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Hetero Female Submissive, 44,  Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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When I play, I like it edgy, erotic and intense -- very intense.

I totally dig forced sex, rope bondage, and exhibitionism. I like it rough, very rough – no joke.

I take delight in being desirable and pleasing, and I get off on getting others off.

Although I thrive on attention and affection, I do not, however, like to be doted upon. If you can key into that nuance, superb.

I am in a 20-year, loving, live-in, sexual relationship with the father of my two children. He knows what I do. I play with his permission and blessings.

Should we take a tumble, don’t tell me how kinky, dominating and sadistic you are. Show me.

I am not simply seeking tie-me-up kinky sex. I am most interested in an ongoing, firm, intense and intimate, total power exchange, someone to skillfully steer me into some very dark, hot and kinky places. (This is the paragraph to zero in on, if you're truly wondering what I'm looking for).

I’ve no time or patience for cyber sex or online romance, nor am I looking for a boyfriend. I will definitely go out of my way to make time for heated sessions with a delicious Dom.

And yes, looks do matter, tremendously. So does stamina.

(On that note, let me go further. Not to be a bitch, but rather to serve as a filter and to save us both time. I prefer my men slim. I like swimmers' and runners' bodies vs. thick necked, barrel chested jocks. That type has just never done it for me. Bald heads, cigarette smoking, cowboy boots, white sneakers and poor spelling are turn offs. And if you drive a Hummer, forget about it).

Probably best if you send a photo or two (sans hats or sunglasses) sooner rather than later. And penis pics do nearly nothing for me. So please refrain.

I'm insatiable and I get restless. If I like it, I’m gonna want it with some frequency and regularity. Hopefully, you’d be willing and able to accommodate. If you see this as a symbiotic exchange, then we’re on the same page.

I am friendly, playful and affectionate, if not a little feisty (but that's part of what makes me so much fun)...













 Submissive Female

 Fort Lauderdale 


 5' 4"

 115 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male



 Anal Play




 Hair Pulling

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play


 Punk Rock Music





 Eighties Music



 Hip Hop Music


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