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Pan Female Dominant, 33,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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?Read very carefully Address ME as Empress CE'MON ? I am ROYAL in every fibre of MY being and will be treated as such. I am realizing MY life long dream of owning a plantation of slaves to adhere to MY every whim and fancy, OBEAH. I am naturally slaves' Superior, MY Melanin gives ME that right. My list of fetishes is just that, MY list. I am no way shape or form interested in what slave likes. I do not live on fantasy island and I am not the ONE to make slaves' dreams come true. I am Empress every hour of the day as slave should be itself in the same capacity. ? What it means to be MY slave: slave must totally in its entirty, relinquish its rights, to be COMPLETELY used by ME for MY satisfaction and gratification in which ever form I choose 100% of the time. slave will be divested of ALL freedom and personal rights, it is owned by ME and wholly subject to MY will whether by capture or purchase. it has lost its power of resistance, and surrenders itself to ME in ALL forms, mentally and physically. slaves exist within MY colony, working together for the sole purpose of serving ME. slaves put ME first always are enthused to serve ME to the best of its ability. ? Single, unattached slaves must be prepared to present itself in every manner. If slave is unable to relocate it is of no use to ME. I cannot slap or spit on it from thousands of miles away. How can it be of use to ME? Married/attached slaves, Do NOT waste MY time. slave's body and time already belongs to someone, so it is only fitting that it offers itself to the one that it chose to enter the agreement with. How can it be of use to ME? ? I work a minimum of 12 hours daily running My company, to finance My goal of estate living and full 24/7 chattel slavery, if it is not prepared to work, it does not classify as slave in My eyes. I do not take on financial burdens. I also do not have the luxury at this time to micromanage it. slaves must be of high intelligence and value. ones that understand that pleasures and pain are only novelties, true service and dedication is what I desire.? ? I am not seeking slaves to marry, so if it wants a wife, do not contact Me.? If it is truly interested in belonging to One such as Myself, it will not come with preconceptions. Every dynamic is unique, including My own. it views itself as a drone destined to thrive in a colony, serving for the greater good of the estate and the Empress. its desire is for the bigger picture and its heart yearns to belong to something bigger than itself. ? ?For slaves that have been released for whatever reason, I am not a replacement for its former Owner... I am an Individual with My own established dynamic, I'm no way interested in picking up where its last owner left off. it will be trained to suit MY desire. Unless I ask, I am not interested in what deviant activities it participated in during its former enslavement period ? For the ones that keep asking for My wishlist and what would be acceptable gifts I'd like....I'd prefer gold bullion and loose diamonds... I have an expert custom jeweller at My disposal. Stocks, bonds, investments, etc.? ? I have no need for trivial items like panties, nail polish and lotion. What kind of Dominant cannot buy that shit for themselves? ? For the ones who have nothing else better to do that to troll profiles and respond with sarcastic comments regarding what I've written and My physical appearance, its time is better served elsewhere... I will not reduce Myself to respond to comments made so essentially, it will be talking to itself. ?I will mark them as spam because I really do not have the time nor patience to respond so GET A LIFE! ? ? I've come to realise that this lifestyle has something for everyone including Myself. I'm interested in speaking with like-minded slaves who have the Need to serve in the dynamic I've previously described.? All potentials must submit a formal letter stating why it should be considered, and what contributions it can make towards MY colony. ? ?











Last Online:


 Dominant Female

 Toronto, Ontario 


 5' 5"

 190 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Sub/Sub Couples

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 Shopping (Expert)

 Travel (Expert)


 Amusement Parks (Expert)

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 Fine Dining (Expert)

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Journal Entries:
1/29/2014 10:28:27 AM

lots of bullshiters on the "slave/sub" category.  

Play does not come without  work.




1/27/2014 6:45:05 AM

 As I navigate through this online forum, boys often ask about experiences I've had and scenes I'd like to govern. I've decided to use the journal to log the experiences I've had and the ones to come. The following. Is a fitting first entry of a past experience.  




The boy was anxious because it had never been in such a compromising position. 

Two enormous black cocks in boy's presence, what will it do?


For months the boy toiled, and worked it's fingers to the bone for it's Empress CeMon with only torture as it's reward. slave's daily admonition and physical abuse had bruised not only boy's ego, but it's bottom as well. Meeting the incessant royal demands was taking a toll on boy, but slave loves every millisecond of it's new-found station under the Empress' feet. This was what boy had dreamed about for as long as it remembered... To be a Black Owned. 


One frigid Friday afternoon, as the boy was about to commence a board meeting, that warm familiar feeling enveloped its being. it's fresh wounds reverberated from the vibrations of its cell phone. As boy quickly excused itself from its employees, its cock doubled painfully inside the bird cage at the sound of the "Bossy" ringtone. The boy moaned in delight in anticipation of the sound HER voice. Lost in recollection of the early morning's duties, boy immediately dropped to its knees and fumbled to answer the phone. "H hello my Empress CeMon, this undeserving pile of shit is at Your service. Your cunt kneels, awaiting Your orders. it only existence is to serve You!"



Not good, Why the fuck did I fumble with the phone? slave pondered. 


"What have I told it about making Me wait? Would it like a reminder of what happens to cunts who can't follow orders?" Her queries immediately brought boy's mind to the events of the yesterday. it brought the wrong tea for her and was punished. slave's ear and balls were sore from when the Empress had grabbed them, pulled boy in closer and whispered in it's ear, "DON'T FUCK WITH ME cunt!" She pulled down bringing the screaming 6ft 6Inch boy to it's knees. She ripped off its white panties and uttered coldly, "If it kills Me, I will make a proper slave out of this pile of shit!"


The Empress place the hot mug of tea on it's already tender ass and said, "Don't move bitch!". 


The boy tried its hardest to bear the heat, then She bent down in front of boy while it was on all fours. The sight of Her firm, round ass made it's minuscule dick swell in it's cage. its ass suddenly felt cold, then scalding liquid trailed down the crack of it's shriveled pale ass and dripped down it's ball sack. The cunt howled in pain and was immediately told, "Shut the fuck up!" slave hissed, "Yesssss my Empress." it's face grimaced.  

"did it learn its lesson?" Empress purred. The boy's little clit stood up in its cage. "Yes, Empress CeMon, You are most kind and gracious. I am immensely grateful to be Black Owned. "

 "Very Good!" Empress chirped, and slapped the slave hard on it's cooling behind. The boy winced, as the pain returned. slave fought hard not to ejaculate in the cage because that would have incurred Her wrath. Empress is so vicious when She is angry. The boy's cock throbbed...


"BITCH, I'm speaking to it!". Empress' shrill scream brought slave out of it's revelry. 

"Your slave is here for all of Your needs, name it Empress, and it is done!"


Empress sighed, "what am I going to do with you, boy?". The phone went silent.  

The boy cocked it's head to hear what She was murmuring, then the boy heard Her giggle, which gave him goosebumps. slave hoped it's erection would not cause it embarrassment today. She had that effect on the boy. slave could barely contain itself. 


"boy, here are My instructions:

1. Get a king suite at the Sheraton.  

2. Meet Me at the spot for midnight and have My bottles and booth ready. I will be partying with My friends tonight. 


The boy will enjoy the night!" Empress exclaimed. 


 The boy quickly complied with the Empress' requests and tried to compose itself before going back into the boardroom. Her slave snatched a file from off a desk to hide the bulge in it's pants. Try as boy might, it could not help smiling with such a twinkle in it's eyes that it's colleagues gave questioning looks to each other. slave conducted the meeting seated, the anticipation of going out to meet Her made the boy's cock ache. The excitement was overwhelming and slave hastily finished the conference, so that it can spend the rest of it's day with it's thoughts. 


Heading out the office, boy decided to stop at Yorkdale and excitedly perused the shops for something worthy of Her Majesty. Satisfied with it's purchases, boy proceeded to it's quarters to prepare for the night ahead. 


slave arrived at the spot exactly at 11:30, to make sure that the booth and bottle service was up to Her standards. Immaculately dressed, boy caught a few glances from a few ladies but was oblivious to their body language. At 11:45, the slave exited the building to wait for the Empress.  


Promptly at midnight, Her car pulled up when slave opened Her door, She exited, looking ravishing. The throbbing of it's cock distracted the boy for a brief moment. She turned around waiting for boy to kiss Her ass in greeting as Her rituals dictate, but the boy was still within it's thoughts and slow to react. She faced Her property and with a look of disgust, swiftly slapped boy's face in front the waiting crowd. 


"kiss My ass bitch, what the fuck are you waiting for?!" She exclaimed. "My apologies, Your Royal Highness," boy said " You are so beautiful, this slave is not worthy to lick Your heels" 


"No, cunt, you are not, but lick them anyway, We want a good laugh." The boy's eyes finally came into focus to notice that the Empress CeMon was indeed, not alone. 

The Empress was accompanied by 2 Black females and a Black male. Immediately, the boy dropped to it's knees kissed Her ass in greeting. "it is wonderful to see You again divine Empress." slave bowed its head and kissed and licked Her shoes all while the boy exclaimed, " this putrid pile of toxic waste is not worthy to have this honor. slave thanks You, royal Empress." Her guests, and the crowd waiting to enter the establishment gasped in awe at the boy's obedience and admiration. "come on bitch, I'm going inside." The sound of Her clicking heels sent shivers down it's spine. 

The boy got off his knees and straightened it's tie and ran to open the door. 


Once inside, slave attended to Their every need. boy poured out the drinks, ordered more bottles, escorted the Ladies to the washroom, ran to deliver the Empress' DJ requests. 

When She grew tired, the boy became a footstool for the Empress, which sent quite a few stares towards Her v.i.p. Booth. 


The boy waited outside during Her use of the washroom facilities. She found no paper in the stall. Empress texted the boy to meet Her inside. When the boy arrived She demanded," bitch, I want My pussy cleaned and dried, Now!" slave's heart pounded in it's chest, mouth watered, and it's hands trembled. The boy dropped to its knees and had begun to lick Her heavens. Between Her massive thighs the boy inhaled deeply, marveling at Her delicious scent. it's cock seemed to vibrate. Savoring it's golden opportunity quickly came to an end. "Faster boy, I want to get back to My friends, make sure its dry." The boy was ingenious, it licked Her sweet pussy, inhaling deeply with each tongue stroke because boy loved the scent of Her. Then slave took it's silk hand kerchief and completed the task to Her satisfaction. She bent over to whisper in boy's ear, "good job boy, much better than last time," and walked out of the room. slaves body almost went limp. The boy wondered to itself "how does She do that, take all my strength and leave me so hungry to please Her? i am so lucky to have Her" 


The boy was most attentive for the rest the party, it was so diligent to entertain the Empress and Her Majesty's guests, slave earned a smile from the Empress CeMon. That's what brought fulfillment, knowing for a fact that She seemed pleased with it's behavior, and when the Empress is satiated, the boy feels fulfilled. She beckoned Her cunt and it rushed to Her feet. "Bring the car around, pussy," She said in boy's ear. Her slave bowed, and kissed Her feet, rose up and headed to the door. 


The Empress stepped into the waiting vehicle, "Sheraton, bitch," She breathed into boy's sore lobe. Her chocolate lips gently brushed boy's ears and it's member grew achingly. The cage was so tight. The boy reached into the back seat for the package he had so painstakingly prepared. "for My Empress CeMon," boy mumbled. She looked at Her boy, smiled wickedly, took the package and threw it in the backseat. She grabbed boy's cage and balls and hissed softly, "cunthole, you drive too slow." 


"As You wish Empress," he winced





As the pulled into the lobby area, the boy gave Her the pass card. " get My bag out of the trunk and meet Me upstairs, bitch."


"As you wish Empress CeMon." 


The boy raced to park the car. slave ran all the way, not before retrieving the package from the backseat and Empress' overnight bag from the trunk. The boy opened Her overnight bag in the elevator and placed Her package in there. slave's eyes could not help but notice the lace and frills peeking out of the bag. 


When boy opened the door, it saw the Empress sitting in a Victorian chair. She had changed out of her form fitting Red dress and stilleto heels, into a white and black

  Corset with crotch high black boots. In Her hands was a riding crop.  


The boy dropped to its knees and placed it's head to the floor.


"Glorious Empress CeMon, what can this worthless cunt do to make Your life more pleasurable?"


"Open the bag, take the items and go to get changed," She purred. boy's nipples tingled as it rose up from the floor. 


Her slave entered the washroom and immediately began to shower. it recalled the last inspection. it did not wash up and the Empress punished it severely. 

Her voice echoed in it's brain, "DON'T EVER LET ME FIND SHIT CRUMBS IN your ASS AGAIN!!!!"

So the boy was extra careful to scrub his ass and cock in a cage. boy could not bear the thought of Her scrubbing it's ass raw with a steel wool pad again.  


slave got out of the shower, dried off, lotioned it's pale white skin. The boy removed all the items from the bag and put them on minus Empress' package of course. 


When the boy re-entered the room the Empress beckoned it closer. "Let Me see your pretty white ass." As it came closer, it noticed movement in its peripheral. The cunt's jaw dropped when it saw the huge erect Black cock! The Black guy from the club was laying on the bed, naked!  


"LOOK AT ME you FUCKING COCK HUNGRY SLUT!!! Turn around let Me see your sexy bitch ass in that lacy lingerie." 

The boy turned around slowly, just as it had been taught, trying it's hardest not to make eye contact with the aroused Man on the bed, trying even harder to let it's excitement show, but it's loser cock failed to succumb to it's efforts to control the way-ward appendage 


"get on all fours!" boy complied, ass facing the Empress CeMon as it had been taught. slave felt the cold leather crop trail up its legs and a sharp sting on it's ass. "mmmm," She moaned, "didn't I tell you he's a sexy bitch. Sledge got off the bed to take a better look. The Empress snatched it's hair and yanked its head back, " look at Me cunt, I'm going to fuck you up tonight" boy squealed and Empress giggled.  


When She walked to the front of the boy, She was wearing a harness with a huge black cock. it's eyes bulged wide open. She stood in front of her cunt with Her hands stroking her cock as well as Sledge's, She cocked her head to one side and sneered, "Look bitch, see what real cocks look like?" She stood in front of the boy facing Sledge and put the two cocks together. "See bitch? If I can take all 12 inches of His cock, you can take all 12 of Mine." Sledge laughed, and the boy trembled in fear. Two black cocks!


Empress grab handful of the hair at the back of boy's head and shoved Her cock so far down it's throat, the boy gagged and tried to sputter but the cock was in to the hilt. Empress rotated Her hips, grinding Her pubis in it's face. The boy's tears made it's mascara run. Bright red lipstick and saliva coated the cock when She eased out. She grinned and slapped the cunt's face with the heavy cock. The boy opened its mouth greedily yearning to be filled with the gorgeous Black rod. The slut slurped loudly and the Empress declared proudly, " see Sledge, I told you he would love it!" Sledge uttered, "I'm sorry I didn't believe You, Empress, I will make it up to You when ever You wish." He smiled and winked at Her, all the while squeezing His giant cock. She ground Her hips into the boy's face harder, and was so pleased that the cunt had mastered it's gag reflexes, She tapped boy's ass sharply with the crop. The cunt's loud moan vibrated the harness so strongly, She felt the warmth between Her legs. "slow down boy, show Me those pretty lips. The boy responded in kind. She reached over and inserted 2 fingers is boy's waiting asshole. "Ughhhhhh" escaped its cock filled lips. She removed Her cock and fingers from there respected orifices and switched their positions. 


Empress was behind boy now forcing Her massive cock in slave's ass, pulling at its fire red wig to pull the boy down further on cock. slave sighed pleasure as She pounded his ass with Her pelvis. "Wowwww, that cunt took all of it!," exclaimed Sledge. 

Empress panted between Her stiff hard strokes, "I- told- you- he'd -make- a -great -slut," 


slave's flaccid cock rattled it it's cage as Empress pounded it's ass mercilessly. "permission to cum Empress Cemon?"




"please Empress, permission to cum"





"please Empress?!" the boy pleaded. 

"do- you- want -to- cum- bitch?!" barked Empress with each stroke . 

"yes pleeeeaaaasssseeeee"

"how- bad-ly- do- you- need- to- cum, bitch?"

"So bad! Please Empress?!"






"the boy begs You, please Empress CeMon?!"

"what- have- I- told- you -about -begging -boy"

" good bitches don't beg!" boy cried

" That's- right!"




"please Empress," boy whispered, trembling

She grabbed boy's neck, stilleto nails digging into its jugular and pounded Her bitch's ass so hard, it squealed.  



"DENIED!!!!" Empress announced triumphantly and removed the dildo from the harness, leaving the giant Black cock up it's stretched out asshole. The boy collapsed, quivering on the floor. She straddled the collapsed body, removed the harness and squated in the boy's face. The smell of Her pussy was intoxicating. If only the boy was worthy. If only.... Then it could be real man She longed for instead if the writhing bitch on a hotel room floor. 

 "Get in the corner on your knees and Let Me show you how to deal with Black Cock!"


As the boy recoiled to a corner with a vantage point, it saw the Empress perch doggy style on the edge of the California king and winked at Sledge who immediately dropped his knees behind Her and buried his face in Her ass "mmmmmm" She licked her lips and looked the boy dead in it's eyes. slave began to look away. "Don't you dare! Look at Me, look at him. That's how a REAL man does it."  

Sledge loved the Empress' big round brown ass. He stuck his tongue in Her hole and moaned. She giggled. slaves cock bulged through the bars of it's cage. it marveled at the talent Sledge displayed. His techniques made the Empress' cheeks quiver in unison with his head bobbing. "1," She whispered. Sledge immediately place his long middle finger in Her pussy and put 2 fingers on her clit rubbing its slowly. Her 2 VCH spikes gleamed in the lamp light. The boy had no idea She has piercings. She was so mysterious, boy learned new things about Her every day, and everything about Her excited boy. The dildo in it's ass felt really good and it started grinding on it, ever mindful of maintaing control. 

"2," Sledge never broke his rhythm, he simply took his finger out to the tip and places the other finger in without breaking stride." Uhhhhhhh" She growled. His head and fingers moved Faster. "Look, bitch, does it see how its done?" 

"Yes, my Empress, He is worthy of Your grace and bounty. He is worthy to taste Your ass and pussy. I know my place as a bitch in your world. This cunt is not worthy to lick Your royal cum off the floor. Thank You Empress CeMon, You are both fair and kind."


She laughed out loud. 


With a final quiver of Her ample backside, She turned around to face Sledge, sat on the edge of the bed and extended Her legs up in a V. The Empress pointed to the massive cock Sledge possessed and smiled. Slege places his hand across his heart and bowed deeply. When he stood fully erect, he caressed his cock and forced the tip of it into Her pussy. Her head rocked back between Her shoulder blades, Her eyes glared into the boy's, Her thick hips thrust forward to envelope about 8 of the 12 inches that is Sledge. He groaned, "so tight!" She laughed, "just do as you were trained." "Yes, Empress." 

He held on to Her ankles as he thrust deeper, and She rocked and ground Her hips in synchronization with his strokes. The boy found itself grinding to the same beat of the invisible drum. She sneered at the boy, "how do you like your cock, bitch?"

"big and Black, Empress," the boy panted. 

" See, sledge, the cunt learns quickly."

Sledge responded with a grunt. 


She laid back unto the bed and wrapped Her legs around his thin waist. She was moving faster now and She rotated Her hips in a serpentine manner all the while he matched with his stroke. 


"go to his feet boy,"


The slave's eyes opened wide and stammered, "As You wish Empress." 

Crawling slowly, the boy clenches it's ass to ensure that the cock did not slide out. it pondered its situation.

it had never been this close to a naked Black Man, much less being sissified and dominated in front of One. The boy wondered about the commands to come. 

"kiss his feet" the Empress demanded. The boy's cock almost exploded at the very thought of the act. 

"Yesssss, my Empresssss," the words dripped from the cunt's lips. She moaned. The boy bowed and placed his lips and tongue on the master's dark foot massaging his feet and toes with it's lips. 

"Sit!" barked Sledge, to which the boy promptly obeyed sending the cock right up it's ass. It took all of the boy's reserve not to cry out... the boy had to maintain it's composure, it could not afford to embarrass the Empress. 


Her rocking hips in conjunction with Sledge's hammering rocked the bed. The slapping sound became hypnotic. The boy rode it's cock and admired Her pussy from a closer angle. Her muscles gripped Sledge's cock with every backstroke. Sledge's ass clenched and he rolled his eyes back in euphoric bliss. 

She kicked him off and groaned, " Fuckkkkk"

A steaming jet of juices came shooting out drenching Sledge's chest and legs. A dinner plate sized puddle collected at his feet. 

"Clean it up, Now," Sledge ordered. Her boy jumped at the bass timbre in his voice. it bent its head between Sledge's feet to lap up the Empress' cum.  


No sooner than the boy cleaned the floor, it felt Her warm cum trickling down the back of its neck. "more to clean, boy," Sledge chimed deeply. She laughed loudly

" yes, thank you Sir," it announced, and greedily licked the new puddle that was created by the master's ample cock. it looked up and saw Her glistening pussy, brown lips and pink insides, Her large clitoris adorned with golden spikes, the large wet spot on the bed, the rivulets of Her nectar trailing down Sledge's long legs. The slave resisted temptation to follow the trail with it's tongue in fear that Sledge would pound it into dust. it satisfied itself with the knowledge that the Empress CeMon deserved the pleasure She received because the boy's cock was the size of Her clit. Utterly Useless! That single thought made it grind hard on the cock in its ass. it was a walking cunt indeed. 


A new waterfall interrupted its train of thought and this time the boy took the time to savor Her offerings. Very sweet to the taste, clear, with a faint bouquet of pomegranates. Empress rubbed Her clit and put Her index and middle fingers in Sledge's mouth and smiled. He slurped them, She winked and the dam broke again. Sledge snatched the boy off the ground by the neck and place the it's face about six inches from Her pussy so that it can drink directly from the source. After two large gulps the boy let out a loud burp. The Empress laughed so heartily, Her pussy muscles pushed Sledge's cock out of Her valley. " I think the bitch is full, Empress," Sledge declared. 


"I believe you are correct, time for dessert!"


The Empress directed the master to a dry spot and forced him to sit. She straddled his Dick and began to bounce. Sledge's long fingers palmed Her assmeat to pull Her in closer. She looked at the boy..."did it get a belly full of cum?"

"yes Empress CeMon, may this worthless cunt say that Her Majesty tastes divine! Thank you!" 

"then be ready for desert, assume the position"


With no further delay the boy got on it's back and contorted it's legs around it's neck and opened its mouth wide. The black cock had begun to slide out of it's ass. The Empress glared into it's eyes. "Don't let that drop out," She ordered as her ass jiggled hypnotically in front of boy's face. The bird cage bobbed up and down. Sledge looked in its eyes and sneered, " its good you know your place, in a corner like a bitch!" it's face turned beet red. 


The Empress CeMon gripped Sledge by the neck, Her nails digging into his dark brown flesh and whispered in his ear as She stood up. 


Sledge immediately rushed over to the boy and kneeled with his balls on the boy's chin. The master arched his back and spouted hot cum down the boy's throat. He then stood up and shook the remnants on Her slave's lingerie. He even got some on the boy's balls. "GET UP AND CLEAN IT UP," She said defiantly.  


The boy quickly swallowed, untangled itself and began to wipe the white droplets off of its pink outfit and sucked them off it's fingers. The Empress CeMon most kindly assisted it with that task. After it had consumed every drop, She demanded, "Thank Sledge for his good service!"

The boy immediately stood to its feet, walked over to its clothes, retrieved a thick envelope, bowed to the floor and placed it at Sledge's feet. "Thank You kind Master for doing what this cunt cannot." 


"Useless bitch!" Sledge retorted.


As Her slave stood to his feet, the Empress smiled and said, "I'm having seconds boy and you are NOT!"

The boy spun on its heels and put on it's suit. Fully dressed, the boy quickly tidied the room, bowed and kissed Her feet.  

"Thank You Empress for making this cunt Black Owned!"


it then crawled backwards out of the room. 


9/24/2013 7:47:34 AM

do not contact Me unless it is  truly a reflection of the slaves I've described and can actually explain and expound on My ideology of slavery.  hard work and dedication is what I seek not some misguided notion of bdsm   

If one cannot address Me as I've outlined, I will NOT respond,  it is not fit to be one of My boys .

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