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Lesbian Female Mistress, 34,  Fuckyouusa, Florida
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GoddessShaye - Dominatrix

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 Dominant Female



 5' 7"

 165 lbs



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 Massage (Getting)

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 Female Supremacy

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 Foot Worship


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 Liberal Politics






 Skate Boarding


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 Scuba Diving


 Surf Boarding


 Wind Surfing

 Fire Play


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 Rubber Fetish


 Vacuum Stimulation





 Masks (Wearing)

 Needle Play

 Serving as a Maid/Butler


 Certified Massage Therapist

Hello My piggies I have been gone for a while but I am back to claim the minds, bodies, and souls of you worthless pathetic bitches. I have moved to the tampa area and waiting to see what this city has to offer for piggies of My standard and caliber! I am looking for female and male Caucasian slaves you need to be shown exactly where your place is....between the legs and under the ass of a strong and powerful Ebony Queen!!!

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Journal Entries:
11/9/2011 1:53:46 PM

looking for a very sexy an nasty female slut to play with tonight any takers message Me!!

11/7/2011 5:51:21 AM


11/3/2011 11:15:53 AM


9/8/2011 3:49:55 PM

No limit white piggy for your extreme use will travel to you an obey an do anything for details send message!!!!! VERY SERIOUS

7/6/2011 1:41:09 PM

it has been over a month since i have been able to serve Ms Shaye as my car has been broken down but finally it is fixed and i made my journey to Her..i picked her up at Her home as we were going to the motel i was staying at...i don't know if it was the new hairstyle of Ms Shaye or that She has a few drinks or because She had a new rough tough look in Her eye but She started right off punching kicking me as i drove down the highway in the face stomach shoulders legs knees all over almost driving me into a tree...i had a pair of thick gloves on my dashboard that She put on and punched me silly laughing away me holding on for dear passing bye could see what was happening and when i pulled in to a burger drive thru window to order Ms Shaye a burger and a drink the people behind us could see Ms Shaye beating me up also the person at the take out window...i finally got the burger and drink into Her hands and She continued punching me until we got to the motel and as we walked into the room in front of a few people outside and into my room....



  Ms Shaye continued once we got inside Her laughing punching slapping me around from one end of the room to the other..i tried to fight back but Ms Shaye just wrestled my arm behind my back immobilizing me threw me into the walls on the bed on the floor kicking punching my weak defenseless self for 5 10 minutes until i was breathing hard exhausted and Ms Shaye knew i was finished and got Her strapon and started to put it on i had somehow lost some of my clothes only my underwear on as Ms Shaye pulled my shirt over my head i fall to the floor kiss Her feet She pins my head to Her foot with Her right foot as She pulls Her starpon up onto Her waist and as She tightens it i crawl up to Her Clit and finally after so long i am at Ms Shayes long hard Clit where i have always belonged and will always be as long as She will have me  ......



  i suck kiss please Her Clit for some time Under Her starpon until Ms Shaye drags me up onto the bed drapes my head over the side and mounts my mouth sticking jamming the entire length of Her red 8"dick down my throat and i take it..after almost a year of training at the point of Ms Shayes Penis i have learned to swallow all of  Her 8" down my throat my nose pressed up against Her Clit all of Her dick in my throat Her fingers pinching my nose all the while slapping backhanding my small dicklette  sticking out from my underwear  i take it all She is mouth fucking me over and over wonderful having all of Ms Shayes dick down my throat i gag but take all of Her over and over feeling so absolutely submissive cunty Her real bitch the feeling of all of it in my throat not gagging it resting there for Her do  whatever She wants with Her dick my throat pinching my nose bitch slapping me penis slapping me choking me Ms Shaye is pleased with me i think that i am finally  Her cock sucking bitch as She has wants me has trained me.......


  She smirks and throws my ass up on the bed ass up head down and penetrates me so easily i am so used To Ms Shaye Her Dick Her fucking me the most normal thing in the world Ms Shayes Fuck bitch crying squealing Under Her She gets up on the bed piledrives me over and over down thru the bed now Her entire strong body atop me holding me down pinned by Her Dick fucking me into tears..Did you miss me and my dick She teases laughing growling..Next time i call you i had better not be kept waiting so long bitch and She finishes me off with a terrible pounding ferocious i am helpless i cannot think only of Ms Shaye Her powerful Penis an extension of Her dangling at the end of Her Her helpless hole cunt..........


  She is satisfied for the moment and goes to sit on the cool air conditioner blowing cold air and i am Under Her at Her Clit where i belong kissing pleasing Her holding Her up on my shoulders so i can kiss Her Clit like the Queen that She is adoring Her....


 She cools down sits on a chair spreads Her legs and i crawl to Her and do what i was born to bring pleasure happiness joy ecstasy to Ms Shaye looking up to Her for as long as it takes i don't know how long i am Under Her She comes when She feels like it kicks me to the floor a used utensil i crawl to Her feet kiss Her feet ankles instep arches over and over.....



   now Ms Shaye wants a few picks of Her and i set up a few lights to bring out the best of Her Her Gorgeous Dominant Beauty and we get a number of pics of which a couple can now be viewed on CM...


  next Ms Shaye decided to pursue one of Her favorite past times which is fist fucking me which i hate because it hurts so but Ms Shaye put on Her hospital gloves bends my legs back over my head and starts to work Her fingers in one two three Her fist slowly working Her fist into me i am crying pleading for Her to stop he says She is up to Her thumb knuckle She keeps pushing i cannot take it all and turn over Ms Shaye starts all over again pushing Her fist into me She tries over and over me bent over backwards Her fist in me iu am crying scared to death that She will break split me and i cannot go the last inch and Ms Shaye is disappointed in me i feel terrible time i promise Her but i think She will really break me in two...



  i think Ms Shaye is finished but out of nowhere She pounces on me flipping my legs up back past my ears She mounts Me dry humping me She is so strong i cannot move until She i cannot believe it She penetrates me slowly at first than deeper and deeper Her Clit is in me i can feel it there so helpless humping me with Her strong Hard clit i am really penetrated used Fucked like Her cunt helpless Under Her thrusts She glares down at me She is so beautiful i am Really really taken fucked Owned by Her Her strong hand clasped at my throat i look up to Her helpless iHer Clit throbbing inside me pounding humping ejaculating i can feel her Cum filling me up up i am crying scared owned helpless scream i am Yours  over and over forever ever forever.......finally She is happy sated finished with me for now.......



Ms Shayes bottom bitch

6/26/2011 12:45:37 PM


6/18/2011 7:25:47 AM


5/16/2011 3:32:44 PM

there are 2 parts to my time Under Ms Shaye....She ran me over and over again so many times that it took a week for me to collect my wits remember everything and write it down as per Her command to me....the second half of my ordeal was entered May 19......



and this so no tale of fiction or make is a blow by blow account of what can and usually does happen to a bitch of Ms Shaye....






bottom bitch billy was called to Ms Shaye last Wednesday and it has been a long month since i had the privilege of being at Her mercy....i picked Her up at home and drove to the motel i was staying at....once we arrived i was sent out to pick up a few items for Her....juice Newport Cigarettes and is a month and Ms Shaye has Her Period again and it appears that i have become Her Cunt Rag...not that i have any choice in the matter but to accept everything and anything She forces down my throat...



   now i always bring Ms Shaye an assortment of goodies presents  flowers one of her gifts as per Her request was a black full length body stocking...i also bought her a pair of black gloves that kick boxers use.....i came back to Her with Her items and went to get Her ice for the wine i brought i came back to the room ms Shaye stepped out of the bathroom wearing the Black Body Stocking Her kick boxing gloves and Her red 8'StrapOn...She was breathtaking beautiful intimidating as always...She told me to remove my clothes....a cunt doesn't need any clothes She tells me.....i strip get my  camera and began taking pictures of Her as She attacked me right off knocking me to the floor slapping me around the head kicking me in the ribs...i got a number of pics of Her and put the camera down as Ms Shaye backed me into a corner punching jabbing roughing me about slapping me up against the Ms Shaye has been working out and Her arms shoulders and back have gotten bigger more menacing stronger than ever.....Her Upper Body  is obviously so much stronger than i am now.....i am so scared of Her...that she is capable or Really beating me up and i could not stop Her ........She can throw a punch so very hard and i know the day is coming that She will beat me with Her fists half unconscious  ...... ...i will probably try and run away But She will just run me down overwhelm and overpower me and beat me all the harder...but now She flexes Her biceps muscle in my face punches and throws me across the room i bounce off the far wall and onto the floor as She comes standing over me over me shoves her dick down my throat over and over pinching my nose closed slapping my face all 8" down my throat until i am gagging spitting up chocking over and over She drives Her dick down my throat angry i am not sucking Her dick the right way slapping me  i am gagging breathless exhausted already unable to take a breath ...She orders to suck Her Balls and i know that means i must go up and down Her shaft then behind it to where Her clit is and satisfy Her every Urge...i suck salivate lick kiss Her Her spot Her precious clit spot between Her Tampax and Her Strapon pressing down painfully on the bridge of my nose looking up at Ms Shaye on my knees Her looking down on Her bitch sneering slapping me around my ears holding my chocking head in place until She has had enough for now and orders my ass up on the bed....



  She puts me in Her favorite position...ass up head down Her standing a Conquering Queen behind me lubing up Her Penis... i plead for Her not to ram it in all at once ....Ms Shaye ignores me and sticks her dick in all at once as i scream...i have been fucked so many times by Ms Shaye and She enters me all at once fucking me slow than harder faster twisting twirling Her dick in me then ramming it in full tilt.....all i can do is squeal call Her name beg Her to stop than to fuck me harder......i turn to look at Her fucking me but She growls put that head down and starts spanking as hard as She fucks over and over driving my head down thru the bed i am crying pleading help help but Ms Shaye grunting plowing me down Under Her through the sheets first putting one foot up by my head than the other up on the bed pile driving Her dick into me spanking me so hard with Her powerful right arm raping fucking my ass every which way  until i don't know where or who i am just that i am Her cunt bitch i belong to HER crying HER name forever...



  She finally finishes and before i realize what hits me i am dragged between Her legs to lick suck satisfy Her clit for as long as it takes i am stuck between Her penis and Her Tampax pleasuring Her knowing what will happen if i fail....She keeps my head pinned to Her commanding me lick here suck there don't i dare stop Her fist forcing my head up into Her Her legs trapping me in place all i can do is kick my legs helplessly and lick suck lick pleasuring My Goddess my arms trapped Under her thighs until finally She cums like a freight train arriving spewing Herself over my face down my throat squeezing me half to death with Her strong thighs i am crying into Her almost blacking out Under Her until finally She lets me go kicking me to the floor...Ms Shaye is content for the moment as i crawl to Her wrap myself around her ankles thighs kissing Her feet feeling Her pleasure Her red dick sticking straight up from Her stomach...



  of course i am exhausted but Ms Shaye is just getting started...She gets up and i can see that look She gets and  i try to get away but She quickly pins me Under Her at the head of the bed throws my legs up over Her shoulders and enters me all in one overpowering thrust of Her hips..... Her strength scares me and i can feel Her dick violently fucking me up She is pounding me so fast hard i pathetically weakly try to push Her strong arms away off of me She angrily slaps them away slapping backhanding me across the face fucking raping me my ankles helplessly cunt kicking over above around Her face....she is angry now pulls out of me goes to Her bag gets some rope and ties my ankles together grabs my tied ankles with one hand and starts all over fucking me again but this time for real pounding spanking my ass reaching down chocking me stuffing Her fingers down my throat raping my ass so hard strong that She bangs my head over and over into the wall behind the bed almost knocking me out i am crying and senseless squealing a bitch being fucked by Ms Shaye who  is possessed laughing angrily ramming fucking me over and over until She finally has Her fill of my beaten listless body....



  Ms Shaye walks to the sink to get a drink like She has just finished a walk in the park ...i am beaten fucked raped still whimpering crying everyone in the adjoining rooms has heard what She has done to me knows i am Her little weakling bitch of a thing...........Ms Shaye fucks me like it is the most normal thing in the world......which it is of course...i know that i am Her cunt and now all the people staying in that motel that night know it also...



  after i recovered a bit i took some pics of Ms Shaye that You can all see on Her profile here...they are stunning Powerful intimidating to give all an idea what is is like to be be conquered raped beaten up owned by Her....



  and the above experience of my last time with Ms Shaye is really only about half of the abuse humiliation beatdown that She put on me....i adore and fear Her like no one else in my life now before or after...



  with Her permission i will retell the rest of my time Under Ms Shaye after She reads accepts and approves



  Now i had made a little sex toy for Ms Shaye and had brought it with me  and gave it to Her as a was a 9"flesh colored ribbed dildo that i attached to a 3 foot rod and put a handle on it....i should have known better than at some point She would use it on me and my time had come...i resisted but Ms Shaye threw my ass up on the edge of the bed and had me spread my ass for Her ...She pulled a chair up sat down with a glass of wine lit up a cigarette and began the work the dildo up my butt twisting spinning it ib me faster slower sipping her wine smoking her cigarette tormenting me with the look She gets when She sticks things up my ass.....sadistic smirking sneering licking Her lips She puts Her feet up one on both sides of my ass spreads my cheeks wide with Her feet and works Her dildo in and out it seems like forever....whenever i drop my legs a bit She gives me a couple of wallops to my ass and starts all over is so uncomfortable and i am having a hard time of it but Ms Shaye just laughs and has me get on all fours and orders me to fuck the dildo like a cunt..i try and try  but not to ms Shayes liking....after a while i fall over on my side and ms Shaye has had enough of my half ass attempts...She shoves the dildo all the way in me gets up bitch slaps me a few times mounts my face riding me......She reverses Herself facing my feet reaches down stuffing the dildo all the way back up in me at the same time pinning my wrists to my stomach with one hand so that my arms are now trapped on either side of my chest with Her thick thighs holding me in place Under Her..... Her strong one arm holding my wrists so that my arms push my tits up and out like a little cunt.....Ms Shaye holds me there right Under Her pinning me all with one hand free She rides me all the while slapping pinching my then the other riding my face laughing growling grunting giggling i am floundering squirming Under Her helpless unable to break Her grip on my wrists my legs kicking Her dick still up my ass struggling for air She is mauling my tits over and over i am crying into Her my muffled screams struggling if only i can move Her a bit She is Too Strong taking Her pleasure from me finally She slaps my tits and dick a few times and drags me up over to the other bed and plants me where i belong between her legs tells me to get to work that i will remain here maybe forever...



  i am where i should have been all my life trapped between Ms Shays legs Her hand holding my head in place servicing Her for long stretches trying to satisfy please my Master....i have been used By Her so many times i try slave away the best i can to pleasure Her....i am there for a long time Ms Shaye enjoying Herself as She always does at my expense finally She Cums an Avalanche crashing down around me twisting me my neck between Her legs i am dragged after Her across the bed hanging on trapped helpless useless Her Juices drowning me covering my face down my throat She is finished with me kicking me as always to the floor She is satisfied for the moment....



  i crawl back up and cling to Ms Shayes feet calves strong thighs and feel her contentment as She allows me to hold Her and i gently hump Her thigh as i lie quietly next to Her....humping me like a little dog She says and then i say something silly....i tell Ms Shaye that i wonder if She is really stronger than me.........



  and before i can blink Ms Shaye is up grabs my neck throws me across onto the other bed and in seconds has me trapped Under Her again...i am across Her lap face down Her right arm in a reverse headlock around my neck at the same time my right arm is pinned Under the weight of Her body Her right leg has my leg trapped Under Her and i am helpless again.....Ms Shaye never tires and with Her free left hand starts spanking my exposed ass punching slapping pinching me i struggle again and again but i am just floundering in Her grasp trapped bucking going no where as She beats my ass red with Her bare hand i am exhausted crying until i just go limp Ms Shaye happily working me over but She is not finished...



  She finally lets me go i am relived to catch my breath but Ms Shaye has me on my back and mounts my face again i start kicking and make the mistake of raising my legs against Her back when She just grabs my ankles and twists me painfully into a pretzel riding me holding my legs Under Her Armpits i am screaming i give please stop please stop Help Help and Ms Shaye is kind and drops me but of course She is never through with me...



  She flips me over and drops down on me pinning me Under Her with the weight of Her entire body entwines Her legs around mine wraps me in a headlock and closes Her right hand over my mouth .....i have never been more helpless in my life as when Ms Shaye imposes Herself on me like entire body is trapped Under Her and She takes me....Ms Shaye does not need ropes handcuffs etc if She does not want them....She can rape me simply because She is stronger and She Can....with Her free left hand She whips spanks me and rides me dry humping  my ass Now i am fucking you like the little weak cunt you are She whispers in my ear....She plows humps fucks me into the bed holding me in place i cannot move but squirm rock Under Her as She takes Her pleasure Her grunting growling laughing in my ear my screams are  muffled screams whimpers no one can hear me Her hand gagging me She sticks Her middle finger down my throat i am still hand gagged i cannot move my legs trapped inside Hers my head twisted in a headlock i am crying exhausted a helpless piece of meat Ms Shaye humps fucks my back ass drenched with Her sweat juices She pounds me forever i am Her beaten raped cunt....



  Ms Shaye is finished walks over to get a drink for Herself fresh and carefree i am lying on the bed twisting moaning quivering half crying a beaten used up bitch.....She looks so Beautiful standing over me...are you scared of me now she laughs......



  Ms Shaye gets dressed and watches a tv show She is interested in and i take Her for a drive to get Her something to eat and i return her home....we arrive and i get the two bags of gifts presents i have brought Her and along with the bouquet of roses i gave Her earlier i walk Her up Her steps and say goodnight giving Her a peck on the cheek..i go back down to my car when suddenly Ms Shaye comes bounding down the steps scaring me half to death...think i was going to jump you She laughs and suddenly She has me trapped bent over the truck of my car both my hands held behind my back with one hand and withe the other ms Shaye is Mugging me....i struggle a bit try to turn around but i am pinned ms Shaye laughing She takes the money i have out of my pocket ....She has all of can i get home i need gas money.....i plead half crying if anyone saw us me pinning down held in place over the trunk of my car Ms Shaye going through my pockets right in front of Her house right Under the streetlight....



  Ms Shaye was kind enough to me leaving me enough money  for gas for my ride She walks back up Her stairs all i can say to Her is Thank You..Thank You...

5/15/2011 2:44:52 PM

Ms Shayes bottom bitch boibilly was lucky enough to entertain Ms Shaye a few days ago....She has totally destroyed me once again and it is  a few days later and i am still beaten bruised and fucked has been 1 month and Ms Shaye had Her period again!!!..i guess i am Her Cunt Rag....but i really have no choice....i just assume the position between Her legs and gratefully accept swallow all She has to Her Hearts content....when i gather my thoughts wits memory by tomorrow i will post my time Under Ms Shaye....i am healing up mentally emotionally physically from Her relentless overpowering assault on me.....

5/7/2011 7:49:03 AM


4/24/2011 7:25:40 PM

Ms Shayes wish list is as follows


  spreader bar




  riding crops


  chastity devices




  who will step up and get noticed

4/21/2011 8:48:28 AM

Ms Shaye has instructed Her bottom bitch billy to relate my experience Under Her when She called me to Her last week...


  i came to Ms Shaye and of course She looked wonderful..i was told i was to do some chores for Her and found out that i was to do Her laundry....i took all Her clothes and was happy to perform this service for took a couple of hours but finally i got all Her clothes cleaned and folded and returned to Her..


  the first thing i found out is that Ms Shaye is working out...She made a muscle pose with Her arms and Her triceps and Her biceps are now so sexy large and intimidating..i think She enjoys scaring me....i believe that She is now so much stronger than me and can impose Her will on me anytime She wants...


  Ms Shaye had Her massage therapist table out and i was to give Her a much deserved massage...i so relish this as She so much enjoys Herself..She laid face down with only Her underpants on and i proceeded to give Her a long soothing complete body message...this went on for 30 40 minutes and until Ms Shaye was completely content and relaxed...


 then ms Shaye offered to give me a message ..i was so shocked as i stripped as per Her orders and She proceeded to work me over ...Ms Shaye knows my weak points and She quickly attacked them squeezing pinching until i was squirming which point She spanked me for not lying still...She enjoyed tormenting me as She squeezed and spanked me until i was in my usual state Under Her...defeated and helpless...


  then She pulled out Her 8'red strapon and wrapped it around Her voluptuous Ms Shaye wears Her strapon like She was born with it on Her....She demanded i suck Her dick and rammed it down my Shaye always forces me to inhale Her entire dick and hold it down my throat as She pinches my nose or and slaps backhands my face..i do my best to please Her and hold it there for Her for 15  20 seconds until i am gagging and chocking on Her..She does this over and over until i am exhausted and beaten...Ms Shaye looks down at me in contempt for not keeping Her dick down my throat long enough for Her satisfaction...


  now Ms Shaye walks behind me and drags me to the end of the table so i am in Her favorite bent over my feet on the floor my ass in the air ready to be Taken by Her....i have been in this position so many times in the past and yet it is still frightening to have Ms Shaye standing behind me stroking Her dick with THAT look in Her eyes....She puts Her Penis into me and then rams it all the way in....i scream for Her...She waits a few moments and then begins fucking me slowly at first then faster and faster...She grabs me by my ass grunting with pleasure as She conquers me crying and squealing Under Her...She reaches around and roughly grabs my tits feeling me up like a cunt all the while fucking me into the end of the table lifting my legs into the air behind Her kicking wildly...She tells me to Shut the Fuck Up and is tired of me struggling against Her....She traps my legs against the table and presses Her breasts into my back trapping me Under Her wraps Her right arm around my neck in a headlock and hand gags my mouth with Her left hand...She bites my ear and tells me i am Her trapped bitch forever....Ms Shaye is so strong Powerful i cannot move  with Her dick pounding me into tears..... i am so vulnerable trapped helpless Under Her fucking me screaming muffled cries for help into Her hand Her Strong arm chocking me all the while being Raped by Her...


  Finally She is satisfied for the moment and pulls out of me..i am exhausted but Ms Shaye is hardly finished with me...Standing up She throws me to my Knees and orders me to suck Her dick...i put my mouth on Her penis and service Her as i have been trained to...i slide my mouth down her dick suck Her balls and proceed to pleasure Her...i suck past Her balls to Her clit when She tells me She has HER PERIOD that She doesnt give a fuck and i am going to lick Her until She is satisfied..She rips off Her starpon pulls off Her panties and i am sucking licking Her clit like i have been taught to even though She has her Period....She pulls my head back bitchslaps and backhands me over and over telling me i better be enjoying myself and i better swallow everything....i have been trapped between Ms Shays legs many times in the past but never when She had Her period...She didnt care and i had no choice to try and Please Her...i sucked and Licked Her for what seemed like forever as She would take turns bitchslapping me and ramming my face up inside Her...Finally She came all over my face and down my throat....Ms Shaye always squeezes the life out of me when She comes and then kicks me to the floor as She is finished with me.......i am so happy to pleasure Her i am almost crying crawl to Her wrap my arms around Her ankles kissing Her feet in absolute submission to my Goddess...



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