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Pan Female Mistress, 34,  Slovenia
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I think I come from a different style of D/s, I don't expect anyone to bow down to me just because I call myself Dominant or Fetishist. Having someone submit and serve is both an honor, commitment and a special moment each and every time it happens. Just as My Fetishism is my gift and my commitment to teach, train and guide those who I choose to extend it to whether for a scene or bonding.

I believe that as you get to know someone that the title and authority will come naturally from their lips and in their bearing. It is something that you earn not entitled to. There is a special place in my life for anyone I claim or collar and I protect and take care of what I consider mine. I take care the people in my life and that applies to those in this lifestyle that earn such a place.

I will admit that I enjoy the sexual aspects of this lifestyle but there is a deeper and abiding pleasure I receive from the very essence of the relationship that gives a better intensity and feeling than a mere orgasm alone can.

I have no problem enjoying the carnal aspects of this and look forward to them so if that is all that you seek and we are compatible feel free to contact me. I find many things attractive in subs and slaves so there is no particular physical type that I look for but personality and desire are much faster ways to draw my attention and interest.

I have an extremely deviant and fertile imagination and I love to use it in both training and everyday life. I consider myself to be intelligent, passionate, secure and I am confident in my desires and abilities.

I am looking for real meetings and regular encounters that for that special person that can become much more if they desire. Willing to do repeat visits for incredible subs and/or slaves that are serious and for those wanting to learn anything beyond the vanilla world most live in today.

I respect both those who live constantly in the lifestyle as well as those who participate part-time and I am willing to work with both on a case by case basis. As a dominant I am sensual, bratty, compassionate, stern, willing to push and willing to pull back, sadistic and torturous, gentle, creative, engaging. I prefer play when everyone feels good about themselves, not broken or ashamed. I enjoy a wide variety of play activities and am often open to new ideas, or revisiting old ideas. I observe to learn and to enjoy the artistic way others express their desires.

Feel free to send Me messeges but no one liners and other lame attempts please.....
Always remember that you aren`t worthy of My attention unless you make yourself appealing , being intelligent, interesting, twisted even.....

Your`s self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic, demandingand, bitchy, Toya









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