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Hetero Male Dominant, 49,   , Netherlands
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I am not searching. I do not believe in searching for friends or partners. Such special meet. I have many interests...extremer interests. I enjoy the company of slaves. I do not want to limit myself, so a sub will not be suitable. I won't be gentle. But if I do not own are safe. I am not an asshole. If you want to know something..just ask. I always answer. No matter who you are, where you are.












 Dominant Male



 6' 2"

 99 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


Online Romance

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Rear End Play (Expert)

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Placing you on a leash

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Sensation Play (Expert)

 Outdoor Bondage (Expert)

 Watersports (Expert)

 Horror Movies (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)

 Heavy Metal Music


 Movies (Expert)


 Begging (Expert)

 You wearing my collar

 Modern Primitivism (Beginner)

 Shaving my pubic hair

 Spanking you

 Historical Shows (Expert)

 Newspapers (Expert)

 TV News

 Web Surfing (Expert)


 Paranormal Phenomena (Expert)

 The Occult

 1950s Lifestyle


 Rock Music

 Atheism (Expert)

 Boxing (Expert)


 Bar Hopping


 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets


 Behind Worship

 Breast Play

 Corner Time

 Electrical Play



 G-spot Stimulation

 Genital Punishment

 Being Massaged

 Erotic touch (Beginner)

 Fire Play

 Hair Pulling

 Mental Bondage

 Selecting the clothes you wear

 Maid / Butler Service

 You servicing me orally

 Public Play

 Speech Restrictions

 You wearing stockings


 Wax Play


 Arcade Games



 Online Chatrooms

 Science Fiction

 Simulation Games

 True Crime (Expert)




 Intellectual Discourse (Expert)



 Old Guard

 Time Management


 Victorian Lifestyle

 Working Out

 Alternative Music

 Electronica / EDM

 Industrial Music

 New Wave

 Nineties Music

 Punk Rock Music

 Body Building

 Kick Boxing





 Canes and Crops

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community



 Housework Service

 The Silent Treatment





 Online RPGs

 Role Playing Games


 TV Sports

 Conservative Politics



 Curious About:

 Domestic Service

 Orgasm Denial



 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Shibari (Beginner)


 Board Games

 Card Games

 Hard Limits:



 Female Led Relationships



 Metalworking Expert

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Journal Entries:
3/19/2023 9:36:05 AM

the more rules you set before you look for a relation, the less you will succeed in finding one

3/18/2023 5:37:43 AM

If 10 people contact you on here, just 1 seems to be who they claim to be,

Is that a human trait or is this because BDSM related.

3/15/2023 10:30:20 PM

I often read about people saying "vanilla life" didn't work out. But then they look for ages for a partner in BDSM.

Does that mean a certain lifestyle is to blame or are we as persons to blame? 

3/13/2023 1:10:58 PM

24/7 is in hours/days.

It is not seconds people.

3/11/2023 11:38:41 PM

Did you ever choose some one on here because they are just "highly educated"?

3/11/2023 11:24:38 PM

Some people focus a lot on experience in bdsm. It can be handy in some cases. 

But is also means often you repeated the same stuff over and over to get this experience.

I personnaly prefer to discover new things in which I do not have experience 

3/11/2023 12:55:53 PM

You do not need to like me. I do not look for friends, I search slaves

3/4/2023 4:39:06 AM

No..I do not marry you after 2 days.

2/24/2023 1:12:53 PM

I won't ask twice 

2/18/2023 12:21:18 PM

It is good to talk to people. You learn that most are more then their profile text.

Sometimes that is good, sometimes not.

2/16/2023 12:51:11 PM

If you want to talk, you are more then welcome. But I am not gonna tell you what "I would do to you".

Go watch porn if you have that need.

2/12/2023 9:26:11 AM

Why do so many after a few talks want to fly across the world to meet?

Patience. It is not a little step.

2/12/2023 5:10:51 AM

Everyone wants a strong leader, aslong (s)he does what his/her subordinates want.

2/9/2023 9:02:06 AM

I wonder about those asking for punishment. I can understand a masochist to ask for pain...but punishment is something different. Punishment is not meant to please. It is a way to correct.

Punishment means you will suffer..mentally or physically. There will be no fun or excitement. 


2/6/2023 11:54:55 AM

6-feb 2023

invasion of the young slave girls


real or fake

2/6/2023 11:54:26 AM

What I like about BDSm is that some like a slap on the ass, while others need to feel the fist full on their body.

We can have opinions about this, but it stays interesting how we experience lust/needs.

2/5/2023 12:15:37 AM

I often long back to the times this was a real community. 

The time when people could communicate about feelings and topics related to your  discovery of bdsm.

Sadly no one has time and this became a dating site.

In the or not .people are people.... it is all about ourselves. 

2/1/2023 11:52:36 AM

time for summer to start...some nice outdoor porny abuse is needed


1/29/2023 8:59:07 AM

peopel have crazy demands for a partner. No wonder we ned 20 years to fidn one

1/21/2023 4:41:58 AM

Building a relation takes time. If you have no time, you probably want to fuck.

That is ok. Just say honost.

I wil be honost too.

1/15/2023 4:50:58 AM

LOL at all the new pornstar-alike profiles

1/7/2023 6:43:05 AM

I always wonder why peopel are searching such a long time for a partner on here.

Is it the bdsm that makes it difficult to find mr/mrs right.

Or do we over estimate ourselfs. We like to write in our profiles how good, educated and special we are. But are we?

12/23/2022 12:37:39 PM

for those who read journals..happy x-mas days and a good new year

12/23/2022 12:37:28 PM

for those who read journals..happy x-mas days and a good new year

12/21/2022 8:12:46 AM

..and remember..masturbate for world peace on christmas 

12/21/2022 7:59:35 AM

With anyone hardly updating their profile, everyone must be 60 by now.

Don't get fooled by profiles with the age of 30.. {#emotions_dlg.laughing}

12/18/2022 7:13:23 AM

"....need to have toys" want to have toys inside you..used on 100 other people..

Interesting wish.

12/18/2022 12:45:58 AM

To each their own.

12/17/2022 11:11:19 AM

People always mention, as a like, they like a good book.

Why would any one read a bad book?


12/15/2022 7:34:32 AM

If you mention "no drama" you probably are not looking for a relation.

12/13/2022 11:24:23 AM

Are we always looking for a better person then we deserve?

12/11/2022 1:05:50 AM

Your chastity is not your punishment, it is mine. 

12/11/2022 12:05:59 AM

I am surprised that people write things in their profile, but can not explain it.

If you want slavery to be  "classy" at least know for yourself what that means. 

It all starts with understanding eachother., But if you don't understand yourself it kinda is useless. 

12/6/2022 7:07:23 AM

Funny how this is called a lifestyle, but no one seems to agree on how to live it.

( and that is even a good thing)

12/1/2022 12:45:17 PM

"I am not looking, I am just here 24/7"

11/27/2022 5:16:40 AM

Why do you seek here, if you are not sure about what you seek?


11/27/2022 5:14:53 AM

If you remove all the profiles you dont like, that don't fit or you just dislike.

How many will be left over..perhaps 1 or 2.

And also pretty unrealistic....selecting people just from words..isn't it?

10/29/2022 11:47:06 PM

When I started in bdsm many light years ago, I loved the "under protection of..." text on a girls  profile 

But now thinking back..I have to laugh. How can I protect some one online. 

Guess romance s reality quit a bit.

10/5/2022 11:39:07 AM

When people say "No online".

But they are searching online for ages.


Does that mean no one wants them in real life?


9/15/2022 11:56:43 PM

The online world killed interaction and communication.


People say something but are not communicating.

People are hearing but not listening.


There is no will to put energie in a friendship or relation.

It made people dull and emotionless.

9/11/2022 12:41:28 AM

I am always curious how people meet after being here on CS.

It is so important to express who you are and what you need else you might get more than wished for.

It is confusing ( to me) when people say I am a sub slave. Or saying I am submissive or kajira.

Sub, slave and kajira or 3 different things to me. To someone else they could be all the same.

The risk is that if you introduce yourself as kajira (a Gorean slave) you will meet other behavior from me than when you say Submissive.


We never read about this stuff. But it is so interesting. 

9/10/2022 12:58:31 PM

Are mail filters helping or are you still searching

9/9/2022 7:57:54 AM

Does experience enhace assholisme

9/7/2022 12:10:18 PM

Catagories Master,slave, Dom, sub...don't say much.  They are like cities, but you still have the districts, the neigborhouds, the streets..and the houses.

The human behind a slave or sub goes way deeper than the title. But after a few years in BDSm you know that..and it is still full of you meet different people over and over. I guess that is why experience doesn't always say much. Yes skills can be interesting for a whip or shibari....but for the person behind it "experience" everytime starts over and over. (even with the same person after several years).






9/5/2022 11:06:26 AM

Does experience mean, you fuck around a lot?

9/3/2022 1:03:26 PM

Do not complain, serve. 

8/29/2022 7:16:43 AM

A person should be really special if you want to micromanage them 24/7.

It is eassier said then done.  Especially when thinking with a hard cock or wet cunt.

8/28/2022 9:49:27 AM

If you want to be shared with others, go find the others.

8/27/2022 5:57:12 AM

Being a 24/7 slave is not easy. Far from it. A bitching Master with high demands...changing thoughts and ideas. You have to swallow it ( and other things). You have to follow or else you might get punished.

If you request total slavery...think about what you ask. Do not complain about pressure or no time..or "right now, doesn't fit".  Think about what you promisse and wrote.

Do not disappoint yoruself and your partner. And if soemthing wrong..communicate. We can not read minds ( we have other skills).

8/27/2022 5:22:10 AM

There is a difference in saying what you are and being what you are.

8/26/2022 2:04:40 AM

Lots of new profiles with pictures of famous people.

Google reversed picture search is your friend.

8/18/2022 9:19:44 AM

People seem to understand everyone and the world, but can not talk about themselves 

8/15/2022 12:55:15 PM

I wonder what makes this place so magical.

People complain they have been here before, but the assholes and stupids made them go away.

Yet they come back.  


I guess peole are assholes in general..we are just the better assholes.

8/7/2022 6:30:18 AM

Are you really your nickname? Or is it what you want or try to be.

8/1/2022 9:31:13 AM

It is important to understand why you are not taken.

7/30/2022 5:41:45 AM

If peoiple say they are smart or beautiful.

Does that make them attractive or do you want to walk away?

7/24/2022 9:47:06 AM
I like the hint a sub/slave gives when they say they do not love pain. You know what they will get.

7/21/2022 12:35:29 PM
Always let a person wait when he or she says they have no patience

7/17/2022 9:33:10 AM
== Results from == 100% Sadist 100% Dominant 100% Degrader 94% Master/Mistress 88% Rigger 85% Experimentalist 81% Owner 79% Brat tamer 73% Primal (Hunter) 33% Submissive 29% Vanilla 20% Exhibitionist 16% Non-monogamist 13% Daddy/Mommy 11% Voyeur 0% Masochist 0% Boy/Girl 0% Brat 0% Pet 0% Primal (Prey) 0% Degradee 0% Rope bunny 0% Slave 0% Switch 0% Ageplayer

7/17/2022 4:58:48 AM
If everyone is searching..does that mean there is no one to find

7/16/2022 4:51:37 AM
I don't like fantasies that stay fantasies.

7/9/2022 12:50:27 PM
Do you tell your dirtiest wishes on the first date? People do like honesty.

7/2/2022 11:02:34 AM
change to profiel approved in 10 minutes max. Thank you CS

6/26/2022 3:18:08 AM

It seems in the online world friendliness is more exotic then extreme sexual perversity

6/12/2022 8:08:38 AM

Did the covid years make people even more a-hole-ish?

6/12/2022 7:21:17 AM

" I do not expect anything from this place" 

Then why spend your precious time on here. Just wondering.

Because it says more about you then the " place" 

6/11/2022 6:37:08 AM

do you fall for the same type over and over? pretty stupid not

5/26/2022 5:15:52 AM

Somehow pictures with a great smile make my day better.

KInda I do like tears.

5/26/2022 5:10:19 AM

decency doesn't exist online..because hidden we are superior

5/22/2022 12:59:35 PM

I love profiles that say..this and that go into the bulk folder.

Especialy when they are are looking for 100 years now  :D

Seems the filter works.


But then again..respect for their patience.

5/15/2022 3:41:03 AM

saydates - dating for the modern world.

I guess it was in 1900. 

5/14/2022 7:25:02 AM

A slave should never long for punishment.

Punishment is something you get when you fail. And your purpose is to please, not to fail.

If you mean you like pain...say so. 

5/14/2022 6:04:36 AM

I guess I have to focus on tattoos. Porn stars are full of them.

5/14/2022 3:35:12 AM

You join a community to feel at home, to discover the judgement is even bigger inside.

5/11/2022 10:14:54 AM

Any one that has hai fever as a fetish or kink?

5/11/2022 10:08:45 AM

Vanilla people are sometimes more loyal and kinkier than the kink people.

Don't only look in the lifestyle for might be disappointed later..if you didn't fish in the big ocean.

5/11/2022 10:06:20 AM

(not) Funny how some Doms show their young subs naked on here, but do not show their own face.

How responsible.

5/8/2022 5:58:12 AM

you are not a slave when you do sessions

5/3/2022 11:37:07 AM

I don't own and control a slave with equipment and toys.

I use my mind, hands and sometimes my belt.

5/2/2022 11:35:43 AM

Does your taste for music reflect in the way you do BDSM?

5/2/2022 10:07:55 AM

Dear CS,


can I have a filter that selects profiles that are Pro, True and Real?


And one for smiling people. 

5/2/2022 10:07:26 AM

How do you maintain a relation when you can not maintain communication

5/1/2022 11:23:07 AM

I don't block people. They just do not deserve the attention

5/1/2022 1:14:40 AM

reminder for myself:  spell check

5/1/2022 1:13:49 AM

Don't trust people on words, but on deeds

5/1/2022 1:11:52 AM

why does time go so fast lately

4/27/2022 3:43:02 AM

Please update your profiles.

Unexperienced for 20 years uhmm..hopeless. GIve up if you can not learn.

Being 20 for 6 years in a row...nice..but no

4/24/2022 2:11:48 AM

I don't like profiles that read liek a CV or a superhero description

4/23/2022 7:27:01 AM

I like broken toys

4/21/2022 1:26:12 PM

Do you think people in the lifestyle are nicer or worse than vanilla people? 


I think they feel better and special..making them worse..

4/21/2022 1:22:38 PM

The reader will experience you different from what you have written in your profile.

4/19/2022 12:28:24 PM

so many methods to communicate, so few that can communicate

4/19/2022 12:27:12 PM

finished your chocolate eggs?

4/15/2022 8:55:37 AM

yes..nice butt..but actually I want your soul

4/15/2022 4:17:58 AM

I like females in dresses and skirts.

4/9/2022 5:24:11 AM

Please do not contact me if you can not maintain a friendship or communication.

4/8/2022 10:59:43 AM

Don't trust words like real, good and true.

People who are, can show it.

4/8/2022 10:58:05 AM

we often promise more then we can deliver

4/2/2022 5:59:11 AM

You can write what ever you want in your profile. If the other think differently about you, it doesn't matter

3/26/2022 9:39:01 AM

Females can you keep your cocks in your pants on the pictures.

3/24/2022 1:19:55 PM

As a slave your porfile can be full of wishes and fantasies. But be about what slaves are.

Once collared, all your lists do not count. You serve. No serve..or get punished.

Perhaps you are a sub ..that is ok. But do not take the title slave lightly

3/19/2022 1:21:58 PM

Are you special, because others are less?

3/13/2022 4:11:56 AM

I have to laugh always when people have in their profile " If I do not answer we do not fit ".

20 years later, they are still searching on here.

Time for some self evaluation and adjusting.

3/6/2022 10:47:37 AM

Natural submissive or Dominant...what does that mean.

Do you suck random people in the supermarket..or whip them?

2/22/2022 12:11:43 PM

It is interesting how people use the word " real", but can not answer if they are " real" themselves.

2/18/2022 8:57:32 AM

So you are very young slave and want to be locked up in a cellar for the rest of your live.

Did you ever read your own profile?

2/17/2022 10:40:35 AM

If you enjoy punishment, you never have been punished.

2/15/2022 11:50:52 AM

We are so special....that no one fits as a good partner.

So we keep searching

and searching

and searching




sucks so much that no one is as special.

2/13/2022 3:37:34 AM

Slave or should communicate and be proactive to eachother.

2/12/2022 10:43:26 AM

I am not supprised communication is missing in many lists

2/12/2022 4:10:16 AM

I come here to often.

I can predict which picture belongs to which name.

1/29/2022 5:27:35 AM

Because I do not send you dick pics, doesn't mean I am a female pretending to be a dude.

1/22/2022 8:03:38 AM

Cleaner my block and hidden list 

Didn't know CS had so many members.

1/22/2022 7:13:36 AM

BDSM must be a dream for shrinks.

Daddies and adult baby girls...fat females who call themselves pigs and worthless.

There is space for every one.


I hope someday we can read the stories behind the fetish.

1/22/2022 7:07:52 AM

I wonder why dommes show more nudity then slaves or subs.

Must be because it is part of their job.

1/18/2022 11:52:57 AM

Are you afraid of what you might find?

1/15/2022 10:29:59 AM

so many peopel online on saterday evening...horny or lonely?

1/8/2022 4:07:59 AM

covid and bdsm are not good partners

1/6/2022 11:49:54 AM different is this fresh new year till now?

1/2/2022 5:33:29 AM

{#emotions_dlg.jumping} it took only 2 hours to get my new profiel text approved ...thank you CS

12/31/2021 1:58:32 PM

have a good new year A/all

12/31/2021 8:36:26 AM

It seems the narcists are searching for ever.

12/26/2021 12:17:41 PM

All people are beautiful in one way or an other. If I do not see it, some one else will.

12/25/2021 1:39:15 AM

no 50 shades please. I prefer black and white with the glow of deep red fire.

12/24/2021 2:21:14 PM

perv is like is in the eye of the beholder

12/24/2021 1:42:33 PM

I see a lot of slaves calling themselves slut.

That is fine..but being a slave takes way more.

12/22/2021 11:15:18 AM

happy holidays to the kind people

12/12/2021 2:40:16 AM

BDSM people are so elite, they can not even respond to a compliment.

12/9/2021 10:47:05 AM

it seems in bdsm no one agrees how to do bdsm

12/5/2021 8:23:12 AM

who learns better...the new or the experienced?

12/5/2021 7:10:23 AM

I always reply. It might be short, but I refuse to be an online asshole who can not answer people who try to contact you in a decent way.

It is after all a community...not a shades of grey dating site.

11/30/2021 10:26:19 AM

Fine dining before or after anal?

11/30/2021 10:10:02 AM

How much are we really of our profile

11/27/2021 3:53:18 AM

Lot of girls from eastern europe..that are single with kids.

Have seen that before in the past.

11/27/2021 3:52:20 AM

The word "real" is used mostly to look better then others.

Instead of working hard to be better yourself, you blame others for being less. Interesting how that works.


11/24/2021 1:15:03 PM

Funny how people think a conversation is a one way action.

Then when you do not talk anymore..ask if you are not interested anymore.

11/24/2021 1:14:22 PM

after I saw your tits, I emmediately thought about ' fine dinning" 

11/24/2021 9:18:25 AM

only the people you agree with are real

11/20/2021 11:08:48 AM

" just looking for friends" 

shows pictures of tits, spread cunt and toys.

Just liek we did at school when we looked for friends


11/12/2021 2:04:07 AM

Remember...intelligent people do not need to mention they are intelligent.

They mean they practice narcissism.

11/10/2021 9:22:59 AM

if you describe yourself as perfect, you will sooner fail and disappoint

11/1/2021 12:05:25 PM



Illusory superiority


10/29/2021 5:02:03 AM

for those that mix up slave and sub all the time and contact me


sub> you can have a whole list of wishes and don'ts

slave>>> your list should be very very short, close to non existent

kajira>>>>>throw your list away...

10/27/2021 12:33:41 PM

A Master is a dominant.

A dominant is not always a Master.

10/23/2021 12:58:24 PM

"by day I am a professional"


by night batman?

10/21/2021 5:30:47 AM

you can read in the profile that someone is here for attention or to really serve

10/21/2021 2:36:16 AM

I really wonder if peopel understand what they ask or look for.

I know fantasies make your cock hard and cunt wet...but torture and being locked up 24/7 for the rest of your crazy

10/19/2021 11:10:09 PM

Funny how times change.


In the past people showed their face on here..and it took months before you saw a breast.

Now people show their toy filled asses, their pierced tits en spread cunts....and it takes ages to see a face

10/19/2021 12:18:13 PM

To not ruin my lovely compact profile text....I put some things here;


-I prefer those who are born female. 

-I am not looking..I prefer to have friends or just capture a slave.

-Not interested in littles and those who look for a daddy. It is not my thing.

-If an animal has been inside you, please move along.

-If you are here to roleplay..I am not the one to talk too.

-If you want to talk about opinions/views etc..that is fine. I reply

-If you have a question..just shoot

-If you are so special, you wouldn't be looking online for a partner ( and not for all those years)

-Netherlands is the country, Amsterdam is just a city. And the Dutch live in the Netherlands...not in Germany

10/19/2021 12:04:43 PM

Wow they are back. The best way to learn about people instead of reading their fantasy profiles about how good and special they are.


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