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read my Journal for updates Trans Goddess looking for playthings to amuse Me any trans f or m or non binary, androgynous or gender fluid person may contact Me others are unlilely to receive notice

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8/11/2023 8:13:18 AM

Those who share with Me, enrich Me.  The Goddess has grown tremendously in the last year as slaves give themselves in worship to Me. This always pleases Me, and comes with rewards for those who worship as they are fulfilled and nurtured to be the best they can be.  Growth, devotion, change is never ending. value all the different ways in which girls and bois have surrendered, and let Me drink of them.

And still, I always want more. Goddess has much love and light to share with those who are worthy. Do not be shy in seeking My Light.

And for those who are unworthy, a deeply cruel and evil aspect of Goddess has awoken. If the right victim comes along, it will suffer. Beware. 

6/7/2023 4:11:09 PM

Just your casual reminder that I am super hot, incredibly sensual, and highly addictive. 

I am always eager for new toys in this forum.  The diversity of interests and minds and kinks and perversions never ceases to fascinate Me.

The opportunity to nurture and guide and definitely control a willing soul is a treasure.

If you are gender queer, broadly defined, and want to experience the gift of amusing Me, don't be shy.  Reach out.  I will take it from there and quickly have you addicted and wanting more.

4/4/2023 12:24:43 PM

It is one of Goddess' greatest joy to bring love and light and support to Gender NonConforming Persons, and I define this quite broadly.  There are many who have approached and received My Blessint, and left changed, happier, through conversation with, worship of, and surrender to Me.

It does not matter to Me whether a potential devotee is in the closet, limited in the way in which they can lead their most authentic life, just beginning their journey, at a crossroads, struggling, or in any way doubtful of themselves and their place.  These are not barriers or limitations for Me but part of a worshippers unique personhood.  

Similarly, it does not matter to Me what your body is or is not.  The paradox is that as a GNC person you are unique and therefore beautiful, and will be seen as such, but also that you may have an image in your soul of WHO you are that also will be seen, recognized, and validated.

It does not matter of you are shy or quiet or frisky or bratty.  Goddess will  identify the traits in you that She desires to mold and draw those from you.

Many have felt My Blessing.  Become enriched and devote yourself to Me.



12/28/2022 6:44:37 AM

Goddess is on vacation with Her three beautiful slave, each fully devoted to My pleasure.

That My inbox is cluttered with desperate musings from thirsty cis male creatures, who can't get Me out of their heads, only makes it sweeter.

pine away, pray, humiliate yourself.  Chances are, I will laugh.  But you won't hear it.  Chances are your desperation will amuse Me.  But not enough to get a message back.

it's ok, though, that addiction.  That unrequited love, cuts through your soul.  It's what you like.

11/18/2022 1:27:30 PM

it is hard, likely impossible, to overstate how amazing I truly am.  Beautiful. Intelligent. Intuitive. Sensual. Lustful.

Perfection is not a sufficient word.

once you have had a taste, I will run through your soul forever.  There are many who know and cherish this gift, and they are fulfilled in ways they could not possibly have imagined through their enslavement to Me.

And yet, I always hunger.  

Any and all gender queer persons are invited to come for worship and for a Venom infusion.


9/12/2022 1:10:12 PM

Recently I have been feeling particularly cruel, and wanting to see the limits of those who would devote themselves to Me.

As always, Gender Queer persons, which includes sissies, cds, bois, go to the front of the line, though I don't unleash My more primal sadistic urges on such devotees.

But the feeling of sadistic power lingers.  This is a special opportunity for a cis female into heavy degradation.  Even better if you are married and disappointee, but unwilling or unable to leave a cis m husband.  Do you wish to see how low you can sink?  By all means, come and taste My Venom.


7/22/2022 10:39:42 AM

Hierarchy is important.  And it is fun. The interplay between two slaves excites Me.  

Which one will earn My Attention.  How will you react when you are teased or ignored by Me and I give My Attention to others?  How will you regain favor when you stray? How will you work together, each in their own place.

As always, I am at the top.  Don't approach unless you accept that you will find yourself exploring submission, as one recently has learned.  That said, switches, middles turn Me on.

Those who approach with humility may see a Side of Themseves unlocked and unleashed, as My Favorite Princess has learned.  She knows.  She is a treasure.  


4/23/2022 1:35:41 PM

 Things that excite Me in a slave






Providing Me Attention










Come, darlings, step into Goddess' world.  Find your true self in My Control.  Be Amazed by Me.  Revolve yourself around Me.


4/17/2022 7:08:21 AM

Different ways of being hot

cis females:  Fall in love with Me, become a quiet little Goddess addict speaking only when spoken to.

cis males: Recognizes the chasm between Uus is unnavigable.  Never speaks or writes or whines or begs.  Just remains far away,in devotion and worship, until soul is consumed and gone, and is utterly empty inside.

cd: Shares their inner slut with Me

sissy: Shares her fears with Me

FTM: grabs sword, defends Me and My soaves, doesn't expect reward but is constantly surprised by them

MTF: orbits Me, symbiosis, beauty, allows Me to fill her needs and wants and dreams

Androgynous: Celebrates their individuality and teaches Me something new

NB/GF: celebrates their mercurial nature woth Me, allows Me to feel the liquidity of their soul and shape it as I please

Butch Lesbian/Drag Queen: stoves to be a mannequin for Me to dress and play, coming to life and sharing all of their queerness when I am done.

Me:  Exists



3/11/2022 12:27:11 PM

A shout out to all the gender queer princesses that have entertained Goddess in the past few weeks.  

All of you are special.

All of you are beautiful.

All of you are worthy of pleasure.

Goddess very much enjoys your surrender, worship, and conversation.

if you aren't sure you fall into this shout out, send Me a note, and I will confirm.

and if more than one of you ever wants to have fun with several princesses worshipping Me together, let Me know.

 if there are any Gender Queer Princes or Prinx, for those super queer toys, who are interested in communication with Me, reach out. 

kisses for you all

2/27/2022 7:54:47 AM

DO NOT address Me as Miss, Ms, Ma'am, Mistress or any such nonsense.

It's Goddess.  Or Goddess Venom.

That's it.

Failure to approach correctly will lead to Me ignoring you.

1/18/2022 2:18:14 PM

Goddess has a serious love for boots and gloves.  and why shouldn't I?  It's not as any cis serf should ever get to witness My Divinity, right?

12/6/2021 6:29:11 AM

Goddess has been back on site for a while, and wants to clarify some about Her Profile.

First, to be clear, Goddess has a fulfilling and rewarding RT Kink and Vanilla Life.  She is here to interact with devotees ONLY on this site.  No matter how deeply you fall for Me, you are not the exception.

Second, I know My Profile says that I am interested in cis.  But I have been incredibly disappointed by the cis who have approached Me. you are all so dull and dim.  So, I won't be responding to most messages from cis creatures any longer.  And if you don't know what cis means, use google and join the modern age.  It's not that hard.

GNC submissives on the other hand, have been delightful.  Share your dreams with Me.


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