relationship,
pumping between two people,
allowing them to share their
wants, needs, and desires.
Talking, e-mailing, and texting
(however you do it)
gets both people in a relationship
to form a single reality.
It is this (reality) that is the relationship.
A single reality that is shared by both.
The constant exchange keeps
the reality alive and flourishing.
As soon as you stop communications,
the relationship begins to die.

Some techniques of communication:

Fear free zone
Space on contesious issues
Styles of communication;
Statement vs. Explaination
Writing down to clarify thought

Compatibility is the heart of the relationship,
like a puzzle piece that fits with
another it shows more that the single piece.
In other words, the sum is more than the parts.
So you need to have you wants, needs,
and desires match up for the most part.
But it goes deeper than just you like
to give pain and she likes to get pain.
Compatibility should be on other levels too.
Though not much thought about today,
social status plays a part in this
Music, reading, and entertainment come to mind.
Having more things in common than not
helps to keep interest and excitement going.
The appreciation of differences help
to educate each other so that
those differences become common interests.
Compatibility is revealed with communcation.

Now the last and most important, commitment.
Relationships are like the surface of a lake,
calm and smooth when there is no outside influences
and rough and unsettled when the wind blows.
The ability to withstand the shocks of life
and continue is what commitment means.
Working through differences, know when to change,
when to stand firm, and when to leave well enough alone.
To stick through that bad times to insure the good to come.
It will not be easy at times, but the rewards are great.

There you go, the 3 Cs,
it's just a part of making this thing we do work,
but it is overlooked far to often.


8/15/2008 6:39:58 PM
We believe in living deeply,
Laughing often and loving always.
We believe we were brought together
To support and care for each other.
We believe that everyone's feelings count,
And that the uniqueness of each of us
Strengthens all of us.
We believe in the power of Forgiving to heal
And the power of love to carry us through.
We believe in one another,
In this family,
In this house.

6/28/2008 11:58:10 AM
    So, you have done it. The negotiations are over and the collar has been accepted. You are the proud owner of a slave. You know what to do next, the fun and games begin and a good time will be had by all.

    Not so fast now. Let's look at what you have done. Just like getting a new car, it's time to check out the owner's manual. Hmmmmmmm. Lets see, just where did I put that, I know that it was around here somewhere. Well, I guess that I don't have one. I can just wing it, what can go wrong? It's all just fun and games, right?

    By the way, the light you see at the end of the tunnel is from a headlight of a oncoming locomotive.

    Those in the lifestyle for more than a few years have seen this more than once. They hook up, have a great time, but something happens. You here the rumors later. He did this, she said that, promises broken, and lies told, sooner rather than later there is a break-up and the real pain begins.

    The lifestyle holds a great advantage in interpersonal relationships. It strips off social conventions to allow two people to get to know each other very quickly. It is also very dangerous, in that the protections provided by society are bypassed. It allows posers and players to pass themselves off as experienced, caring people. Groups, both on-line and real time are a firewall to protect people. You are only as good as your reputation. It takes years to get it and you can loose it with one word.

    What does this have to do with ownership? Quite a bit. In the lifestyle, you are only as good as your word. Lies hurt you, your lies can hurt others. Be honest, with yourself and with others. Never assume more experience than you have, an emergency room visit and a questioning by the police is never helpful forming a relationship. The last thing you want to tell anyone is "I'm sorry. I didn't know." Some scars don't heal.

    Will you, as an owner find problems? Yes, you will, and you will have to find solutions for them too. The lifestyle is emotional dynamite. Let me repeat that.


    You can not predict what will happen. How people will react. What others will do. The best you can do is to anticipate what could happen and prepare for that. Both the good and the bad.

    Your word is you bond. Everyone will know how you act. Honor is your shield. Respect is earned, not given. Your reputation is only as good as your last act, make it count.

    Is it difficult? Yes. Is it impossible? No.

    Many do talk the talk and walk the walk. They are all around us, you may never notice them. You may never hear of them. They shun drama. They do what they do and share with whom they will. In each way, they advance the lifestyle out of the shadows and into the light.

    Be with them, be one of them..... Be honorable.

The following is reposted from my 360 page.

6/28/2008 11:56:58 AM

    What is normal? What can we use to judge what is normal? How can we come to a consensus on what normal is compared to abnormal?

    When speaking to some people recently I have heard some words use that on hearing my ears pick up. Sick, Twisted, Scary, Wrong, Perverted, Need, Addicted, and, well you get the idea. They were using those words to define themselves and what they do. For the most part they did not like to use those words. They would wish that their needs and desires, the darkest thoughts and deeds would be able to see the light of day and be known and gloried in. Such as the world is, that can not happen.

    What can happen is that those who use such words can realize that the concept of society and its morals does not apply to them. We are fortunate to live in such a place and time that the individual has the most freedom than in any time in history. As such, we may do as we will. We will not be thrown into the insane asylum or into prison for years for what we do. One by one, year after year we are educating the vanilla world and showing them what we do is real and normal.

    We play with the edge, both with the body and the mind. We put both at risk for great gain. We know ourselves as few do. Every dark place is brought into the light. Every thought is examined and explored. There is nowhere that darkness resides in a mind that has seen and felt all. The demons there have been brought out and shown to be false Gods to be banished or Angels to be released into the Heavens. The body sometimes pays the price to show us the way. Pain and suffering, work and thought go to drive the will forward to reach the highs that we all need so much. In many cases, we also find ourselves in the deepest lows.

    Like the darkness and the light, one can not exist without the other. Our lows are there to show us the highs. Our highs show us the way to God. With the God and the Goddess, be return to this place to show others how to get there. So that all can find what they are looking for.

    Normal is what we define. Normal is what we do every day. Walking and breathing are normal. Swinging a flogger is normal for me. It may not be normal for you, and that is fine, but it is normal for me, and you should be fine with that.

    “Do as thou wilt, that is the whole of the Law. Love is the Law, Love under will.” Said by Aleister Crowley.

    Those are the words I live by. I have come to know them very well and what they mean. Nineteen words that are easily memorized, but are not so easy to understand. It means that everyone should be treated as if they were a part of God. That we should Love everything as we Love ourselves. That our will, under the guidance of the God and Goddess is a part of Love itself. Many more things I have learned from this, but that is for another time.

    One proviso, if you do something by force, or manipulate another to do something against their will, then you are doing something that is Sick, Twisted, Perverted and also against the law. Heaven help you if I catch you doing that. The Law will be the least of your worries.


The following two posts are reposted from my 360 page.

6/28/2008 11:55:34 AM
Live the now.

    You may have heard that before and thought, "What are you talking about, we all live in the now?"

    I wish it were true. For years lived in other than the now. I lived in the past, in the future, everywhere but where I needed to be, right here and right now. Living in the past is so seductive, to live the same day or same event over and over. Thinking of what you could have done different, how you could have changed the past. To be the hero, rather than the heel. It's so easy, you never have to go forward to live in the past. The cobwebs get thinker every year, the dust sucks the color out of your life and everything dries and withers up until even water is dust in the glass.

    Living in the future holds the same call to some. To always make plans that will come true, one day. To strive for tomorrow at the cost of today, dreaming of the luxuries to come and the achievements to be. However, never concerning yourself about building for that future. Skills that are needed are never learned, discipline and work shunted to the side for simple daydreams that eat up the day. Always the same thought at the end of the day. "Tomorrow, I will begin. Tomorrow I will start." Until one day you wake up to find out that it is too late to start.

    Now, let us see about that living in the now and what it means.

    Waking up everyday to a challenge, to learn one new thing. Staying awake, looking at what is happening in your life and what your life means to you. Looking inside to see and ask the same question, "Is  this  is where I want to be?"  and another  "Is this is what I want to do?"  If the answer is no, you know that you need to do something different to change your life to make the change in your situation. Look to the past to see what you have done to make your life more to your liking. Set a goal for the future to strive for.

    I must say that for me, it was a little easier to learn this lesson and apply it to my life. I am a maintenance technician. What I do for a living is finding and solving problems. The art for doing such work is called trouble-shooting, and yes, it is an art. The basics are simple, first check the power source. Then the next, down the line, until you find the problem. The fix is the easy part, you already know what is wrong. The rest is just work, trouble-shooting is thinking you do before the work.

    How does that apply to living in the now? Well, all you do is trouble-shoot your own life. Find out where and how you live, knowing that you can change your thinking to live in the now. Is your power source working properly? Do you know where you are going, what you want out of life?

    Well what do you think?  Live in the now and let yesterday and tomorrow take care of it self. Today should be enough for you, I know that it is for me.

6/13/2008 5:07:04 PM
I have uploaded some pic.s of the Saint Andrew's cross and the floggers. We are serious about flogging, that is what really gets us off. I also do a great job at it. I use both hands (it's great being a leftie) and also do the Florintine. Besides the floggers, I use several Dragon's Tails and a David Morgan single tail nicknamed the "Preacher" it will make you get religion in a hurry.

6/10/2008 4:30:40 PM
Sub Vs. Slave

    Sub vs. slave?

    Which is better? Is one to be desired over another? How would you know? How do you find out?

    Let us define what we are talking about first.
    Slave: one who is chattel property of another person.
    Sub: one who allows themselves to be dominated in a scene.

    Yes, that is an over simplification but will do for now. You may comment on what you think the words mean.

    Subs play at serving for another. They are there for those that they play with and for themselves. Subs have limits, sometime closely defined limits, (They won’t do windows!) and have the option to stop a scene when they wish. This is rare though, most Doms and subs come to an understanding before a scene begins so that a good time is had by all. There is a lack of commitment between the two. Each may go as they please whenever they want. During the time of the scene, it may be great, two becoming one under the lash. A spiritual connection may be formed, energies exchanged, people around them, moved. But after that, it is over.

    Slaves on the other hand only have one choice after they have committed themselves to their Masters, that of leaving. They are compelled to obey in everything that the Master desires. The best way for this to work is for the Master and slave to be very compatible. That their needs and desires mesh to perfection. In this way, limits are no longer needed or necessary. They together, look at the play in a different way. It is a communion of two souls, blessed by the God and Goddess.

    So, as you can see it depends on what you are looking for and how much you wish to invest in another person. For those who wish to play, go for the sub. For those who what much more, acquire a slave.

Reposted from my 360 Page.

6/10/2008 1:52:14 PM
The living Tool

    Here is a question that I was asked by my slave, and my response. This is from a thread on an e-mail list that we are both on.

    [Here are the two lines she is speaking of. "Yes we are slaves, we are not mindless robots, merely following orders.   We are slaves because we found a person we respected so deeply that we chose to accept a deeper bond of commitment."]

    [To some your slave’s response would make her less than a slave because she would not "absolutely" obey you should you instruct her to do something that was illegal or immoral, according to our shared moral values.]

    [What is your opinion of that?  What do you think of your slave’s post?]

    Yes, there is a breaking point. A slave's Honor is her own and no one else's. Only she can say when a demand is too far and puts her at risk. Like Asimov’s three laws of robotics I believe that the slave ought to protect their own bodies and interests. It would be immoral and unethical to demand behavior of a slave that would be detrimental to her.

    A good rule of thumb, if it involves jail time, it is a deal breaker.

    The contract works both ways, a slave promises to obey her Master. The Master promises to care for his slave, his property. Only a fool would purchase a tool and then break it. Only a fool would be bought and be allowed to be broken. I really love my tools they are my life. They are how I make my living. I have some that go back three generations in my family. They are not put up as a legacy, but are my everyday working tools. They sit in the toolbox and get used as needed. The hands of my Grandfathers have been on the tools I use today. As such, I care for them and take care of them. Just as I do my slave, my living tool.

    In all matters, the Master's word is law to the slave. If the Master's word breaks the Law, it also breaks the contract with the slave.  To use a tool to break the law is abuse of the tool. The living tool must protect herself from abuse.

    Morality is subjective, therefore more cloudy. If an order infringes on a slave's morals, it should be discussed and worked out. The slave may obey out of respect of her Master, and afterwards bring up the conflict if does not infringe on her morals too much. Usually the slave will say "If my Master so commands." in order to show that there is a problem with what the Master wishes. It is then his call to see wither the order is obeyed or discussed right then and there.

    As far as the bond between a Master and his slave, well that is for another day.

Reposted from my 360 page.

6/10/2008 1:51:12 PM

    All human interaction can be reduced to this; what we do is for those that we know, love, and care for. This is the tribe, you, me, him, and her. Friends, family, co-workers, and those of shared interests comprise the tribe. Survival used to be the interest that held the tribe together, but no longer. Now, through the internet, those of interest may find each other and form the tribes that they wish.

    They gather, across the vast wastelands of usenet and IRC, forming connections and find those that are like them. They drive miles to put a face on the nick they have cybered with for years. Those that are close gather on occasion. The tribe formed in the aether becomes a thing of the real world.

    A few at first, they come out of the woodwork. Shunning the light and Identification, they hide under assumed names. More come, those that are braver than the first ones. Proud of what they are, they are given the leadership of the tribe. It grows more as it becomes a point of knowledge and skill.

    Membership in this new style of tribe is not exclusive to any one person. You can belong to many tribes some, which even work at cross-purposes to each other. Leaving the tribe is often much easier than joining. Saying goodbye works for most tribes. Joining is a different thing. Interest and commitment is a start, but more needs to be offered to the tribe. Time is the most common payment to keep it active and growing.

    Bonds form in the tribe, friends become lovers, lovers become couples. Some do not fit, and leave. They find another tribe or form their own. No matter what, the new tribe contributes to all.

    The tribe, once formed, has a life of it’s own. Members come and go. Leaders have their time in the sun, then let the next generation go forth. All learn from each other. By teaching, example (both good and bad), and just by being there. Language begins to form in it’s own way, letting those who know learn and those who do not stay ignorant.

    Those that do conform to the custom of the tribe do so in both attitude and style. The leadership (according to custom) sets the style in how the members of the tribe interact with each other. For the tribe to flourish, most of the membership interaction is of an easy going, non-judgmental nature.

    Members have their place in the tribe. The function of each member occurs organically. The role of each goes to the strength of the member. The outside world does not matter in the tribe. Status in the world does not confer anything in the tribe. The tribe is a leveler that allows merit and action to mean more that money and wealth.

    Discipline is needed to keep the tribe on track, so that the goals that are established are completed. As in the past, the most common form of punishment is ostracism and outlawry. Those that do not conform to the tribe are cast out.

    Tribes gather, they form in loose groups, all sharing a goal, the continuation of the tribe and the group as a whole.

    Look at the tribes that you have a membership in. See how they work and what they do for those around you. Remember, you are the tribe, and the tribe is you.

Reposted from my 360 page.

6/9/2008 4:38:41 PM
Fight, flight, or.....

When dealing with an imminent threat we usually deal with it in two ways, we fight, or we run away. An unusual way of dealing with the same threat is to submit.

I believe that in the past, submission to a threat was more common than today. You can read history and see time and time again that a captured city had the defenders killed and all others sold off to slavery. Though there are examples of those who killed themselves when all hope was lost, many, many others lived to see another day.

I am sure that the biological imperative is a major driving force in this behavior. “To the Victor goes the Spoils”, and to the defeated female, a way of gathering the victor’s seed and add it to her own line of survival.

In modern times, this behavior is not so notable. In an act of violence, the female instinctively freezes, staying out of the action, waiting for the threat to play out. A strong willed female will takes sides when supported by family and culture but the escape hatch of submitting to the victor remains.

To the trained submissive and slave, this behavior is brought out of the shadows and emphasized. “Don’t move”, is a common command for the Dominant. The Dominant’s presence is that of a victor and the only way the sub can deal with it is to run or to submit. In many cases, running is what the Dom has to deal with. All of us has had to deal with those who for some reason can not come to grips with who they are and flee when it is brought home to them.

To submit takes courage and strength. To go against the modern culture and a lifetime of teaching is hard. To look into yourself and see what you are and then act on it is also difficult. Only those who are truthful with themselves can do so. Only the best serve those who demand it.

Fight, flight, or submit, look into your self and see where you fit in. Reposted from my 360 page.

6/9/2008 4:35:48 PM
Creating the "One"

I have heard or read the same thing so many times, “I am looking or searching for the one”.

How many times have you heard it?

How many times have you said it?

When you see someone at a Munch or an Event the people around you had to have come in the lifestyle somehow. Though some have come in on their own, most have brought in from other people. Think about it, the lifestyle is a closed society, it is private. It takes time and effort to get into the mainstream of BDSM. Personal reference is the most common way for those to come into the lifestyle. They come looking for something, the same thing that you are looking for. To serve, or be served.

For the new minted sub, this is an exciting time. They are surrounded by experienced Doms, all willing to train an eager new sub. She dives in and finds out that there are some emotional land mines out there. She quickly finds out that sex does not equal love, and some Doms are not what they say. She soon finds out that a thick skin is needed to survive in the lifestyle. In a couple of years, (if she has come in by herself) she has see it all and done it all. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She has a close circle of friends who has laughed and cried with her. She plays only with whom she knows and it will be a long cold day in hell before she gives her heart to another Dom.

For the new Dom, it is a difficult time. They have the will, but not the means. Most work hard, learning the ropes (and knots) and get to know the ritual and protocol of the lifestyle. Depending on the person and the other people around him, this may take from a year to several years. His introduction is much slower, without a play partner, he is marginalized by both more experienced Doms and subs. He may have an opportunity time to time, for play, but he can not develop a full BDSM relationship. For that, he has to find a sub will to engage in a long-term relationship and be willing to put her emotional wellbeing at risk.

Sounds like a difficult task.

Let’s look at a different way of doing it. The Dom that has learned the basics of what we do can go out into the wide world and look for “the One”. He begins by finding regular dates and begins to develop a relationship, dropping hints that there is something more behind the bedroom doors than just sheets and blankets. A simple necking session can be a start, holding her hands behind her back, as you give her thrills with your mouth. She may resist, or say that it makes her hot, or freak out. Not matter what happens, you will know whither you should you should get out the rope, or look to the next date with someone else.

By doing this, you have several advantages. First, you are working with a blank slate. The mistakes she experiences will be yours also. You will both learn from them. Second, you will be able to train her for your use and habit. There will be not cross expectations, for she will not have any. Thirdly, your work will be seen within the BDSM community. She can be a testament of your skill and technique.

So now you know how, so go out and do it. Grow the BDSM community one person at a time Reposted from my 360 page.

6/9/2008 4:25:55 PM
Care and feeding of slave

Back a couple of weekends ago I was asked a question from a experienced and well respected Domme. It was “How do you keep a sub from getting all whiney and sulky?” I replied with a snap answer. “Beat ‘em good, every other week, that keeps their mind in the right place.” My slave that sat beside me nodded her head with enthusiasm, she knew of what I was speaking of.

After that busy weekend was over, I had a chance to reflect on my answer and with to continue to reply to the question. There is of course, much more to ownership that just beating your property every other week. As with the slave, every act that you take influences your relationship with your property. You do have latitude, but you must carry the responsibility of two lives with you, not just your own. You must communicate with your slave in an open and truthful manner. The owner must take care that in dealing with others in the lifestyle, the highest protocol is followed. In other words, I am a firm believer in leadership by example. I can not expect my slave to behave in a way with others that I do not expect of myself.

On to the beating part, yes, a good beating does wonders for the slave. The beating works on several levels to keep the slave in the right “head space”. First, it gives the slave a big endorphin rush, cleansing the mind of the petty concerns and frustrations of the past week. If you are capable, you can send her into sub space, giving her a little vacation from this world and showing her the realms that abound in our minds.

Second, it is a physical demonstration of your Dominance and ownership of the property that is before you. Like with any other mental conditioning, re-enforcement is necessary to continue with the program that you have set up for the slave. Remember that the slave needs this just as much as the Master does. She wants you to show how and why you are the Master, so that she may never forget it.

The last reason is that the Master should not allow his skill to wither on the vine. He needs to keep his methods in good stead so that public play he shows his skill and devotion to his peers. I prefer to start slow with light weight floggers to warm up my property so that she is not injured in the play that we do. Swinging to the music, the beat continues to the beat. Watching carefully to gauge what the blows are doing to my property. I read her to find out where she is and how to continue the flogging. Looking at the muscle groups of the back and how she grips the cuffs that hold her to the cross show me what to do next. The leather floggers come next, working the tempo and the sensation up. Building chemicals in the body, forcing her deeper into her mind. The big thudders come out, made of roofing membrane and custom made for me. They bring her quickly to what she calls the Darkness. She starts to sob at this point, I continue the relentless beat and drive the floggers in to her flesh as she cries out her pain and rage at the world of her past. I give her a short pause and bring out the last tool I will use. The “Preacher” is snapped like a gunshot next to her head. She stands up and gives a little shudder. I begin slowly, using the single tail like a brush on her reddened flesh. Not marking her, but letting her know that more is to come. The black leather in my hand becomes a living thing that feeds on the skin of my slave as bites deeper. Now marks begin to appear flare like red vines growing from her skin. Small snaps are heard as the tip of the whip goes supersonic before it feeds some more on the flesh of my slave. She describes the touch of the Preacher as ice cold razor blades cutting her skin. I bring her to the point of entering sub space. Letting the whip fall to my side and moving to my slave’s side. Releasing her cuffs, she falls into my arms and I gently bring her down to the floor. She has gone in to that other world, sub space, her eyes rolled back in her head. I sit beside her watching her carefully. For minutes, she is frozen on the floor, eyes looking in other places, seeing other things. My slave moves with a groan and then arches her back slipping into a full body orgasm. Her eyes meet mine and I see into her soul. She shows me what she is, my slave.

Reposted from my 360 page.

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