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(update 5/14/2010) In the past i have popped in from time to time. Only stopping to say hello
Bisexual Female Slave, 43,   Fort Myers, Florida
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 Female Slave

  Fort Myers 


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(update 5/14/2010)

In the past i have popped in from time to time. Only stopping to say hello to long life friends.I find that this time my soul will not allow me to lock it back in the box i have closed myself in for the past years.
This places me in a familiar place but one that has grown.
I find i am discovering new things about myself and learning where my place me be now.Thank you for all the hello's and inquires on what i am seeking at this time.
I can honestly say i do not know.
What i do know is that, I am taking this time to learn about me and make new friends and see how this world has grown around me.
Till we say hello. I hope you have had days with many smiles and much laughter waiting at every turn.

(update 3/28/2011)

In the last year i have come to understand that this way of life is very much apart of who i am. It is the part that makes one feel alive where they reach the place of completeness.
One i have sought to obtain again over and over in life.
But i have also come to understand that certain responsibilities placed upon me in life wil not allow me to live true to my soul as i long too.
This is not the first time i have lived and learned this lesson in life. Nor wil it be the last, For i will always reach for what makes me happy and complete.
In the last few months i have learned that i will never be able to live a life of complete happiness as i once did. I came very close. But close does not count.

This leaves me in a place of uncertainty.
On one hand, i have come to understand that i will day dream of days long past, cherish the thoughts with a smile.
Till I reach a time in my life that allows me to be true to the way i wish to live. i have come to understand that i can no longer lock up this side of my soul.
The desire to Serve to find one who will teach, mold me into the slave i was meant to be in all ways.In the years past i hid from this side. Over the last year i have out of my shell so to say.  I have reconnected with wonderful people of my past. As well as making new friends on many different levels i hope to keep for a long time.
One the other hand. I am left with a hunger, desire, need to control and feed.
I find myself in a place much like a character in one of my favorite movies of all times finds herself.  She has been brought from where she was and is left in a place to move forward but not sure in which direction or manner to move forward in that is in her best interest.

For now i will walk softly with those i know and am safe with. Make new friends and hope to bring smiles to those i met.


 My interest are Many, as well as Diverse, but what brings a true smile to my soul is Serving. I Know, Understand and Believe in Respect, Trust and Honor. I have a great desire to finish my Education, In both Book and Life.
I have learned that, There are those Dominant, submissive in their nature, Both go hand in hand. A submissive nature is only happy&complete when a Dominant nature watches over her so she may live her life as his slave. A Dominant nature is Pleased when she is totally his.
Not an occupation but a Quest. ~ To find the Right one to be Loyal, as well as, Devoted to for Always.~
I have walked this path in life for close to 20 years. With in my time in this life, I have wore one ring and two collars.
What I seek, last one. He is a man of Dominant Nature, Knows of Integrity and Manifest power. He understands that to control, mentor someone else. He first must Master himself. While I am not a weak person and very much in control of who I am. I seek one to follow and learn from. To help me finish growing into the lady I was meant to be.
What I understand of myself: I understand and except that I have the soul of a slave. It is my true nature,I long for no other way. I do long for the right one, The last one to belong to for always.
My training comes in the forms of: Geisha, Valet De Chambre. A person having many diverse responsibilities and activities. A personal servant to gentlemen , ladies. 

Thank you for your time,

Please read below.I have posted a story or two in my journal    =)

 I am not looking for couples, Thank you anyway.

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Journal Entries:
5/18/2010 4:43:07 AM

A fictional story wrote many years ago. please enjoy

The house of Punishment

Shelley sat in the stark waiting room straining to hear Peter's voice
behind the closed door.  Muffled sounds floated into the room but
nothing she could make out.  This place that he had threatened her
with was nothing like she imagined.  Hell, she did not figure it
really existed in the first place and was not now convinced this was
real.  A house of punishment, run by a dungeon Master who would
"correct" her behavior......

She shrugged and shifted in her seat.  She was wearing a thin white
cotton dress Peter had brought for her to wear today.  There was
nothing under it but her skin.  She paced the room and looked through
the small high window.  The house by the sea seemed relatively
deserted.  She could not imagine what was being discussed since this
was just a scare tactic anyway.   She wasn't really a bad sub but
after several years had passed she had fallen into a thought of
knowing what Peter might or might not allow, tolerate or punish her
for and she took it to the line or over, every time.  Peter had said
"enough!" last night and had brought her here today as he had
threatened so many times to do.

The door that Peter had passed through when he left her here finally
opened.  Peter came into the room along with an attractive, pleasant
looking man and a woman who was totally naked except for a wide
leather collar about her neck.  she had one just like it in her hand.

"So, this is your bad girl, Peter....she does not look like she wants
to be a bad girl..."

The man was not as tall as Peter but very muscular.  He had sandy
colored hair and very, very green eyes that seem to sparkle when he
looked at Shelley.  He circled her slowly and she coyly followed his
movements with her eyes and a slow turn of her body.  "Yes, I see the
attitude you speak of....not exactly what we want, is it?"

"Nope....she is complacent in her service and lazy.  Sometimes
defiant and rather too opinionated all in all.  This is unacceptable
to me and she knows it yet she continues to try my patience.  Either
she comes to learn who is Master and who controls her or she can
simply stay here in the compound."

"Peter!!!"  Shelley raged.  "I want to go....this is crazy.  I have
no intention of being 'left here' nor is my behavior 'unacceptable'. 
You know we are happy and you get the best from me....and that is
plenty in my book..."

"Oh, do indulge me, my pet."  Peter said sarcastically.  "Besides, I
would never want to break a promise to you and I have been promising
you this experience for a long, long time..."

"Now, now....let's take this down a level" the other man said. 
"Shelley, we are here to help you.  My name is Adam and this is my
home.  My companion here is named Lilith and she will help you also. 
Let's go take a walk by the ocean and see the gardens and there we
can come to some conclusions."

Shelley felt sure now that this was just another tactic, regardless
of Lilith's appearance, to "scare" her into line.  She decided just
to go along with the game.

"Lilith has brought a collar for you to use here since Peter tells me
you did not bring one with you.  Let me put this on you.....we know
you wear one at home and I would have you feel as if this is home....
for the duration of your visit."

He took the collar from Lilith and  placed it on her neck, fastening
it in the front, rather than the back.  Lilith strained her neck a
bit....the collar was wider than anything she had worn and it almost
stretched her neck.  As they left the room to journey toward the
beach, Peter walked behind her and quickly fastened a leash to the
back of the collar.  Shelley looked at him over her shoulder and
rolled her eyes.  Peter smiled to himself, darkly.

Shelley led the way, behind Adam, with Peter and Lilith following
behind her.  She chatted away about the beauty of the day and the
gardens and her love of the ocean.   "Even sand?"  said Adam.  Do you
even like the sand?  Many people don't, you know..."

", not really.  A shower removes it quickly so I don't mind
it at all." Was that a snicker she heard from Lilith?

As they reached the beach there were many structures there....bondage
structures of many varieties.  She walked over to one that was a
simple inverted "U" structure.  Peter came up behind her, clasped his
hands on each of her arms and kissed her neck.  She groaned and
leaned back to him as he whispered into her ear, "Learn from this day,
pet....and learn well...."

Before Shelley could react to his words Adam had her wrists in his
clutches and Peter was fastening cuffs on her that seemingly appeared
from nowhere.  She struggled a bit but all happened so quickly, she
was soon attached to the beam that loomed over her head.  She decided
to be tough....they expected her to scream and struggle and she
simply would not give them the satisfaction of that.
Peter seated himself on a bench in front of her while Adam opened a
wooden box that was amongst the structures on the beach.  She
strained to see what was there but all she could make out was a mish
mosh of dark leather appearing items.  She was not going to be
concerned....not yet.  Peter walked in front of her carrying a
leather flogger.

"Lilith, you know, I should have asked you to help Shelley undress
before we put her in this predicament."

"Yes, Master....I should have mentioned that...".

Adam spun on her and lashed her so severely with the flogger that she
fell to the sand.  Shelley was stunned.  Lilith stayed where she had
been downed by his blow, her head bowed.  Shelley could see the red
welts rising on her body across her torso.  She looked at Adam who
did not seem so pleasant now, and gulped.
Adam began flogging Shelley over her clothes and the clothes began to
shred he struck her so hard.  Shelley jumped and tried to dodge the
incessant lashing of the flogger.  Her skin heated fast and the thin
cotton garment began to hang on her in strings.  Adam was relentless
in his motions and Shelley began to know that she would not be able
to be so blase about this thrashing.  Her eyes darted pleading to
Peter who seemed to have the same cold, dark expression that Adam
wore.  She knew there was no way out of the inevitable and her mind
spun at the prospect of what might happen.  The intense flogging
continued until there was not a single thread left on her body.  She
felt the rawness of her skin and squirmed in hopes the pain would
abate soon.  Lilith arose and brought another leash and another pair
of cuffs.  Shelley's ankles were enclosed in the new set and as her
hands were removed from the cuffs they were hooked together on the
new leash.  The leash on her collar hung behind her.  Lilith then
kneeled and fastened a length of chain between Shelley's ankles that
would limit her pace as she walked.  Adam took the leash for her
hands and pulled her down to the ocean.  Shelley could not keep up
with the pace and stumbled in the soft wet sand, falling where the
tide washed up to the shore. 

"Go further in and wet yourself with the sea water..."  Peter said
sternly to her.

Shelley hesitated only a moment before standing and walking further
into the water.  The salt water stung her skin and she jumped back. 
With her ankles still bound, this movement was not accomplished
without her falling in the water.  She struggled to come to her feet
again and felt a tug on the leash pulling her out of the water.  She
followed as best she could with Adam and Peter in front of her
talking casually about Peter's new boat.  She tried hard to keep up
but kept falling in the sand.  The always stopped and allowed her
time to stand again but their pace made it hard to keep from
repeating the act.  By the time they reached the house, she was
covered in sand.

The lower terrace opened into a tiled room by the beach that looked
out over the horizon.  The room was indeed a dungeon with many
ominous devices about the room and walls covered with whips and
various instruments designed to inflict pain.  Peter unhooked the
leash from her hands and Adam quickly pulled her arms behind her. 
With a short length of rope, her hands were bound behind her to the
opposite elbow so that her arms were tight against her body and
parallel to the floor at her waist.  The sand on her body grated
beneath the cuffs and against her arm in a most uncomfortable manner.
She was propelled to the center of the room where a single rope was
hanging from the ceiling.  The leash attached to her collar was
attached to the clamp on the rope and only if she stood very straight
in this one spot did the pull on the collar not choke her a bit.

Shelley began to tremble.  "Peter...." she said softly, pleading. 
Peter looked at her for a moment and then shook his head as if to say
"I told you this would happen..." and seated himself in front of her
again in a chair that Lilith had pulled from the side of the room to
this spot.  Adam appeared in front of her and this time he had on
surgeons gloves.  He began to rub his hands over her body which
normally would have been pleasurable but with her recently flogged
skin covered with sand, this was was most unpleasant.  She squirmed
away from him but found that if she moved much, she would truly choke
herself so she had to stand still and endure his "caresses".  He
rubbed and alternated with harsh, brisk slaps.  If there were spots
where welts had risen from the flogging he lingered there longer,
rubbing the sand harder and spanking the skin there more firmly.  He
quickened the pace and the intensity of the spanking and moved on to
slap her breasts and then her face.  The sand stung as did the
residual salt.  For a moment she began to fall into the rhythm of the
pain, feel her pussy begin to contract but just as that began Adam
changed to a leather paddle and began to strike her with the paddle
and and pinch and press the sand to her with the other hand.  Shelley
began to shriek from the pain and this spurred Adam on to more
intense levels of squeezing her skin, roughly dragging his gloved
hand over her and the ever quickening pace of the paddle on her
bottom.  Lilith handed him another flogger and took the paddle from
him so that not a stroke was missed.  He began flogging her all over
her body, top to bottom and the redness deepened in her skin color. 
Shelley was shaking all over and literally yelping from the pain. Her
eyes were closed as she tried to transmute the intensity of this when
she felt a gag go across her mouth and a small round ball was pressed
to her now open mouth.  She shook her head and struggled against this
but soon found Adam's hand landing full across her cheek, first one
side, then the other and then repeated until her face smarted and
stung like the rest of her body.  Now his hands were on her again,
rubbing the sand and salt on the fresh welts and replacing the
flogging with a stiff thin crop.  All across her breasts the marks
landed full and firm.  She tried to scream against the gag but the
sounds were much too muffled to be a satisfying release of the pain. 
She struggled from side to side but her limited mobility kept the
pain amplified on her weakening body. The crop played up and down her
legs now making her dance and kick her legs in the limited motion she
could manage.  Peter rose from the chair and Shelley looked at him,
pleading with him to rescue her but Peter went to the wall and took a
sleek white horsehair whip down from the wall.  As Adam continued to
use the crop on her breasts and the front of her thighs, Peter
circled behind her and began the exquisite stinging of the horsehair
against her red, agonized skin.  Shelley began to drop her weight
against the collar, needing some support from the intensity of the
two men whipping and torturing her body.  She could not stand the
tightness on her neck so she alternated pulling against the collar
with standing up full and straight as the incessant blows found
targets all over her body.

Then, it all stopped.  Tears streamed down Shelley's face.  Peter sat
again in the chair in front of her.  She could see by the bulge in
the front of his pants that he had a strong erection.  He lowered his
hands to his zipper and removed his very hard cock as Adam released
Shelley from the overhead rope and pushed her to Peter.  Shelley fell
to her knees in front of him as Lilith released her hands from behind
her back. She fell forward and Peter watched as Adam pulled a garden
hose over to her and began to rinse the sand from her body.  Shelley
jumped from the feeling of the cold water but dared not move away. 
Lilith moved under the flow of water with her and pulled at her hands
and arms to allow the water to cover her and rinse what sand was left
after the whippings from her body.  Shelley continued to whimper as
the water stopped.  She raised her eyes a little to see Peter
stroking his excited cock.  "Crawl to me, .....NOW.."  As Shelley
began to crawl, trembling, to Peter, she heard a sound that she could
not imagine to hear now....a whippy sound....the sound of molecules
separating in the air....the sound of a cane.  She murmured loudly
against the gag and Peter reached up and removed it.  "Did you have a
complaint???"   She shook her head and Peter grabbed her hair on
either side of her head and lowered her mouth onto his cock.  Just as
she felt him penetrate her mouth, she felt also the first strike of
the cane on her back.  The next fell across her painfully thrashed
bottom.  She arched her head back and Peter pulled her onto him again.
  "This only stops when you have pleased me...."   Shelley was mad
from the pain but took her hand and guided her Master's cock back
into her mouth and began to suck him and stroke him.  She had never
known Peter to be this rock hard, this stimulated.  The cane struck
her again and she could barely concentrate on pleasing Peter but she
must.  The air was assaulted again with the sound of the cane landing
on her again and again as she sucked harder, stroked more firmly and
gave Peter the release he demanded.  When he came hard and
plentifully into her thankful mouth, Adam ceased his strikes to her. 
He held his hand out to Lilith and they left Shelley and Peter alone.
Shelley collapsed into her Master's arms saying over and over "I'm
so very sorry...."

"Shhhh.....calm down.  I am here and as long as you are obedient,
compliant, and understand who truly owns will be safe
from this place ever more...."  Peter pulled her shaking body close
to him and then reached between her legs to feel the wetness of her
desire.  Satisfied that part of this had still given something to
Shelley that she wanted and needed, he held her still closer and
kissed her gently.

Helene 1997

9/17/2009 6:45:11 PM
  I Dare to Wonder......

I hope this find you with in a day of smiles and laughter.

Thank you for finding the interest in me to read this.
The most common question asked to me is, helene what is it you seek?

The answer has not changed over the years. I still seek One to believe in, Trust blindly.
To have the understanding I am cared for, looked after, loved with in my own rights and with in his ways.
To know the security of a relationship that grows daily with every word and touch.
To know that those in my life, aka, children will be looked upon with a smile and be allowed to find a place with in ones heart.
To find One who understands the wisdom of life. Knows that every day will bring new challenges to look upon with smiles and laughter.
To find the right one to be loyal and devoted to for always, till the end of my time.
The list goes on.....

I seek the same thing so many others seek.
So, I have to ask, Why is it so had to find someone? Are we that judgement within our thoughts as we get to know someone. That all we can see are one's imperfections.
May I ask, When did we all become so perfect?

I am no where close to perfect. All I can do is wake each morning to be the best person I can be.
With in my choices of life. I chose to be honest with all. I have learned that there is no place for Dishonesty.
That is all i  except of my mate.
In truth, Life is black and white when you take away all the colors(drama) we Chose to add each day.

Yes, we all have our ideal of the perfect person, But, if that ideal was working for us we would not be seeking to fill the emptiness we feel and know.
So then the question to be answered is:  What do i find attractive in a male?

 He is a tall man, Over 6 foot tall.
 Weight varys
 Nice smile and Eyes that speak without words.
 His touch is Strong,Commanding,yet sensitive
 and caring.
 Caucasian between the ages of 40- 50.
 He is wise on many levels.
 A man of Dominant Nature, Knows of  
  Integrity and Manifest power.
 He understands that to control, mentor 
  someone else. He first must Master himself. 
 He will know i am not a weak person but,He
  will find enjoyment in molding me, knowing
  that i am in need of a strong hand to show
  me guidance and understanding as i learn to
  rub the rough edges He see's into a soft and
  smooth surface. 
 He has a open mind and enjoys using it. Each 
  thought is a door waiting to be open. 
  Question is where with the path lead you
  after you open the door and Chose take the
  first step.
 He understands that respect maybe given,  
  but we All have to earn the right to keep the
 He seeks a submissive nature in his 
  mate.One he can nurture, use and watch 
  grow to it fullest.
 He gives as much as he takes.
 He enjoys giving a good mind F----
         The list could go on.
I was raised with the belief, understanding that the man is the house leaded.
He is to provide for those in his care.  It is the females place to follow. You could call it a 50's household. Or the country way. Truth is, It is the oldest and truest forms of a relationship known to man. It is spoke of in the bible.
History shows us over and over again threw out time, the balance archived when both sides work as one.
  ( I understand why females burned their bra's...Just do not understand how they did not see they had the most important job there is.... Taking care of a Family and the guidance of children. I think they messed up my life.....LOL>>>)
I have learned that, There are those Dominant, submissive in their nature, Both go hand in hand. A submissive nature is only happy&complete when a Dominant nature watches over her so she may live her life as his. A Dominant nature is Pleased when she is totally his.
I seek this person to give myself to totally and in all ways.
I have made mistakes to this point in my life and i will make many more i am sure. But i have and always will learn the lesson to be learned.
One lesson in life has taught me to be rue to my nature. All i need to do is find the right one to allow this.
I will answer all questions ask to me with the hopes that the same information will be given in return. Thus allowing open, honest conversation. That will allow a trust to be formed.
There must be chemistry. This is a key element in desire, lust and sexuality.
A little about me:
   Single , white female, 45. Hazel eyes. Auburn hair. Mother of three.
   Youngest child at home 17, male. Raising/Custody of Grandchild, female 4.  Both in school full time.
   Works full time and that is not enough most the time.
I do not go to bars to just go to bars. You could say i have a family based personality. A true Cancer.
I wrote something a while back i wish to share. I hope you enjoy
 It is called:These are a Few of my Favorite

Before the stranger ask a small task of her, he tells her to get his
attention with the answer. 
Then question is placed to her.
It is a question of her like's.  This is a question that has no range and many different paths.

Just as her answer will have.
She has told him something of her self. Enough that he wishes to know more. 
She is a free sprit. One that has an honest soul that sees good in all things.  She has learned that while this is a good thing, it can also be a bad thing, but it is something that she likes about herself.
It gives her the ability to see the differences in a subject or person.
She sees herself as interchangeable.
While she is very much a lady, one that carries her self with dignity, pride as well as elegance. She is his arm candy and is his most prized property.

She is always his Lady and when called for his -----.

But the place that brings the biggest smile to her face is the one that she holds dearest,

She is his.
She is also one that is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She enjoys being close to nature.
There are many different things to do in the out doors. Working in a garden. Orchids and African Violets are her favorite to raise. She also likes to take care of the yard.
Cooking is a specialty of hers also. She enjoys cooking for one or twenty. To host an evening that brings many smiles is always a good thing.
Her time's of mediation come in many different directions as well.
Reading, as well as writing allow her to expand her mind and dreams. It gives her the chance look at life threw others. As well as learning about herself at the same moment.

These are a few of my favorite things.

I hope this will find its way to the right person whom every he may be. I hope he knows i have been waiting Patiently.

8/30/2009 12:03:16 PM

The Nearness Of You

It's not the pale moon that excites me
That thrills and delights me, oh no
It's just the nearness of you

It isn't your sweet conversation
That brings this sensation, oh no
It's just the nearness of you

When you're in my arms and I feel you so close to me
All my wildest dreams come true

I need no soft lights to enchant me
If you'll only grant me the right
To hold you ever so tight
And to feel in the night the nearness of you

8/26/2009 1:34:19 AM






There is an odd silence in the New Orleans night.  I stand at the open shutters of the second floor bedroom in the old house on Poydras Street.  The Garden District is usually a quiet neighborhood but tonight, there is not even a feeling of the pre Civil War heritage of the area. 

None of the old ghosts are out, just the still, damp November air.  In the warm autumn of the south, there is a beginning of coolness stirring in the air. It is after midnight and I have given no thought to sleep.  As I stand in the window, toying with a glass of wine, I try to understand the pull...the need...and why it is so strong tonight. 

I close my eyes and open my mind to the night.  A shudder passes over my body, one of fear, and one of delight.  I know now what it is that I must do.  There is no reason to journey into the night, no logical one.  But I feel a certain beckoning and answering that call is all that matters in this place and time.  It is the time of the bonding. 

From the closet, I take a long black cape that covers my bedclothes and body all the way to my feet.  I pull the hood up in the back as I leave the house.  Tall old magnolia trees with their rich dark leaves shelter the grounds as I walk to the end of the sidewalk. 

The massive wrought iron gate at the end of the path groans as I release the lock and pass through.  As I step into the car, I am surer than ever of my mission, of my destination and of my destiny there.  As I drive toward River Road the fear vanishes and an calm settles in my spirit. 

That deep compelling pull inside of me makes me wrap my arm across my body as if to control the sensation of it, but I know that is impossible.  It is a seed that grows and refuses to be contained.  It is a seed that must be fed. 

As I come to the edge of the old cemetery, I slow and look for some path or road leading inside.  It is so ancient that all the paths seemingly are wide enough only for the horse drawn carts of years gone by.  I pull off of the road, in front of a likely pathway and leave the car and all semblance of safety behind.  I have no fear in this place.  You are in this place and the beckoning is louder, so loud and clearly audible to me that I am amazed there is not another audience for its sound.  The live oak trees stand silent with Spanish moss trailing in the breeze coming from the Mississippi.  They avert their eyes as I pass knowing of the dark ritual I am pursuing. 

In the center of the cemetery amid the above ground burial vaults that inhabit this sacred place, there is an old stone cross surrounded by a large area of soft grass.  To the left of the cross, there is an old sundial. 

To the right,a small statue of an angel.  I shiver in anticipation, my eyes darting around, taking in as much of this visual array as I dare.  In front of the cross and across the weathered path is a larger stone tomb intricately carved with the memories and tributes to a life long that has been forgotten.   

I sense your presence strongly now.  You are very close.  "Master....?"  I can barely bring words to my lips.  A stirring of the leaves as the wind picks up heralds your arrival from the depth of the shadows behind the old tomb.  "Here slave, come to me now."  You emerge into my view wearing crisp black linen slacks and a soft collarless black shirt.  You are so tall and so very handsome.  I run to you and as the clouds part to reveal the moon in its full glory, light splitting through the moss covered tree limbs, illuminating this most private scene, I fall to my knees before you, head bowed reverently, my arms open to you; as open as my body and soul are to your wishes and commands.
As you extend your hand to the hood of the cape covering my hair, you stop to caress my cheek before pushing the cover from my head.  I am flush with the pleasure of this mystical night.  You allow me to kiss this hand, each finger separately finding its way to my mouth.  I shiver once again.  "Give me your hands, slave."  I reach my hands out to you and you pull me to my feet and into your arms and an embracing passion matched only by the force of will of your lips against mine.  As your tongue enters my mouth and I taste this part of you, I slip into your trance once again.   I know my will has left me and that I belong to you. 

I stand before you now.  You take the ribbons that tie the long black cape around me and release them, allowing the cape to fall to the mossy earth.  I am in a gauzy white gown with long trailing sleeves and a wispy skirt.  You grab the front as if to tear this frail fabric from my body and I gasp at your force of action.  But you only use this to pull me to your lips again and kiss me long and deeply.  My hand falls into yours as you lead me full into the moonlight to the front of the old stone cross.  I notice now that there are ropes hanging from each end of the cross.  There are metal rings imbedded in small circles of stone surrounding the cross that must have been used to tether horses in days past.  Now, I know, they will tether me.  The ropes are quickly secured to my ankles, spreading my legs under the sheer white gown.  My arms are then pulled tightly to the ropes on the sides of the cross and I press my cheek against the stone.  The cold feels soothing to my skin since the fever rising in me is so intense in this time of wanting.  Your hands explore my body, running over all parts of it as the true and sole owner of a slave.  I moan softly with the wonder of the way your touch electrifies me.  "You need this, don't you, slave?"  "Yes, Master..." I say softly.  "And you belong to me in all ways, do you not, slave?"  I can't bare the sound of the words, the sound of the is too overwhelming to hear it here, in this place of all my fantasies.  "Answer me, slave.  I wish to hear you say it".  I reach as deeply in my soul as I know how, to find the strength to verbalize this wonder back to you.  "........Yes, Master.  In any way a woman can be owned, I am owned by you."


You step back from me and intone, "slave, I am going to whip you now, you do know that."  I am not sure I can stand any longer but I nod my understanding, close my eyes and begin that fall, that descent into a place that will bring us both such pleasure.  I feel the first wash of the flogger over my body, then the second.  The third is harder and it strikes my shoulders and rends the dress. 

It is the first of many such blows that begin slowly to remove the presence of the cloth from my body thereby allowing the flogger to find soft, vulnerable skin.  The gown now blows in soft ribbons in the night breeze.  The whiteness of the ribbons is in stark contrast to my reddening skin.  I throw my head back in exultation and feel the breeze lift my hair as I rise in the ecstasy.  The flogging stops. I am dreamy eyed with the warmth of the strikes on my body.  A warm ball of light has built in my stomach.  It will build and expand as subsequent strikes land. 
But now I hear a new sound a swishing seductive noise that tears the night air.  The first point struck on my now bare bottom sends a searing burn into my flesh.  I can feel the welt rising on my skin.  The next strokes are peppery and of varying intensity up and down my thighs and calves.  I struggle so to move but stay bound in place by the unforgiving ropes.  As I hear the cane swish through the air once more I know this next strike will be the most severe.  As it lands on my body, the warm ball in my stomach ignites and shoots to the very ends of my fingertips.  I feel a sharp toned cry come from within me but there is no one here but us to hear my pleas.  Another comes and then another and just when I think I will surely become mad with the pain, it ceases.  You are behind me now.  Your shirt is removed and you press your chest against my back as you reach to my breasts and pull me hard against you.  Grabbing my hair, you pull my head to the side and to your lips again.  I am totally woman now.  I am totally slave.  

You release my trembling body from the restraints of the cross and lead me to my cape, which is sprawling before us on the grass.  I kneel before you and unfasten your pants, feeling the hardness of your erect cock pressing against the fabric.  Once undressed, you hold my head in your hands and guide my mouth onto you so that I can feel your maleness growing ever harder pushing deeper into my waiting mouth.  I love this taste of you and minister to you as I would care for some sacred thing for all of this has become my place of worship.  You pull back from me and I bow my head again as you lean in front of me and press me back onto the cape.  I see you tower over me as you spread my legs in search of my sex.  I am hot and wet from the glow given to me by the whipping.  You rub your hand in that wet place and then to my mouth to show me how wanton I am from your treatment of me.  I blush with the knowledge of how I love this so and turn my head away as you take me, fully, quickly and deeply.  We both groan from the pleasure of this feeling and for a time, the individual paths we walk become as one in erotic.symphony with the stars.  You take your pleasure from me and give me such joy I have not known as I hear you softly groan with the release of hot essence deep inside of me.  I feel the weight of your body on mine and know that in this time and place, I am well cared for and very safe.  As you lay beside me and hold me in your arms, I feel the bond seal between us once again.  The glory of the moon celebrates this sensual bonding.  "Master..."  "Yes, slave,"   " Thank you...."

 As the clouds draw over the moon to give some privacy on this night, you begin to kiss me again and start a new ritual of bonding your slave to your will.


  h 1996

8/26/2009 12:21:22 AM

Before the stranger ask a small task of her, he tells her to get his attention with the answer. 

Then question is placed to her.
It is a question of her like's.  This is a question that has no range and many different paths.

Just as her answer will have.

She has told him something of her self. Enough that he wishes to know more. 

She is a free sprit. One that has an honest soul that sees good in all things.  She has learned that while this is a good thing, it can also be a bad thing, but it is something that she likes about herself.
It gives her the ability to see the differences in a subject or person.

She sees herself as interchangeable.
While she is very much a lady, one that carries her self with dignity as well as elegance. She is his arm candy and is his most prized property. She is his Lady when called for and always his Whore. But the place that brings the biggest smile to her face is the one that she holds dearest, She is his Slave.

She is also one that is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She enjoys being close to nature.
There are many different things to do in the out doors.
Fishing, she can bait her own hook. Boating, Sunning in the nude.

Camping, being tied in the out doors to be used and spanked.

Walking around her the house naked as she cleans and tends to the house hold chores.

Cooking is a specialty of hers also. She enjoys cooking for one or twenty. To host an evening that brings many smiles is always a good thing.

Her time's of mediation come in many different directions as well.

Reading, as well as writing allow her to expand her mind and dreams. It gives her the chance look at life threw others. As well as learning about herself at the same moment.

Playing in her garden. Orchids and African Violets are her favorite to raise. She also likes to take care of the yard.

 To nurture something that brings such peace as well as beauty can only be a good thing.

These are a few of my favorite things.


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