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Dom/Switch Couple, 54/55,  Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Looking to satisfy all our desires. We are looking for sub and switch females only, guys you DON'T have the equipment she is looking for so don't bother. Sub couples, We may entertain the idea of letting you into our lifestyle but just know that I (husband) will force sub male to just sit there and watch us take your partner. We are a very open couple that have experienced many things in this lifestyle and willing to explore almost anything with the right person. I guess the best way for you to know if we are what you are looking for is to put what are definitely off our list of desires. Bi or Gay males Extreme torture Scat Cutting Leaving Scars or permanent Marks. We'd love to find an LTR with someone but not opposed to a strictly sexual relationship if you need to go back to hubby. Not looking for bed hoppers searching for the latest flavor of the moment. As far as the likes and dislikes. Some of those have degrees of intensity. An example would be whips and crops just because we love those doesn't mean we would like to whip our partner until they have welts and are bleeding. If you have a question about what degree in intensity we like something just ask. You can get a better feel for us by reading our journal start with earliest entry so it makes sense. == Results from == 99% Exhibitionist 98% Voyeur 96% Non-monogamist 95% Master/Mistress 94% Primal (Hunter) 93% Rigger 91% Dominant 84% Owner 75% Degrader 71% Daddy/Mommy 60% Sadist 59% Ageplayer 46% Experimentalist 25% Switch 18% Vanilla 16% Girl/Boy 11% Submissive 8% Primal (Prey) 3% Brat 2% Rope bunny 1% Slave 1% Masochist 1% Pet 0% Degradee ://








 Ann Arbor 





Gender Identity:










 5' 10"

 215 lbs




Gender Identity:










 5' 7"

 160 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

A Poly Household


 Begging (Expert)

 Body Worship (Expert)


 Breast Play (Expert)


 Collars (Expert)

 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Rear End Play


 Hair Pulling (Expert)



 Massage (Giving) (Expert)

 Mental Bondage

 Objectification (Expert)

 Orgasm Control (Expert)

 Public Play

 Spanking (Expert)

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)

 Tickling (Expert)

 Vibrators (Expert)




 Canes and Crops


 Erotic touch

 Wax Play

 Curious About:


 G-spot Stimulation

 Local BDSM Community

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Foot Worship


 Outdoor Bondage

 Vacuum Stimulation


 Fire Play

 Gas Masks


 Hard Limits:

 Modern Primitivism


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Journal Entries:
12/15/2017 4:25:34 AM
Could someone explain this to us. A man, Woman or couple send the message "hi", you look at there profile and it looks interesting so reply in kind. They respond asking "what are you guys doing tonight" you either tell them or ask what they are seeking then you never get a response back. We both understand people are busy and things come up, internet connections are lost. Is it really that hard to say "Decided I'm not interested" Is there something else going on here? Is there a purpose behind this we are unaware of? Whatever happened to common courtesy?

4/27/2017 6:14:20 AM
I wrote the previous journal entries to maybe give an idea of what we are looking for. Please page to the beginning of our journal entries to read them in the proper order I wrote them over several days so they are backwards. The story also doesn't reflect all of our limits, likes and kinks it's just a sampling of us.

4/27/2017 6:06:42 AM
"Baby.... Could I...... Could I please try your new hole.... Please?" She asks sheepishly​. "How can I deny you when you ask permission so nicely" I reply. She goes over to the nightstand and pulls out a strap-on. I'm starting to slowly move my cock again as she starts to put it on. You can feel my shaft starting to swell again as it slowly slides in and out of your pussy. You look at the strap-on as my wife is getting ready it's a monster cock the shaft of it is huge but the bulbous head is much bigger, your start to get nervous how can I possibly fit that huge thing inside you think. As she finishes up putting it on she next to me. I slowly pull out my now hard again shaft. A gush of cum and juice starts oozing out I stop it with my hand and start to rub it in and around your pussy up onto the cheeks of your ass making sure I push some into your ass. I tell my wife to wait to enter until I give her permission. As I move on to the bed She she gets on her knees to lick and clean you while she waits. I move in front of you kneeling my wet sticky shaft Infront of you a pearl sized bead of cum forming on the tip. I order you to lick it off you do as your told immediately. My wife now comes up and is enjoying caressing your ass. She inserts a thumb into your ass and starts massaging that tiny hole. I tell you that I want you to clean my shaft off with your tongue and you do without hesitation. You've done a nice job licking all our cum off my shaft. I grab a hand full of hair and pull your head back my other hand cupping under your chin. I now don't even have to tell you what to do you instinctively know now what I want. You open your mouth wide so I can fuck it. not having to order you to do it pleases me immensely and my shaft twitches with anticipation. I tell my wife I am ready. She grabs the shaft of her rubber cock you can feel it's enormous head pressing against the lips of your pussy. You know you are about to be FUCKED in two holes at once. You also know you are not going to be able to control your body and you are going to cum the instant they enter you. You don't know how but the timing is perfect and both sets of your lips are parted simultaneously as both shafts plunge deep inside you. You were right you were unable to control your body..........

4/27/2017 6:05:16 AM
My wife releases your wrists, pulls out a dildo and starts to fuck herself with it watching as I stand there my shaft still twitching inside you. She tells you that I love it when a woman struggles having second thoughts the finally surrendering​ to my desires. She asks if I had fun with our new friend. "Oh my god, yes, definitely yes" I reply the whole time we are talking my shaft remains inside you, my wife slowly sliding the dildo inside herself. The mixture of my seed and your nectar start to flow down the inside of your thighs, I reach down and wipe some off I present my sticky fingers to my wife and ask if she'd like to see what the two of us mixed together tastes like. She greedily licks my fingers enjoying every drop. She leans back a thought forming on her face.

4/27/2017 6:04:23 AM
With one final hard thrust I EXPLODE. I explode with such force you can feel the blast as it hits the deepest recesses inside you. Another thrust and another load of cum is pumped inside you. This sends you over the top waves of pleasure wash over you as your orgasm hit it's so powerful you start to scream your pussy contracts and you start to squirt. With a final thrust I hold my cock deep inside you continuing to pump it's​ seed as your pussy contsricts around my shaft pulsating, milking it dry.

4/27/2017 6:03:32 AM
You feel my shaft swelling more filling with my seed. It's then you realize I am NOT wearing any protection. You tell me that I can't cum inside you your fertile. I tell you to be quiet I will do as I please with you and if I want to mark my territory I will because I own you now!! You start to beg "PLEASE STOP" "I'LL DO ANYTHING!!! Just don't cum inside me." I don't stop I continue ramming my cock inside you. You start to squirm and struggle. My wife grabs your wrists and helps hold you down for me so I can finish. The more you fight the tighter our grip becomes, it seems to be making it worse exciting me more. I start Fucking you in a frenzy. You start to sob as you beg me to stop then start crying. "OH MY GOD HONEY!! You don't know what you are doing to me!!" "you feel so good, I can't stop, I have to fill you with my seed." My cock is like a water balloon about to burst. You can envision the vain filling with seed, my seed, seed I want to give to you. It's now exciting you that I am going to pump my cum deep inside you. You feel your orgasm building.

4/27/2017 6:01:55 AM
I grab the shaft of my now clean cock and slowly slide it into your pussy. You hear a moan of satisfaction coming from me. This time I go with long slow thrusts completely enjoying the feeling of your​ soft wet pussy as my cock slides in and out. You've lick my wife's pussy thoroughly clean and she comes up to watch my shaft disappearing​inside your pussy. She grabs the cheeks of your ass and starts rubbing them "Oh honey your ass is so red, you did a good job baby your teaching her well." Her hands slide underneath you grabbing your breasts pinching your nipples. I start to speed up my thrusts and she starts pinching harder when she sees my excitement growing. I move my hands to your shoulders and start pulling you back into me with every thrust.

4/27/2017 6:00:54 AM
I'm so ready now, I grab your hips and plunge my cock all the way in it feels so good tight and wet around my shaft. Seeing me fuck you from behind while your eating her pussy sends my wife over the top she starts to cum squirting in your mouth this startles you and her juices Flow out the sides of your mouth your not swallowing it and I can tell. This makes me angry so you think. "How dare you, you dirty little bitch your letting that sweet nectar go to waste!!!) Before you can respond I've pulled out, grabbed a bottle of lube off the night stand squirted it on to that pretty asshole of yours and rammed my cock in. Your breath is taken away it hurts as I ram my cock in you let out a scream "NO, STOP, IT HURTS" I continue abusing your hole. You finally yell out the safe word that get me to stop. INSTANTLY I STOP carefully removing my shaft from your ass. I bend over and caress your ass gently kissing you on your back. I say "You never said anal was a hard limit, I figured it was a good way to punish you for wasting her juices." You tell me it's not really a hard limit but it stunned and shocked you, you figured it was a good time to test our safe word. While you are telling us this I am clean my shaft off with cleansing wipes as I thoroughly clean it it twitches still hard still hungry. "Enough of this! Now you know you are safe with us." I bend you over shoving your face back to my wife's pussy and tell you "You had better clean up the mess you made and lick her pussy clean. You smile slightly and go back down relaxed in feeling you are safe now and enjoying pleasing your new Master's.

4/27/2017 4:29:38 AM
I rub your ass sliding my fingers between the cheeks they are warm to the touch ready for what's to come, I place my hand on the small of your back bracing you. I draw back the flog then bring it down across both cheeks deliberate but not hard again with the same force. With each consecutive stroke increasing in intensity. The sensation clouds your thoughts your trying​ to pleasure your Mistresses pussy with your tongue but it's becoming difficult. Seeing this I draw back the flog and bring one final stroke straight down going between your legs and snapping right on your clit. The sting of the blow sends an electrifying sensation deep inside your pussy. I've stopped my shaft is now rock hard it wants to fuck that hungry little pussy. Before dropping it I take the handle and slide it up inside you you groan as the large round end of it parts your lips. I pull it out holding it towards my wife's mouth I tell her to lick it clean and she does without hesitation.

4/26/2017 9:21:26 AM
My wife asks if I think you've had enough, as she holds your face tightly to her pussy. I ask if you've started to lick her pussy properly, and you have, vigorously working the clit and darting your tongue up inside. My wife tells me that you definitely have. I pause for a second in thought then say " you may have had enough but I haven't" it usually takes a little longer to make our toys obey and I enjoy the punishment part. There's one more thing I want to do to make sure there are no more misunderstandings. I walk over to the nightstand open it and pull out a large black flog. Seeing this your eyes widen and you start to lick more passionately​. My wife's head rolls back and she closes her eyes her hands slide off your head and she clutches the sheets moaning. She tells me that that did the trick and your tongue is amazing but she thinks I should continue just in case.

4/26/2017 9:20:39 AM
My wife takes you by the hair and grinds your face into her pussy. Pulling my fingers from your pussy I straighten up going​ behind you. I grab your panties and rip them from your body, you feel my hand as it comes down sharply on the fleshy​ part of your ass cheek stinging. I do it a second time on the another, again and again I do this till your ass starts to become red as the blood rushes to it. My foot goes between your legs and forces you to spread them and several times my hand comes up between your legs and snaps against your pussy stinging your button. All the while I am telling you the order of things here "I am in control of the two of you, my wife is in control of you and you are in control of nothing. You are here to obey our commands or suffer the consequences."

4/26/2017 4:57:59 AM
Your pleas go unanswered and I push your head till your lips touch hers. This seems to be happening faster than you thought. You've lost control, I've taken over and am forcing you to do things to my wife before your ready. I am controlling your head and moving it so your lips slide up and down her pussy. Your mouths still closed, I yell at you to open your mouth and start licking or there will be consequences​. Unsure of what I will do you comply licking half heartily, the taste of her wet pussy is actually sweet and arousing. Still you are being forced to do it and not complying completely, you can sense I am getting a little upset, you hear me tell my wife "Would you please grab your woman's hair and control her, I need to show her just who's in control!!!)......

4/26/2017 4:57:04 AM
With one hand I cup your breast squeeze it and pinching the nipple. My other hand slips down the front of your panties my middle finger sliding into your slit. I as what you think of my wife's body, you tell me she's very pretty. I take one hand and grab you by the hair and pull your head back. I tell you my wife has been patiently waiting for weeks to feel your tongue on her pussy. As I play with your pussy I ask my wife if this is what she wants, she slides her fingers up inside her by pussy raising her hips and moans. Your trembling with excitement, anticipation of the unknown, wondering what I am going to do next. I bend you over and tell you to touch her pussy as you reach out she moves her hands away. As your hand touches her, gliding over the smooth shaved skin she clutches the sheets, thrusts her hips and gasps. I tell you to part the lips with your fingers so I can see how wet she is, while my fingers continue to work inside you. You do as I command, it's slippery wet glistening in the light. An Mmmmmm escapes my lips and I push two fingers deeper inside you. I tell you it's time she finds out how wonderful your lips and tongue feel. My hand still clutching your hair starts to push your face down "NO! PLEASE DON'T!" You plead......

4/25/2017 8:27:02 PM
I lead you into the bedroom. My wife is laying naked there patiently​ waiting for me to lead you in. I guide you to the edge of the bed facing my wife. I stand behind you reaching up I grab your top by the shoulders and slowly tear it from your body, your braless you fold your arms across your naked breasts​. I scold you then swat your ass and order you to put your arms down, you obey. "You don't want to deprive my wife of your beautiful breasts do you?" No Sir. Your skirt has a zipper in the back which I undue letting your skirt fall to the floor. All you are left wearing are your​ silk panties. My wife is laying there playing with herself while looking at your body, fantasizing about what I am going to force you to do to her.

4/25/2017 8:23:46 PM
I place my hands on your shoulders push you to your knees with ease ordering you to undue my pants. You obey and unbuckle my belt and undue my pants my shaft springs forth hard and ready for your lips. You look scared and say you are unsure now. "It's to late for second thoughts" i say, grabbing you by the hair I force the head into your mouth. At first you struggle but as I slide it in and out you finally surrender your mouth to me. Once I see you have submitted to me I am satisfied and pull it out then pull you to your feet. With your head bowed I place my hand under your chin and pull it up so I can look into your eyes you find it hard to look at me your embarrassed that you just knelt before me with my cock in your mouth and so soon after we met. I order you to look me in the eyes and you sheepishly​ do. "Now that wasn't so bad was it?" I ask. Looking into my eyes you whisper "No Sir". I tell you its bedtime.

4/25/2017 7:15:09 PM
With the check paid you follow us back to our house. You follow us up and we all go in. Once inside I ask if I can get you anything to drink, I can make you what you were drinking in the restaurant if you'd like and you say that would be nice. As I start to make your drink my wife excuses herself saying​ she would like to freshen up. Your standing with your back to the living room wall as I hand you your drink I ask​ if it's ok, you take a sip and say it's wonderful. I'm now standing in front of you starring Into your eyes. I ask if you are sure this is what you want to do. You innocently​ bow your head and say "yes sir". I ask you to recite the safe words and you do. Forcing you back against the wall, My hand comes up and slides​ to the back of your neck underneath your hair. I grab your hair and pull your head back and kiss you deeply. "I want this too" my other hand pulls up your skirt and I slide my hand inside your panties a finger slips inside your already wet pussy "And this". I ask if you would like to please me and you say "Yes, what do you desire Sir"....

4/25/2017 2:33:21 PM
As we're finishing up our dinner the waitress comes over and asks if we would like dessert. I look over to you and ask if you would like dessert here or would you like to come back to our place where we could prepare a special dessert for you. It takes but a second for you to say you'd like to come back to our place. You've already made up your mind that you've found your new owners. I tell the waitress we'll just have our check. My wife and I both smile. I place my hand on the side of your neck my thumb caressing your cheek and tell you that you are adorable. My wife has other thoughts and her hand goes back between your legs and says "Yes simply adorable"......

4/25/2017 2:31:32 PM
We talk over dinner you realize we are genuine people that will nurture, care for and not take without giving back. You knew but now you believe and trust that when we told you through our chats that we find when a woman submits to us and becomes ours it is the most valuable thing she can offer up and is to be cherished. We tell you about our safe words and our hard limits. I ask you what they are several times and you repeat them back. I tell you just how important those are because I you choose us as your new owners "No" and "Stop" are words we don't respond to. Your safety and security are the most important things to us. We want you to put your trust in us and believe in us.....

4/25/2017 12:31:26 PM
Our food arrives​ and we both discreetly withdraw our hands. You notice that I slowly lick my finger saying I probably shouldn't be tasting dessert before dinner. A devilish smile creeps across my face.

4/25/2017 12:30:01 PM
When I tell you that I rest my hand lightly on your knee and tell you that you are more beautiful in person. Your slightly startled as my hand touches your knee and you tense up a little but quickly relax, it does feel nice. My wife's​ hand comes up to your chin and gently turns you to face her say that I am absolutely right you are a very beautiful woman, then slides her hand to your other knee. The feeling of two people touching your legs at the same time is arousing and you feel a tingling sensation between your legs. You briefly close your eyes, seeing the arousal rising up inside you I start to caress your leg my wife follows my lead and starts on the other. You find yourself unconsciously​ starting to spread your legs giving into us. My hand slides up underneath the skirt you wore, my fingers lightly brushing against your silk panties. Your now kicking yourself for wearing them if you hadn't my fingers could have slid right in with how wet you had become. My wife's hand joins mine and we are both taking pleasure in touching you this way. You find yourself wanting to submit to us, right here right now.

4/25/2017 10:40:25 AM
We look over the menus, I tell you that even though it might not look like it but this place is known for their king crab legs and prime rib. I say that I'm going to pick up the tab and don't worry about prices it's​ a special occasion. Your drink arrives and we place our order. As we wait we talk about all the things we've chatted about online. Ours likes and dislikes seem inline, our experiences are also very similar. I tell you that I have been the one doing the searching for us, searching for that one submissive woman that we can share. The thing that first drew me to your profile was the way you talked about what you were looking for and it seemed like we may be searching for the same things in each other. I was so happy when you agreed to chat with us. Then when you shared your pics with us we were amazed at how beautiful you are......

4/25/2017 10:37:47 AM
You notice that the back's of the booth are high and offer a modicum of privacy. I ask if you would like something to drink you say yes, so I motion for the waitress and order what you ask for. My wife is drinking that looks like orange juice and I just have water. You get a little nervous thinking you shouldn't have ordered an alcoholic​ beverage. I can see you are a little jittery and ask if everything is ok, again for some reason you feel comfortable in telling me what's on your mind. I smile placing my hand on yours and tell you my wife is drinking a Fuzzy navel she's also a little nervous and I do drink socially but I didn't want to tonight. I want to remember everything about tonight with Crystal clarity......

4/25/2017 9:06:40 AM
You arrive at the restaurant, as you look around trying to spot us you find the place to be very nice. It's lighting is just right not to dark and music is playing. It's about half full, a mahogany bar is on one wall, table's set up in the open area and booth's line the opposite wall. You spot us in the corner booth, you recognize us from our pictures. You think we'll the first question has been answered they look like their pictures. I see you and motion you over. As you arrive at the table I stand up and ask if you'd feel comfortable sitting between us you being the center of attention and all. You do find yourself feeling comfortable, it's a nice place people are close by and you find my voice and demeanor are comforting. You slide in next to my wife she gives you a big smile and hug, say she's so happy that you agreed to meet us. I slide in next to you......

4/25/2017 9:04:42 AM
We've chatted​ many times and we seem like a compatible match, that's why we agreed to meet for the first time. I chose a restaurant for our get together, I feel that you as a submissive need to feel safe in our presence. I already feel protective of you and your safety and security are important to me, to both of us actually.....

4/25/2017 9:01:53 AM
I'm going to post how I see our first meet going, this may give you a better idea of what we are looking for.

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