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I am a sweet, intelligent sissy - trans (21 month on estrogen)... I am looking for contact with a Daddy. For conversation and if the right Daddy 247. I am slim,natural smooth body.In my daily life I need structure and a loving but firm hand. I hope to meet a daddy who is serious and if chemistry work towards 247.Keywords: Structure, diciplin, rules, rubber, feminize, love, respect, selfrespect, dominance. Be your loving Stepfordwife. :)

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10/22/2023 11:05:45 AM

I dream of him..I know that he's out there dreaming of me..

9/26/2023 2:51:17 PM

She sits there all by herself by the window in the dim light. The restaurant, French is packed with people laughing, eating dinner, crystal glas sings as they meet each other over the table. Chablis, Bordeau, Champagne hang on everyones lips. She's well dressed, black matte silk, vintage Dior. Classic, tailored, tight, elegant some what demure. 

Madame, the waiter put the oyster platter infront of her, she smile a Mona Lisa smile but says nothing. She starts to enjoy her oysters from Normandy. One by one. Slowly and only with a splash of lemon. Her absolute favorite. 

His eyes, dark, intense see's her through the restaurant. He really see her, her rare beauty, her grace, class but also her sadnes, her lonelines. She is frail but strong at the same time contrast a mixture of everything.  He watch her like a lion after a gazelle on the African savanna..He want her, he knows shes perfect for him..


9/19/2023 3:10:50 AM

Today I feel princess!

9/16/2023 9:38:50 AM

Louboutin. Model: So Kate'. Black or Nude. Classy sexy. 

8/26/2023 12:45:01 PM

Trust In Me by Scarlett Johansson, Jungle Book.So hypnotic so seductive..

8/15/2023 7:24:27 AM

Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaak. I still love this song!  

8/13/2023 3:44:37 AM

I seek quality. I offer quality. 

8/11/2023 11:13:42 PM

I lost one of my glass slippers...

8/9/2023 10:40:58 AM

Got lips done in Spain! Brigitte Bardot plump classic beautiful lips. Happy lips. 

7/30/2023 4:26:35 AM

23 months on estrogen- congratulations to me! Happy Me! Anyway! Thoughts being on CS - I have been blocked, ghosted, snapped  cursed at! Well!! so nice to see that class is still in fashion!! Sight! 

7/10/2023 3:49:34 AM

Submission is a beautiful gift. All dominants should respect and cherish that... 

7/9/2023 12:43:02 PM

Flawless Perfection, Style, Class and Grace...

7/6/2023 2:26:40 PM

Tonight I saw Louis Bunel`s "Belle de Jour" by Louis Bunuel (1967)...

6/30/2023 11:43:18 AM

Be realistic! Be classy! Be you! Be sane! I am!! 

6/30/2023 3:13:11 AM

Congratulation! to me! in a minute 22 months on HRT. 🥰❤️✨

6/28/2023 4:03:57 AM

U lead I follow....U smile I smile..U breathe I breathe..Let me love...

6/26/2023 5:25:17 AM

I just went down memeory lane..I Love George Michaels "Kissing a Fool" How could I forget it....+ "Freedom"...Pleasure for my ears.....

6/24/2023 1:31:44 PM

He pushed her gentle up against the double old french doors to the lounge, she hold her breath as his hand push her lender arms over her head, his one hand around her two sleder wrist..Eyes meet..She feels his weight on her body pushed up the beautiful carved doors..Prett blue eyes meets his...Waiting.....Whats next?....Her brain burs as she closes her eyes - long eyelashes falls down - his warm masculine hand slide around her neck - Jasmin and musk scent from her skin meets his nose..Firm grip into her hair i an updo..French twist..He loves when her hair is up tight..His stubble teases her fair skin - tickles - bite her earloape - his woice is warm, tender carig but fim - whisper "Who do you belong to"..Shes in a daze her Louboutin stilettos click on the beautiful old wood floor....

6/20/2023 1:24:15 AM

.... Eyes meet...Eyes watching.. I cast my sparkling blues down - bite my full lip and look up again. Eyes meet you smile and I get all shy..

6/18/2023 10:04:54 AM

I just love beauty..Beauty make me smile...Fuller lips yesterday..Classy - I like classy - hate slutty..Tonight I`ll see Stepfordwifes with Nicole Kidman..

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