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I am "the real thing" but read carefully.I'm not attracted to men who like to play
Hetero Female Dominant, 35,  California
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 Dominant Female


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 5"

 125 lbs





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Submissive Male

I am "the real thing" but read carefully.

I'm not attracted to men who like to play the role of a pathetic worm.  I'm not attracted to men who only see submission in the context of porn type behaviors.   

I seek a man who is well rounded, educated, articulate, well adjusted and outgoing.  He is bright and comfortable with himself and has goals and morals.

He must be strong in his convictions but submissive to the core for the right woman. His submission must be real. He must be devoted and real.

I am not attracted to men who submit at the snap of the fingers (well, MY fingers, but only after we know each other) of anyone or who is so desperate he is sending messages to dozens of women here.  I probably will not have time to respond to men who send very short messages and expect me to do all the work. 

I do have photos that I will share at the appropriate time. I am comfortable having a phone call early on to make both parties comfortable.  I expect the same from you.

You'll find my dominant side to be playfully cruel, unyielding and often fetishy.  I love to use toys and I love to dress up (at times).  I like it when a man looks good in lingerie or fetish clothing.  I am NOT however into a man that crossdresses all the time or that has crossdressing as his MAIN interest.  I am NOT looking for a 'sissy.'

When you write to me, tell me what the last CD was that you purchased.  Tell me what the last class or educational course you took was. Tell me what was the last conversation was that you had with a female -- who was she and what was it about?

(Don't let the name fool you, I'm a dog person -- you should be too)

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