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Pan Female Dominant, 35,  Austin, Texas
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Im a Golden Goddess that loves to use weak pathetic men for my pleasure,, I love to humiliate, dominate, and abuse.My time is valuable.

I can also be very kind and loving when I feel the need.

Come Be My Bitch!!!












 Dominant Female



 5' 9"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Sub / Slave Male


 Fine Dining (Expert)

 Shopping (Expert)

 Travel (Expert)

 Violating your rear

 You begging

 Keeping you locked in tamper evident chastity at all times

 You wearing my collar

 Giving you corner time facing the wall


 Eye contact with me is not permitted

 Disciplining your male parts

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Journal Entries:
6/18/2012 7:37:04 PM

Getting ready for My trip to North Carolina!!!!!!  Im so excited!! I havn't been to Ft Bragg in quite a while!!!   Maybe I'll be able to add some NC sissys to my list!!!


I totally love my life!!!!

5/29/2012 10:46:15 AM

I have a very good life,, I really cant complain,, however being the demanding spoiled Domme that I am  I still want more.


Im seeking the total cuck!!!!  I want a cuck that understands that he will never never have sex with me,, that his ass will be fucked by me and whoever else that I allow. That he will either be wealthy or work alot to keep me in a comfortable lifestyle because Im not going to work,, I know lots of people dont like that  but hell,, Im honest!


But the most important thing to me is to have a deep loving relationship with my cuck. I want him to be head over heels in love with me,, but he knows that he will never ever have sex with me..

Is that asking too much?

5/23/2012 11:21:40 PM
I truly love taking a sissy and making him a total slut! What I love even more is taking a "man's man" and making him my bitch!! Having that kind of power is so addicting!!! I love my life!

5/17/2012 1:46:28 PM

I am in such a good mood!!!   To all my subs sissies, slaves and other followers that have given me gifts and showered me with adoration,,, Im going to have a cam chat!!!  Tomorrow morning!!! 

5/15/2012 7:03:10 PM

I have been so very busy I forgot to thank my slut (the one thats a very well known Pastor) for my Birthday present!!  A brand new Car!!  When I got a call from the dealership, I thought it was a big joke!!  I love it!!  And the Beauty of  the whole thing is that it was a total suprise!!

My bitches knows that I take very good care of them, they know that no one can EVER give them what I give them and they know that no one will ever accept or keep their secrets like I do.  Relationships like these are priceless...


So to all those subs/ slaves, cucks and whatever else. If you have a Mistress, Goddess, or a Domme, ( or however you address your Dominant One).

Treat her well!! Pro or not,, they give you something that you can't get anywhere else, they understand what you need when vanilla jane thinks you're a perv.


Thank you my preacher slut,, thanks for the car, I do love it. I thank my other subs for their gifts also!!  Amazon gift cards are the best, and so are the gifts from my wishlist and nothing beats paypal!! But most of all I thank you all for  your gift of submission!!!


I love my life!!

5/9/2012 6:20:05 PM

Im going to North Carolina in July!!!!  and I have already set up a meeting with a Black cock and a sissy or two!!!!

I'm looking forward to doing shop shopping and getting some sissies fucked!!!

5/3/2012 11:53:12 AM

I have been having a wonderful week,,, One of my bitches took me shopping for a beautiful Coach bag,,, and I have had 2 new BLACK subs approach me!! And this to me is amazing,, I never have problems finding black bulls but finding black subs that are totally submissive to me is very rare... and I mean TOTALLY SUBMISSIVE, My will be done type of submissive!!! These subs will not only fuck but will be getting fucked they are slutty no limit kind of sluts!!!  Im excited about using them!!!


 I think Im going to leave the 3rd weekend of May open, If anyone in My area or Dallas would like to have a session with big black subs get in touch with me...  This invite is also open for Doms that want to see their white female subs get fucked and used by some big black cock now is your chance!!! 


and yes a tribute is required,, but trust me its very very well worth it!!!!


4/28/2012 10:57:42 PM

I hate to have to say this,, but this is getting crazy,,,,, From now on  dont ask me to chat with you on yahoo or anyplace else unless you have already asked to send me an amazon gift card or something from my wishlist!!! 

The subs/slaves that are persuing me are demanding my time and attention so if you want to demand something you cocksucking sluts  put your money where your mouth is.  If my sissies have to earn my attention everyone else does too.

4/28/2012 7:46:30 PM

I had a session with a so called sub that said he wanted to do a forced bi session. No problem,, I invited a Bull over,, I had the sub on his knees infront of the bull, I told the sub to take out the cock,,, and he did  and before I could even tell him to suck he had his mouth all over the cock!!!  Working it like a starving cock whore,,,  I just sat back and watched,,,,, when he was finished sucking the Bull dry,, I told him that the word "forced" in force bi usually means that you have to be forced to do this,, I said that your just a cock sucking fag!!  His faced turned 4 diffrent shades of red.. I ordered him to give the bull a hand job to get  him hard again,,, when he was doing that,, I called 2 other bulls over.   When the 2 bulls walked in the door,, the slut looked suprised.   I told him that I like to keep my bitch fags full of cock,,,  I made his bitch as take one up the ass,, have one in his mouth and jerking off the other with his hand,,,, it was a funny sight to see!!! To bad his ass is military or I would have posted pics of his pathetic ass and mouth getting worked over!!!!


When that sluts ass was fucked raw and full of cum just like his mouth the bulls left. He asked why I called more men over,, I told him he asked for a forced session and because I didnt have to force him to suck cock,, I just forced him to take more cock,, Next time be honest,, when you want another session ask Goddess for a cock sucking session!


What a silly slut,,, I think he learned his lesson!!!


I love my Life

Golden Goddess

4/20/2012 8:51:47 PM
One of my bitches has crossed me!! I have the names and email addresses of all of his business partners!! I wonder if they would like pics of him dressed like a cock hungry slut. Or of the one of him standing in the mirror body fully shaved wearing sexy pink panites.. but my favorite is the one of him in diapers. Mmmmmmm what pic should I send first???

4/13/2012 8:34:30 PM

My birthday was on the 11th and before I went out to party, I took the time to go shopping with my sissy, on this trip I took my bossy ex step daughter (she is over 18) to show her how much fun having a sissy is. 

First we made him buy some shoes because he was late! then we went right to the make up counter and had him made up with pretty pink and gold eyeshadow. Then we had him try on some red hot pants and  a black tshirt that said I love my boyfriend on the front!!!! 

just before we went to get our pedi's I took him into the family bathroom to show her how tiny his cock was. when he dropped his pants she had a fit laughing,, it was so pathetic and small!!!!!  that was sooooo funny. 

but just before we left We went to Victoria's and got sexy swim suites for our up coming trip to miami!!  I've posted pics!!!


MMMMMMM  I love my life!!

3/30/2012 12:12:22 PM

A Domme friend of mine invited me over while she was breaking in a new bitch... He is an older white  married man. When I get there she has him on his knees by the arm of her couch holding her water glass as if he were an end table..  I start to laugh.  She smiles and asks me what I think...  I told her that I think he needs some lip gloss ( l love to dress up my bois). I asked her if i could talk to him and she said yes.

I asked him if he ever wears lip gloss,, and he said no ma'am I'm not a girl,,, before I could say anything my friend slaps the spit out of him!!!!  I wanted to die laughing because it happend so fast!!! She grabbed him by the collar and said Motherfucker you know better than to get smart to any black woman especially when this black woman is my friend!! Then she said bitch youre going to be a girl today!!!


I was totally loving this!!!!  I was quick to pull out a lip gloss and a lip liner and told him to put it on,, he didnt know what the hell he was doing but he tried!!! I put one of my friends big wigs on him and made up is face  buy the time I was finished with him he looked like a pathetic crack slut!!!!  and he was sooooooo embarrassed!!!  Today is your lucky day sweetie, I told him, youre going to get fucked,, so you may as well be a girl  dont you think??  He said ma'am are you going to fuck me??  I said you bet that sweet ass I am!!!  I told my friend that she should go first, after all he is her bitch,,, I was nice a lubed his ass for her... and she worked it in,, and he moaned and cried out in pain,,, It is sooo amusing to me the sounds a bitch makes when hes getting fucked!!!


When she had finished it was time for me to go.  So I didnt get a chance to fuck him but next time I will!!!


I love being me!!!!

3/12/2012 1:30:38 PM

I have a sissy that needs to practice his cock sucking skills!!!  If anyone is interested let me know.  I'd like to arrage a cocksucking get together!!!   Dommes, Doms everyone is welcome!!


Please be in Austin or close by.

3/7/2012 11:06:59 AM

Welcome back sissy!!!!  I have so  many new things that I am going to try with you, so get rested and get ready!!!

3/3/2012 11:33:49 AM

I was just watching a video on "milking"  now I want to try it!!!   MMMMM  I think thats what Im going to do to my sissy the next time we are together!!!

2/27/2012 9:10:10 PM
After a long day of shopping and having fun with my sissy.. I was feeling extra spoiled and very entitled, I wanted my feet rubbed. I first ordered some Chinese food to be delivered and took a quick shower.. I was in the process of calling a "friend" over to rub my feet when the doorbell rang. To my surprise a very handsome man the color of a Hershey Bar was at my door with my food!!! I paid him and tipped him he smiled and told me to have a good night.. I said I would have a great night if he could rub my feet!!! He asked if I was serious I said hell yeah.. and he did!!!!! When he finished he asked what can he GET.. I could tell he wanted to fuck and he was packing!!!!! But I was tired and I had given him a very good tip. I smiled and told him he could GET out.. and I laughed at him. He asked was I serious I said hell yeah!! And walked him out the door.. Today was a good day!!!

2/27/2012 2:48:41 PM

Today  I spent a wonderful day shopping with My sissy and a good Gf,,,  My sissy had been begging me to take him shopping for awhile so today was the day.


 First we met My sissy in Macy's,, We took him right to the makeup counter I told the lady that my sissy needed a very nice pink color  I already picked the lipstick lip golss and the lip liner and told her to show him how to put it on...   I think my sissy was a little suprised at how easy it was for me to have him sit down in a public place and made up!!


Then we went to Fredricks's we looked at some very sexy teddies,, we picked 2 for him to try on..He tried them on when we went to look  I saw that he already had on some sexy pink panties,, ( I had already told him to wear some pretty panties ) and his little tiny cock was so hard I touched it and it got redder and hotter,,, I looked a him and told him what a naughty sissy he was,, he totally blushed,, I told him that I had a suprise for him.


We left Fredrick's I took off my shoes and gave them to him to hold while walked through the mall.  People were looking at us some were smiling some were smerking and I would laugh out loud, because I knew they were looking at this tall thin white man holding bags and carrying shoes while wearing very very pink lipstick and gloss!!


We went to Spencer's because I had a little suprise for him,,  in Spencer's they have a good collections of dildos  we picked out a pretty pink one and some lube,,, and We took him to the family bathroom in the Mall..


I gave my GF a lesson on how to fuck a sissy... I made him strip, and bend his ass over.. I spread his cheeks lubes his ass and fucked him... I told him to fuck the dildo like he would a big black cock  and to hold his head up so I could see his fuck face!! I told him to fuck it like the slut that he was,, and he did.


Then I told him it was time for him to cum and not to waste a drop!!!  He was stroking as I was fucking him and he came so hard.. and he licked up every drop!!! When he got dressed and we all walked out the restroom a lady was waiting outside with her baby,, and I said out loud,,, "hows your catheter fitting" and laughed!!!


That was pretty much my day!!!  I had so much fun!!!!  Kisses Sissy,, Ill post your pics sometime tonight!!!



2/16/2012 4:54:35 PM

I wanted to take the time to tell all my subbies, sissies and bitches,, and Id really like to thank my Dom friends for such a wonderful Valentines day!!!!  It was like Christmas and My Birthday all rolled into one!!!!


So many flowers,, sexy shoes,, and Gift Cards (you can never go wrong with one of those)


Thank you,, I love being a Goddess!!!!

1/19/2012 6:54:41 AM

OMG!!!  I just got a nasty letter from a "so called Dom" by the name of sternboss, demanding that I send him a pic of myself naked!!!! he starts the note with Hey Cunt!!  How crazy is that.. but thats not the icing on the cake  he had the nerve to send a pic of himself naked and his cock is maybe 4-5inches!! LOL LOL LOL


That is really really pathetic!!!  I wanted to die laughing!!!!!!!!  He had some nerve to try and intimidate and isult me but has a baby dick!!!  its funny..... if anyone would like a laugh to make their day better,, let me know  I'll send you his pic!!!!

1/7/2012 7:19:14 PM

Happy New Year everyone...  I hope everyone is as happy as I am starting out the new year.


I need to make a few statements,, subs dont send me anymore pics of your cocks!!! I dont care what your cock looks like, I dont need to see it its ugly and useless!!!


And another thing, If youre not in the US dont bother asking me if I can use you, the answer is no, unless you want to be a paypig.



12/13/2011 9:12:04 PM

The man across the street from me has been flirting very hard with me lately.... We were both at the mailbox one day and I had a belt in my hand, he said to me that I looked like I knew how to use it,,,,, I looked at him and gave him a half smile and said that I do. He turned beet red!!!


I'm thinking that one day I'm going to have to pay him a visit!!! We will soon see!!

11/21/2011 2:14:31 PM

Santa came early this year!!  I have the best cuck ever!!! 

10/15/2011 1:35:28 PM

I love the sounds that a bitch makes when I hold him by the ass cheek and guide the head of my fat strap on to his brown eye  and start to push,,,,   at first the bitch tries to hold it in.. and makes a little moan,,,  but I like to make the bitch gasp and then scream,,, I grab him by the waist and ram!!!!! 

The sound of the scream is music to my ears!!!!  What I love even more is when I smack his bitch ass and tell him to shut the fuck up!!!!!

7/20/2011 12:18:45 AM

Im finally back in TX,, Im so glad. I think southern slaves and subs are the best!!

2/28/2011 10:45:45 PM

I feel that I need to add this  so the Collar Me public can see this,, Yes I know that Valuable is spelled wrong on my profile.. I have left it that way for a few reasons.. one reason is because I like to see how many people really feel the need to proof read others profile. I really think its strange when people do that,, its just me.  And another reason is I like to see how some people approach others when they see a word that is incorrect.. Some are just nasty about it  just because Im a Domme Im not perfect no one is.


Oh yeah if correcting my profile makes you feel better then do so. But make sure when you correct me there are no errors in the message you send me..   Yes chauveepig this is directed at you..

2/6/2011 5:37:51 PM

I got a message from Cuckold123   he asked me if he could get a train ticket and come live with me!!!!  He told me that I wouldnt have to worry about him rapeing anyone because he would be in chastity,, and if he got out of line just to slap him!!! 


I told him NO,  who would let a strange man come live with them!!  Let alone one that says "Dont worry  I wont rape you!" 

After I told him no  he sent me a note saying that  I was looking to scam men and told me to get a life....


How funny!!!!!   Maybe I should have let him come and then allowed one of my biggest studs with an 11 inch cock  rape his ass!!! 

but than again  he just might like that!!!

1/20/2011 4:09:20 PM

DomDaddy4U722, Is so very handsome. His smoldering eyes in his profile pic is very attractive!!  MMMM Maybe we can be friends?

1/8/2011 1:45:25 PM

I have been in austin for a few days,, and I have been having a very very good time!!!  I had my way with a submissive in ways that I havnt had in a little while!


This one was a little younger than what I usually like,, every one who knows me know that I prefer a more mature sub!!  But his tight cherry ass was  well fucked and beat to a pretty cherry color!!!!


MMMMM  I do need to take more time and abuse these bitches more often!!!

10/26/2010 8:02:06 AM

My visit to Austin was great!!  I love the sight of a pathetic sub getting his ass fucked by a bigger stronger stud!!!  Its such a pretty picture,,  Its an even bigger rush when Im the one fucking the slut with my big thick strap on  hearing him beg and whine is such a big rush!!  I love to make a bitch cry and whine!!!  I love it!

10/7/2010 11:10:54 PM
I think next weekend Im going to stay in Austin, Im looking for a sub to play with and abuse,,  know that I will have a stud with me,, I expect you to be there for me to use and abuse,, you will take me shopping and out to lunch with the stud and then after that you will be on your knees sucking his cock and getting fucked in the ass by me with the strap on you purchased earlier that day,,,,, thats just the beginning,, any takers???

9/10/2010 12:29:45 PM
Thank you all for the kind words...  However  life goes on.. And its time for me to get back to being myself!!

So whos going to be the first one to be abused and humiliated!!!

9/6/2010 7:07:06 AM
For those who dont know my father recently passed away,, Ive been out of the loop for a while,,,  Im not sure If Ill be back anytime soon.

Take care.

Golden Goddess

8/2/2010 4:39:37 PM

I am giving my good friend Cajun Princess a Birthday party...

I want her to be totally entertained,,  subs, slaves, sissies, sluts are invited. Come  knowing that you will be totally used.
The Party will take place in Killeen on 8/7/10  and a gift of $100 is required (you cant come to a party and not give the Princess a gift!!)

For  more information contact me or  Cajun Princess.

Dommes Doms and Studs are also Welcome!!

7/19/2010 4:49:02 PM
It seems like I have to say this,, I am a Domme,, You will never see me naked, You will never "worship my breast, my ass and you will never get anywhere near my pussy ( unless I stand over you and piss on you)

Yes I will take your ass with a strap on,, I will humiliate and degrade you I will beat you when you need it,, I will make you my bitch.  If youre my sissy  you will learn how to walk and act like a proper lady.

Yes Im a Pro Domme for those who have a need.. I am also a lifestyle Domme Its who I am and I wouldnt have it any other way..

Now,,, That should clear up any more questions comments and concerns

4/24/2010 9:58:01 PM
I was just chatting with a so called sub,, and he told me that he was married but he always had a Black Goddess to keep him in line,,  He went on to tell me about how he licked her pussy and ass you know the usual stuff,,,,,  then I told him that I require that he suck cock He told me that he couldnt do that because it was a sin!!!

I died laughing!!!  How crazy is that, hes a fornicating adulterer but he cant suck cock because its a sin!!!!!

Thats my laugh for the week!!

4/10/2010 4:33:50 PM
my bitch has a profile here  jbclws is his name here  go by and look take a look at what you will be using,,, maybe we can get a gangbang set up!!!

4/10/2010 4:07:50 PM

I have an Army bitch that is going to be deployed in a few months,, and he will be gettig out of the field next week..

I want to arranged for him to be well fucked before he leaves..

Im looking for anyone that would like to have a nice young "virgin" ass to fuck,, he is a pain slut and I have used a nice big dildo on his ass so I know hes ready for a real one.

Anyone interested let me know!!!

4/10/2010 10:49:49 AM
Im back from my trip!!!!  I loved Germany!!!  I stayed an extra week because I loved it so much!!   All the European men  know how to take care of a Goddess like me.  I loved it.

But Im back in Time for my Birthday (tomorrow)  I want to thank my subs that have already gotten me gifts from my wish list to the sub that got my Chocolate Brown Pumps,, Thank you  I love them,, Ill be sending you a pic of me wearing them soon.

Hugs and Spankss  Bitches!!!  Im glad to be back!!!

3/16/2010 10:25:12 AM
Im in Germany untill Monday!!!  I love this place!!! 

So to all my friends Ill talk with you when I get back!!!

Golden Goddess

3/11/2010 10:52:52 AM
I  must add one more thing,, I have been getting lots of demands for online sessions..

I dont take demands I give them,, if you want a session ask me like the sub you are, and be prepared to Tribute!!!  If you think Im going to be on cam for you to jerk off to for free fuck you. Dont think youre going to see anything other than my face,,,

For those who just want to verify that I am a real woman,,, I will show my face thats it,, and its the same face that is on my profile.

And for those that want a session I need at least 3days notice.


3/10/2010 8:20:29 PM
My Day with "the pastor" was wild!!  I almost feel sorry for him,, but not really, After all he came to me!!  :)

As usual I go to meet him at the 4 Seasons. Hes dressed in his taylor made suit and smells very nice,, when he sees me he gets this school boy grin on his face and he starts to glow,,  I think to myself if only he knew what I had in store for him,, I dont think he'd be doing all that smiling..

We go down to the restaraunt and have lunch,, I order for him the Ahi Tuna and as usual I order my steak and I tell the waiter that I like it to bleed,,, and I look at the pastor and smile...  his eyes get big and I just smile...  I notice a few people looking at our table they notice who he is and I just smile...

The food comes to the table and he picks up his fork,, and I tell him put your fork down, youre not eating right now, he looks at me right in my face!!  I lean over and say "Look Rev... the only thing thats stopping me from slapping you in the face right here and now is because you are very well known and Id hate to be in the middle of a scandal, if you loose money so do I and you and I both know how much I love to shop. You know mother fucking well that monkeys dont eat at the table with their trainers.  He had forgotten his place in this relationship,, and he knows that I fucking HATE monkeys so when I called him that he knew it was on!!

"Now lets pray before we eat" I said with a smile.  He was so nervous he mumbled a little something, but at the end I said "Amen!! Thank you Lord"  loud enough for the people and the waitstaff to hear..  not long after the prayer I asked for a to go box they got it together and we left to go back to his suite..

Once we get back to the room he puts the food on the table..  Come here monkey!! he comes to me eyes down,,  no bitch  look me in the face like you did at the table  he very slowly looked up and as soon as our eyes made contact I slapped him so hard spit flew out of his mouth, I also back slapped him, I totally bitch slapped this monkey!!! Dont you ever in life stare me in my face,, do you under stand me??  Yes Goddess i understand im sorry!!  I bitch slapped him again..  Strip!!  While he is removing his clothes I go look in the room  he has his strapon a paddle, a crop,, its a good thing I brought some rubber bands.

I turn around and hes on his knees...  get up get on the bed all fours monkey bitch!!  I pushed his face down and his ass was up,,, I took the crop,,, and lightly spanked his balls, and he moved..mmmmm monkey  dont move you have earned at least 50 smacks.. I grabbed his balls,,, mmmmm such squishy balls. I roll them in my hands I notice his cock jumps.. you sick fuck I give them a nice tug and he winces,, I go sit in the winged chair by the window,,, crawl to me monkey,, he crawls to me  I want you to face the door with your ass to me,,, hes panting and his pathetic cock has precum on the tip!!!  I took his balls and put  the rubber band on them,,, OMG he started to beg,,, Oh my Goddess,,, I patted them and he moaned and started to sweat.. I laughed!!  I grabbed them agghhhhh he screamed,,, oooohh please please Goddess.  MMMM lets see the almighty suffered  dont you want to be like him and suffer too...  he started to grab at the balls I spacked the shit out of him!!!  dont you dare!! you pathetic monkey!!! I took the crop and smaked him on his hands and back!!  OOHHHH Goddess pleasee please have mercy!!!!  I sat down and smoked  a cigarette,, he was sweating  and moaningg,,, then I thought  he does have a wife,, his balls mmmmmmm they looked like if I would blow on them they would burst,  I cut the band,,, he was crying snot and tears every where..  I laughed I wish I could tape this shit and sell it!!! I would be rich!!!

Im going to end this here because Im tired and there is more to tell.. Ill finish tomorrow

3/8/2010 12:35:51 PM
For each comment I get about my dear Pastor, Im going to give him an extra smack on his balls,,  this is going to be sooo fun for me,,, his whimpers of pain makes me laugh!! I know I shouldnt take so much delight in it but I do....  I have even trained him to say  "Oh My Goddess" instead of "Oh My God"

3/8/2010 12:23:51 PM
Mmmm  Ive had a few people ask me how I could treat a "Man of God" in such a way. Its easy hes my sub I can do what I want to him,, he came to me,, I not making him do anything...  How should I feel?  Im happy he has given himself to me!

3/4/2010 11:40:24 AM
Next Wed my "Pastor" from out of state will be visiting me... I love it when he visits!!  Im in a very bitchy mood any way so Im really going to take it out on his ass..

He is very nasty there are no limits when it comes to him!!  So this time Im really going to make him be a Dog and Im going to be a total bitch!!!

After I make him strip Im going slap the shit out of him just because.. then im going to make him get on the bed on all fours like the dog he is  and take his balls and band them tight and then spank them untill he cries ouut in agony!! Or I just might use a ball gag, I love how it sounds when a man cries with one of those in his mouth!!  I want him to moan in agony!!!  Im going to have a seat and smoke a few Cigarettes and I may think about putting them out on his bare ass..

Thats not all Im going to do to him thats just a start... but I do know that after Im done messing with him,, Im going to give him a brutal fucking!!!!  MMMMM  I cant wait to see him!

3/2/2010 8:51:12 AM
A good cuck is sooooo hard to find!!!! It looks like Im going to have to move in order to get what I want.

I have no problem in the sub/slave department but I WANT a cuck!

3/1/2010 11:44:03 AM
Read this message  to me from whoremeout86...

hey you, im a slave, a lot of mistresses want me as there slave so give me a good long reason why i should choose you and i will consider allowing you to be my mistress and i would need my mistress to get my name tattood on the left butt cheek

It was my laugh of the day!!  How funny!!!

2/26/2010 3:24:01 PM
Tomorrow Ill be back in town,, I have plans to fuck a pretty little sub.  I was thinking that he had a virgin ass.. but he let me know that his hole is not at all new to the cock!!!!

Hes really going to get used!!!  I wish my other subs were available  I cant wait to see him suck a real cock for me!!!!

2/22/2010 12:59:13 PM

Sunday I had made plans to play with 2 subs or should I say have 2 subs play with each other... Well One sub didnt show up and that totally fucked up what I had planned..  I wanted to let that sub know that I am working on making it up to him!!!

The other sub and you know who you are,, never contact me again,, I dont care how many gifts you get me,, when you say youre going to do something you need to do it. or at least let me know whats going on

1/28/2010 11:21:00 AM
To all my subs, slaves and pets that  have sent me a tribute and has gotten me nice gifts!!  

Im going to do a video chat just for you!!! To show that I appreciate you!!

It will be tomorrow Morning and Tomorrow night,, I will have the times posted later tonight..


1/26/2010 11:07:14 AM
This must be my month!!  I am now the proud owner of my very own pet!!  Hes my puppy I have yet to name him, Im not sure what to call him yet.

He is very very well hung!!! and will also be used as a stud to use on my other subs! and people Im talking Big Black Cock!!!! 

I can use him on male and female subs!! and what makes me even more happy,, hes not military!!! So I dont have to be so hush hush with him!!!!!

What should I call this piece of work? MMMM

1/22/2010 7:47:49 PM
I have recently become the proud owner of a shoe slave and a foot slave!!

I love it!!  Ill post more as we progress!

1/13/2010 10:08:28 AM
I have a new Military sub!!!!  I love it,, and this one is a real slut!! I think Im going to use 2 of my studs on him and see how much he can take,,,  I am going to be sooooo hard on him.. I cant wait!!!

1/11/2010 1:22:20 PM
How funny.

I have been getting messages from a Collarme member lets say his name is "bluepoet50" thats not his real name but if you change the blue to red, then it will be :)

Any way he sends me a THESIS on his life then he sends me poets and tells me that he wants me in his life,, now in this Thesis hes telling me all about Jesus and how he is saved and a bunch of other stuff Im thinking what a sad and lonely person,,

after the 4th or 5th message I told him look I think you need to read my profile.. after he read it  he had the nerve to be offended!! 

That shows how people look at the pictures and dont read the profile.. how funny

1/10/2010 11:03:00 AM
I have been getting so many messages from subs that ask me what I require.  Here it is in a nutshell..

I am a Domme, its who I am everything about me says Domme!!  I require total submission  of my subs I am their Government I am The Law.. Whatever I want them to do they must do it,, Im a sane Goddess when we first communicate I will ask you what are your hard limits,, if anything dealing with body fluids or solids is on that list I can and will respect that. If you say up front you dont take cock then you need to look elsewhere. 

If you say you dont tribute or you dont tribute untill you fly out to see me or untill I fly out to see you then you also need to look else where and I say that because it shows me that your money is more important than I am!! And I feel that nothing is more important than ME!! When I tell you that  I require a Tribute I dont tell you how much I leave that up to the sub. Now if you piss me off or disobey me you do need to kiss my ass to get back in my good graces so you need to do somthing about it every woman loves gifts even the ones that are not Dominate...  I have a few long distance slaves that Tribute on the regular and they do quite big ammounts I understand not every sub can do that,, but keep in mind I am Your Governtment and you will be required to pay your taxes!!

So Long story short,, You will take cock I do expect tributes now and then and I do expect you to give me all of you when youre given an assignment you need to do it.  I always respond to my subs if the sub is Blessed to have my phone number I talk to my sub or respond to all Texts,, I give my subs alot of my time.

I hope that has answered many questions.

1/9/2010 10:41:41 PM
I have a sub that is well known.  This man is so called "Religious" thats the only hint Im going to give,,,

I wonder how his followers would feel if they knew he sucked cock and gets fucked deep and hard in the ass with a good sized strap on?

I wonder if they would still respect him if they knew I stand over him and piss in his face with his mouth open.

Would they still let him pray for them if they knew he is made to wear lipstick and get on his knees and begs and confess what a cockslut he is???

mmmmmmmm  I was just wondering

1/5/2010 10:45:34 PM

Last sunday the 3rd of Jan I had my fun for the new year!!

I met the 2 subs at our usual spot. They always arrive first, when I come in they are both naked just like I like and on their knees one on each side of the big comfy chair.

When I arrive they both smile and look so happy to see me,, Happy New Year my precious cocksuckers!! they both blush.  Stand up and let me see you, they stand up I look at them and smile.. Only in this lifestyle a woman can have to men that will humiliate and degrade himself for her pleasure! Im such a lucky woman!!

I take a look at these men,, One is slinder yet muscular an average sized cock, white man. The other is tall and Muscular nice long thick cock!! The one that black men known for having(the only good steriotype but isnt really true, trust me) but this sub as a very very nice cock,,if he wasnt a sub I would totally let him fuck me..

They stand up I can see the tip of the white subs cock all tight and shiny with pre cum forming on the tip,, he gets so aroused so easily,, Im going to be nice to him for a change after all its a new year time for new things..
I look at the black subs cock its naturally big but hes not hard like the other sub is,,, I usually let him do the fucking but like I said new year new things.

MMMM it looks like only one is happy to see me,, I look at my white boy and smile.. whats the matter wtih you bitch I say to the black one,,,, youre not glad to see me?  Yes Goddess I am very glad to see you Ive been thinking about this for days.. Then why in the fuck isnt your cock hard??  and I smack his cock with my hand,, He takes a deep breath.
I  know hes shocked because I am usually very nice to him I usually show him favor.

Well ma'am I was going to let it get hard in his mouth...  Ohhh so now you are predicting how things are going to go when we meet, now you are reading minds,, My Mind!! Now Im to predictable arnt I,, is that what youre telling me you big black uncle ben looking bitch!!
Get on your knees!!  He looks at me like I just stabbed him,, he gets on his knees,, Youre going to give your girlfriend over there a nice blow job and his cock is going to have a chance to get hard in your bitch ass mouth,,
I laugh because I can see the hurt and shock in his eyes  I have switched the rolls,,, I sit down in my chair come closer my pretty white boy youre going to get some lovin,,,, I hold his cock its soo red and the tip is wet with his precum,,,he moans softly when I touch his cock,, I hold it in my hand,,, open up black I say to my black sub,, he looks at me with  hurt in his eyes,, he is being totally humiliated right now and Im so aroused,, its not funny!! he opens his mouth and I put in the cock, mmm youre lucky his cock is small you shouldnt have a hard time with it,, make him feel good Black,,, he rolled his eyes at me!!

What!!  What did you do!! I  take the cock out of his mouth it pops,,, did you fucking roll your eyes at me? I was mad as fuck,, mmm  no ma'am he says as he directs his eyes to the ground I stand in front of him and hold his face up and I look him straight in the face and I slap the holy shit out of him,, I swear I slaped him so hard some of his blackness came of on my hand,,,  You black bitch motherfucker if I ever catch you or hear of you rolling your eyes at me I will scratch them out!!  do you fucking understand!  Im the Head bitch in Charge here do you understand?? when you walk through those doors you no longer are in charge of anything but making me happy do you fucking understand me!!

He was like yess ma'am Im sorry ma'am. Youre getting to comfortable with this..  I allow this to happen because I like it not because it gives you an opportunity to play out your brokeback mountian fantasies and not get kicked out the Army.  Yes maam...

Now  I say as I sit back in my chair  come here white put your cock back in his mouth, white looks a me and smiles and puts his average cock in Blacks mouth.. Now black hold his ass as he fuckes  your mouth I can still see hes not happy but he does it and is on time with it,, white give him long slow strokes fuck his face like you make love to your wife. and its ok if you moan I want to know hes doing a good job..  white starts to fuck blacks face. MMMMM  I love this  such a pretty picture I love this,, and black is really doing a good job, mmmmm my pretty bitches  you both make me soo happy. dont you cum yet white  dont you fucking cumm or Ill let black have that sweet ass of yours... he moans yess yess ma'am I wont he turns all kinds of red,,,,,,Stop I say stop.... black stops sucking I  laugh white is now red beet red and hes panting so hard,,,, MMMm you almost came didnt you,, yes maam it felt so good. I look down at blacks cock,, it is sooo hard!!!  I mean it is sooooo fucking hard and so pretty dammm to bad hes a sub!!!!!!

mmmmm you liked that didnt you black? mm yes Ma'am  I can look at your cock and tell stand up I want both of you cock to cock and they do you can totally see the diffrence,,, you know what I want you both to do??  Sword fight I want you both to bump your cocks together,, they did it I sat in my chair and laughed,, it was so stupid looking,, but they are doing it all because I said so,, it was very entertaining,,mmmm ok stop I said.. now white I have a suprise for you.  You get to fuck they both looked at me I clapped my hands you bitches get to change places,,, now white I want you to get the lube and put it on your fingers and lube blacks ass real good I move from the chair to the sofa I had them turn the chair around to black can bend over it and hold on to something,,, I stood up as white lubed blacks ass... black was moaing mmm does that feel good bitch I say to him I rub his back,,, take a deep breath sweetie,,, lube him really good white.. He did... white Im going to let you fuck this may be the last time you get to do this so you better enjoy it.. I smiled at white..slide it in white,,,  white took his cock and put it at the opening of that black ass he pushed it in a little,,, aggghh  black moaned,,,mmmm shhhhhhh it will be ok,, I rubbed blacks back  take a nice deep breath white pushed it all the way in aggghh black moaned then white moaned agghhhhh  Misstressss he got 2 good strokes in agghhh Im going to cummmm he yelled,,, Im going to cumm,,, youre what I asked.. what the fuck are you doing??/  that white motherfucker came and fell on top of blacks back,,, what the fuck did you do,, you hardly got it in!!!  I bless you with some rare black ass a gift for you and this is how you thank me you cum in 2 1/2 strokes!!!!  you fucking bitch!!!  I slapped him  now,, lay on the bed on your back NOW,,I was pissed,,,,  ok black put some lube on your cock, I want you to fuck this bitch like the bitch he is I want him on his back and his legs on your shoulder and your black ass better not cum so quickly

black put his head at whites asshole and gave it one shove,,, agggggghhhhhhhhh the look in whites eyes... black was stroking and pumping in and out in and out mmmmmm sooo pretty honestly I love to see black and white together its so pretty,,, to have that black cock working that white ass,,mmmm sweet
and black was going deep and hard,,white was moaining sooo loud,,, I told him to grab a pillow and bite....and black was working his ass

and I just watched,, mmm so pretty,, now bitches,, happy new year dont ever try to boss me  and dont ever dissapoint me if Im happy everyone is happy,,  do you bitches under stand me? mmm yess yess ma'am they both moaned,,, black was sweating,, so sexy his big black ass was really working,, If anyone knew they would die,, and for my little white bitch, his pretty wife would die if she knew her husband was a cock sucking bitch!!

Cumm black  Ive got to go in a few,,,, yes ma'am  one deep 2 deep 3 deep and hard strokes and he cummsss  aggggggggggg  thank you   thank you Misstressssssss thank you soooooooo mucchhhhhh....  mmmmm music to my ears,,, he falls on top of white and pants and breaths so deep its like he has been running track...MMMM so pretty..

Well bitches Ive got to go its Sunday Ive got to do the family thing,,,,  Ma'am black says,,, before you go we have something for you.. we have a friend in common SGT @@@ he says he fixed a flat for you,, well take your car to @@@@@ on Rancier and tell them SGT sent you.. they are going to give you 4new tires and allign and balance your tires,, then go to @@@ and there you will have your car detailed they will give you a white Jag to drive for the day...  Awwww I smiled thank you bitches  youre both so sweet,, the look on their face was priceless...

I love my subs they know the true meaning of submission they know they are only there to please me their only reason in life is to make me happy.

Happy New Year to me!!!

1/2/2010 7:15:04 PM

I have 2 military subs that trust me and spoil me rotten.. Tomorrow I have an appointment with them,  Honestly I think they are both closet cocksuckers that use the lifestyle to hide behind but they submit to me with no question and do whatever I have them to do.

I do admit that I do love it when they call me and tell me that they need to see me and they beg like the bitches they are,, and its so funny to me because one would never think that big strong military men are suck cock sucking sissys!!!

They know just what to do when we meet, they take off all of their clothes and put on their red lipstick!! I love it!! Then I make them confess all the nasty things they have done since our last visit and I whip them for it

I get so drunk with power when I am around them,,,

I cant wait for tomorrow!

1/1/2010 8:13:11 PM

I just wanted to say a few things just to clear the air. I do not have sex with my subs unless I am using a strap on to work your pathetic ass over.

You will not eat my pussy I dont care how you word it. We all know what "pussy worship" means. The only way you will get near my pussy is you are cleaning it after I have pissed in your mouth if I allow you.

So many subs here think that what they want matters.  I will respect limits. But just because you tell me that you love to suck toes that Im going to  allow you to suck my toes.  More than likely you wont be sucking my toes unles they are dirty and I all you to clean them with your mouth,,,,

Its all about ME and what I want and what Pleases ME. Getting what you want is a reward you have to earn.

I hope this is understood before anyone apporaches me.

12/29/2009 12:30:30 PM
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all I want to wish every one well!!

I had a wonderful Christmas!!!! I got almost every thing on my wish list, hugs and kisses to my subs, slaves and pets that made my holiday wishes come true!!
But Most of all I want to thank  my subs, slaves and pets for their gift of Submission and Trust!! 
That means more to me than any material gift one can give (but dont stop you all know I love to get my packages)

And for all my military subs thank you for serving me as well as this wonderful country you really put your ass out there,, :) and I mean that in the literal  I love that Military ass!!

Hugs and Kisses everyone.

10/24/2009 10:33:53 AM
I just wanted to take the time to say Thank you to all my faithful and loyal subs!!!  I know that I talk alot about the FAKES that waste my time,,  But I Also Want to thank the ones that have obeyed and followed my orders with out question, who have spoiled and pampered me out of love and submission..

Hugs and Kisses I do adore you and VALUE our relationship!!!

10/24/2009 10:26:52 AM
I just wanted to take the time to say Thank you to all my faithful and loyal subs!!!  I know that I talk alot about the FAKES that waste my time,,  But I Also Want to thank the ones that have obeyed and followed my orders with out question, who have spoiled and pampered me out of love and submission..

Hugs and Kisses I do adore you and VALUE our relationship!!!

10/19/2009 7:52:31 AM
I feel that this needs to be said,, and I feel that most Domme's on this site feel the same way,

Don't ask me to give you my messenger info so we can chat or for me to watch you on cam  or give you direction on cam.  Unless You are going to Tribute..  You are using my time  Im not here for yourselfish pleasure Me telling you to jack of,, or you getting pleasure from exposing yourself to me,, is just for your own selfish reasons,, so there for if you are going to use me in that manner,, Im going to be compensated.. its only fair.. 

If you dont like it then move on,,  Submission is in part about you giving up control to please
your Dominate not for you to get your rocks off,,

I could go on but I just wanted to make that short statement.

10/14/2009 9:03:26 AM

This weekend I have to go out of town to visit some family,, just so happends I have a sub that lives in that part of town that Im going to go visit,, he wants me to come visit so he can take me shopping , I humiliate him in public when we shop, he wants to go out to eat, I dont allow him to eat with me at the table,, I take home a doggy bag and let him eat it off the floor like a dog,

But he has been a naughty sub and needs to be punished,, so I have been talking to some Male Doms  so that I can find one thats going to punish him in every brutal way that I can think of,,,  

I hope that the Dom I pick has a nice big cock  because I want it ramed up my subs ass and down his throat!!

I think Im getting to excited.  :)

9/16/2009 8:53:41 AM

The other day one of my best friends called me. He told me that he knew 2 Men that were in need of my services.

I thought this was strange, most of my friends know that Im a Domme but they dont really take part especially my male friends.

I call my friend when I get there and he comes out,, he has a big ass smile on his face. He says Ive got to go but you go in and have fun.

I live near an army base most of the men that submit to me are in the military and this lifestyle is pretty much a no no especially if you have any kind of rank,,

anyway,,, I walk in  and right there in the front room I see a 6ft3 big black bald man with a big ass dick (yes he was naked) and standing next to him was a smaller white man maybe 5ft9  I didnt even bother to look at his cock.
At first I didnt know what to think!!  I didnt bring my bag of tricks,, because I didnt beleive my friend but I thought what the fuck  Im going to enjoy this.

I pointed at the black one, you are thing 1, and then at the white one you are thing 2,
I walked around them to get a closer look,, both of them  had nice asses,,, I smacked thing one on the ass,, then thing 2,,, very firm
both of them had nice very nice bodies
they both had rings on so I figured they were married.. so I pretty much knew these are married military men,,,,
I asked,, do any of you bitches have any limits both at the same time said no,,, I was soo loving this,,
I walked in front I grabbed thing 2's sac,,and gave it a good tug,,, his eyes got big,,, mmm I wispered in his ear,, you know youre going to get used dont you?? He answered yes.

I walked over to thing2 his cock was already starting to rise and precum was forming,, Girls trust me this is the cock we all dream of!!  I grabbed his cock and started to stroke,, I had to look up at him mmmm you like that dont you,, yes ma'am,,, I bet youd like to fuck me wouldnt you,, yes ma'am,, but youre not, and I stopped,,,

I took a deep breath and stood back and looked,, thing 2 was hard,,, I looked a him ,,, you liked that bitch?  I said pointing at him he turned blood red!! yes ma'am.. I bet you want to kiss it dont you,, I bet you really want to suck it,,, get on your knees in front of that big black cock!!!

and he did,, I was sooo loving this!!! hands behind your back,,,, I took that pretty black cock in my hands and put it towards his mouth,, he had his mouth open read to take it!!!  I told him close your mouth!!! and he did,, I took the cock and rubbed the pre cumm over his lips,,mmm you 2 are going to preform for me today,, Ive had a busy week and you are going to entertain me,,, open  up thing2,, he opened his mouth I put that cock in,,, thing 1,, stroke his mouth but dont you dare cum,,, thing2 you may put your hands on his ass  because I know he will knock you over when he starts to stroke with that powerful cock.

I sat down and watched,, it was such a pretty sight a big strong sub getting sucked off and fucking the mouth of the other sooo pretty.. the moaning,, the contrast of colors so pretty,,,,  I could tell thing one was getting worked up,,,  thing1 if you cumm Im going to bend you over and beat your black ass,, he was sweating yesss ma'am,,,, thing2 was gagging and slobbering all over that cock it was soo pretty to see!!!

I wanted to see some fucking,, after all this was for my enjoyment,,,,

Ook  bitches Im getting tired of that,,, thing2 stand up and bend over that love seat,,,, he did,,, have you ever had that cherry ass fucked??  yes ma'am..when was the last time,, about 6months ma'am,,, mmmmm was it as big as thing1's? no ma'am,, mmmmm,, where is your wife??  she isnt here yet,, (mmm so hes new here) good that way you wont have to explain why your ass is sore,, thing 1 have you ever fucked an ass,, yes ma'am,, and I could tell he was ready to do it again,, when was the last time? 2months ma'am,,, niceee,,, one moment Ill be right back  I went to my friends drawer  he had astroglide and analezze,,, I was nice and got the analezze
Here thing1 lube him,,, he did,, and thing2 started to breath heavy,,,  I sat down (I so love this)  ok get the fucking,,,, and he did!!!!

He started to work that giant cock in thing2 was moaning,, I was loving it,,thing 1 was grunting,,, mmmmm I was in heavn!! thing 2 was moaning and begging like a bitch turing red as fuck and his cock was hard too Im like dammm
I got up and got some wine... thing 1 had him by the hips holding him like a bitch,,,
mmm thats right fuck him,,, do his ass like you would do your wife,,, no make that HIS WIFE,,, thing2 I bet youd like to see this big black stud fucking your wife to wouldnt you,, yess ma'am he strained to say,, I loved it,,, I walked behind thing1 and smacked his ass,, fuck him bitch, you know you love this shit!!! I laughed,, you big strong army men!!  its funny that under your uniforms your a bunch of cock sucking butt fuckers!!  I had to laugh!!

I could tell that thing1 was ready,, and thing 2 his eyes had rolled up and he was sweating so much but I can tell that he was starting to loosen up,,,, My phone rang,,, it was my friend,,  yes sweetie I answered,,, Ill be home in a few I hope you enjoyed,,, I said,, yess Im finishing up... see you in a few,,

thing1 was moaning,,  you can cummm ,,, after a few strokes,, he let go both of them did it  was crazy!!!!!!!! thing1 fell on top of thing2  I had to stand up and clap,,, you girls did great!! I was very entertained...  now clean up and take a shower  Ive got to go. I know I will see you bitches another time,,, yes ma'am thank you thank you very much yes ma'am.

I got my things I went out to my car, and my friend was pulling up,, he got out and smiled,, so Missy what did you think,, I gave him a hug and kissed his cheek,, you bitch you know I loved it  by the way  you may have some stains on your loveseat send me the bill!!

Its good to have friends that look out for you.

8/22/2009 2:53:47 PM
Lately Ive been getting approached by so called subs and slaves and want to bow at my feet and kiss my ass,, and just talk a bunch of shit!!

They read my journal and beg me to make them my bitch they want to go on missions like I send my favorite sissy Kendoll40..

Mind you they approach me,, and they tell me they want to do what pleases me, they say they want to do anything,,, 

So why is it when I send them on a mission they come up with excuses???  Or they say they arnt ready after they have begged me to go,, but the one that has put the cherry on top one pathetic waste of time and Life had the nerve to tell me he had to make sure that I wasnt a MAN!!!  Isnt that fucking stupid?? That pathetic bitch first wanted to send for me to come visit him, he wanted to suck cock for me,, mind you again he approached me!! but when I told him what I wanted him to do,, he said he wantd to make sure I wasnt a man,, I totally dissmissed him he begged forgiveness but I dont have time for that.  What I want to say is this..  Subs  dont tell your Misstress that you want to do things for her and then dont!!

I dont blame all the Misstresses and Dommes and Goddesses for making the subs prove their  worth, or to prove that they are even worthy of even looking in their direction!! 

Whats going to happen next??

8/21/2009 1:01:55 PM
To day I came across a man that told me his cock was only 4in, and skinny!!! I wanted to die,,, This man is very good looking also you would have no idea that a man that looked this good would have such a tiny tiny ass cock,, I told him that I bet his balls got wet when he pissed..  How very very sad and pathetic!!!

Any way he wants me to abuse his tiny cock and balls,,, Im wondering mmmm what all can I do?? I know that I can kick him in the balls, I know that I can trample on his cock and balls,, but whatelse can I do??? its to small to put in a book and slam it!!! Send me some ideas.

How sad and pathetic!!  Im going to make him take me shopping and Im going to tell all the sales girls about his small cock,,,  I think Im even going to make him try on panties also. He is going to get totally humiliated.

8/5/2009 7:22:41 AM
Its been a while since my last post,,, I had some personal things that I had to take care of.  But I did want to make sure that I did post my last trip to Wal-Mart.

My Devoted sub kendoll40 goes to Wal-Mart to send his tributes to me via money gram, and he uses passwords that can be very HUMILATING for him.

It has gotten to the point that the girls at the counter know me,, and really look forward to my visits.

On this last visit one of my regular clerks was at the counter and an Older clerk that I found out was the manager.  I go up to the counter like I always do and the one girl smiled and waved at me but the older lady waited on me.
I spoke and waved at the younger clerk and she was already giggling because she knew what was going to happen....  The older woman said to me " MMM  so you are the popular customer that Ive been hearing about, Ive heard about you, youre the one with the sissy arent you?" and this bitch really had an attitude about it!!  I was like "yes thats me"  she was like "Well,, as long as you keep it clean"  I said "he follows the guide lines they wouldnt let him send it unless he did!!"
I wanted to slap that smart mouth bitch she had no idea who she was fucking with.

I gave her the money gram form and my ID she looked it over and her eyes got big!!  I giggled  and so did the younger clerk because she knew what was comming next.

The older bitch was pissed I could see it in her eyes. She counted the change and said you have a nice day,, I said  mmmmm you didnt ask me the password,, she said well I saw your ID,, I then said,, well its procedure that you ask me the password isnt it??
The line was long and I knew she wanted me out of there  so she said, "who sent the money?"  and I answered her  loud and Clear,,  MY SISSY WITH A SMALL PING...  every one behind the counter laughed the older bitch was red it was a funny site to see,,  I told her thank you and left.  :)

I so love it when my sissy goes on these missons!!!!

7/9/2009 8:11:33 PM
For those of you that are following the fun that I have with my sub  I suggest you take a look at his Journal,, He Is talking about his Mission to Wal-Mart..

Its sooo funny the humiliation that My sub will go through for me!!!

Kendoll40   is his name  take a look.

Golden Goddess 

7/8/2009 6:02:36 PM
I feel that  I need to post this,,, I think Im also going to make an audio posting of this as well......

I am not on this site to find the love of my life!! 
Im not here to find a 24/7 live in sissy bitch!!
I am a Domme!!!  I want to have subs that need my control subs that have a STRONG desire to be controlled by a strong woman!! I want sissys that need that strong woman to get inside their head and make them want to be the best sissy that they can be for their Goddess,,

KenDoll40  is the best example so far,,, he loves to make me happy,, he follows my orders because it makes me happy  not because hes trying to make me his wife!!!

I am a WONDERFUL GODDESS because I DONT love you,, because to me you are an object for my amusement,, you are like a little puppy to me,, I love the little tricks that you learn to performe for me.. 

A sub is like a pet!!! I love training you  to do the little tricks to please me. I do care for you and your health but do I care enough about you to allow you to live with me 24/7  fuck no!!  I guess thats why I dont have a pet..

I dont need one,,I have subs!!

With that being said,, Dont contact me if youre looking for someone to have a 24/7 relationship with.

7/6/2009 7:20:51 PM
My dedicated sub Kendoll40 has done it again!!!  He sent me a Tribute the other day,, I went to pick it up at wal mart with my mother,, I told her about my sub and how he is treating us to dinner, I showed her a picture of him in his pretty pink lace panties,, and she totally laughed at him,, it was soooo dang funny!!! my mom knows Im Domme,,and she is very southern and proper,, she couldnt believe a man would allow himself to be degraded for my pleasure,, I told her thats what I do.. I dont think she really understood it untill today.. 

I go into the Wal-mart to get the money and the girls at the counter see me and smile  because my sub always leaves a silly little password,, they were totally looking forward to asking me what it was,, and today they were all giggling,,, when the one clerk asked me "who sent you the money"  I said out loud for everyone to hear "my sissy boy did" and they all totally laughed,, its amazing how much fun I have at my subs expence,

He ordered a Wedding dress and Im going to have him get it fitted so he can take pics as a pretty blushing bride!!!!!  I cant wait for that to happen.

Thank you my naughty little sissy boy!!!

6/26/2009 9:12:25 AM
kendoll40  is such a sweet and obedient sub,, the other day he sent me a tribute,, He went to the money gram place in wal-mart,,, the password was bitch in pink panties,, they wouldnt let him put bitch so he put male in pink panties,,, It was so awesome he got so many looks!!!  I  know he was totally humiliated,,  Saturday he is going on a mission at the same wal-mart to get some pink panties and black stockings,, and he has to ask for help from one of the clerks and maybe get measured if he can!!!  Im sooo excited.

Hes a good little bitch!!!

5/23/2009 8:34:15 PM
I have come in contact with so many diffrent subs, slaves, wannabes and other pieces of shit that dont know what they want to be!!

But I believe I have found what I have been looking for,, Im going to remove my Pic for awhile while I persue this!!!

Ill keep you posted!!

I also want to Thank a Wonderful most wise Dom who gave me some warm words of wisdom and made me smile like a Kid at Christmas His name Starts with a "K" 

Sir you know who you are and I really do thank you.

Ill keep in touch

Golden Goddess

5/21/2009 8:40:36 AM
I have been on this site for maybe a week,, and I have over 15 pages of emails from so called subs and slaves.

These bitches ,they dont even deserve to be called bitches!!! These pathetic sorry waste of skins!!!! Want to tell me how to Be a Goddess!!!  they want to tell me what they will and wont do!!!!  What kind of shit is that!!!!

Listen sluts..  Im the one in charge,,,  Im the  H.G.I.C that means Head Goddess In Charge!!! 

That means I want what I want when I want it!!!!!!

And if you sluts dont understand that,, go learn it  then come to me. 

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