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Im tired of hearing what slaves want! What do you bring to the table? Im a
Hetero Male Dominant, 40,  Ny, New York
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 Dominant Male


 New York

 6' 1"

 200 lbs





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Im tired of hearing what slaves want! What do you bring to the table?

Im a 220 lb 40yo wht Top looking to OWN a woman or a couple 20 to 50 y.o. novices preferredI am seeking to OWN totally and completely. The way to a woman is through her need. The way to a MASTERS heart is through his ego. If your profile is about hook ups, dick, cock, hungry or insatiable bottom, then you are cluelss about what a slave is and we are not a match. FYI, a slut is not a slave, a slut is just a slut.

Ideally my search is for the slave that is ready to offer thier mind, body, and soul to the direction of a Mastermentor daddy Sir. One who has grown past the realization life is more than sex, been there, done that, grew up. Sex is bondage of the flesh, servitude is bondage of the soul. One that is obedient, and accepts TPE. One who has matured to understand life is to be explored and enjoyed. One who is looking to grow past thier fears and inhibitions to experience all life has to offer. One that has learned and accepted thier place, what brings them joy, and what completes them. I do prefer novices.

No such thing as5050 either youre a slave or youre not,slave to cock, thats a slut not a slave

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