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Hetero Male Dominant, 50,  WishIwerein, Canada
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I have never been one that enjoys or is really able to talk about myself. So I found the words that I best feel describe me and my expectations online.

Being a Dominant has nothing in common with being domineering, in fact one is a contradiction of the other. A Dominant does not posses an unbridled supremacy or limitless power. The Dominant posses only the power in which his submissive has granted to him and she should have to authority to revoke this power at anytime for any reason.

A Dominant is someone who likes to take control over the other partner in the relationship. The Dominant sets behaviours, customs and rituals involving the submission of another. The best kind of dominant is confidant and mature in their day to day life too.

It is not carrying a crop and barking orders. While it is easy to slap on a title, try to subdue submissives and impress others. Domination is a skill which, much like any other skill, must be learnt, grown and nurtured.

I didnt wake up one morning and decide that today I was a Dominant. It began with the most simple gestures and has continued to grow each and every day. I believe it is a journey because wen one stops learning, one stops growing.

Each journey into the world of Dominance and submission is unique and will be extremely personal and intimate to anyone that decides to embark on such an endeavor. Being Dominant or submissive is a state of mind. It is not a sex act, it is a state of being.









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