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Pan Transgender Slave, 38,  NYC, New York
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I seek open and honest connections for as long as they last, with integrity.

I identify as a well-educated, submissive, pansexual transwoman (pronouns: she/her) looking to be trained as a slave.

I prefer to start any conversation as equals using any title or manner of regard you prefer. If you need specific protocols followed such as a letter of introduction I will do my best to oblige. I do not consider submitting to someone until I have met them in person and have done some negotiating. If you are inclined to have submissives or slaves sign contracts that is even better since it illustrates in black and white what you expect.

The major demographic I am looking to connect with are people who live within the city limits of NYC and ideally in the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn or travel to those boroughs on a regular basis.

The types of connections I am currently looking for on CS fall into three categories, which may or may not overlap:

* You are a Dominant or Dominant Couple looking to train a part time sexual service slave in medium-to-high protocols and love using leather and metal bondage gear for extended periods
* You are a Dominant or Dominant Couple that need a non-sexual practice submissive and/or rope bunny
* You are a Trainer or Trainer Couple that is looking to train a show ponygirl in dressage

I will not rule out the possibility of having a long term connection with someone (or a with a Couple), right now. But, it will become more likely after I complete my transition to being female full time and changed career paths.

Vanillawise, in no particular order here are some topics you may frequently hear me discuss if you get to know me:

* Economic policy aimed at long-term prosperity for all
* Fashion especially boots and lingerie in everyday wardrobe
* Long walks in the city
* Science fiction
* Story theory
* Design
* Personal productivity
* Continuous self-improvement and education
* Holistic health and wellness
* Process management
* Francophilia
* Bad television and film

Chocolatewise, in no particular order here are some kinky artistic aesthetics that I appreciate and would love to spend time with people who appreciate some of them as well and maybe use them as inspiration in our time together:

* Jim Weathers
* House of Gord
* James Bertoni
* Insex
* Pupett
* Retro porn of the 80s and 90s such as House of Milan
* Blunder Broad
* Illustrations from Centurian magazines
* Older Kink dot com productions

In terms of dealbreakers, here are my overall connection ones:

* Not meeting in-person after 10 days of initial contact
* Breaking our promises and agreements
* Anything that would jeopardize our careers
* Mindfucking when not explicitly agreed to, beforehand
* Not taking care of our bodies

And, in terms of dealbreakers, here are my sessioning ones:

* Sessioning or disciplining while angry
* Taking photos that include my face
* Smoking habits of any type (such as cigarettes, cigars, 420, vaping, etc.)
* Using drugs or drinking alcohol before or during any type of intense session
* Bare metal mouth gear
* Hoods before trust and rapport have been established
* Adhesive tape
* Headshaving
* Blood
* Golden showers and scat
* Unprotected sex without a fluid bonding agreement/exclusivity and exchanging STI panels
* Permanent scarring Happy fishing and may what you seek find you,












 Transgender Slave


 New York

 5' 9"

 140 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Domme/Dom Couples

Female Led Couples

Male Dom Couples

A Poly Household






 Rear End Play



 Obedience Training


 Clothing Selection



 Lifestyle BDSM

 Curious About:


 Pony/Puppy Roleplay


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