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Hetero Male Master, 45,  United Kingdom
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I am hunting down slaves for domestic duties primarily, your uses will involve cleaning and humiliation for the most part, any applicants will be interviewed in person before anything is arranged, no exceptions! MUST be London or local to, MUST be able to meet once a month, any more will be a bonus, MUST be solvent (no I dont want your money BUT you will be able to support yourself adequately). The applicant will value personal hygiene and have an acceptable degree of intelligence. My likes as far as BDSM goes range from verbal abuse, trample, boot worship, ification, bondage, sensory deprivation, hypnosis and some impact play. You will never expect play, if it is earned then so be it. Worms, pigs, fags, losers, boot lickers, wankers, scum, vermin are more than welcome to apply but you need to be serious about meeting and not stay online with this got it? I do NOT offer sexual services, if this is important to you then look elsewhere worms. You will be trained to serve, obey, grovel and beg at my fucking feet, you will be smothered with leather and my boots until you crave them so badly and I will then deny you until you please me but it will never ever be enough will it? Nothing turns me on more than my boot jammed on a faggots throat as he squeals and squirms but cannot escape his deep feelings of degradation, STRAIGHT faggots are preferred, those who are mesmerised by the thought of kneeling before a sadistic man and handing themselves over to him, I will keep souvenirs of yours so you will always know I own you! Work hard for me, obey me, worship the ground I walk on, squirm in your pants for me.








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Journal Entries:
4/21/2018 3:49:04 AM
I bet you can just imagine meeting me, coming back to play and just feeling so weak, dropping down and crawling to my boot, desperate to lick it but you have to wait for permission which I won't give you, instead I tie you up and even though you are continually questioning why you are doing this you offer NO resistance and just accept it, you are being tied up by a total stranger, you have no idea if I will let you go, your trousers with your belongings are now mine and still you lay at my booted feet helpless but so aroused. I have you tied down on your belly at my feet, I just stand there smiling wickedly hands on hips, so much power coursing through me, my cock rigid with authority over another person, you just lay there moaning softly, trying to fight your deep desires whilst your brain is screaming at you, you are swearting, ahh poor you, I rest a boot gently upon you and you let out the biggest sigh, as though you were brought back to life, you squirm beneath my boot, you know your place and you accept it.

4/19/2018 8:52:22 AM
Beg on your knees straight faggots, wimps, worms, sad pathetic loser scum, get the fuck down and crawl to my boots, lick them clean from top to bottom and back up again, do it like you need it.

4/13/2018 2:01:28 PM
Grovel you worms! Squirm and drop to your knees, crawl and wriggle and open your mouth to eat my boots! The straighter the better, I am here to demean you.

4/10/2018 10:27:49 AM
Meeting Faggots Thursday 12th in London, message for more details.

4/6/2018 10:23:00 AM
You want to be mine, you want to please, serve, obey, you try to fight it but you are so weak to it and the only way to get over this is to admit it to me, confess to me that you are weak for me even though you do not want to be weak. I don't want broken morons who are already weak and depraved, I want to be the one who breaks you and holds you like a trophy for eternity watching you squirm in torment at my feet. All of you know you need me desperately, your body responds to me so do not be scared, you may approach.

4/2/2018 12:04:49 PM

4/2/2018 7:42:27 AM
On your fucking KNEES you bunch of loser FAGGOTS! 
CRAWL and WRIGGLE on your bellies as you GROVEL to serve at my BOOTS!!!
If you are real and able to come out to play then I will TAKE you to places you can only DREAM of!


THEN stay down and await your VERBAL OBLITERATION whilst I FORCE you to PISS all over yourself!!

3/28/2018 11:35:07 AM
You faggot worms will grovel and squirm at my fucking boots, beg to do things for me and thank me for your beating, your humiliation, your degradation for this is all you maggots are good for and you know it. 

3/28/2018 11:27:52 AM
Looking for a SLAVE, message me to apply, must be in or near London and able to serve twice a month minimum. Get in touch faggots.

3/9/2018 8:00:48 AM
I DEMAND that you grovel and approach me, I am looking for 3 slaves to take abuse and for domestic work.
You will psychologically tortured and abused and treated like the shit you are. Get messaging me now you bunch of fucktards, LONDON or able to travel only! 

1/3/2018 7:00:09 AM
Straight FAGGOTS begging for my boots on their faces, straight faggots getting so stiff for me.

MESSAGE me for a task....

1/1/2018 6:36:01 AM
Get one thing right, I AM nasty and horrible, I AM your prefect nightmare, you ARE straight and yet you go weak for me, you wriggle and squirm in your seat and you get so aroused it fills you with shame.

You WILL message me and grovel for my attention which you may or may not get but either way you are drawn to me like a moth to my flame of which you will get burned ALIVE.

12/28/2017 6:56:11 AM
You waste of space pieces of shit
Bow down low, lower! Get on your belly and wriggle like the filthy worm you are, a worm with a purpose, for me to hunt down and skewer beneath my boot!

I hunt down losers, at first you might not be a loser but soon you will and you will crave it so much especially if you are straight!!

12/8/2017 8:29:58 AM
Grovel shit-wipes! You get so stiff when you see this but you insist you are straight, you are straight but you get aroused because you love the idea of losing your power to me and so you should, I am elite, superior, arrogant and totally ignorant of you, you are just a 'thing' to me, something crawling around after me, begging and squirming for release yet you know I will never allow you to cum, unless you show me you are worthy by actually meeting as opposed to just online communication. BE scared, BE in awe because you will have never felt this way about anyone before nor will you feel it after.

11/24/2017 5:33:40 AM
Listen you bunch of faggot losers! IF you are a foreigner and you message me because you are horny and feel pathetic for me then at least try to catch my attention. Telling me you are a weak faggot for me does nothing for me if I can't meet you and beat you like the trash scum you are!!

11/17/2017 2:57:48 AM
Words to learn:
Faggot, loser, cunt, vermin, shiteater, piss drinker, scum, trash, moron, pathetic.

Learn them today, this is who you are to me, you really are scum to me and that being so you should be hunted down and captured for life even if it can only be in your mental prison, once you are here I won't let you out ever, you will be bullied and tortured for my amusement, if I could I'd take off your head and shove it on a spike for all to admire.

Such a pity we can't hunt down human vermin for sport, until the time we can you will have to pay the penalty for this problem, you will fall deeply into your own debasement and show me how pathetic and moronic you are for me.

11/15/2017 5:56:06 AM
On your fucking knees faggot worms! I will allow some of you lucky morons the chance to meet me this week, we will discuss your pending slavery to me and how desperate you are, how deeply flawed you are and how pathetic I make you feel. You MUST impress me when you message me otherwise get lost and annoy someone else.

10/13/2017 10:24:02 AM
Come out Faggots! ££££
Crawl over to me and let me see how articulate your grovelling can be!
Indeed you might be dignified but in conversing with me you will be reduced to the level you crave deeply, my LOSER!
As you lose you will be tormented and teased without mercy and for my pleasure.

10/6/2017 7:20:19 AM
£££££ Faggot Hunting £££££
Those of you who can meet up in or around the London area preferred.
Your Lord is collecting faggots (NOT indicative of bisexual or homosexual men, this is meant in a purely DEROGATORY term of men who feel lowly in that they must bow down to a STRAIGHT dominant).

1. London or near
2. Able to meet once a month atleast
3. No sex
3. ££Cash required as a gift and a token of your shame!
4. In person preferred although online will be considered


10/2/2017 3:46:08 AM

The only thing that gets you super stiff is the thought of kneeling down at MY boots. The sheer humiliation, shame and guilt washes over you. This is not about sexual encounters nor gratification, you will stay squirming and stiff as long as is possible, no respite and no mercy for you loser. I expect many trophies from you as proof of your loss of control and power, you are my worm, you want to be my loser, you will think about me as much as you can. Get in touch and reveal your inner maggot, beg to be my faggot!

9/29/2017 4:42:51 AM


9/29/2017 4:36:26 AM
For me a FAGGOT is a straight guy who squirms desperately in his pants at the thought of bowing down to another straight guy. 
I DON'T want to fuck you.
You are a desperate sad faggot and you are wriggling to tell me this, you are mesmerised and need to lick your tongue over my boots even though deep inside this humiliates you.
Fear and self-hatred engulf you, your cock has NEVER been stiffer, not for your wife, girlfriend or any other person gets you this stiff, you are stiff for ME you cunt.
I want that secret to hold over you, it really turns me on to the point I want to crush you.

7/30/2017 5:37:27 AM
YOU are straight, normal, headstrong, bright and yet you are strangely drawn to this kind of treatment. You feel the butterflies when you read what I am about and have planned for you. You read these Adjectives; WORM, VERMIN, FAGGOT, LOSER, CUNT, WANKER, SHIT, WIMP and you nod, your body now undergoing a metamorphosis, you are my fucking loser drone, being a loser I get the spoils don't I? I stand over you laughing, you are now mine.
Now get here you fucking sack of shit, beg, grovel , wriggle, squirm and get aroused, stay aroused. 

7/24/2017 2:48:41 PM
I want to meet faggots for abuse tomorrow!
Are you aroused enough to meet me?
Lick my boots!
You are just a piece of shit on my boots now SAY it!
Get to messaging me NOW!

7/2/2017 9:08:34 AM
Three faggots needed to hunt down, paintball and tie up, apply now you fucking sack of shit and no it isn't going to be free in any sense of the word.

6/15/2017 8:55:16 AM
On your knees ugly vermin!
Worship the ground I fucking walk on.
Beg and beg for it!!!

5/28/2017 4:53:36 AM
Grovel you fucking faggots! Know your fucking place which is snivelling under my shitty boots! I will grind you down and make you a quivering wreck then imprison you there forever!
Get here at once for your torment.

5/12/2017 5:56:07 AM
What YOU are going to get...
Agree to meet, you pay me, you run...
Because I am a seasoned Hunter of slaves it takes me no time at all to know where you are but I toy with you and make you feel slightly secure only to jump out at the last minute, the colour drains from your face!

Like a bully in the playground I enjoy watching you squirm, ahh this is good, you sweat, your even wee your little pants and then BANG, I bring you down with one punch, perfect!

When you hit the floor the beating begins, I kick the shit out of your body until you just lay there taking it, then I take a long piss over your face and body before treading on your throat, you pass out, I tie you up tight and take photos to blackmail you with....

5/12/2017 5:51:03 AM
You fucking ugly repulsive scum, look in the mirror and witness how utterly detestable you are, you could NEVER get a girlfriend and if you did she would just take your cash and fuck someone else but you probably would know! Here is your Master, I am head hunting vermin like you for extreme verbal abuse to begin with, no I am NOT free and if you have the stupid notion that anything is free then wake up you moron. You will be my fucking freak on a lead, beg, grovel, squirm and cry but you will be my prisoner, stiff in your piss stained pants. You know who you are so get messaging and offer my your sad life.

5/10/2017 1:27:29 PM
Need some wimp to beat around... make yourself available for me.

4/17/2017 9:32:59 AM
Get stiff for me NOW!
Touch it.
Get stiff for me NOW!

4/15/2017 6:36:13 AM
Faggot, vermin, shit, scum, worm, moron, idiot, cunt, wanker, trash, crap.
Now repeat this to yourself, think about being near my boot, keep saying it because these are what you represent to me, you need to be in this mindset before you begin to converse with me, your GOD, your superior! If you impress me I might skin your hide and wear it as a trophy!

I have an urge to punch one of you idiots, who's pathetic enough?

4/2/2017 10:17:31 AM
Useless faggots, can you understand?
I am abusive, that's MY fetish, you can either be honoured to be abused or you can fuck off, easy.
I don't have to earn any of your respect I just take it!
I AM your GOD, you worship me and so you fucking well should!
I am REAL and MEET and ABUSE and you NEED it!
Stop trying to fight it, just grovel as this turns me on and it should turn you on too, if not then re-evaluate your life and why you are on here.
I don't want smart ass morons, I want compliance and to see your weak side.
We are both here to get off are we not? Just accept what I demand and your life will explode with reality.

3/20/2017 7:16:11 AM
Don't you faggots get it?
BOW the fuck DOWN!
You are so weak you simply can't escape me, you need me like Oxygen!
Fucking grovel to meet me this week and squirm as I laugh at you.

3/18/2017 3:29:29 AM
Meet me today for public humiliation in London.
No mercy.
Verbal and physical abuse where possible.
You will be so weak you will be addicted!
BEG me now!

2/23/2017 9:01:25 AM
PARADING: My definition of Parading is after I have verbally destroyed you, physically hurt you, forced you to hand over something very personal I will walk you around the busy streets, you will walk infront, I may push you once in a while, this is your walk of shame, you are being paraded like a Trophy, just know I will be so stiff in my pants as you walk utterly humiliated and degraded, your spirit now dead and nailed to my fucking trophy room wall! You won't be allowed to say a word or stop until i say so. I get off on your degradation and not because YOU like it, because I like it!

If I had my way I would hang a sign around your neck and wlak you through your work place for all to see and sneer at!

2/21/2017 10:28:07 AM
Your GOD has been hunting hard, I'm closing in on a couple of desperate faggots, they have asked for more than they can handle but once I have you in my sights then there is no going back, they will be found, beaten and ruined, I always get my trophies and once I have them they will be paraded like the weak insignificant faggots they truly are, I am a born hunter and I only hunt for sport, I have a need to catch and humiliate, there is no better feeling in the world than enjoying the wriggle of a faggots throat under my boot as he pleads for mercy, I don't do mercy, it's boring! I have a terrible fetish for bullying and I will not let up, once I have you then just accept you are fucked! I will make you fucking squirm so badly you will probably cry but like the bully in school it will only make it more fun for me to hunt you down and push you even further every time, this is my sport fuckers!

Get those wallets out and fucking GROVEL to meet me and get your arse blackmailed and humiliated, you are now stroking your cock now aren't you? Good! Get in touch now!

2/19/2017 5:28:53 AM
I will be meeting faggots next week for abuse so feel free to grovel for a place, yes you will have to fucking pay but it will be minimal and to ensure your appearance and then you will pamper me, you will be terrified, in fact I'd be very disappointed if your heart isn't racing, don't worry I will place my hand on your chest and check when I meet you. You will get the chance to talk to me in a quiet setting before I decide if you are worth verbally obliterating, if you last the distance you may get to cum, I will ofcourse collect that cum for my trophy room.

This is a once in a lifetime chance for you so apply right now and let me snap the cuffs on you so to speak because once you agree there is no going back. You spend hours and hours on here and now you have found what you are looking for, I will take you way beyond your fantasies and bring you back all safe(ish) but you will be addicted to me, be warned.

2/19/2017 5:17:13 AM
On your belly's shit heels your God is here. I know I have quite a few fans already, most of you tell me how great I am etc etc blah blah, all well and good. For those of you who think this is about ££ then fuck off and wank off over something/someone else you utter shits! I, unlike 90% of the sad fucks on here who class themselves as Dom/mes, actually have a job and am not a weak ass bitch who caters to YOU. I don't need your money but I want you out of your comfort zone, if you stay there then pass me by. I also have a life like you and know that 24/7 is unrealistic and nonsense no matter what anyone says, if you are looking for this then get mental help cos you are a fucking idiot and probably on the dole, still here, good cunt.

I don't offer you anything, you offer me yoru control and I nail it to my fucking wall like a trophy! I want a piece of you and to take control of your yearnings and not just for a wank, you will STAY horny for me and I will choose if you cum, I will make you squirm and you will feel more than you have ever done with these charlatans on here.

YES I deal with women but you won't get the soft 'Daddy' shit or the old mentor crap, I don't fucking care if you are a woman and if you come at me with all this head-strong 'I am woman' rubbish I will crush your stupid mind, no special privileges for you, you want equality then you get treated like the worms, get in the queue you desperate whores!

This IS about you as a sub/slave and more to the point it is about what you can achieve for me, I want you in reality and scared, this will be my fun! Now fucking grovel you sacks of shit!

2/18/2017 11:37:11 AM
GET THE FUCK DOWN WHEN YOU READ THIS! Your future owner/torturer is very aggressive tonight, I am literally hunting down squirming desperate maggot vermin, real meets and real degradation. Yes I might allow you to describe your deep desires first but then you sign yourself over to me for MY pleasure NOT yours cunt. I am not here to get you off, not at first atleast! GET THE FUCK DOWN piggy wanks, stuff your fucking wallets full of cash and literally BEG me to take it, I don't need it at all but you do and it's fun to watch you squirm like a bullied little faggot in the school yard that I've picked on and completely broken, I'd drag you around by your school tie and show your beaten face off to the Teachers saying 'this cunt is mine now'. I need someone to punch NOW! GET THE FUCK DOWN! ££££££££

2/18/2017 8:59:58 AM
Cunts get this straight, I don't want to fuck you or see your cock, you want to know what I want? Well ££ is a very good start to get my attention and then you will be used as a foot rest, kickbag, punchbag, spitoon, boot scrape, you will be sworn at and verbally destroyed until you squeal for mercy of which none will be given, you will hand over a piece of yourself to me.

2/16/2017 8:39:37 AM
Get on your fucking belly now worm and slither around for me, deep inside you can understand where I want and expect you, sniveling and dehumanised for my amusement, you will become just a huge sensitive nerve for me to abuse and play with, you will be my quarry and you will simply obey because it turns you to mush inside and stiff with desire at how you allow me so easily to abuse and defeat you as a sub into a slave.

2/6/2017 8:57:47 AM
New leather pic loser scum! This is MY photo and a glimpse of where your place is, male or female, young or old you will wriggle under my Grinder boot as I stomp the breath out of you and enjoy your torture, I want it all from you and deserve the best from you no matter how little you have! Squirm, crawl, wriggle on your belly and slither that waste of air and skin to grovel at my boots! My pleasure will come when I am stood full weight on your ugly face and have inflicted immense agonies upon you! Get your horrid little selves messaging me at once, ask me what you can do for me.

2/5/2017 5:42:29 AM
On your fucking knees you sacks of shit! When you read this I expect a message instantly, you will fucking grovel, it will be almost unintelligible, your cock will swell and become very stiff but you will remain squirming there for me as though pinned down by my shitty boot. You are on the road to addiction and I will feed it until you BEG for respite of which none will be allowed. Squirm, grovel, beg for me pig. Slither at my boots like the puke stained mess you are. When I visit you, you will almost explode in terror and shame as I completely destroy your whole life and take my trophy from you displaying it for all to see. Your life of cleaning the shit off my boots has almost begun! When you go through my profile I want you to let your power drain out as though you were cumming hard. Your power is moving to me, the rightful superior here, I want your devotion and your earnings make no mistake, I want them as proof of how utterly useless your power is to yourself, I want it for me own gain and to taunt you for eternity.

2/1/2017 9:26:02 AM
Two of you losers have managed to please me this week. They paved the way and now I expect many more of you to follow me into your slavery, you will remain down at my feet forever!

1/31/2017 10:00:53 AM
Ugly, tramp, vermin, wanker, fool, moron, idiot, faggot, pay-cunt, shit eater, boot licker. SAY THESE WORDS. This is what YOU are, your ugly cock twitches when you read these words, how I define what YOU are. I truly despise you dickheads. I want to abuse you in person and degrade you for life, get your pathetic carcasses here, take your medicine!

1/22/2017 4:48:34 AM
BE CLEAR: Tell me what you fucking want! Don't beat about the bush and if you do so then follow it through got it?
I am straight so I am also looking for women. If you are one of those sad pathetic morons who are constantly looking at my profile whilst your insignicifant dick gets stiff then you owe me and you know it, nothing is free in life understand that loser! 100% of you are snivelling, slobbering sacks of sputum, seriously why the fuck would you think someone would give you a chance at something for nothing? It's just logic, you are at the bottom, worse than the shit off my boots and so your place is where I say it is got it cunt? I don't expect a long paragraph on introduction but if you send a few grunting words then you will be treated like the shite you are, that includes the dumb-ass women on here who seem to think they are exempt of basic fucking manners! Do NOT wish for something you cannot deal with bitches.

1/21/2017 8:05:13 AM
I want Trophy fags today! Get the fuck down and grovel before me you loser wankers, you better get here asap or you will regret it faggots! I am very harsh at the best of times, you are here because you need me and you know it deep down, submit to your desires and slobber at my feet pig!

1/10/2017 3:41:21 AM
These are your words, say them, digest them and mean them: Faggot, cunt, loser, worm , maggot, shit-head, wanker, vermin, scum, piggy, cash fag, shit wipe, fat cunt, skinny wretch, ugly cunt, pond life, low life, beggar, slug, prick, weener, air stealer. Keep saying this words because that's who you are, all of them, everything negative when you see my name, you crave my sweaty foot on your ugly face depriving you of my air.

1/10/2017 2:32:00 AM
Keep snivelling and begging for my attention you maggots! Your God is loving it!

1/7/2017 2:05:45 AM
YOU are vermin, YOU are a faggot, YOU are a loser, YOU are beneath me, YOU are a lowlife, YOU are shit on my shoe. Now keep saying those magic words to yourself over and over again. Do not assume you are anything unless I say you are!

12/31/2016 5:05:18 AM
The lower you feel you are the more you need to prove your hunger for my abuse, open yourself up to my wrath you pigs! Grovel and put some effort into my realm!

12/28/2016 11:28:02 AM

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