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Bisexual Female Slave, 46,  Tampa, Florida
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Flame777 - slave

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 Female Slave



 5' 2"

 130 lbs






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Dominant Male

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 Art Galleries (Beginner)

 Humiliation (Expert)


 Needle Play (Beginner)

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 Masks (On Partner)


 Accounting Professional

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she who offers no resistance becomes irresistable......   

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Journal Entries:
2/11/2012 3:31:02 PM

Gazing at her naked body huddled in the darkness.. face to the corner.. on hunches.. hands on thighs.. palms upward... head down on chest... His hand comes from the darkness.. running His fingers along her wounds....testing her will to hold to His touch... pressing harder until His fingers have torn her wounds open... pressing with one hand He lifts her head from her chest.. dragging her face upwards to gaze into His eyes..pushing deeper into her wound.. "Does cunt like this?" He demands..His fingers buried deep within the muscle.... blood ozing down her... she whimpers in response....He clutches at her pulling her bodily from her corner... He points to the base of her corner... "Nose down.... ass up... cunt" He whispers close to her ear... releasing her bloodied wound.. she scurries into position... forehead to corner.. nose to floor.. ass up... He licks His fingers as He begins to loosen His belt...  pulling it off.. doubling the belt in two....He swings His arm high......

2/7/2012 7:20:51 PM

gazes out into the darkness.. knowing that He is there waiting for her to turn from her exile.... from the darkness within that holds her to her place.. the last command that she recieved ... knowing that if she doesn't follow His every demand she will be punished beyond what He has done before to her... turning back to her prison... buried deep within her soul His command rings true... "Kneel to the whip and kennel".... she turns her head into her prison.. lowering her chin to her chest... naked.. knees spread... palms upward on the tops of her thighs......awaiting Him .....

1/27/2012 6:32:52 AM

she has huddled in the darkness for 16 months.. waiting for His return.. grieving for her loss... she hears a rustling in the depths of the darkness.... smells Him...slowly girl lifts her head to gaze outward under lower eyelids... eyes dilating....breath quickening.. heart pounding.. goosebumps rising along her spine.... she sees a large strong hand reach for her from the darkness... tempting her.. calling to her wounded soul... He who can make her whole again.... waits...

11/2/2011 8:43:27 AM

closed head injury... sprained back... sprained neck.. contusions from knees to neck... just what i needed.... thanks

11/1/2011 6:21:51 AM

the back door to her house has been unlocked waiting on Him to take her... she wonders how long she should continue to expose herself to others knowing that she goes to kennel every night open to whom ever may find her resting place.....

10/29/2011 9:41:56 AM

girl has decided to dress as herself tonight... a gartered and hosed Red Silk Kajira... proudly displaying her kajira tattoo... the flame to His Fire...... 777

10/28/2011 9:21:01 AM

<<<< has been invited to the Halloween party at Master's Quest tomorrow night... wonders if she dares to go....

10/25/2011 5:49:48 PM

this is the night twenty years ago that her father choose to leave her life.... she now understands the depth of his pain which lead him to this decision.... she understands how her body can hurt on an every minute basis..she understands what her father went through and how hard a decision to leave was... for she too feels pain everyday not from pleasure but from her body slowly ebbing away.... she misses him so much... as much as she misses the Oone... the only Oone in her life that made her whole.... for he loved her as her father loved her.. the only way true love should be unconditionally.... she misses the safety of her father's arms... the security of knowing that he was always there for her.... the same as she misses Him for in her mind He is the lifeline to the real world... she doesn't exist without Him... she can't breathe without His breath in her body... the pain of the loss of both of them tears at her soul... bleeding deep within her being... wondering when her time will come... so the pain will stop......

10/18/2011 7:10:37 PM

gonna take a break... almost died tonight on the Bayside Bridge... those that I am talking too You know where to find me... Tal

10/18/2011 8:30:07 AM

she feels Him deep within her soul... He is her Master.. her Mate... her Lover... her Best Friend and she owes her life to Him... Literally... He is her other half... He is her reason for being.... she knows how He feels... she waits to fulfill His needs... and to once again give Him the unconditional love that He needs and craves.. He knows this of her.. He knows that He is safe to be Himself with her... as deep as the depths of His anger and depravatiion she will travel by His side.. to comfort.. to console.. to be used by Him to soothe His soul... she loves Him... and waits for Him.......... her Master.......

10/14/2011 1:29:36 PM

Master is coming... all is in place.... everything that Wwe have worked for.... she waits with a quivering cunt for His arrival... back to His Home... His Homestone... His Dungeon.... All of His things are ready... awaiting His use... for He knows what to do... and she will happily do it... it is as He wishes.. because His wishes are all that she knows... she has no wishes of her own... just to unconditionally follow His desires... needs... wants... He knows that is how it is between Him and her... He has trained her well to serve His every whim..... she smiles knowing that He will be coming Home.... knowing that she will be marked as only He can mark her.... she shivers in anticipation...

9/19/2011 3:25:07 PM

she knows that she needs His pain.. she knows that she craves His possession... she knows she is drawn to all that is evil in Him.... she knows His darkness is what possesses her... pulling to her.. from the depths of her being.. that only He has the power to release her... He has the key to unlock her wanton desires... she needs to give herself to Him.. as she needs to breathe.. she is not whole without His deepest darkest desires.. she needs to absorb His pain and welcome ALL that He does to her.. she is His personal cum dump.. to be used as He sees fit... she can not find her release without His ungodly desires... she dreams of when He comes to her again... when He reaches out of the darkness that is His Mistress to attack her with anything that He craves.... she will happily take all of His abuse.... His use is her destiny....   her love for Him her prison........ Master please come for her........

8/21/2011 5:59:38 AM

she huddles in the darkness... yearning for her place.. searching for the One who will want her.... knowing that she is unwanted .... until the beast consumes Him and draws Him to her... alone she waits.... wondering why she is not deserving to belong with Him for all times... why is she disposable until the beast raises it's head searching for her... opening it's eyes.. licking it's lips.. the beast reaches for her throat dragging her from the darkness into the light of it's pain... screaming in agony... as it's hands close around her throat.. shutting off her screams while lifting her off her feet.. raising her to His eyes... as He begins lashing out His fury on her bare skin... marking her from her shoulders to her ankles... reminding her of her place... to be consumed in His fury.. His need... His want.. His dark desire...  tormented mentally when alone... bloody.. used... and beaten when with Him.....  her soul, mind, body.... tormented

8/1/2011 8:09:45 PM

In offering no resistance she wonders if the doors should be unlocked .... offering herself.. to the darkness that will enter to consume her......

6/30/2011 9:27:30 PM

He told her that He would always be there in the recesses of her mind... continually controlling her .. demanding that no other EVER touch, taste or fuck His cunt...she knows.. she waits... tremoring within her skin...knowing that He is out there and He is going to punish her for getting away from Him... hiding in plain site.. found in the open.. He smells her scent... knows that she is near.. He begins to hunt for His cunt... His cunt to use... His cunt to command.. He rages internally clenching His fists with the need to feel her throat under His fingers as He squeezes.... He searches.. the cunt is near... looking in places she would hide... she backs into the corner... her heart beating wildly in her chest... "cunt.,.. cunt... cunt" chants through her mind as He nears... whimpering she bolts from her hiding place to run... run as fast as she can... as she clears the building His hand snakes out and snatches her back to Him by her hair... pulling her off her feet into the air by the roots... He snatches her by the throat and just glares into her eyes... "Cunt" He hisses...she sees blood lust, torture, and the promise if she does not submit to His every want she will not survive.... He drags her by the hair into a building finding His way to the back wall where to her horror she is to be tied spreadeagle and shackled to the wall... she begins to scream and kick... He punches her in the face to subdue her as He lashes her to the restraints and begins lifting her off of the floor and to begin His sadistic torture to claim what has ALWAYS been His property...

6/26/2011 4:37:20 PM

long ago in the recesses of her mind she remembers a desire to be completely overtaken, used, and subjecticated by her nightmares.... waiting.... late into the night...  still... quite... wondering if this is the night the terror becomes reality..... taking from her.... everything.... mind... body.. heart and soul.......

6/19/2011 4:53:03 PM

As of today I will be on my own for the next eight weeks.... time to play and explore the dangerous side ..... here I cum.... wegs

5/13/2011 8:45:50 AM

Hello to my Friends... just a note to let You all know that I am not ignoring anyone... had 22 shots in my head on wednesday.... so if you see that your mail/messages have been read but not responded to, it's not from rudeness... just not able to engage for a couple of days... have a great weekend.. hugs and kisses to all... Flame

4/27/2011 10:58:31 AM

she squats in the corner, pushing herself into the wall, the concrete tearing into the swollen brusied bloodied flesh on her back, knowing she is hurting herself, but hearing them coming toward her in the darkness, talking amoung themselves of what they plan to do to her, once they find her, for they know she is here, hidden, unprotected, beaten, used, defenseless.... closer.... closer.... she begins to wimper in terror.... to scream for Him in her mind... as hands reach out of the darkness...stealing her away from His protection....

4/18/2011 10:02:40 AM

she squats in her place within His darkness, nude, legs open, mons, lips hanging.... hands behind her back... head bowed... awaiting to be summoned again for His use.....

4/14/2011 8:56:06 PM

she begins to feel the darkness pulling at her.. centered on her soul... unrelenting pulling...back into the darkness where release can be found... tormenting her with the knowledge that what she seeks/needs isn't in the light... but hidden within the deepest parts of her soul...lurking... waiting with infinite patience... for that one moment in time where she offers herself to the one holding the darkness within His soul... combining the two into the depths of pain, pleasure and ultimately everything... complete submission to His darkest desires.. wanting His pain to be her pain... offering her body for Him to achieve His release ..... using her body at His will... taking ... taking... more from her than she ever realized... pulling away... leaving her unfulfilled... she pants with her need... He laughs at her... "You will learn your place on your knees at my feet and come when called bitch"... dropping to the ground on all fours... head down on the floor, begging...ass up... she offers herself for His darkest use........

11/30/2010 7:37:18 AM
It has been a long time since girl has written here...   life has changed.. time has moved forward, and girl is at a crossroads in her life.... now being offered the most exquisite opportunity's from New Friends.. she wonders which way should she go.... to the left the most gorgeous, muscular, sensual Dominant Master she has ever cum across... to the right a serious, intense, strict, soul searching Dominant Master offering everything.... and in front of her.. Her own natural ability to Dominate, the rush of power that soars through Her blood.... can she still be a Red Silk Slave... or does She strip off Her silks to rise naked to Dominate and walk amoung the True Free?  

1/27/2009 2:55:16 PM
It was suppose to have been the best night of her life.. the new year...  to new beginnings.. but it turned into the night of hell... more hurtful than anything she had experienced before... opening the doors of her mind to see .. truly see what she was loosing and that He did not care... His rage was His downfall.. His hatred of His love for her and her unconditional love for Him.... no matter what she did.. how she acted... how much she proved daily how He was truly loved and cared for.. He could not believe it.. No One had truly loved Him until her.. and New Years Eve is when she was destroyed because of her unending love for Him....her soulmate, her lover, her best friend...

4/18/2008 7:53:27 PM
I am upright and breathing... whew.. does that feel good...  thank You to Aall who were kind enough to send well wishes to Me and I greatly appreciate Aall who care about Me.... thanks


3/25/2008 10:23:05 AM

this is a note to the friends of Flame... on  March 11th... Flame suffered a stroke... she is in good medical care and with hope and time will recover.. thank Yyou to all who have befriended her...... Yyour friendship means a lot to her....


12/20/2007 9:19:17 PM
she is savagedly pulled backwards by her long hair from the isolation of her corner, lifted onto her toes, hands tied above her head to a ring in the ceiling, holding her breath, clinching her eyes shut, waiting for permission to open her eyes and that moment to glimpse at Master again, it's been so long, she has waited for Him it seems like forever, she slowly inhales the scent of her anticipation and sexual awareness combined with His scent as she is turned until she is finally facing Master, feeling His breath caress her face, fingers drawing a path from her captured and bound hands slowly down her taunt body until she is commanded to open her eyes to gaze upon Him, as her vision adjusts to the dimness, and she continues to feel His fingers trace downward towards her wet trembling sex, the moment she gazes into His eyes, He plunges His fist deep into her wet mons and begins to laugh at her, she throws her head back and opens her mouth to scream, blood curdling screams, for this is her true nightmare, it is the Other who has come to claim her, not her Master and she would rather die than submit...   

12/2/2007 4:53:37 PM
her out-spread taunt fingertips feel the presence.. breathing in the darkness, watching her with piercing eyes, wondering what she will taste like, the texture of her on the tongue, the suppleness of her muscles, the warmth of her skin, knowing of the control she has within her body that has only been experienced by a chosen few, intently advancing forward toward the girl, tears line her face, breasts heave with every breath, curled into the corner like a frightened animal, head cocked, nostrils flaring the presence takes in her scent, unique, sweet, vanilla, yet vanilla she is not, her blood coarses with the need to be possessed, as His blood coarses within Him with the need to possess her and only her.. advancing upon her, feeling Himself swell to full extension with each step, cursing Himself for His reaction to her and promising Himself that she will pay greatly for making Him need her...His alone ... His lil one

11/12/2007 7:53:35 PM
sobbing into the darkness of her soul... rocking herself for comfort, realizing the tears flowing down her face are mixed with blood,  her life ebbing away with her tears, as she reaches out into the darkness, for the darkness He has taught her to crave and that ONLY He can give, head turned away, body curled, hand cluctching into nothiness hoping for once that He will truly feel her love.. the oneness that only the two of them create... knowing she can no longer go on without Him.. because without Him there is no reason for living.. He is her life, He is her soul, He is her love, He is her reason for being.. He is her Master.....    

11/12/2007 7:01:35 AM
To Aall... thank Yyou for Yyour messages and offlines... I just wanted to post a note to those who have not received a response from Me.... I am having serious health issues and have limited time on the computer because of it... but I promise Everyone that I will try to respond to My mail and wonderful messages from My friends.. thank You for Your understanding... Your friend in Bondage and Dominance...

kisses and hugs,


10/22/2007 8:36:55 PM
she waits with head bowed.. back curled... legs cramped facing the cold concrete corner.. yearning for the only One in her life to have touched her soul.. to warm her to the very depths of her being... to have given her the glimpse of true love..... shivering and praying that for a while she was the one... wanting to have been that one for Him for all eternity.. she curls deeper into herself as the cold overcomes her.. knowing now that the feelings of ending are closer than she knew.. her time is running out... and the one that makes her complete is gone..  

it's a long time.... eternity....  

heart and soul...... my Master  

10/16/2007 8:05:51 AM
To Aall Masters/Domme's:

The 7 pillars of Dominance

  An article by: J. Mikael Togneri  

The topic of experience often comes up when discussing BDSM. Experience is the sum-total of everything we have learned in a given field, and everything that we will learn in future. I was born dominant and actively entered this lifestyle when I was seventeen, over two decades ago. I find myself today at the extreme "hard-line" end of the BDSM spectrum, a minority within a minority. Do I have experience? Yes. Do I hold strong views? Certainly - even controversial ones. Do I have much still to learn? Of course. Everyone does. What I have learned thus far can be summed up as follows:

-A dominant is a ruler, but never a tyrant. But to rule requires understanding, and understanding requires humility.
- A dominant has pride, but never arrogance. But pride requires dignity, and dignity requires humility.
- A dominant commands respect, but never fear. But respect requires serenity, and serenity requires humility.
- A dominant employs strength, but never force. But strength requires knowledge, and knowledge requires humility.
- A dominant criticizes, but never derides. But criticism requires insight, and insight requires humility.
- A dominant receives, but never takes. But receiving requires giving, and giving requires humility.
- A dominant completes, but never tries to alter. But to complete one must be able to see what is there, not what is missing, and this most of all requires humility.


In short, to use an archaic phrase, noblesses oblige.

If a dominant is the center of a submissive's universe, it is because she thinks so, not because he does. No one is respected, let alone obeyed, just because. The truth of the matter is that owning is at least as much work as being owned.

9/28/2007 5:47:14 AM
Naked, hands tied above her head, toes barely touching the ground, body extended to it's fullest, taunt with anticipation, she pants, waiting, knowing beyond a doubt that He is here, in the darkness, waiting also, for that single moment when she releases her hold on the present, to give Him the ulimate gift of her surrender, and when she lowers her head to her quivering chest, He strikes, hard, swiftly, the crackling of the whip, tongues of fire caress her flesh from shoulder to thighs, bolts of lightining sear the inside of her eyes, body arching away from the flames of pain, only opening herself wider for His ultimate domination, again and again He strikes, until she is sobbing, begging Him for release, He lowers His arm, laughs, runs His gloved finger down her spine as He lifts her hips and spreading her to receive His Mastery, His power, His strenght, His seed.. she pants, a quivering mass of pain, waiting finally for His consumption, He takes what is His and His alone, her reddened, hot, swelling ass, she screams in pain, in fustration, in desires not fulfilled as He repeatedly slams Himself into the depths of her.. laughing knowing His seed is what she craves, as He swells to fill her, He grasps her hips, lifts her off of the ground and buries Himself into her dark depths to explode into a thousand shards of spinning light..... knowing He is her Master.. and she is nothing... until He tells her what she is...  

9/25/2007 10:47:21 AM
He branded her with tongue, hands, whips and floggers, searing her with the mark of a lover who knew her at her most vulnerable, knew her in the wild passionate soaring of her need... a need that leads to the darkest desires of passion that one could possess and found only between a chosen few... between a Master and slave..... 

"Quod me nutrit... me destruit"

"What nourishes me... destroys me..."

9/24/2007 9:14:27 AM
she waited and hoped crouched in the corner
a corner that only He would know to find
a corner where she had hidden herself forever
a corner so dark it blended with her desires
a corner so bare it opened her soul to Him
a corner that offered no solace
a corner where her mind wandered
a corner where her desires were founded
a corner she left when coaxed by Him
a corner she returns to for eternity 
a corner to hide from His pain

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