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Pan Female Dominant, 56,  Springfield, Missouri
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Yes, I have moved out of Florida and living in Missouri now. Due to the account tab being removed from this site, I can not change My zip code.

Yes, is.

Websters definition of Supreme is highest in degree or quality greatest or highest possible.

I am going to assume that anyone over the age of 3, that can read, knows the definitionof a Female.

So Female Supremacy would be.... a Woman that is highest in degree or quality.

I am a lifestyle Domme which believes in FemDomination. TPE. A mans place is under the control of a Woman. This does not mean that you can turn it off or choose when you submit and when you dont. It is your nature or not. No, you will not be given time-outs to go have fun, if you have not met your requirement to Me first.

I am a fair but firm Domme who would rather reward you then punish you but if needed I can punish you without hesitation. Of course, the punishment will be decided by Me so there is no need to tell Me what you will except or what you will accept.

Hard limits... I have said in the past that if you have hard limits, then I will look them over but it does not mean that I will accept your hard limits.

But I personally have hardlimits and I will spell them out for you.

1. Nothing that is illegal. Such as being underage, animals, etc.

2. No fisting. I have acrylic nails and do not want to physically damage someone. NOTE there is a difference between hurting someone (causing pain) and damaging someone. Is everyone on the same page now?

3. No scat. GS is fine but come on.... I am very feminine and I am always a Lady.

4. No AB. ABadult babies. I am only 55 and even though I can bring you to your knees with one swift movement does not mean that I am able to cart you 510 to over 6 frame around like a 8 lb. baby. Plus My children are grown so I am no longer changing diapers at this stage.

Someone that serves a FemDomme should know what this requires. Yes, you will be My bitch, My slave, My houseboy and anything else that I will require you to do. This does not mean that I am lazy nor that I can not do these things Myself.... it just means that it is your place to do them....bottom line.

I enjoy training newbies. There is so much to learn and enjoy in this lifestyle and I think some forget that at one time, We were all newbies.

I love Bi males but it is not required. There is nothing like having a man kneeling before you following your instructions through the humiliation to thank You for the privilege and beg for more.

As for contact. I am not surprised that I am having to explain this but here goes. Yes, there are a lot of submissive males on this website and not enough DommesOwners to go around. Especially, if you consider the profiles that are here just for money. So, if you send Me an message and you see that I have read it...I check by using My phone once I receive the notification that I have an email.... does not mean that you can start bombarding Me with second....third......twenty-fifth... fortieth ...emails asking why I will not talk to you. It simply means that I have read your email and I will respond if I want to andor when I have time to.

But if you feel the need to completely loose your mind and start name calling, talking about the size of My ass (how would you know unless you have seen Me????), etc, then I will delete your email and block you.

However, if you truly feel that you are smarter then I am and set up a new profile and start contacting Me again... then you need to realize that this will cause you a problem due to the fact that I will see this as you are now a stalker and will be reported. What? your reply is they cant find Me.... yes, they can.

Pain and Pleasure always.










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Journal Entries:
1/26/2018 3:50:18 AM
i shouldn’t have to be doing this but......

Also since I am not allowed to post profile names, I will just say this:  I have had a male contact Me for several years now. At first contact, I explained I was not interested. Why? here are the reasons:  

he cut and pasted his profile information in each email he sent Me. I personally do not accept this. 

his profile was set up that he was “looking for “ Dominant and switch women. Another NO for Me. (Read previous journal entry)

Even after telling him that I was not interested, he sent Me the SAME email everytime. 

When i I pointed this out....his response?  “you’re trailer trash”

can you see the problem with this?  

When someone tells you no, MOVE ALONG. Do not insult them because that gets you reported. 

I do not insult anyone that contacts Me because I have more class then that plus it is a waste of time for Me. 

So lets all play nice okay? 

Pain and Pleasure always. 

1/18/2018 6:22:47 AM
The new photos that I have posted was found on an article on 

Here is the the original link:  ://

9/17/2017 6:41:36 PM
This is a lesson for all of you that keep getting rejected on this site. Of course, it will not include all of you but it covers a HUGE percentage of you and it is MY opinion. 

1.  If I do not request a picture, then do not send Me one. I am sure that you might be impressed with your body, your cock, your ass, etc. but I am sure that I will not be impressed. This is a lifestyle that is about STATE OF MIND, not just sexual actions. 
Now, just because I do not send you a picture of Myself, does NOT mean that I am. "300 pound cow that is on this website for attention". It means that I am a Lady, a Superior Female and it is about what I want, NOT you. Once you have earned My full attention, at that time, I will decide what information, included picture, I will give to you. Some earn this faster then others but most never get past the first email. 

2.  If you post on here that you own a home, several cars, love spending money on travel, and here is My favorite, you want to turn all of your finances over to your Owner, then do not be surprised that you are going to be bombarded with tribute Dommes. you have put a sign in your front yard of your house that says "come on in, the door is unlocked, My credit/debit card is on the counter and here is My pin #". 

Just because you are submissive, don't be a doormat. 

3.  KNOW THE TERMINOLOGY. If you are interested in GS (golden showers), do not contact a Domme and say you are into water boarding. HUGE difference. We all need to live to see another day. 

4.  For all of you pain sluts out there, do NOT tell a Domme the following things:
     "i am not afraid of you"
     "You can't not hurt me"
I have been told that before and have proved them wrong. If you are not afraid of Me, then I will enjoying making you fear Me and I am sadistic enough, yes, I can and will hurt you. 

So as the emails continue to come in, I will be posting more "helpful tips" that will make your search for a Domme easier and more successful. 

9/12/2017 2:55:55 PM
Question..... how can you have on your profile that you believe in a Female Supremacy but you state that you are looking for switch Women?  🤔🤔

Isn't that the same as wanting a dog that meows??  Just wondering. 

9/4/2017 12:46:01 PM
For the man that continues to create new accounts once I have blocked you, I actually feel sorry for you. 

you keep telling Me that I am NOT a FemDomme or believe in Female Supremacy because I have patience/tolerance while I train newbies. 

Because you can't read this, until you create another account, I am going to say this one time. 

The reason I have patience/tolerance for newbies is because at one time, we were ALL newbies. Plus in training newbies, I can teach the basics to them that are not muddled with the misconception that this lifestyle is all about sex. Also, I do not have to "undo" the training of another Domme. 

I teach them it is a STATE OF MIND and the sooner they learn that, the easier it will be for them to take their place in a Female Superior Ownership/relationship. 

Yes, I remove all aspect of sex from the training at first. I teach Chastity (LOVE using devices) so they become more aware of their other senses which are used in training. 

I teach that their release is a reward for being a good submissive/student which helps them learn their place more effectively. Of course, they are going to do their best to obey all the rules. 

As for being a newbie, there is a misconception that a newbie is a young person, say under the age of 30. Again, this is not true. I have trained men in their 40's and 50's as newbies.   I do have to admit though it is easier to train the younger subs because as W/we all know, as W/we get older, W/we get set in O/our ways. But since I do not have a problem with punishment, the older newbies seem to learn very fast. 😈

So, idiot, if you feel that this again is an example of not being a Superior Female then there is nothing I can do to change your pathetic narrow mind. 

My subs that have known Me since I have been in this Lifestyle (over 18 years) know what I am. They know what they can expect from Me and truly know what I will accept or not toler  from their actions. 

So Pain and Pleasure to everyone.... else. 


9/5/2015 8:26:36 AM
I am in LA for the 3 day weekend. No, I will not have time to meet, Dominate, spank, whip, pee on you or anything else due to this being a Vanilla trip with My son.

1/22/2015 6:55:33 PM
Currently in NYC to see a couple of shows. I LOVE NYC in the winter.

4/29/2012 6:59:27 PM

The journal entries that I have just recently posted are not fiction.  

They are My stories, written by Me and are actual sessions that I have had with male subs. 

As I stated, they were from a Profile on here that I can no longer access and wanted to move them over.


4/29/2012 2:55:41 PM
Another one from: 6/19/2007 7:08:21 PM [Report Entry

There is a light knock on the door.  He turns his head quickly to look at me to see if he can answer the door.  There is silence...I just simply nod my head yes.  He is already rock hard with anticipation of what awaits on the other side of the door.
He slowly opens the door and the guest walks in.  My sub lowers his head and is red with embarrassment.  I touch the back of his legs with my crop....he knows what that means.  He instantly drops to his knees.  I speak with the male guest for a few minutes.  
The anticipation is making my sub start to sweat.  I touch my crop to his arm twice...he knows to undress.  He does this quickly and the male guest just stands there.  He crawls on his knees to where the guest is standing. I touch the guest stomach with my crop.  My sub reaches for his belt.   Slowly unlatches it.....unzips his pants....and lets them drop to the floor.  He sees what is waiting for him.  The precum is already starting to flow.  He looks at me....waiting for my command.

4/29/2012 2:54:55 PM
Another one from:  7/20/2007 4:52:02 PM [Report Entry

I have to control him....slow him down.  He is so eager to please.  He must learn to use his mouth to please the other sub to the point of no return.  Take him to the point of orgasmic release...then back down....slowly taking him to that point again...then back down.  He is panting....begging for him not to stop.  But he is listening only to me.  They are both whimpering....both wanting...... waiting....begging for my command......

4/29/2012 2:54:18 PM
Another one from : 9/16/2007 12:22:38 PM [Report Entry

we entered the main theater was dark but we could still see the men sitting around stroking their hard cocks.  We sit for a minute but no one approaches.  So we rise to leave when I very firmly say "we are going to the other theater where you can suck cock".  No one moves.  We walk down to the hall to the back theater.  We walk in there are alot of men in this theater.  Some are afraid when they see me but I take control of the situation right away.  I tell him to sit, and to start stroking, he obeys.  We start watching the movie.  I'm making comments very quietly to him..... "you can suck like that cant you baby"....."do you like that cock"....he answers "yes" as he is really hard watching the movie.  I can hear the men moving closer.  Of course, I will pick the receiver of his oral talents.  I choose one.  I tell him to stand in front of him.  My sub undoes his pants, pulls out his throbbing hard cock and instantly goes down on him.  You can hear the breathing change instantly as the others watch.  I let him suck a little then I tell him to stop.  Then I pull my sub to his feet with his cock still out and I tell the him that we are going to booth 16 so you can suck cock right.  We go into the room but don't lock the door.  there is a knock.....I open the door and....................

4/29/2012 2:50:54 PM


Another one from 10/14/2007 10:02:51 PM [Report Entry

there were several men standing there.....all were rock could tell even through their jeans.  should I let them all in at one time to use my cum slut?  or one at a time.  well............ I let the first one in.  He in on his knees waiting for the cock to be exposed.  It is inches from his face...he looks at me.  The gentlemen asks me "what is he waiting for".  I tell him "he's waiting for my command".  I gently nod my head and he reaches forward to pull the cock closer.  The runs his tongue around the head to taste the precum that is waiting for him.  He cups the tight balls with one hand as he uses the other hand to guide his hard cock into his waiting mouth.  He does just as I have taught him.  He closes his mouth around the head....his tongue gently teasing the bottom of the head.  I hear the gentlemen suck in his breath.  "take it all now"...and he does.  He takes as much as he can into his mouth.....slowly pulling the hard shaft to the back of his throat and slowly starts to suck as he moves the hard cock in and out of his mouth.  The hot cum starts shooting into his mouth.  We are both disappointed that it didn't last longer so I tell the gentlemen to get out.  I open the door and this time I let in two young rock hard bodies.  They are shy at first...saying that they have never done this before.  I just smile. I tell them to release their cocks and they do.  I bring him over...on his knees....he is kneeling right before them.  He has a cock in both hands....stroking....they are rock hard....oozing precum already.  He takes the one in his left hand into his mouth while he is stroking the right cock.  Then he switches.   I tell the young guys to move closer together....he pushed their cocks together and starts to lick around the heads.  He takes as much as he can into his mouth.  The seperates them and starts to slowly start sucking each at a time. 

4/29/2012 2:48:50 PM
This is a posting from former CM Account that I had years ago that I was locked out of and could not access.  It is an entry from 10/21/07

As he gets down on all fours with nothing more then his thigh highs and heels on, I start to lube his newly shaved ass........slowly blowing gently breaths on it as i smooth it on.  i hear him suck his break in.   I take the vibrator and I turn it on.  He starts to turn around but i strike his bottom and he stops.  He is to keep his head turned forward.  

I gently put the vibrator against his already tight balls.  He starts to moan.  I reach between his legs and start to stroke him so the precum will start to flow.  I turn the vibrator off and run it over the tip of his wet cock.  I push it into his mouth and make him suck it off.  He loves the taste and ask me for more.  I tell him that he will have to wait.
I lube up the vibrator and i slowly push it against his tight ass.  He starts to pull away...again, i strike his ass....he stops.  i reach between his legs and start to stroke him while i push the vibrator at the same time.  His tight ass starts to relax and the vibrator starts to slowly slide in.  He starts to push back against it.  I strike his ass again.  He stops.  I warn him...I am in control and if he doesn't start to behave then I am done.  He promises to be good.  So I start stroking him again and now the vibrator is completely buried in his tight ass.  I turn it on and start to move it in and out.  I order him to stroke his own cock while i fuck his tight ass with the vibrator.  His breathing is getting louder...he is enjoying it.  He knows to tell me when he is getting close to cumming.  I start fucking him  harder....he is matching the strokes.  I slow does he.  I speed does he.  He is whimpering...I can hear his hand against his cock as he strokes because the precum is flowing more and more.  He is ready.  I shove it in as far as it will go and turn it on high.  I reach under him and he shoots in my hand.....lots of warm cum.  He is waiting....he knows what is next.  i call his name and tell him to sit.  he does.  I take the warm cum in my hand and it slowly drips down on my nipples.  The left one then the right one.  I take my hand and make sure that the cum is covering my nipple area on my breast.  I look at him....he is looking at me.  He whispers please.  I just nod and he leans forward....shaking.....he gentle takes my nipples in his mouth....slowly sucking his cum from it.  Then he takes his tongue and runs it all over the nipple area...making sure that he is getting every drop.  Then he changes nipples and does the same thing.  He cleans all of his cum from my breast/nipples like a good boy.  I am please.  Now he gets his reward.  He slowly moves down and pushes my legs apart..........saying thank you MS Brenda....oh thank you MS he accepts his reward.

4/29/2012 6:36:01 AM

In case you have not heard, there was a MAJOR hail storm yesterday, April 28th, in St. Louis.  

So needless to say that I have been on the phone for quiet a while with a complete idiot that after being told 5 times that My front windshield is completely spidered from the impact and I can not see through it, I had to request to speak with his supervisor and I asked if I could speak with someone that is smarter then the fire hydrant outside to process My claim.  

Well, apparently the male supervisor I spoke with didn't find it funny the reference I made of his employee being dumber then a fire hydrant.  So after listening to him tell ME that I should be nicer, I asked to speak to his supervisor.  At that point, I explained that I could care less about the feelings of anyone I spoke with.  My main concern was My car.

I explained also that I sure hoped they were not going to put a band aid on it because 

it continued to rain buckets after it hailed and it is going to need some major help with water damage and body damage since it looks like someone beat the peanut butter out of it with a hammer.

Before you ask can the damage really be that bad?  I have a 5 speed hatch back sports coupe with sunroof.  The only part of My car that was not damaged?  the driver and passenger door glass...everything else destroyed.

So now I have to wait for an adjuster to hopefully contact Me within the next 2 to 3 days but they have graciously contacted the local rental car place and lined up for them to pick Me up tomorrow so I can get to work until this is taken care of.



The only glass that is not broken out/damaged is the Driver door/passenger door glass.

4/27/2012 5:48:41 PM

Why is it so hard to just find one...JUST ONE... submissive male that truly understands that Dominant means Dominant...not switch.  



9/19/2011 6:57:00 AM
I was told that there was a very nice lifestyle leather place in Kansas City. Does anyone know any information on the store?

8/14/2011 6:58:50 PM

If you try to chat with Me through CM, it does not work for some reason.  So you will need to send Me an email and I might answer if I like the profile or the email peaks My interest.

7/29/2011 4:19:24 PM

It is really sad and pathetic that I am having to make this posting but since there are so many newbies on this website and others that just don't know their place. 


I read My emails everyday.  That does not mean that you will get a reply at the same time.  So when you go and see that I have read your email there is no need to send 10 more emails in desperation wanting to know what you have done "wrong".  Nothing at the time that I read your email.


However, after the 10th email, then when the name calling starts and you start verbally attacking Me, then you have done something wrong.


This will get you blocked.  If you set up a new ID on here and then contact Me and start the crap all over again, this will get you reported and blocked again. 


The most important thing you need to know is this:  I DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOU ANY INFORMATION ABOUT MYSELF IF I CHOOSE NOT TO. This will include what area of town I live in, what I do for a living, and most importantly MY PHONE #. 


I choose who gets this information. So if you ask for any of the above listed PERSONAL information and I do not give it to you, then if you feel that it makes you more of a man to send Me an email calling Me names...such as "Fat Bitch", "Player", "Old Hag", "Pathetic looser that has to be a Domme to make men fuck Me" ....then by all means go ahead.  Do whatever you need to do to be able to get by in your sad pathetic life.  You are not hurting Me.  I have been called a lot worse by more important people then you.  It just proves that point of how much of a looser you are.


Also, if you are a Dominant male then there is no reason for you to be contacting Me.  I am NOT a Switch.  Never have been, never will be.  So do not waste your time or Mine by sending Me a email.


Now with that being said, I have enjoyed speaking with several of the more respectful men that have contacted Me.  At that time, I have given them My personal information because they have earned it.


The people that have been in this lifestyle for years, such as Myself, know that there are not enough Dommes to go around.  So if you are new to this lifestyle, then be VERY careful how you contact and speak to a Dominant Woman on this site or any BDSM site.  you do not want to burn your bridges when you are just starting out.


Patience....Respect....and Honesty are very key parts of this lifestyle. 




Pain & Pleasure always.


Mistress Brenda

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