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Hetero Male Dominant, 42,  Edmonton, Canada
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I’ve always been into it in fantasy going way back, and in practice taking what I could, playing around the edges of vanilla relationships. What I’ve come to realize about Myself is that I cannot be happy without a strong D/s, s/m element in My lover. I feed to deeply with it for Me to try to patch together a relationship, no matter how loving, without having it. So, realizing that I got involved. Started on a path to become the kind of Man who can be trusted to Top a woman cleanly and with passion, and tried to find partners for whom My roles, fantasies, My Dominant and sadistic nature is not an undesirable or merely tolerated inconvenience, but an asset, something prized and sought. The Master is an artist , His sub the clay, with the whip He will shape her , with humility He will mold her, Some will admire her, But only the Master, not even the sub, will know her true beauty, for her true beauty lies in her love for her Master.










Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 11"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:


 Hair Pulling


 Anal Play


 Breast Play


 Canes and Crops







 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Denial


 Horror Movies


 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community

 Foot Worship

 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage


 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 Comedy Shows

 Online Chatrooms


 Body Worship

 Massage (Giving)

 Curious About:

 Electrical Play

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