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Well hello yes I would relocate sub or regular meets and thanks for looking at my profile I am
Hetero Male Dominant, 49,  Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
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 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 6' 1"

 139 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Well hello yes I would relocate sub or regular meets and thanks for looking at my profile I am seeking for real I can accom I am single and been told I am very attractive sorry I cant put my photo up due to my profession.
I do seek to collar fully and with day collar its discreet
I am seeking a submissive or slave and yes I seek to own fully and register I am willing to meet regular and even offer full time position yes relocate a submissive or slave
I am very experienced very Dominant male 6 1 tall average build full head of hair and intelligent and I have been in this scene 20yrs and had only two long term submissive I couldnt take on fully due to submissive but I can now. I do seek to take total control and sexually and instruct sub or slaves dresses
Submissive can be experienced or novice but must have a wish for this and to be involved Ds relationship yes it is a relationship it does involve simulating a subs mind also and planting seeds in subs mind and pushing them to flower that seed.
I would say I am flexible Dominant guy as I wouldnt do things that a submissive does not seek that is why I am happy to meet social and discus limits and wishes of a submissive.
I do use psychology in this conscious mind (actions) and stimulate the subconscious mind (reactions) meaning commands instructions given a submissive respond with use of her subconscious submissive mind actions they obey in using this they become more submissive as it does sexually arouse and I do seek that. And sexual arousal plays important part in this for a submissive. Using a submissive likes and wishes does take them further in this and help them become more submissive and wishing to please a Master more a spiral affect. So more that is done further a submissive becomes more submissive. Yes, Dynamic Power and long periods. I can travel and accom days evenings and all nighters and long weekends
I am not interested in one offs meets.
I am very experienced I do BDSM Bondage, Local BDSM Community, Fisting, Mental Bondage, Obedience Training, Breast Play, Cages, Collars, Exhibitionism, Hair Pulling, Humiliation, Leashes, Public Play, Gags and I do have full restraints and shackles
I am for real and seek for real so if I interest you get back to
Master Hiswish

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