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Current Activities what I seek. 1st -Im looking fora 247 FEMALE slave for a long ter
Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  Hudson, Florida
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Submissive Female


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Current Activities what I seek.

1st -Im looking fora 247 FEMALE slave for a long term relationship. The slave should be in the 18 to 29 age range and be a willing and eager candidate for being trained.

2nd - My play room is again ready to receive select new patients and play partners.. Those that I seek are FEMALES only, younger than 40. While I may consider others, it will only be by chosen interests and locality. It should be known, as some have asked, I am a sadist, so it would be nice to have a complementary masochist, but its not a necessity, especially for someone new to the lifestyle, as i enjoy training as well.

3rd - I am looking for young (18-24 )and inexperienced slaves for slave training. Ive been a lifestyle educator and trainer of slaves for some time and I am once again resuming that activity. Candidates should have a strong desire for slavery, and be willing to be trained in most all aspects of the lifestyle. Short duration training for specific activities is also available. If interested contact me for info and details

4th- By popular demand, my piercing service is back open once again. I do limit services to things below the neck, tongues and ear lobes. Currently charging 20 dollars hole plus jewelry for 14ga piercings and also now specializing in extreme piercing as well at extra cost.


What Im into

A very long list of things of both medical and traditional types of play and I frequently mix the two together. Routine GYN exams are the norm, as well as more technical procedures. Also included are enemas and enema training, Hole stretching and depth training, lactation and lactation stimulation, electrosex toys, play and real piercing, catheters sounds, wax play, impact play of all kinds, vacuum stimulation and lots of other things. Feel free to ask if you have special interests.

My Lifestyle History

Some time ago I was invited to join a very private and exclusive lifestyle club by a good friend and fishing buddy. There, by choice, I was trained by 7 mentors for 3 years before receiving my teaching credential for that club. My primary Mentor was an amazing man, friend and GYN who patiently and thoroughly introduced me to the medical profession and trained me, hence the high interest in GYNMedical play I still practice today. As re-payment to the club and those Mentors, I am sworn by oath to teach the lifestyle to others for life. I have been a Trainer of slaves for some time now for both personal use and by request. I have also mentored several Dominants by request in the past as well. Ive been a teacher of the lifestyle in general, medical fetishes and lifestyle safety classes and have previously taught at other clubs and organizations as well. I have been quite active in local area clubs and events in the Tampa bay area and have met and enjoyed many really great lifestyle people in the local and surrounding area.

My Blogs

I have written a number of my own personal opinions, thoughts and philosophies on Master slave relationships in a blog on the blogging website below. It should be remembered though that these are my own PERSONAL BELIEFS and OPINIONS, and do not necessarily apply to others philosophies. It is hoped however that they will help, teach and be enjoyed by others as well..

Some words about color..While I dont consider myself a bigot as I have many friends of different races, including Blacks, Hiics, Orientals, Asians, Indians and more. I will say though that the scammers from Ghana have certainly affected my taste in color. While we all have our own taste in color, Ive found that unless your from the USA, can prove it, and also rather special, and you know who you are, Black is not my favorite color anymore. Nuff Said.

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