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Hetero Male Dominant, 63,  Andover, New Jersey
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Thanks for the visit. If youre looking for an experienced, careing Master who knows how to treat and train his slave please consider reading on. Im an older guy so I have the temperament to focus on the fun and satisfying aspects of ritualized enslavement. Life has many choices. I have chosen the path of fun and enlightenment. The BDSM world is the sea I swim in. I love the ritual, the protocol, and all the kinky things we do. An MS power exchange ins my understanding of the true relationship between men and women. Integrity and honesty will guide me. I seek a deeply fulfilling Master slave relationship with a focus on fun, ritual and protocol. Many women are curious. Some are tentative. But the ones who are sure. The woman who wants to serve a man with her commitment to slavery is the purest of all. Perhaps you would care to experience the exotic and exciting manner of a Gorean Master? Perhaps you need to be placed in exquisite bondage, caged, interrogated, humiliated, made to revel your deepest, darkest desires, required to provide perfect obedience? Perhaps you have a secret deep need for enslavement? If you are curious. If you are serious, my door is open to you. I enjoy discussion and cybering but I expect to make contact on the phone and meet fairly soon after we decide if its worthwhile to see if we have the right chemistry. I wish you well.












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 Dominant Male


 New Jersey

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 180 lbs






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Submissive Female

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 Surf Boarding (Expert)

 Body Worship (Expert)

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 Renaissance Faires (Beginner)



 Wax play






 Country Music

 New Age Music




 Bowling (Beginner)


 Curious About:

 Watersports (Beginner)



 Genital Punishment

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Journal Entries:
4/14/2018 8:54:49 AM
How would you like to be dressed and prepared in your tartiest best?  You would be commanded to kneel and a collar would be placed on your neck. Your next instructions would be to go to a mirror to view the symbol of your enslavement. After a brief period of introspection you would come to accept your role as your master’s sex slave. You will become excited, aroused, wet, and perhaps a bit apprehensive. What will happen next? You know you must comply with perfect obedience. You return to your master who is seated in a comfortable chair. He smiles at you and points at a pillow at his feet. You know you must kneel but there’s more. You remove your master’s shoes and socks. You place your head down so your hair falls on his feet. You start kissing and licking your master’s feet. You are aroused by your act of total obedience and begin to beg for your master’s touch. He relents and instructs you to kneel up straight with your head up and breasts pushed out. He clips a leash to your collar and as he stands he gently pulls you up so you are facing him. You see your leash in his hand and realize that he has complete control. You are instructed to cross your wrists behind your back. Your master leads you around and you sense the pleasure of ownership he feels. Now he takes you to the mirror so you can see how you have been leashed and collared for your master’s pleasure. You are led back to the chair and as your master sits you are told to turn with your back to him. He wonder’s out loud whether to use rope or handcuffs to restrain you for your discipline. He decides on rope. Your wrists are bound together firmly but not too tightly. He says you are his delicious slut, his plaything and has you turn around so he can admire his work. You know what will come next. Your face is flushed and you tremble a bit feeling the wetness grow. Your master informs you that you will now be beaten, spanked to make sure you understand how completely you are in his power, how helpless you are, how you must serve and obey. Your master helps you to kneel and slide across his lap. He holds your tied wrists against your waist and lifts your dress. You have never been so completely in the power of this kind of master. Your heart races. You’ve wanted this in your heart for so long. Now there is no going back. You feel your master slowly pulling your panties down. He doesn’t take the off all the way just pulls them down enough for exposure and to serve to restrain your legs. You feel some oil being applied. You ass cheeks are squeezed and kneaded. Sometimes gently but sometimes roughly. You start panting and squirming. Your master corraspects you with a quick firm slap and tells you to remain still. You feel you ass being pulled apart now a small vibrator is pushed into your pussy. Your master informs you that you will have to beg to be spanked. You will have to beg for harder or softer blows to your ass. You know you will please your master by crying out and moaning during your beating.
So I’ll leave it at that and to your imagination. The play of ritual domination is exciting and satisfying for both.  What do you think?  What do you want?  Does the domination aspects appeal and excite.  This and more is found in the Gorean Experience.

5/2/2017 7:52:21 PM
Hi Thanks for visiting and please come back.  I write BDSM erotic to stoke my kink and entertain my friends.  Here are three works that appear in my "Kinky Trilogy".

Kinky Trilogy

Offered for your enjoyment are three short stories that start with an initiation to the BDSM Lifestyle, another that provides amorous equipment advice, and finally a fast paced account of two kinky spaceships looking for love and finding one another in the vastness of space.


Dominant Hatchling

My kink wasn’t totally unexpected.  For some reason I preferred pictures of bound women to big breasts in Playboy.  No internet, no Fetster or FetLife.  I didn’t discover The Village Voice for several years.

For me it was a horse of a different color.  Literally.

I was in a boarding stable tack room.  My sister was out on her appaloosa, Schatzie (sweetheart).  Not for me, the fucker bit and kicked me on several occasions.  But I digress.  My sister had a fellow boarder there who was a couple of years older than me.  I think I was 22 at the time.  Well my introduction was like a slow underwater dream. Tracey saw something in me and when she off handed flashed her 1000 watt smile at me, held up a piece of leather rein, and suggested I could tie her up I was hooked for life.

Tracy and I dismantled some long reins that were part of a pony cart harness.  We sat across from one another and I tied her wrists together in front of her.  She loved it, got up and twirled around a couple of times.  Delighted with the sensation she suggested I tie her ankles together.  Now I had Tracy standing up and unable to move.  Wow, we both were getting worked up and really didn’t know what to do next.

My true nature emerged when I suggested tying her to a saddle stand.  The stand looks a little like a spanking bench.  Unfortunately the proportions didn’t work quite right but I did have her hands tied to the stand with her laying on a horse blanket on her belly with her ass in the air.

I suggested to Tracey that I could pull her pants down.  She saw my bet and raised me with a “why don’t you take them off”.  I didn’t stop with her jeans and so there she was bare assed in this dusty, horsey smelling room with sun light pouring through the small window lighting up all the dust motes.

Why didn’t I spank her?  Why didn’t I take a picture?  Easy answers.  No phone camera.  Hadn’t been invented yet.  And a serious case of male arousal that had to be dealt with.  I’ll leave the story for that day at that.

Tracy and I got together a couple of other times and she did get spanked.  Tracy went back to college, probably found a more competent Dominant.  I started prowling the Village Voice and coming up with ways to suggest interesting things to vanilla dates.  Ways that were designed to keep things from blowing up on me.  Subtlety is not my wheel house.  In retrospect it was hilarious and I always wondered if I might have sparked some interest but who knows?




Japanese Women Pleaser


Japan.  Land of the Rising Sun, Mount Fuji, Bullet Trains, Geisha Girls, Kobe Beef, and the JWP.  The JWP? Yes, the JWP.  The Japanese Women Pleaser.  Hitachi makes the standard of the industry, The Hitachi Magic Wand Model HV-270.  The HV-270 offers two distinct modes each with multiple settings.  One can opt for the low slow constant murmur of pleasure or the more adventurous rising pulses of eternal joy.  The HV-270 is battery powered with purportedly enough battery capacity for a month’s worth of orgasms.  I have never been able to verify this claim with a carefully controlled research study.

As a student of all things Women Pleasing I have always availed myself the most advanced and up to date equipment and instruments.  Who would have considered a non-contact IR Thermometer as essential equipment for regulating bedroom activities?  Without accurate Pussy temperature readings you’re really only going along with instincts.  Additionally, collecting specific partner data shows that you really care.

My first JWP was naturally manufactured by Hitachi.  I won’t touch anything else and Pussy I touch will be touched by nothing less than the best Japanese technology, Hitachi.  My first unit was AC powered and needed to be plugged in.  The unit was made for the US so required 120V.  My trips to the UK presented problems.  I never knew when the duty of Women Pleaser would be thrust upon me and besides I liked the way the TSA X-Ray technicians would react.  I use to make sure it was prominently displayed in my carry on.  Non-Ambiguous jokes are usually the best. 

Wielding my advanced device in the UK required either a 220v to 120V voltage converter, or as I learned, utilize the 120V shaver socket that some thoughtful UK hotels provided in their bathroom.  Luring my delightfully accented British lady friends into the bathroom and within JWP power range was only one of the challenges of a dedicated Woman Pleaser.

I would be remiss to confine my comments to the technical aspects of the JWP.  Most woman when approached with a large electronic device capped with a massive rubber top almost invariably squeal with pleasure and prepare to abandon all propriety.  And abandon they do.  The high pitched “eeks”, low rumbling guttural moans, and of course the redundant but equally charming yes, yes, yes is music to my ears.  A dedicated Woman Pleaser is motivated by the excitement of individual exploration followed by the inevitable culmination of quivering shaking women flesh.  The auditory prelude is just icing on the cake.  And quite a cake it is.

Of course you’ve concluded that there is only the upside when you know the mysteries of the JWP.  Not necessarily so.  I made the mistake of not only providing a rich technical briefing but also comprehensive sourcing instructions to one of my more adventurous subjects.  I provided very adequate service over a couple of weekend interludes.  My lovely and very responsive partner expressed her appreciation on many levels.  She also bought her own on Amazon and immediately dumped me.  We remain friends.




Docking Approach

Correct terminology is always needed to describe what we value the most. Here is a good example.

My high gain antenna began picking up the telemetry 200 seconds ago. An eternity for me.

The embedded header indicated a known protocol but the details would have to wait on the confirmed hand shake.

As I slewed my large scale optical telescope I notice the other ship was one of the sleeker, more stylish types. It was somewhat smaller then my configuration but the many protrusions and colorful adornments made a lasting impression.

Now a scant 50 seconds out I could make out the universal docking port.
Light speed communication allowed a large volume of data to be compressed and squirted through my optical laser to the other ship. I stated my peaceful intentions and made serious notice of the other ships remarkable adornments and markings.

I had no choice, my embedded control system transmitted my full internal protocol settings. At other times, approached ships had immediately activated reaction control thrusters and fired their main engines to create a larger closing displacement. It was not the case this time.

The other ship transmitted its complete protocol and it was compatible with mine in almost every manner. I slowed my approach by a careful burn that displayed precise control.

The other ship flipped over exposing its rear main engine and fired a short burst that brought our closing rate into a manageable range.

I was still carrying a lot of excess velocity from my initial pursuit. Firing my main engine I performed a similar tail flip, and began a slow approach.

My target ship activated its running lights and within 20 seconds of beginning final approach activated its universal docking port lights. Additional telemetry provided important instructions with refinements on expected and observed protocols. I modified my data stream and complied.

We were 10 seconds out when I extended my docking probe and turned on my docking lights.

The other ship began flashing its running lights and also illuminated a deep red high intensity light within its universal docking port.

Our closure rate slowed. I was in the lane. No additional correction needed. 2 seconds out additional telemetry indicated complete agreement with all mooring parameters.

My docking probe mated with the other ships universal docking port and slipped slickly into the offered port with satisfying certainty. Umbilical automatically extended, attached, and delivered appropriate fluids.

Berthing was complete. Attached by my docking probe and my other ships universal docking port we exchanged telemetry to confirm destination and additional ship to ship protocols. Course data was compared and refined.

All that remained was to fire our main engines to establish the new vector.

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