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Hetero Female Submissive, 37,   Palm Beach and, New York
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Last Online:


 Submissive Female

  Palm Beach and 

 New York

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 2"

 112 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

A Poly Household

 500 Shades beyond Grey - without the wimp days. Tiny blonde sub beauty. Low miles, low drama. A good girl. A Daddys girl. High heeled for tall strong superior well heeled Daddy.

Real- life- is a pecking order. The power dynamic. Cuckolding. Hot.
Beta husband accepts if Alpha Superior rewards and owns. He cant.

Wife is fairly well tended. But we both grow ever accepting of the nature of jungle. In a jungle, an old school girl wants safety, security, protection. We could, will live well, happy, without.

But life comes once. As we mature, we grow to agree, for greater good, and, as, nature rules us, that we surrender to natural Order.

So, open in life - if the wifes desire, the husbands superior, comes forth - husband is to cede. Wife is to do what nature makes of her.

For her 10. She is twice the worth of hubby. We both know it.
One - well off -well hung -well bred -well read. To One worth it. Not to a part time role player. Milky white slave wife for -if - only - to - A God. In Total.

One simply born to Lead. Wife follows, nature to. But, not anyone. Not, either for 1 night. Desire long term. Of Open marriage. Trust.

Intense. Dressed up at Mar a Largo, undressed in our bed. With your visits, from DC, or Wall St, or South Beach. One whose travels allow for choices. A Sir of natural Order. Commands, of, His universe.

What you see, is what you get. A Picky Bull. For a picky couple. A Master who demands, who deserves. Devoted hot wife. Your eye candy. Your mind blown. At your call, on your arm. hot lil toy.

A Powerful Tall White -Smug- Daddy. Owns Boardrooms, Bedrooms, France, Manhattan, Hollywood, Palm Beach. Of birthright. You win.

Betas, housewives in awe. Only top shelf please. Wife readied. Hubby screens. Make the cut. Wife needs men to decide things, little brain - complicated. Once in - Well dressed. Heels. Make up. Nails. Feet. Hair. Wine her. Woo her. Win her. Alphas lead. Betas fall in line- in place. A Barbie doll. Command his wife. Must Take it.

Arrogance a must. But not q given. For Alpha of rule, beta drools.
Hell be present. No, your not the exception. You love to conquer.

Head of The Bed is open. Fill it, fill up wife. Allowances born of natural power align, come forth, of natural Order only if -the One - finds this. If One is Man enough. Wife has defeated beta, Hubby has learned, shall now place under - better looks, of less weakness, as - his wife, a natural man pleaser, mocks, under natural Superior.

Can u Own this, are you worthy? Own, what he cant? Oh, so big, so accomplished, so natural...oh, wow, oh, ...oh, yes.. Sir? oh, yes Sir.

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