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Hetero Male Master, 26,  Melbourne, United Kingdom
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*tips hat*

Good eve!

I've recently moved to Melbourne and to be honest I don't know that many people here so looking to make friends, goto the odd munch and hopefully end up at a few parties.

I strive every day to be a good person.... to be a gentleman, to be honest, caring, fun, respectful, generous, compasionate....
which is why I like to escape from this from time to time to show my dominant side.... but only in the bedroom and parties.

I'm an atheist and as such I believe that you only get one life, a very short one at that, and that you should make the most of it, as such I'm a very outgoing person who will always try something new (except beastiality, incest and line dancing (if you really want to impress me you'll know who quoted that origionally)). Hopefully along the windy road that is life I might bump into someone who shares my passions, beliefs and desires and who wishes to enjoy them with me.

As cliche as it is I should probably mention a few other things about myself.....

Nilla stuff I Like: Photography (am an amateur Fetish Photographer), piercings, tattoo's, surfing, sailing (generally watersports of all types ;) reading (Terry Pratchett/Robert Ludlum/Frederick Forsythe), gadgets, anime (Ghost In The Shell, Appleseed), DJing (Also run a clubnight called Klokwerk), cooking, good wine, having fun and most importantly good company

Dom stuff I like: Everything to do with anal play/toys/worship/torture, rope bondage, dressing up (latex/PVC), crops, whips, gags, objectification, needle play, gagging, humiliation and many other kinky things......

I don't like: Narrow minded-ness, people who are judgemental, reality tv, public transport, people who can't string a conversation together or who can't spell or who are stuck up.

I like on subs: Piercings, short/dreaded/funky hair, tattoo's, wicked/evil/childish sense of humour, boyish looks, short, a love for sci-fi/bikes/computers/photography, kinky/perverted, trusting, adoring, loving

+++ Also looking for females to model erotic/fetish shoots +++

Feel free to message me if I have at least slightly perked your interest ;)

+-+ K +-+











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 United Kingdom

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