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Well, I suppose I should talk some about Me.Lets see I am very experienced Dom.Started a long, long, long time ago in a university far far away.(Heh)It all started when I asked the wrong person the right question.That was almost twenty years ago.Back then I didnt even know what a Dom was ((heck the community there used a different term)) I knew what a Master was. Well at least a Master defined by the Gor novels (I am no Gorean, but Tal to all the beautiful kajira, and Tarn riders out there)Its been a long fun, bumpy ride to where I am now.Being a Dom, to Me, is the flip side of a sub (this is My opinion so please feel free to comment.) A sub surrenders control to bring pleasure to their self and the Dom who owns their beautiful (hopfully redden ((what can I say I do like to spank))) ass. A Dom on many levels lives to get that sub to that special place where your feet leave the ground, and it seems as if the Earth falls away, bringing pleasure to their (redden assed(( I told you I like to spank!)) sub and to themselves. Just One leads and the other follows. A dance if you will. Thank you for taking the time to read My rant. Thank you even more if Yyou comment on this. I do answer all private messages I get (be warned I do bark, and yes Bite).












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Journal Entries:
6/17/2010 1:36:26 PM

The safe was a long cylinder, silver and grey, a keypad on one end. Valerie felt Tom's eyes on her, her hands shook.

"Haven't tried to open it, because;" Valerie finished his sentence.

"She booby trapped it to destroy everything in it." Tom nodded and tapped several grey masses on the end and sides of the floor safe.

"Thermate, probably TH-3." Tom's voice held a bit of an edge in it his hazel eyes glanced up at her. For a moment Valerie saw the shadow of confusion in them. She heard laughter in her head, Stephanie's voice seemed to float, to whisper right by her ear."

"Tom likes his toys. Oh, I want to look in the mirror." Valerie, picked her way through the burnt out bedroom and wiped at the soot covered heat shattered mirror. A black haired smiling woman looked back at her. Grey eyes of the reflection stared back into hers. Perfect white teeth in its mouth, sharp ones spoke.

"Yuri picked a nice one for me." Valerie stared into the grey eyes, she could feel the earth start to fall away. A hand was on her shoulder suddenly breaking the stare. She could feel Tom's voice whisper in her ear.

"What is going on?" Valerie blinked hard, she leaned back against him.

"Stephanie, she's in me." Valerie looked into the mirror again, just her face stared back. Tom pulled her back into the kitchen where the safe sat on the remains of a butcher block like the rest of the kitchen charred from the fire that had engulfed the bedroom. "What is happening to me? Tom?" Again the shadow of doubt and confusion was in his eyes.

"Can only guess, you are in touch with her dead ghost." Valerie laughed, a bitter sound that threatened to turn into sobs.

"No kidding. Its more than that she is in here." Valerie tapped the side of her head, her voice breaking. Awkwardly, Tom hugged her to his chest and patted her back. She could smell burnt wood like a campfire, on his clothes. Her mind swam a wave as a of dizziness washed over her. She could feel pine needles on her back, Yuri over her naked body. Someone else was with him, someone was tying her wrists. Valerie's mind twisted over and over lost in memories. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Someone, a voice just outside of her vision. Oh God and then Yuri was in her, her cheeks redden her neck tingled, her pussy throbbed again. She breathed in deep, the smell of burnt wood she pressed herself harder against Tom. He cleared his throat, the back of her head buzzed and reality crashed around her bringing her back to the burnt out kitchen.

"The safe." Tom gently reminded her.

"Yeah the safe," Valerie looked away her face flush she pulled from his hug and stared at the silver grey tube. Her fingers brushed against the keypad. 1 2 5 7 8 1 5 9 5, she entered and the safe popped open. She reached in and pulled out a slim black journal, a metal flask and a small purple velvet bag. Valerie opened the black journal, Tom pulled it out of her hands suddenly. "What?" Tom snapped the book closed.

"She went to lengths to prevent this from being found. It could be trapped as well." Valerie shook her head.

"Its okay," Valerie held out her hand for Tom to return the journal.

"And you know how?" Valerie tapped the side of her head.

"So, Stephanie said its safe then?" Valerie nodded. Tom's lips pulled back into a smile and tucked the journal into a pocket on his coat. "Good." Valerie poked the flask;

"She won't say what the rest of this is for;" Her fingers brushed the velvet bag it felt familiar some how to her.

"I can guess what is in the flask." Tom's voice was thick. His hand reached for it.

"No! Not for Tom! No!!!!!"

Valerie grabbed the flask, Tom's eyes flashed with anger and, hunger.

"No," she quickly put the flask into her purse next to the jade green journal. Tom's hand grabbed her wrist.

"Tell, Stephanie not to worry, I am only going to pour it out into the sun." The emotionless Tom was back, Valerie shuddered. Tom's hand tightened on her wrist. Inside of her a voice shrieked, in anger and fear.


"Tom, you are hurting me and scaring her." Tom's eyes narrowed. She twisted suddenly breaking his grip on her hand. Valerie moved putting the charred butcher block betwine her and Tom. A loud chirping filled the room, Tom shook his head, and pulled his cell phone from his pocket. He answered it.

"Yeah? Yeah I have her here at Steph's, now?" A snarl filled his voice. "Yuri, I am trying to, yeah alright here she is." Tom dropped the cell phone on the block. "He wants to speak with you." Valerie snatched up the phone turned her back to Tom. Tom walked out of the kitchen. She breathed easier.

"Valerie?" Yuri's voice spoke .

"Yes. What did you do to me, Yuri?" He chuckled over the phone.

"Teal Station tonight 8 eight o' clock. Tom will drive you."

"He almost killed me, Yuri we found.." Her voice trailed off, should she tell him?

"Eight o'clock Valerie, be good." Yuri hung up. Valerie started to press redial, she put the phone into her purse instead. She walked out of the mansion, Tom stood leaning against the Bently. She walked warily towards him. Tom was staring at the ground a frown on his face.

"Yuri, wants;" Tom interrupted her.

"Eight o'clock, right." She nodded. "Despite what you thought, I wouldn't have hurt you, I wanted to " He let the words trail off. He glanced at his watch. "Better get in, you may want to change, and I have an errand to do before, we see Yuri tonight."

"We?" Tom nodded.

"Yeah, Yuri said both of us."

"Sir? Sir!" The maitre'de called after Tom, he had left his shoes on, and was crushing the grass. Tom ignored him and kept walking, Valerie struggled for a second and shrugged and followed behind him. Tom grunted a hello to Andrew. Andrew smiled and opened the curtain to Yuri's private hedge room. Tom walked in, Valerie followed almost on his heels. Yuri smiled and ran a hand through his short blond hair.

"Please, " Yuri waved them to sit down. Tom sat down on the black leather chair. "First business, what progress have you made?" Yuri's gaze held her eyes, a small sigh escaped her lips.

"Found this" Tom, tossed the black journal onto the table.

"Where do you think she is Tom?" Yuri idly traced patterens on the cover of the book.

"I found reservation records for a flight to Istanbul." Yuri's eyes broke their hold from Valerie's. She struggled to keep her eyes open, she felt as if she was going to slide off the seat.

"I asked you a question. Perhaps I haven't made myself clear. Tom, where is Elisabetha?" Tom shrugged.

"I think she is still here in the country but for how long I don't know." A slight frown formed on Yuri's lips.

"So you think the ticket to Constaniople to be a ruse?" Tom leaned forward.

"Yeah I do Yuri, of course feel free to send me or someone." Yuri sighed, and shook his head.

"No, not with the war coming, Tom. I am going to need all of my troops here. Keep, me informed about what you find. Understood? "

"Yeah, I will do that Yuri." Tom stood up, and started to leave. Yuri stopped him, the vampire was suddenly by Tom and whispered in his ear. Tom jerked away from Yuri. Tom ripped open the curtains and stormed out.

"Knees, valerie." Without a second thought she slid out of the chair and onto her knees. Yuri sat down on the now empty chair. "Andrew, come here." The tall man slipped in.

"Yes sir?" Yuri ran a hand through Valerie's hair.

"Tie this on the table." She shuddered. Andrew's strong hands closed on her wrists and pulled her to the table. She heard the clink of chains, and the racheting of handcuffs being secured to her wrists. She swallowed hard, what was he going to do next to her? Another chain ran through the cuffs. Andrew picked her up as if she was no heavier than a feather. He dropped her onto the large oaken table in the room. Valerie was slowly pulled back until her back was flat against the polished surface, only her legs hung off the tabletop. She felt a length of chain run between the handcuffs securing her wrists and her helpless to the table top. "Strip her." The tall blonde man's hands ripped open her black dress, then reached down and tore her panties from off her. She gasped. "Thank you Andrew, return to your post. Yuri stood over her and his hand caressed teasing a nipple erect. "valerie, or is it Stephanie now?" She moaned as Yuri's fingers worked lower, teasing her clit. Her mouth opened, her back arching lifting herself off the table, the chains clinked holding her down the table's wooden surface rough almost scratching.

"You know?" She fought to keep her eyes open, to stop from the need building inside her body, her hips bucked as Yuri's fingers suddenly pinched.

"I told you I took everything from you," Yuri's lips were by her head his voice warm heavy, the smell of iron on it. Valerie was torn and confused part of her didn't care what Yuri said, the other part of her tried to focus on his every word. His fangs sharp against her throat, almost but not quite. A chuckle, like a purr or better a growl against her throat. "I never said, I would not give back." Dragging just the tips of his fangs down her neck, chest , lower his fingers never leaving her pussy flicking, stroking. Valerie moaned, damn him, she could feel his thoughts wrapping themselves around her. Like the hands of violinist her body thrummed and was strummed. The first orgasm came suddenly, it spirled up from her pussy without warning. Valerie screamed, arching her head back her body taunt as a bow string. Before collapsing with shuddering crash, onto the table. Only the chains kept her from wrapping herself around Yuri.

"I am just a vessel, to you?" Valerie's body was completely limp. Yuri's smile grew whiter and sharper.

"A vessel, what a poetic turn of phrase." Yuri's hands gripped her thighs, spreading them apart. "But no longer empty or alone hmmms". She felt his cock press against her pussy and then up and in his hunger feeding off of her exhaustion, hard and warm inside of her. Out, her body aching powerless, back in each stroke emptying and filling her. "Does it feel like you remember? " Yuri hissed in her ear.

"Better, better oh God." Valerie heard herself whisper back. As her hips tried to open wider, she was too tired to arch up against him. It seemed as if he had enough energy for them both. Fucked was the word that came to her mind. She was being fucked, like an object, like a hole with a name. Every piece of her wanted him. He was above her his hands on her shoulders almost painful holding her in place, his hands stronger than the chains, on her wrists. His cock erupting inside of her. "Please, please." Her cheeks reddened as she begged for him to bite her again. He pulled himself, out of her.

"I know you are in there, when you are done." He smirked. "Unpacking, I have things I want to ask you." Valerie felt something deep inside her laugh, again the smell of oranges and almonds filled her nose. Her mouth opened and another's she knew it was Stephanie's spoke.

"Unchain me Svia and I will show you if I am done unpacking."

"There you are," Valerie shivered at the fury she felt coming from Stephanie. Yuri laughed. "All warm and fuzzy? No go back to sleep Stephanie. Real people are talking." His eyes locked onto hers and the feeling of lassitude crept over her. "Andrew, have Tom take my good girl to the dacha."

"The dacha sir?" A note of puzzlement filled the blond man's voice.

"Yes, I think so." Yuri's voice held a slight edge to it. "I want to personally review my handiwork and she has work of her own to do." Valerie's eyes closed, as she drifted off lost in his voice.

11/16/2009 9:15:16 AM

                Again the smell of bacon woke her.  Valerie rolled over, wincing her neck stiff, from last night, then  it hit.  Like an axe splitting a log, she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming in pain.   Someone cleared their throat, Valerie looked up.   Kathy stood in her bedroom doorway, holding a tray.

                “What are you doing here?”  Valerie muttered holding her head it ached and throbbed in time with the bite on her neck.  Never again, flickered through her thoughts, before being smacked back down with the cold realization that if Yuri was here right now, she would be helpless, she had crawled to him last night on her hands and knees, and despite the pain and the fact she could barely stay awake, she would have crawled to him again.

                “Tom, told me to come over and make sure,” Kathy’s eyes seemed to seek out hers.  “That you were alright.  She brushed a few stray hairs out of her eyes.   Valerie shudder with the hunger, she could feel the ache, need that seemed to radiate from Kathy.   “Yuri?”  Valerie nodded, breaking the hold Kathy had on her eyes.  “You should take these then,” Kathy’s hands dug through a pocket on the bright white apron tied around her waist.  She dropped four reddish green pills on the tray next to the plate.

                “What are these?”  Valerie poked suspiciously at the tablets.   A forced crooked smile worked its way on Kathy’s face.

                “Iron, to help with the blood loss.”   Valerie reached up and touched her neck, it felt swollen.   Valerie blushed as she felt her body start to become aroused.  It was the morning in her tent all over again.  She expected to find another note for her on the nightstand.   Valerie, played with the food on her plate, Kathy left her alone with her thoughts.  She picked up the pills Kathy had left on her tray.  She studied them closely.

                “I wouldn’t take them.”  The voice in her hand spoke, simply almost primly.

                “I am going crazy, must be the blood loss.”  She whispered the pain in her head made eating almost impossible, she felt waves of nausea that seemed to radiate from her head and spread across her body to her stomach.   The eggs were delicious and the bacon cooked to perfection.  Hadn’t Tom said Kathy was a chef the head cook for the Teal Station?  Valerie couldn’t remember, her mind was in a thick fog.   Valerie pocketed the pills.  She carried the tray out of her room; in her kitchen Kathy was cleaning up the breakfast dishes she grabbed the tray from her hands.

                “It feels good even though it hurts.”  Kathy spoke to her from the kitchen doorway.   “When they feed it seems as if the universe explodes around you.”   Valerie stared at the floor avoiding Kathy’s gaze.   Again the hunger, the need almost screamed from Kathy.   “I sometimes wish Tom, would have killed me. “

                “Why didn’t he?”  Kathy shook her head.

                “Because I am useful to him, I hope that being useful might…”  Kathy’s voice thick and heavy trailed off into silence.

                “Why did you help them kill Stephanie?”   She could feel Kathy’s eyes staring at her.

                “She wanted Tom, and not me.  I was just going to be a plaything until they drank me up.  I wanted, “Kathy was standing next to her suddenly “, and I wanted to be one of them.”  Valerie felt the skin on the back of her neck crawl, she glanced up suddenly.  Kathy reached out and cupped her chin.  “Did you know Yuri, offered what Stephanie was going to give him, to make him one of them.  He turned it down.  Fucking turned it down, and then he spared my life.  Told Yuri the mistakes of a slave are the master’s responsibility.”  Kathy’s eyes stared through her; she brought her face closer to Valerie’s.  “Do you know what it is like to love someone who doesn’t love you?”  A sudden knock on the door, broke the spell.  Valerie twisted her head suddenly her neck stung.  Kathy was straightening her apron and opened the front door.  Tom paused in the doorway and glanced around the room before entering it; despite the dark  daddy-o sunglasses he was wearing she could feel his eyes on her lingering for a second before his head turned.

                “Where are those books, Rich had for me?”  Kathy didn’t say a word and just walked opened up Valerie’s front coat closet and pulled out a brown paper shopping bag.  Tom nodded; a slight smile was on his lips.  “Put them in the car.”  Kathy nodded, and walked out the door.  Tom closed the door behind her.   “Okay, get your coat; we have a few errands to run.”  Valerie struggled to her feet.  Again she could feel his eyes on her, a frown formed on his lips.  “Yuri fed on you last night?”  It wasn’t a question, a statement.  Valerie nodded, her fingers instinctively rose to touch her neck.  A sigh, came from Tom, and here he was helpful Tom.  Like a switch Valerie thought, Tom walked into her kitchen, and brought out a glass filled with orange juice.  “Drink it.”  A pause, “please”.  Valerie drank the orange juice; the cold sweet acidy had an odd metallic tang to it.    The fog in her mid cleared almost immediately, nausea left her, but her head ache still throbbed and rumbled. 

                “What did you give me?”  Valerie sat the empty glass down on her coffee table.   Tom smiled.

                “Feeling better?”  Valerie nodded.

                “Much, a lot,” Something in her mind laughed.  She could feel the blood rushing through her veins; her cheeks grew hot and red.  The blood was rushing to other parts of her body as well.  For a second she wondered which Tom would be in control, when he.  Calm, down, she told herself.   Tom smiled.

                “Good, I need your head clear, we are going to Stephanie’s home, and I want a different opinion.” Valerie nodded.

                “His hands are probably strong.”  She thought and giggled.  Tom glanced at her.

                “We have to go; there are few other things I need to attend to.”  The scent of oranges and almonds filled her nose.  Tom led her out to the hunter green Bentley.   He held the passenger door open, Valerie lost her balance and almost fell, Tom caught her arm.  She grinned his hands were very strong.  She leaned against him for a second her body wanted to wrap itself around him.  Her cheeks burned, as he closed the door after she sat down in the leather passenger seat.   What the hell did he put in that orange juice?  Tom got in, after pocketing a cigarette butt; he had picked off the hood of the sedan.

                “Hey Tom, what the hell is with the cigarette butt?”  She giggled again.  Tom stared at her.  “What?”   Valerie stared down at her shirt.  “Do I have toast crumbs on me?”


                “Oh,” Valerie buckled it.  “You didn’t answer my question.”   Tom’s face broke into a half smile, a guilty one, almost   like that of a little kid who had been caught stealing candy.

                “If the cigarette butt wasn’t there, then someone might have opened the hood.”    Valerie nodded.   “Some people call it a mocking bird, old James Bond stuff.”  Again the guilty smile.  Tom started the car, and pulled away from the curb.

                “You know who killed her, right.”  Tom nodded and the green sedan picked up speed.   “So why are we doing this?  Going back to the murder scene, I mean.”   Tom glanced up into the rearview mirror a slight frown on his lips.

                “Yeah, I know who the bitch is, but don’t know where she is or more importantly why she did it.”   They passed a group of bikers, Death Trippers in black and green letters on the back of their leather jackets.  The Bentley sped up some more.  “Now you are going to ask why do I care?”  He slowed down to exit the freeway.  “I didn’t want any of this.  I don’t know what you are to Yuri, a plaything, maybe he likes the way you taste.  It doesn’t really matter.   I was changed, no; Elisabetha said she was waking a monster.”  Tom slowed the car down and turned down a side road.  “Stephanie wanted to turn me into a monster as well, so why should I care?”  Tom slowed the car and drove up to a huge wrought iron gate, he beeped the horn twice, and it slowly slid open.  Tom drove through, the gate silently closed behind the car.  He pulled the car to a stop, in front of a mansion; Valerie could see had been gutted by a fire.  Several white vans and men wearing respirators were busy clearing our burnt debris, remains of furniture, and unidentifiable charred pieces of other household items.

                “Kathy said Yuri offered to turn you into a vampire and,” Before Valerie could finish. Tom interrupted her.

                “I turned him down.  He asked,” Tom chuckled “rather demanded that I track down Elisabetha, and take care of it, after all I am a monster.”   He opened the car door and got out.  Valerie followed him, Tom walked through the double red front doors of the Tudor mansion.   Tom picked his way through the burnt piles that were once book shelves, and past the charred remains of a huge mahogany round wood table, into a kitchen.  He stopped.  Here in the kitchen Valerie noted the floor was gone.  An aluminum ladder was secured and descended into the pit.  Tom stood at the edge of the pit.  It seemed as if he was gathering up his courage to go down.  He took off his coat and draped it on plastic covered granite counter top, and climbed down.  “Get down here.”   Tom’s voice had grown cold.  Valerie looked suspiciously at the ladder.  Gingerly, she climbed down the ladder groaned and shook under her weight.

                “Basement?”   Tom bent over and turned on a work lamp, the room was a simple one it had been lavishly furnished though, well what remained of the furniture it was gutted like the rest of the mansion.  Valerie walked around the room, Tom pulled off his sunglasses, and she could feel his eyes on her.  Here, Valerie noticed the room had been left untouched by the work crews.   “Stephanie’s bedroom?”

                “Yeah,” Tom poked through some of the ash on the floor, and picked up several spent bullet casings.  Valerie looked at the remains of huge bed the mattress had been reduced to blackened springs and frame.   Something white was sticking out of the bed frame,  Valerie got on her hands and knees and looked closer, she bumped against a night stand it collapsed  the smell of oranges and almonds flooded the room, mixing with the almost over powering burnt wood.  Tom started choking, and grabbed up a respirator, he offered one to Valerie.  She waved it away. 

                “There it is something for you.”  The little voice in her head spoke.   Valerie reached out part of the bed frame crumbled under her fingertips.  A jade green journal with several book marks.  She grabbed it up out what had been a compartment built into the frame of the bed.   Tom was busy picking up more spent shells and something that looked like an exploded lime green tin can.  Valerie put the diary in her purse.  “Ohhh hiding it from him? “  Again the voice chirped.  “I miss this room so much.”  Valerie fought off a sudden wave of dizziness.  She staggered to her feet.  “Ask, Tom to pull up the floor safe in the bathroom please.”  The voice had gotten stronger inside of her head; Valerie imagined she could see blue eyes floating over them. 

                “Tom,” he looked up at her.  “Is there a floor safe in the bathroom?”  Valerie tried to hide the trembling from her voice.   He blinked in shock, before the mask of self control came back down.

                “Yes, in the shower drain, we pulled it up right after the fire.”  Valerie felt the blood drain from her face, as Tom spoke.

                “She wants it.” Valerie’s voice was the barest of a whisper.



11/15/2009 3:20:53 PM

                Tom lead the way down and out to the parked sedan, he held the door open for her.   Valerie sat down into the car.  The leather upholstery seemed to enfold her as Tom closed the Bentley’s passenger door.  A passing car caused his blonde hair to move a bit, and he brushed at it.  He glanced at the hood, of the green car, and picked up a cigarette butt and instead of flicking it out onto the street like last night he put in a jacket pocket.  The movement revealed the black leather strap of a pistol holster.   Tom climbed into the car and sat down.  For a second, Valerie was tempted to ask about the cigarette butt, but his cold unfeeling nature dealing with Kathy, caused her to wait.

                “You said we had things to do?”  Tom pulled the car away from the curb.  He nodded.

                “Yeah, “the car accelerated.   Valerie waited.  A minute passed, she glanced over at him.

                “Are you going to tell me or do I have to guess?”  Tom chuckled.   It was like a switch, one second he was cold, clinical, almost like a robot.   “Just like a weapon.”  She thought.  Then he was almost normal.

                “The first thing is, I have to pick up some information, and I want you to look at where Stephanie was killed.”    Valerie glanced at the other cars driving alongside them.

                “Why?”   Tom stared straight ahead.

                “You can give me a different outlook on it.  I am too involved and I think I am missing something. “   A little voice spoke up in Valerie’s head.

                “He’s lying, “it whispered, she could see a woman’s eyes glinting with amusement behind the internal voice.  Again the smell of almonds and oranges filled the car.

                “Why did Kathy kill her?”   Valerie asked, what the hell was she going insane?  Tom sighed.

                “She didn’t.  She let in those who did.”  That seemed to be a sticking point with him.  Something wasn’t right.

                “So why did she let in those did?”  Tom slowed the car, and pulled into a parking lot.

                “Because she loved her, and Stephanie picked me over her.   Kathy thought they were just coming to kill me, because “Tom seemed to catch himself.  “We’re here.”  Valerie looked; they were parked in front of a store, Becki’s.   Valerie blinked the sun seemed really seemed bright.  Tom opened the door for her.   A short brown haired woman looked up from the pages of a book she was reading.

                “Can I help you?”  The smell of antiseptic and ozone seemed to fill the shop.  Becki’s, Valerie noticed seemed to be a tattoo shop.    She noticed some of the shiny black chairs had arm, she glanced down, and ankle wrist restraints.   The tattoo shop was brightly lit, almost garish.  The girl behind the counter glanced first at Tom and then at her, a slight smile tugged at the corner of her lips.  Valerie noticed the girl wore a black buckled collar.

                “Yuri sent me.”   Tom produced the black card, and handed it to the girl.  Her face paled even whiter than the white makeup caked on her face.  Valerie noticed the girl tug on her collar as she looked at the card.

                “Elise is still sleeping.”    The girl glanced nervously behind her.

                “I don’t care,” Tom’s lips pulled back in a smile.  Valerie heard, or rather felt a pulse like a heart beat ripple off of Tom.   “Be a dear and show us where she is sleeping, I have to deliver a private message.”  Valerie noticed the collared girl’s eyes become glassy, a small smile twist her black lipstick stained lips.   “A good girl, after all would want her mistress to be happy, with her.”

                “A good girl,” she smiled again.  She turned and walked slowly, as if she were drunk towards the back of the shop.    Tom loosened his jacket.

                “Follow her.”  Valerie  nodded.   She walked behind the little goth girl.  She opened a door in the back of the room.   She turned and looked at Valerie, her blue eyes glassy, the pupils almost completely dilated.    Valerie looked through the door it was clean store room, at the back was a stair case going up.

                “Elise is up stairs. “ She whispered, a wistful tone. Valerie started, as her fingertips stroked her neck.  “Am I a good girl?”   Valerie stammered.

                “Yes, yes.”  A sad smile formed on her lips.  

                “Can, I be yours when he drinks her?”  Valerie shuddered and walked through the door.  Tom was right behind her.

                “Be a good girl and go back and lock the shop door and make sure the sign says closed.”  Tom ordered her, before joining her in the back store room.   Valerie leaned against a grey metal rack, sterilized packs of needles rustled.

                “Why the hell am I here?”  Tom had drawn out his pistol, he glanced at her.

                “Yuri, told me to show you what was expected of his Oprichniki.”  He motioned for her to go up stairs.

                “Hell, no.  I am not going up there.”  Valerie hissed at Tom.   Tom smiled, cold almost feral.

                “Okay, follow close.”   The staircase creaked and squeaked as he climbed up them slowly.  Valerie waited and then followed him up.  The top of the stairs opened into a tiny studio apartment, on a fold out bed a figure laid completely covered with a red patterned quilt.   Tom hooked the corner of the quilt and dragged it from the fold out bed.   A red head lay on her stomach, completely still alabaster pale skin.   Valerie looked the body wasn’t breathing.

                “Is she a...” Valerie let the question trail off.

                “Elise,   she owns Becki, just recently too.”  Tom spoke almost absentmindedly, as he holstered the pistol, and drew out a black bladed knife.   Tom narrowed his eyes, Valerie felt a rhythmic pulse like a giant heart beat fill the room it seemed to radiate from him.   The body on the bed stirred.  Valerie resisted the urge to close her eyes and let the wave carry her away.  Is this what happened last night in the sedan?   Elise stirred some more, another pulse this time stronger, angrier?

                “She’s one of them.”  A voice whispered in her mind, Valerie again saw the white smile behind the woman’s voice.

                “One of whom?”   Valerie muttered, to herself, to the voice in her head.   Tom walked slowly to the side of the fold out bed.

                “Who are you?”Elise hissed as she tried to move, her pale hands clawing helpless at the air.

                “Tagblut.”  He whispered and dragged the point of his knife down her chin, down Elise’s neck.

                “Please.”  The vampire whispered, the fear seemed to radiate off of her body like heat shimmering off of a street at noon.

                “Yuri has a message.”   Tom paused the point of his blade resting between Elise’s breasts.

                “What is it?”  Elise’s voice trembled.

                “It’s not for you,” Tom’s hand was a blur the knife rose up, “it’s for your friends.” Tom slammed his hand and blade down into Elise’s chest, the blackened blade stuck through her heart.  Elise’s scream was like a steam kettle that slowly died down to a gurgle.  Tom, pressed his lips to Elise’s left wrist.  Elise’s thrashing and screaming died, with her.  Tom pulled away his lips black stained, an almost euphoric gleam in his hazel eyes.   He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, and dropped a familiar black plastic card on the now dead still body that was Elise.   Valerie pressed her lips together, afraid that if she opened them the slightest she would scream.   “I am going to go down and take care of Becki.”

                “You drank her.”  Valerie’s voice was a whisper.  Just as Becki had said.   “What the hell are you, Tom.”   He didn’t hear her; he was walking down the stairs, down to take care of Becki.

                                ***        ***        ***

                Valerie stood in front of the Teal station, Yuri wanted her.   She felt his voice in her head, his hands on her skin.   Even before she opened the envelope addressed to her in his hand.   She dropped the note half-read, she knew where and when.   She walked into the restaurant, and flashed the black Oprichniki card; in her other hand was her shoes.  She dropped them and walked into the main dining room, she knew where he was, and before he could rebuke her, Valerie dropped to her hands and knees.    Andrew opened the curtained for her, her face was burning as she crawled past him.

                “My little valerie, “Yuri smiled down at her.   Her face was red hot.  “Tom, took you to deliver My message?”   valerie nodded.  “Good girl.”  She glanced up at him.  Yuri stood up and walked around her, he bent over and grabbed a handful of her black hair.   “You have seen some ugliness today, do you still want this?”  Yuri’s dark eyes bore into hers.  Valerie averted her eyes.

                “Please, i need …” Her voice trailed off.  Yuri stood up, his hand still full of her hair, the sudden pain caused her to gasp.  He pulled her to her feet by her hair.  Tears filled her eyes.

                “your needs?”   A toothy smile, white and hungry, crossed his face.   “I give you one more night, then you will make your choice.”   Yuri was behind her and pressing her head to one side, exposing her neck.   “Either you will serve Me, or not.  All of this will be gone.”   His teeth pressed lightly, a teasing tap on her white throat.  Yuri’s other hand wrapped itself around her to cup a breast.   Valerie sucked in a sudden breath, as his fingers pinched and tugged a nipple.    Yuri’s teeth again pressed harder, his fangs at the edge of piercing her skin.   Slowly, he pulled his mouth from her neck.  She could feel tears running down her cheek.

                “Please, please,”   her neck throbbed, and ached.  

                “Tomorrow night, you will give Me your answer. “  Yuri chuckled, his lips suddenly against her throat.   “Good girl,” Yuri’s mouth opened his fangs pressed stinging.  Valerie’s mouth opened as Yuri fed off of her, her body shuddering in waves of pleasure.  The room spun Yuri’s lips red stained floated over her as she fell to the grass covered floor.

                “Andrew make sure Ms. Ashley makes it home safely.”  The lights faded out.

11/13/2009 9:01:55 AM

                She clenched the card hard in her tiny fist.  Valerie staggered, wobbled just a bit.  Looking down, she noticed her shoes were on her feet.   A tiny giggle surfaced that threatened to turn into laughing crying fit.  “When did I put those back on?”   She must have been on auto-pilot, like road hypnosis.  Again a tiny little laugh.  Valerie leaned back, resting for a moment against a brick wall.   Like standing on the edge of a cliff, what did he do to her?  Yuri had said he had taken everything from her.   Right now, she believed him.  Like a dried up piece of fruit, despite or perhaps because of this she wanted to shriek out in laughter, so loud that it would shatter the world around her.   The card clenched between her fingers brought her back from the edge.

                “Valerie, right?”  She looked up from the plastic black card in her hand.   Tom was there leaning against a black Bentley.    “Want to know about that?”  Tom glanced meaningfully down at the card in her hand.   She nodded.   “Get in and I will drive you home.”   Valerie shook her head.

                “Just tell me about this,”   she stared down at the ground.

                “I will, get in the car.   I don’t feel like dealing with the dregs tonight.”   Valerie turned to walk away.   “Get in the car,” a pause, “please.”    A small victory, a smile crept across her lips, and then vanished before turning to face him.   Tom opened the Bentley’s passenger side door, the smell of oranges and almonds drifted out of the sedan.   She got in, the leather seat seemed to envelope her, and for a split second she imagined she heard a woman’s voice laughing from behind her.  Tom closed the door, the smell of almonds and oranges vanished with the door closing as did the laughter.   Valerie watched, as Tom slowly walked around the Bentley once, and picked up something off of the hood.  The briefest of smiles broke across his face, as he tossed the cigarette butt into the street.  

                He climbed into the car and started the engine and started to pull away from the curb.   Valerie glanced down at the thin black and silver plastic card in her hand.

                “What does it mean?”   The card had a shield emblem embossed with a wolf’s head and a broom, an old one made of tied straw.

                “It means you are Yuri’s bitch.”  Valerie glared up at him.  He held up a similar card to hers in his hand.  However, Tom’s had a small green emerald mounted on his.   “He likes to call us his Oprichniki.  We are under his protection, and do what we are told.”  Tom’s voice was tinted with sadness, as he spoke his eyes occasionally glancing over at her.  Valerie imagined she could hear his heart beat once filling the Bentley, with a heavy thud.  Valerie stifled a yawn.  She was tired, worn out.  Again the thump, like a drum beat the vibrations seemed to pour out of Tom like energy caressing her.   Tom’s voice seemed to be a thousand miles away.  “So besides being his toy, what else does Yuri see in you?”

                “I don’t know,” Her lips pulled back in a sleepy smile, her eyes drifted close another heart beat seemed to rock her gently back and forth.

                “Valerie?  Valerie?”  Tom was shaking her awake. 

                “Hmms?”   She resisted the urge to smile up at him.  She could see through bleary eyes her apartment building through the front windshield.   She unlocked her apartment door.  Vague thoughts, snippets of conversation floated up to the surface of her mind.  Tom had asked her a lot of questions, on the drive home, and she had answered them?   A small smile broke on her lips, but she had answered them all like a good girl.  “Where the hell did that come from?”  She muttered and kicked off her shoes.   “Why can’t I remember what Tom had asked me?”   A flush came to her cheeks, as the memories of what happened a few hours ago came rushing back.  A little moan floated up and out between barley parted lips.    Her legs were weak, and Valerie half fell and sat down on her little brown couch.  Leaning back, sinking deeper into the cushions.  Her fingertips tugging at the hem of her skirt, Yuri’s dark eyes floated in her thoughts.  The smell of grass in her nose.   Her skirt rose higher, the material rough against her thighs.  Valerie tilted her head back, her dark hair pooling around her head a shadowy halo.  She closed her eyes to better see Yuri’s black ones, shining black swallowing her up.  Her fingers pulled her white panties to one side.  He was there in the room with her now, at this moment she was back in the restaurant on her knees, back under the stars Yuri on top, his teeth at her throat.  Pausing in playing with her wet clit to reach up and pinch her throat hard  making his bite mark tingle, making it pulse in time with her up and down strokes.  Slick, wet, faster her fingers flicked caressed.  Her head tilting further back, legs spreading open, her pussy open, like her mouth was silently screaming.  What had Yuri done to her?  The thought flickered through her mind just before the orgasm caused her thighs to slam shut trapping her hand.   Like a burning out light bulb her mind flashed, then slowly faded to black, her consciousness fading out with it.

                The smell of bacon woke her.  Valerie started up, her head ached, and she was on her couch covered with a quilt.  The clinking of metal pans and the sound of something frying in the kitchen.  Her eyes widened, who the hell was here?   The moment of panic replaced with one of embarrassment, whom ever was here must have seen her passed out on the couch.

                “Who’s there?”   A blonde haired woman stuck her head out from the kitchen.

                “Tom sent me over.”   Valerie pushed the hair out of her eyes.   “Your, Kathy?”  The blonde raised an eyebrow.

                “Yeah, “   she glanced away and slipped back into the kitchen.  “I hope you like bacon and eggs; there wasn’t much in your refrig to work with.”   The sound of a spatula on a metal pan and more frying.

                “That’s fine, umm this morning when you came in umm” Valerie struggled trying to ask what condition she was in.

                “Don’t worry;   I didn’t see anything just covered you up with a quilt off your bed.”  An amused tone twinkled in her voice.  “What did you think about the Teal Station?”  Valerie breathed a bit easier, Kathy might have been lying, no she was lying, but being polite and changing the subject.

                “It was like an English tea garden, but indoors.”   Valerie wrapped the quilt around herself.  She could smell toast, her stomach grumbled.

                “That’s what Stephanie…the owner wanted.”   Kathy came out of the kitchen carrying a plate covered in scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.  She placed it on the table.  “But that was another life now.”   She quickly returned with a glass of juice and milk.   “You better hurry up eat and get ready, Tom will be over to pick us up in about half an hour or so.”  Kathy leaned against the kitchen door jam.  Valerie half walked and staggered to the table.   The eggs were delicious and soon gone followed by the bacon and toast.

                “Was, Stephanie a..”  Valerie hesitantly asked not sure how Kathy would react to her bringing up the subject.

                “Yes, she was.”  Kathy seemed to suddenly become very interested in staring at the floor.  Valerie dropped the subject.   Tom scared her, and if this was a forbidden topic, she didn’t want Tom mad.  Or even worse, Valerie shuddered; Yuri might think she wasn’t worth his time.   She glanced over at Kathy; her green eyes were on her appraising her.

                “Valerie you don’t want to know what they can do to you when they are angry.”   She forced a smile to her lips.  “Right now,” Kathy continued to speak her voice small meek her eyes now staring at the table top.  “You are wondering why you are thinking first about pleasing them.  Why does their wants and needs even matter?”   Kathy seemed to be talking to herself.  “Then the bite tingles or burns and their eyes.”  Kathy’s voice grew wistful.  She shook her head breaking the reverie.  “But that is another life; none of them will even look at me now.”

                “Others?”   Valerie felt her throat tighten.   Tom had said they were all just Yuri’s bitches.  That they were under his protection.   A loud knock on door shook her up and out of her thoughts.  Kathy jumped and suddenly looked small and weak.

                “Tom is here.”  She walked to open the door.   Tom scared Kathy.

                “Hell, he scares me too.”  Valerie heard the little voice in her head speak up.  Something clicked in her head.    Kathy opened the door, Tom stepped in, and glanced around for a second surveying the room.

                “Change, and don’t forget your card.  Kathy?”  The blonde girl shuddered.

                “I am sorry, Tom.”  She refused to look him in the face.   The scary Tom was here the one she saw last night casually talking about whether or not to kill Kathy with Yuri.   With a voice almost grey from lack of emotion.

                “Yuri gave you to me last night.”  Valerie saw a tear run down Kathy’s cheek.   “You can live.  As long as you are still useful to me. “  Kathy nodded.  “ I want you to go to the library and talk with Rich.”  Kathy picked up  her purse and left without another word.  After she was gone,  Tom turned to look at her.   Valerie for a split second she thought she heard a woman laughter,  the smell of oranges and almonds again this time filling her apartment.   “We have things to do.”



11/6/2009 7:24:04 AM

                She stood outside of the restaurant,  blue letters “Teal Station”.   Valerie adjusted her black dress,  she had driven past this place a hundred times.  It was once the main rail station in Pearton before the Old Northwesteren decided to shut down the passenger line,  it was bought from the railroad and turned into several different businesses  now a restaurant.   The huge windows were now covered with teal colored drapes.  It must have cost a fortune just for the drapes.  Valerie thought,  and studied the old almost gothic architecture.   Almost like a medieval castle,  she giggled nervously.  Valerie dug through her purse for the letter and the business card. 

                “This is the place,”  Valerie spoke to herself and then swallowed,  “crap.”  Her watch said ten minutes after eight.  Summoning up her courage she walked up to the red painted double doors,  she braced herself to open them.  They opened for her,  a black haired young man wearing an old porter outfit smiled as he held it open for her.

                “Good evening ma’am.”   She nodded, as she walked past him.  The smell of tulips and wine greeted her nose.  Another man almost a clone of the porter stood behind a small podium. 

                “Ms. Ashley?”  Valerie blinked,  how did he know.  “Your party is waiting for you,  if you wish I will take you to them.”  She nodded again afraid to speak, her mind trying to puzzle out how the maitre’ de knew her last name.   Yuri couldn’t have known,  she didn’t even know his last name.  She walked behind him.  Her eyes drank in the main dining room.   “Shoes,  ma’am?”  Valerie blinked.   The maitre

De smiled almost patronizingly.  “The Teal Station requires all of their guests to remove their shoes,  to protect the grass.”   Valerie looked down; the entire floor of the dining room was covered in a field in dark green grass.    She removed her black Mary Janes and holding them, followed him.   Her feet padding  quietly across the grass,  the smell of crushed grass mixed with those of the flowers and wine.  She passed some diners sitting on a blanket with an open picnic basket; he led her past several hedges grown to surround  tables for those wanting a more private dining experience.   The maitre’  De stood outside one of the curtained private dining “rooms”.  He cleared his throat,  loudly before drawing the curtains.  He bowed and held the teal colored curtains open for her.   Valerie walked through the parted curtains.  Her breath caught in her throat,  there he was.  Yuri glanced over at her.  Her throat throbbed, a delicious ache coursed through her.   An incredible urge to crawl over to him filled her,  a blush filled her cheeks,  and she studied the grass at her feet very carefully.

                “Fashionable” Yuri’s voice seemed to caress and chide her at the same time.   “Please sit down, My valerie.”    A blonde haired man held a chair out for him.  She murmured a hushed thank you.   She sat down across the table from Yuri, next to a dark haired man.   “I think we are through here Tom,  it is a shame about Stephanie and as my Oprichnka,  and I want you to find out who did this.”  The dark haired man, Tom leaned forward, for half a second she thought she could hear a heartbeat.  Then it was gone.

                “What about Kathy?”  Tom’s voice, cold almost reptilian, caused her to shudder.  Yuri’s smile grew larger and whiter.

                “She is yours kill her,  I would or not.”  Tom nodded,  and stood up.   He left the hedge surrounded room.    Yuri’s smile disappeared as soon as Tom was gone.    Valerie looked up confused, what was happening here.  Yuri’s hand reached across the table,  and stroked the back of hers.   “I want to talk with Ms. Ashley,  Andrew.”

                “Of course, Yuri,  Ms. Ashley,”  the blonde haired man nodded to her and stepped out through the curtained entrance.    Her eyes flickered down briefly to Yuri’s hand on hers’ a nervous shudder passed through her.

                “You are here Valerie.   I did not expect you to come here tonight.”   Valerie forced a smile to her own lips and looked up at him.

                “Normally,  I want dinner and a movie, first.”  Yuri chuckled.   The ground left her feet;  the bite on her throat tingled and caused her to shudder.  Again the urge to fall,  and crawl to him possessed her.  She looked deep into his black eyes.  So deep.   She blinked,  and glanced back down at Yuri’s left hand on hers.    “Will he kill her?”

                “Tom?”  Valerie nodded.  “Probably not,  but why do you care?”  

                “Was she yours?”   Yuri’s right hand reached out and cupped her chin and tilted her head back.  His black eyes drew hers in.  A slight, “oh”,  escaped her lips.  Yuri’s lips smooth pressed against hers , her eyes closed but still she could see his eyes,  dark deep drinking her in.  A sigh escaped her mouth,  his tongue slipped between her parted lips.  A warm taste of wine and copper filled her mouth.   How had she missed him standing up moving next to her?   She pulled her mouth way from his,  her eyes flickered open;  she had to force them to stay open.  Almost every inch of her body, her mind, and her soul wanted to keep them shut.  Just let him have his way,  to feel his lips on her neck again.   “Will you give me to Tom too?”   The room spun, the lights over head seemed to suddenly grow brighter.   Yuri was seated again across from her.   What happened?   Yuri cocked his head and looked at her, as if seeing her for the first time.  Did she imagine all of that?

                “Valerie,  why did you come here tonight?”   Her head swam,  conflicting thoughts, one was to throw herself at him to get back to that moment before she had asked about Kathy.   Another part of her screamed to get up and run out,  if she could.

                “I came because of you.”  Yuri chuckled again.   “Kathy,  wasn’t mine she belonged to a friend of mine,  who is no longer with us.”

                “Oh.  Did Kathy”  Valerie didn’t finish the question.

                “No,  she loved Stephanie,  but let in those who did.  Now..what do you want Valerie?”   Her mind,  spun.

                “What did you do to me?”  Yuri smiled at her question.  A smile touched his lips.

                “Come here Valerie.”   She felt herself stand up and start to walk around the table, to him.   “How do you want to come to me?”  Her knees trembled, slowly she sank to the grass.  On her hands and knees she crawled to him.  She stopped her eyes staring at the grass under her hands red rushing to her cheeks.  Yuri,  stood up and walked around her.   “What did I do to you?”  Another chuckle.  She felt, Yuri kneel next to  her.   His hand stroked her back.  She fought  the urge to lean against him.  Her neck tingled.  “I fed off of you, Valerie.”  His hand found the hem of her black dress, and started dragging it up exposing her.   “You said anything ,  and I took everything,  your blood,” his fingers stroked her panty covered ass, “your sadness.”  A deep guttural moan escaped her mouth,  Yuri’s fingers slipped under the elastic band of her panties.   “And I can take away your loneness .”  Another moan,  Valerie pressed her face down against the grass,  her legs opening, pressing  her body, her pussy against his fingers.    “There is a price Valerie.”   He was behind her,  and then inside of her.  His cock hard inside of her,  in and out.  Valerie’s teeth bit into her lower lip trying to keep the screams, all the sounds he was forcing out of her from being heard.  Suddenly without warning,  his cock jerked inside of her.  Her body was his, it ached and begged then it came as Yuri pulled out.  Suddenly,  waves of pleasure almost brutal in their intensity, she collapsed on her side.  Unable to speak.  Yuri’s foot nudged her.  “You have a lot to think about Valerie. “   He knelt by her body,  unable to move barely awake her mind falling under waves of pleasure.   “Good girls get rewarded.”  Yuri,  pressed a card into her left hand.

11/3/2009 1:02:39 AM

A Blaze of Crimson


                “Fifteen dollars.”    The girl behind the sliding glass held out her hand.    Valerie  dug through her purse and paid.   She stuck a taped receipt to her windshield and drove through the Lowendale State park’s gate.   In the back of her car were a tent and a sleeping bag.   Valerie brushed a few strands of hair out of her eyes.   She was going camping because it was beautiful here, the weather was nice and…Well and she needed space and privacy.   It had been  more than a month since Jack had packed up his stuff and just left .  She had come home,  it was a Friday,  and he was gone so was his car and all of his clothes.   The bastard even emptied out their checking account.   Jack was gone,  but not forgotten.   She knew deep inside that if he had shown up on her doorstep, she would have taken him back.   After this Jack.   Valerie was certain she would be over him.

                “Sure you will”  a little voice whispered in the back of her mind.  Her eyes narrowed.    She slammed her brakes and the car jerked to a stop right by a little metal sign.   Number  eleven,  it read.

                Her tent was new a Wal-Mart fifty dollar special,  the sleeping bag old and still had the smoky campfire smell,   which all well used gear gathered about itself.   A blue and grey dome tent,  set up quickly.   Stacking the kindling into a pyramid shape,  and stuffing it full of newspaper,  Valerie struck  a match and lit it.   A smile played on her red lips,  Valerie was proud of herself.   Here she was in the middle of the great outdoors.  She glanced over at the gravel road,  and the showers .  Well,  okay at least she was out of the house and could stop thinking about.

                “Dammit!”   Valerie  screamed.  Even here  that son of a bitch still crept into her thoughts.  Blushing,  she glanced around.  Thank God the other sites were empty.

                Sparks flew up as she tossed another pine cone into the fire and crackled as the sap flared up in sudden flash.

                “Hello.”  A voice spoke deep and softly.  Valerie jerked up her head,  snapping out of her thoughts.    He stood,  just by the Number eleven sign,  the fire light danced over his body.   He was wearing a light jacket and dark slacks.   His clothes seemed more at home,  well at home,  not out in the woods at night.  Valerie stood up and brushed pine needles off of her legs.

                “I thought,  I was the only one here.”     The stranger nodded his head.

                “You were,  I just got here,  number seventeen. “  Valerie looked  over and saw a tent.   How did she not see him,  or hear  him setting up. 

                “Too engrossed in your private pity party.”  The little voice whispered again from the back of her head.   Valerie forced a smile to her lips.

                “Valerie,”  she held out her hand to him.  He paused,  and then shook her hand.

                “Yuri”  His voice had a slight Russian accent.  

                “No luck getting your fire started? “  Valerie couldn’t stop the smile on her lips.   Yuri frowned and touched his forehead and chuckled.

                “Do,  I have to answer?”  His smile was white and flashed in the light from her campfire.

                “Yes,  err  or a good lie.”  Yuri laughed again.  

                “ A  good lie then,   see a fire blocks the view of the night sky and I came out here to look at the stars.  City lights are so distracting.”   It was a good lie,  many a trip Valerie had foregone a fire just for that reason.

                “Okay,  stargazer  sit down and I will make us some coffee.”   She hoped the fire hid her blushing  cheeks.   What had come over her?

                “Are you inviting me  over? “  Again the white smile.   Valerie nodded,  for some reason  he needed her to answer   the question.

                “Yes.”  The answer was barely a whisper almost lost in the crackling roar of her fire.  Yuri, stepped forward past the number eleven sign.  The air around her moved,  like the sudden change when a door is opened in a small closed room.    She set some water, in a blue tea pot, to boil over  the fire.    “All,  I have is instant”   His gaze fell on her,  it seemed to have weight,  a presence,  like a hand caressing her.   Valerie,  was thankful  her back was to him at that moment.   Afraid of what his eyes could do to her.  “Afraid or curious?”  The little voice whispered again in her head.   Shut up,  she told the voice.

                “Why,”  Yuri asked.   “are you here ?”

                “I needed to get some private time.”   She had to turn around to face him.  Yuri nodded, he was standing by the fire his eyes staring at its dancing yellow and red flames.  Yet it still felt as if he was staring at her.   Her blush deepened,  her face almost hot.   The kettle whistled,  the steam scream shattering the quiet and breaking her out of her trance.  She had moved closer to him and not even realized it  or had he moved closer to her?   Valerie shook her head and started to spoon Folgers’s instant coffee  into two steel mugs.  His hand closed around her wrist.  She looked up started to say something..but looked into his eyes,  dark black, deep.   

                “You don’t want to be alone though, do you?”  It was more of a statement than a question.

                “No.”   She whispered,  Yuri’s eyes seemed to drink her in,  to hold her, stroke her.   Yuri’s smile widened.   “I want it.”   Her lips whispered again,  what the hell has gotten into her?

                “Ask me.”    She smelled pine and knew that he wouldn’t touch her unless she asked him to,  her body quivered  in want and fear.

                “Please.”   His fingers brushed her hair from her eyes,  they traced a line down along across her ear and along her jaw.  He tilted her head back and up,  his eyes on hers.  His smile now a thin line,  all lip.    Valerie closed her eyes,  and leaned against his hand.  She could still see his eyes,  even though hers where closed.

                “You need to do better than that.”  Yuri’s voice floated around her.   “How does a girl ask?”  

                What am I doing,  Valerie asked herself.  She felt,  the words come up into her throat.     “Please touch me, sir.”  She knew better than to use his name.   She felt the amused chuckle rumble through him,  almost like a cats purr.   The air was cool,  as fingers unbuttoned her shirt exposing her skin.   The fire roared behind her its heat on her back,  night air cooling her skin.   Full of need,  gasping it, he traced a line down between her breasts.

                “Better,  but you need to ask again.”   Her mind reeled.   What did she need to say, or do?   Valerie ,  leaned back the pine needles pressed against her back,  she stretched out her arms,  completely open,  vulnerable,  to do with as he wanted.   Something in her mind clicked.

                “Anything,  anything”   Valerie whispered.   Yuri’s lips warm wet,  touched her cheek,  his body on top of hers,  his hands on her wrists holding her down against the cold  ground.    His shirt the material  rough against her aroused nipples .   A  whispered…oh…escaped her mouth...his lips kissed and licked down  her jaw  and rested on her neck.  His tongue licked,  rough,  smooth warm on her throat.   White teeth,  flashed into her head.  Panic  swirled up,  started to scream at her..breaking through the warm darkness holding her.    Valerie tried to get up his body held her down his hands pinning her wrists.     “No…no”  Before she could say it again,  a sharp pain,  and then a deep  sweet  burn.   She felt herself  tilting her head back letting him..letting Yuri.  Feed.  Her eyes flickered  open up into the night sky.  He’s right the fire does hide the stars.  Valerie laughed,  it turned into a moan in her throat.  Her eyes shut again,  the burning turned into a white hot  glow.  The heat traveled down her throat.   Another half-moan,  a lick at her throat.  She felt his fingers pinch...and twist her nipples...his teeth on her throat his tongue licking,  her life pouring into him.   “Oh God” Her hips bucked under him,  her pussy  pulsed rhythmically,  his mouth bit again.  Waves of pure pleasure washed over her,  she felt as if she was drowning,  more and more her body tensed  up and released as the orgasm struck.    Valerie tried to move her arms,  she couldn’t.  Her hands were tied  when, how did that happen.  She didn’t care now.    Yuri’s lips pulled away from her throat.  He looked down at her his black eyes holding hers.  His lips a smeared with a crimson blaze of her blood.   Fingers unsnapping her shorts.  Valerie raised her hips.  His face dipped down,  she felt his lips warm wet on her nipples the sting again...and the sweet  black burn.   Fingers opened her up;  her pussy wet open swelling with need.  His fingers touched her.  She screamed again   hips bucking under his stroking fingertips.  Another orgasm ripped through her,  like a flame eating her.    A long deep tiredness swept up and over her.    Darkness closed over her,  Valerie barely had the strength,  to spread her thighs,  Yuri’s length cold and almost impersonal slid into her.   Like a rag doll…her body bounced under his thrusts.   He growled her name once,  and started to cum inside of her.  Blackness  swallowed her up.


                A bird singing woke her.  Valerie groaned and looked over.  Yuri wasn’t there.  She touched her neck.

                “Ow.”  Sore  it stung,  she felt her pussy moisten.  What the hell did he do to her.  Unzipping her tent  she looked out,  across to campsite seventeen.  There was a lone tent an old one canvassed and patched.   Valerie summoned up her courage and quickly dressed.    I need an excuse,  a reason to stop over.  He fucked her last night,  she didn’t need any reason.  Steeling her nerves  she walked fast before self-doubt could convince her it never happened it was just a dream.

                No one was there,  just a tent.    A rolled up sleeping bag rested inside of it.  Next to the sleeping bag was a dark green envelope.   Valerie  picked it up,  her name was written in thin neat cursive.   She opened it,  a card fell out.  It was a business card,  a restaurant ,  named “ The Teal Station” and an address for it in Pearton.   She flipped the card over,  the words “Eight PM” and “Tonight”  were written on it.

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