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Pan Male Slave, 54,  West Midlands, United Kingdom
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I am the property of Miss Filth pet slave to MissFilth and Sir. I answer to my given name slut My mind and body are controlled by Miss Filth. Any contact with me must be made through my Mistress. I am currently being trained as her filthy no limit slut










Last Online:


 Male Slave

 West Midlands 

 United Kingdom

 5' 6"






Actively Seeking:

Domme/Dom Couples

 Lives For:



 Body Worship


 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops



 Genital Punishment


 Hair Pulling




 Masks (Wearing)

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish

 Sensory Deprivation

 Spanking (Beginner)

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)


 Wax play



 Anal Play (Beginner)


 Corner Time


 Foot Worship

 Maid/Butler Service

 Plastic Wrap



 Public Play

 Vibrators (Beginner)



 Curious About:

 Gas Masks

 Knife Play

 Needle Play

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Journal Entries:
5/25/2012 3:22:37 AM

The bond between myself and Miss Filth is stronger and stronger.

She is owns and totally controls me..

Our real session this week are wonderful, better and better every time.


I belong to Miss Filth and always will.



5/4/2012 1:21:27 AM

This weeks session with Mistress was amazing.  I am so happy to be the property of Miss Filth. She is so beautiful, and I am so pleased to be under her.   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



4/14/2012 2:49:29 AM

Thank you Mistress for a wonderful session yesterday.

My nipples are still painful and i am such a happy slave.

Thank you so much for the food and mouth is forever open for you..


 your obedient slut xxx

4/4/2012 4:41:52 AM

I am so happy to be the property of Miss Filth. I adore her and spend as much time as possible with her.  I have become her piss slut and pet.  currently doing anal training and Miss will check on my progress next week.

A big thank you to Miss Filth, Sir and Miss Vicky for giving me the opportunity to prove myself as a true slave...

3/22/2012 10:23:32 AM

Anal training going well.  held butt plug in for two hours today.


Hope it pleases Mistress.

3/9/2012 7:30:00 AM

Today my anal training started.  I am /was a anal virgin..


5"  strap on dido was incerted into my tight ass, Mistress was kind enough to let me use lube.   It stayed inside me for over 20 mins.


Then after a brief rest, it was put back in place and worked hard until I did cum.

So much cum in my hand, then ordered by Mistress to lick my hand clean.


Thank you so much Miss Filth.  xxxxx

2/10/2012 5:39:52 AM

Another Task today for Miss Filth,   Told to pee myself again and sit in wet clothes for 15 mins.  Then strip naked, not a difficult task you may think,  but it is sub zero temperatures today. sat for another 15 mins on garden wall,  my ass froze.

As a gift from Mistress i was allowed to cum over her photo, first cum for a week.


Thank you Miss Filth,  I am yours  xxxx

2/9/2012 2:25:49 AM

So cold here at the moment in the UK, but I did have to do a task for Miss Filth yesterday.

Go outdoors in only t shirt and jeans and pee myself. The warm piss felt good, but I was  standing , so it flowed down my left leg. I should have sat on the garden walk and felt the piss all around my cock and ass.   I stayed outdoors for almost an hour, freezing cold, the piss soon  felt cold too..  I felt humilated, but happy to please Mistress.... x

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