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Hetero Male Master, 31,  Toronto Canada, Canada
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 Toronto Canada 


 5' 10"

 175 lbs






Actively Seeking:

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 Breast Binding/Play



 Obedience Training

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 Canes and Crops


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 Curious About:


 Medical Play

Just to keep it short. Currently looking for a submissive playmate, maybe more. Well see what happens I guess. I have over 10 years experience. Into bondage, toys, discipline, among many other things. Im always safe, caring respectful. Maybe Ill add more info later. If you would like to know more, just ask.

Below is a Journal Entry from a sub I recently let go.

The days leading up to Friday night were nerve racking, to put it lightly. Not only did I have a terrible week at work but everyone living in my house was sick. The possibility of showing up looking sick, tired and totally pissed off was not how I wanted our first introduction to go. On the other hand, the anticipation building up over the week kept me pretty upbeat, and definitely horny. I re-read the emails we sent back and forth and I found myself turned on, even at work. I was so excited that I ended up masturbating a few times each night just to get myself to fall asleep. I couldnt wait for Friday and neither could my body. For once I would not have to be the sexually aggressive one and the thought of being used, bound and toyed with excited me way more than I ever thought. The days leading up to that night were full of preparation. I got my hair cut, shaved (unsuccessfully with a disposable razor lesson learnt) and mentally prepared myself for what was to come. Did I like pain? Would I like to be completely dominated? I had never been hit before, would this night be a failure? I woke up Friday morning extra early so that I could pack an overnight bag and shower before leaving the house. I was lucky that Friday was an easy day. My boss left early which meant that I didnt have any eyes looking. I spent most of the afternoon daydreaming about what was going to happen. At one point I got up and went to the washroom. I was so turned on I thought about masturbating in the stall. After a bit of internal consideration I decided against it as I wanted to let it build until I saw him. When I went back to my desk I thought about how much I enjoyed being told what to do. This being in reference to the text message he sent were I was told to bring an overnight bag that we would be going for breakfast and that I was to be shaved. It was never a suggestion but a straight forward demand. Half an hour before my work day ended I went to the washroom again to change and put on some makeup. I began to think maybe he wouldnt even like me, maybe Im not his type. Im clearly not in the best shape of my life but that could be easily changed. I really wanted to impress him. After getting all dressed up and receiving a text from him I decided that I wanted to meet him at the hotel. I could barely wait. I called a cab and it seemed like an eternity came and went before it arrived. The cab driver was a complete moron with terrible diction and people skills. He wouldnt even drop me of at the door. Why did I wear boots with a heel? It wasnt really weather appropriate. I figured he may appreciate the gesture nonetheless. I got really nervous as I got into the elevator, luckily for me a gentleman with a bull dog got in with me and I bent down to play with the dog. I got out of the elevator and made my way down the hallway. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The picture I had seen of him was a side profile which did not give away too much and left a lot to the imagination. When he opened the door I was pleasantly surprised, He seemed well kept and had a nice smile. I then remembered why I was there and walked right in. I think I was shaking slightly and I was hoping he didnt notice. I took my jacket off and put it over the chair. When we sat down on the couch I definitely felt his eyes on me. I couldnt relax, i felt as though he was judging me and I didnt know what to say. When he asked me to take my clothes off I hesitated at first not knowing if I should do a sexy dance like strip or just take my clothes off. I chose the latter. I could tell he was taking it slow as he showed a great deal of control. Not knowing where my limits were he took it one step at a time. Before I had stripped he asked me to lie over his knees with my clothes on. I wished they were off. He began to caress me and slap my ass. I surprisingly didnt mind it at all. He rubbed my pussy and I wished that I had at least taken my tights off they were getting in the way. He told me that I was to respond to him as sir and again I obliged. I loved when he put his fingers in me and rubbed my clit. I rubbed the outside of his jeans and I asked him if I could take off his pants. I was hoping that I could impress him with my oral skills. He then asked me to suck on his balls, something I had never done before. I loved being on my knees in front of him and I liked seeing him pleased when i Sucked his balls and sucked on his cock. The next thing he did was still one of my favourite. He tied me up in rope and it rubbed my clit ever so slightly. I know in my mind Ive dreamt about being tied up and even hoisted up. At one point he made me spread my arms and legs and tied them to the edges of the door frame. With a spreader between my legs and vibrator in my pussy and rope around me I was very much turned on. He took his time with everything not rushing a single thing. I loved being blind folded. I enjoyed both the crop and the flogging especially the smaller one. It stung more and the pain quickly turned to pleasure. When he put his finger in me I nearly came. I really appreciated the fact that he cared to check and make sure my hands were not losing circulation and that I was okay. I was so eager to please him I would let him do anything. I was very nervous when we got to the bed and he brought out a but plug. I had never had anything in my ass before and I was nervous that something would go wrong. He bound my wrists and ankles at one point and fucked me with the but plug in. My first double penetration. I loved that too. I had too many orgasms to count. At another point in the night he put me face down on the bed and tied my extremities down so that I was like a starfish on the bed. My pussy was open and my ass in the air. He blind folded me and left me with a vibrator to enjoy myself. He changed the vibrations slightly with a remote and went to get a drink. Although he didnt take too long I wanted him to fuck me so bad. We took a break and ate food drank wine and watch south park. All in all a great combination. He fondled my pussy some more and I loved it. When we finally went to bed I passed out right away and didnt wake up till the morning. That morning he taught me different commands, I got down on my knees, spread my legs, got on all fours and presented to him just like he told me to. On the way to breakfast he talked about getting me a collar which made me more excited. I am so eager to learn more that even as I type this I am getting horny. We talked about doing it outside, with other people and I knew that this lifestyle is what I wanted. I want him to go harder on me I think I can take it. I know I want to be a good girl and not disobey him. I dont want to sit in a corner without having him touch me it would be torture. The next night out cant come any sooner.

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