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Gay Male Master, 58,  FortWorth, Texas
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Looking for a full-time, 247 permanent slave to be kept restrained and naked most of the time and caged when not in use. Master is experienced and has interests throughout BDSM -- kink, bondage and pain play -- so slave can expect a lot of variety. No limits, but you will be kept in excellent condition and will work out regularly. Its important that you read my profile as it explains my slave training in greater detail. This is a great opportunity for the right submissive male. Will also consider couples -- MM or MF. Remember, who you are today is irrelevant once you are collared. READ THE JOURNAL (Heree). It is about slave training. It may be about you.
I dont know if most people really understand what being a sex slave pet means. Either Slaves or Masters. It means a person who is tuned into discovering what makes you feel good and then is fully dedicated to doing those things abundantly. He knows the Masters desires and favorites and becomes skilled at delivering exactly what Master most desires. Pain does not slow him down in the least. He sees the excitement and satisfaction in his Master and he has few limits to what he will endure towards his Masters satisfaction. That is what he is, he embodies satisfaction in his partner.

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Journal Entries:
4/7/2018 9:54:20 PM
've built several things in the training program to encourage ification.  Sensory deprivation -- while caged, the slave will wear earplugs and a hood which covers its eyes.  The slave is not allowed to speak to Master except for specific reasons such as pending urination or defecation.  No limits -- the slave is not given limits (except obvious ones like nothing illegal and no kids) so that Master does not have to negotiate with the slave.  Negotiating with the slave confirms that it is human and has a voice in its training, so we won't be doing that.  Other techniques are also used to dehumanize the slave.  Slave's nudity encourages its ification.

4/4/2018 7:56:21 PM
For the Master, a really neat toy.  For the slave, fulfillment.

7/12/2016 12:56:13 AM
 I used to own three slaves who were brothers, they were heterosexual.  Over a space of about 15 years, I did a lot of things to them, dirty and/or painful things.  Sometimes they objected to the treatment, but they never tried to escape the situation, they submitted.  To tell you the truth, they were willing to go a lot further than I was willing to take them.  I had more conflicts about it than they did.
    Although they were members of the same family, they would never play together, they came to me individually, year after year.  
    Why did they stop coming?  They didn't.  Work took me 1000 miles away.  I moved.  They helped me pack.
    I was giving them what they needed.  While they were with me they were truly slaves and they were being ordered to perform as bdsm pigs and sex toys.  What kept them coming back?  It wasn't the sex, we often didn't have sex.  And so I accepted that some people are just naturally submissive and crave this lifestyle.  That was an epiphany, it helped me to resolve my conflicts.
    What part of their lives which is not being a slave is conflicting to them.  They were better slaves than spouses and/or parents.  They needed their Slave Space.  And that, slaveboi, is where my Cage Animal/gimp will be living.  In his Slave Space.

5/18/2016 2:00:31 PM
A person who can just stand up and walk away was never a slave, just someone playing slave.  Slavery requires a commitment.  It would probably take the better part of a year for a person to even begin to start feeling like a slave.   How could it be any other way?

5/15/2016 7:14:49 AM
I was asked, why full time?  After your early socialization, you need some immersion into slavery to work on new perspectives.  I mean, how can you be comfortable being pulled two ways at once, how can you be fulfilled as a slave while carrying around all that baggage on your back?

4/29/2016 7:46:11 AM
I have given myself permission to do this only as long as it meets my own ethical standards.  I must be forthright and ethical in order to meet those standards.  It is, then, a healty expression of my dominant personality and inherent sadism.

4/25/2016 8:05:25 AM
The "gimp lifestyle" I've designed is because so many submissives try to "top from the bottom".  Obviously, if I don't let you fucking talk, you're not going to be able to try and run the show.  Don't tell me what I'm going to do or how I'm specifically going to torture you...  there's no way to phrase it so that it's not topping from the bottom.  Instead "I want what Master wants" is all I want to hear.

4/25/2016 8:03:04 AM
If you are a bottom man, and you are running pictures, make sure one of them is of your buns.  Good shots are:  Standing, from the back, showing the entire backside including shoulders, chest, waist, buns and thighs.  A second is on all fours, from the side showing the roundness of the buns.  A third is with your buns spread, showing your "rosebud" -- close up.  

4/15/2016 9:54:50 AM
Dehumanization is a long ol' way down.  It involves basically turning your socialization completely off, as well as putting you on a heavy speech restriction and confining you with a minimum of stimuli until your center becomes very calm and vacant.  

12/31/2015 7:34:44 AM
I've had requests from subs wanting to know if they can do this in the space of time between two days and two weeks...  the answer is no, it's a process which needs to occur gradually, just by the very nature of the changes -- from free man to comfortable slave -- it is a long process.  A year may actually not be long enough.  It depends on who you are inside, and where I'm taking you.

12/31/2015 7:34:30 AM
I've had requests from subs wanting to know if they can do this in the space of time between two days and two weeks...  the answer is no, it's a process which needs to occur gradually, just by the very nature of the changes -- from free man to comfortable slave -- it is a long process.  A year may actually not be long enough.  It depends on who you are inside, and where I'm taking you.

12/9/2015 12:48:12 AM
I am not making you a slave, I am only allowing you to be one. You already have the submissiveness in you, or you wouldn't have been looking for me.

11/25/2015 6:12:24 AM
For those of you who are slave wannabes, here is some personal experience.  I've never been a submissive, but obviously I've worked with several.   Many slaves appear to go into a meditative state when they are enduring pain play.  They are still reacting appropriately to the stimulus, but it is easy to see that they are also somewhere else at the same time.  I know also that there is a similar affect when the slave is in very restrictive bondage or is caged, that I will see the slave in a very peaceful, apparently meditative state.  I've come to call that "slave space".  

11/11/2015 12:40:13 AM
I've been asked what I want the end result of the training to be.  I'd shoot for one of two models.  The first is a total gimp, who is completely subjugated, kept in restraints, not communicated with except for orders, caged at all times when not in use...  there'd be exercise, hygiene and chores (which includes servicing the Master) and that's all that he would ever be.  He'd be referred to as "it" and he would refer to himself in third person as "the slave" when allowed to talk at all...

The second model is a cub, put through a rigorous training program for a year, and afterwards encouraged to bloom into a cub/slave/slutpuppy.  I want to train him to be a tactile, affectionate and very passionate slave who wants nothing more than to take good care of his Daddy/Master/Sir/Execu-Teddy...  

11/10/2015 9:01:10 AM
In my own framework of reality, a prisoner and a slave may be different under certain circumstances.  A prisoner may only be a bondage play activity, where he is contained for a pre-agreed upon period, or permanently, but not be a "slave" where he is required to endure pain play and dirty kink activities, or he may be a slave, and required to endure whatever the Master throws at him.  In the same way, a slave can exist entirely without any restraints.  I've known several slaves who were extremely devoted to their Masters and obeyed everything with no hesitation, but who were not subject to restraints.  Some slave get let out of their cage or their restraints in the morning, go to work, come home, and resume the restraints and slave position.  Generally, though, prisoner play contains considerably more containment (being kept in a cage or cell or box) than is typical.

9/3/2015 12:47:40 PM
Slavery is the ultimate Invasion of Privacy because not only do you have NO privacy whatsoever, but you also have no say in how your body will be used from one moment to the next.

5/4/2014 8:57:02 AM

In most relationships, the two partners keep their deepest, darkest fantasies secret from each other out of fear...  many fears...   in the BDSM relationship, the Top does not worry about fear of ridicule or rejection...  and the result is that the BDSM relationship is much better equipped to handle the individuals actual needs and desires.

    Training you is not just breaking you into your role, it's also about teaching you where to put your tongue, how to make me very satisfied.  If there is anything a slave can have confidence in, it's his ability to make his Master happy.

3/1/2014 5:58:36 PM

I am frequently asked about visits...  you want to try it out, see if it feels right.   It's kind of like your first ride on a roller coaster.  There are times you might try to get out if it was practical, which it isn't.  You're scared, you're hanging on, and then all of a sudden, it's over and you don't want to get off...   It's imperative that you not view this as something you can walk into and walk out of at will.  It's exactly like a roller coaster, you get on, they lock you in, and you're committed.  You can't experience it by looking at it, or trying on one of the cars while it's at the boarding point...   you can only experience a roller coaster by riding it.

12/15/2013 5:05:35 AM

The slave struggles -- both physically and mentally -- but time is not on his side.  The chains and padlocks hold him, he may bargain and blubber and cry but that's just one of the phases he's going to go through.   At the end, you have a slave who worships you and hungers for your attention with his entire being.

10/2/2013 2:41:39 AM

A lot of slaves come into this with preconceived notions of what would make a Master happy.  The problem is that all Masters are different.  Having your nipples pierced, for example, is something that many slaves do to because they think that's something that a potential owner would like.  Personally, I think nipple rings get in the way, and I know other Masters/Mistresses feel the same way.  And many like them.  Let your Owner tell you what is pleasing to them.  Don't assume.

8/6/2013 8:44:16 AM

I think some people are born submissive and some born dominant.  That means there are lots of dominant people out there, but a Master is someone that a Dominant becomes with work, study and practice, a Dominant is born but a Master is the result of learning and practice.

8/6/2013 7:03:49 AM

I want to talk about agendas, and this is again, the difference beween submissives and slaves.  If a person comes to me and says that they want to do this or that, and tells me how they want to be dressed and what kind of chains that I have to use, then they are retaining control of the situation.  A submissive is usually the person in control of a session when they are pursuing their fetishes.   A slave may mention the things that turn him/her on, but they leave the actual decision to DO those things to the Master.  If I'm getting what I want from a slave, and what turns them on also turns me on (usually does) then I might work it into our play, and probably will.  When I am planning play time with a newcomer, they are submissives.  They are going home when the scene is over, they are scared shitless, I will let them plan out the scene and then follow the script faithfully.  I will try not to give them any surprises.  Just because a person is sadistic does not mean that (s)he is not ethical.


7/30/2013 6:55:58 AM

What brought you here? Well, if you're submissive, and you're living in the regular working world, you've probably noticed that you're not comfortable. You are a submissive person living in a world where you are expected to be assertive, especially men. This causes a conflict between your submissive inner core and your real world positioning.

If you find a legitimate Master (not a real strong possibility here), (s)he will put you through a process where we psychologically break you down and then rebuild you, but rebuild you thinking as a slave instead of a “person of freedom”.

You don't just put a collar around someone's neck and expect the collar to change him/her. People are going to the slave registry and submitting themselves to be numbered as a slave every day because they know what they are supposed to be, and not because they think it's a good idea. It must be terribly conflicting to be living as a “person of freedom” and have a strongly submissive core.

Just getting a Master won't do it. The master has to be knowledgeable enough of the dynamics involved to develop a plan to change the way you are thinking to one where your submissive inner core has control of your decision-making process. You are not going to be able to resolve this conflict by yourself because you were socialized the wrong way by your parents, teachers and peers. That's a heavy imprint. This is called “training” and I've met many submissive people who both recognize that they have a strong need for it, and also are scared shitless of actually doing it.

You got an itch to scratch, you need assistance...

7/30/2013 6:41:09 AM

You ever look at a brain? You have any idea how that blob of pink goo makes us “special”? Wouldn't there be bound to be differences in every brain? Like, I'd imagine that the spot which deals with gender preference is probably pretty complex, and it's normal that it works differently in everyone. And also I really believe some people are more dominant (or submissive) than others and, that difference established, that some would be extremely more dominant (or submissive) than others.

7/29/2013 12:10:24 PM

I've seen something that just struck me dumb...  instead of getting a fancy collar, just get a length of chain and a padlock and use that for a collar.  It looks hot on the slave, it's got links you can attach things to, it's practically unbreakable, it looks hot on the slave, it's heavy and feels substantial, and ... it looks hot on the slave.  You can even paint it.  

7/14/2013 9:35:01 AM

A slave is a person without an expectation of freedom.

7/12/2013 12:22:14 AM
Human beings actually adapt well, but given the choice, they seldom choose change. The human organism has resistance to change as part of our reptilian brain. The larger the change, the more resistance the deeper mind generates. I'm talking about putting chains on you and taking away your privacy and choice. I'd say that represents some pretty big changes. Psychology is an important part of the process of producing a slave mentality. A Master or Mistress who employs only brute force may get cooperation, but for a person to be fulfilled in his/her new lifestyle, some understanding of the psychology of submission must be employed. It's important to choose a dominant person who is willing to patiently apply psychological tools and help you develop fulfillment as a submissive.

6/27/2013 5:08:29 PM

There are many ways to cause pain -- most people think about grabbing the balls or, in S&M terms, flogging, nipple torture, CBT... but a good, talented, creative sadist can find many, many ways, both violent and very subtle.   

6/18/2013 5:12:07 PM

Becoming a slave is a lot more than just being forced to do things, TPE requires that you learn to think in new ways, as your owner's property, not as yourself at all...   This is the "training" phase of slavery, where your owner strips you of such concepts as privacy and shame and prerogative.  On the way to becoming a pleasing, docile, useful slave, you'd expect to find some psychological distress, which you will.  On some days, you won't want to be a slave at all, but at the end of the process, you will know you are finally who you needed to become.  To keep you from walking away on days you don't want to be a slave, I use chains and a cage and sometimes even a hood...   I use many other methods to strip you of your non-slave concepts, both psychological and physical.

5/19/2013 9:54:14 AM

I am aware that someone copied a lot of my thoughts in his profile.   I've heard that before, and I did read it, and he did copy my stuff, but I'm not pissed, because imitation is the most honest form of flattery.  I've been a writer for over 40 years, and I've been copied, quoted, paraphrased...    at least he didn't take me out of context, I really hate that.  

    Also I'm aware that most people can't write on my level, and that's a good thing because if they could, I couldn't make any money at it. 

    Anything in this website can be copied because it isn't copyrighted and so it really isn't stealing, it's research.  Kinda.

7/19/2012 7:33:58 AM

 How do I handle it?   I really thought that through and decided it has to do with a fully consenting partner...  The partner has to know what he/she is getting into; The partner has to be in a position to consent (old enough, sober enough), and The partner has to give me consent to proceed.   You must know what you're getting into, and you must be in a position to consent, AND you must give me consent to proceed.   In order for me to be a BDSM Master, it is essential that I am in an entirely ethical position.  After that, it's my game. 

7/1/2012 8:54:04 AM

I've often been told by slaves that I am reading their minds. Well, we are two sides of a coin. THE SAME COIN. Why should I not know what you are thinking?  I am not your opposite, I am your obverse.

6/30/2012 12:05:24 AM

while the Master/Slave dynamic might very loosely be called a "relationship", in fact the slave is not a lover, partner, or even a friend of the Master. The slave's treatment and activities are seldom discussed with the slave, he is merely given the requirements at the moment that their execution is required. A good Master does not give a slave complicated orders. He is good at giving instructions which are easily understood and grasped.

10/29/2011 6:00:21 PM

the difference between a submissive and a slave is the difference between involvement and commitment. 

7/22/2011 3:04:59 AM

Slaves ... have a problem with vascillation at first. You're probably having a vascillation issue right now just reading this -- approach/avoid, the psychology nerds call it... And once you are collared, obviously, you have resistance to change, which is normal, seller remorse, and you also have a need to rebel against authority.  

Eventually, well, if you didn't have a strong need for the TPE, you wouldn't be here in the first place. The vascillation episodes get weaker, you just plain have to live through the approach/avoid bullshit, that comes with TRUST of your Master. The rebelliousness nature gradually changes into submission.

I am your Master, I have a way to get you through that, it's called SECURITY. I use real padlocks, steel chains... you get the idea, you do not just walk away from this, I already KNOW you will be changing your mind, probably five or six times a day in the first week... it's inconvenient, it itches, you forgot to water the geraniums back in Boise... The need is strongest immediately following an orgasm, that's when I make the security the strongest.

It's a lot of trouble for me? Sure, you're worth it, my need to be on my side of the TPE is as strong as your need to be on the other.

5/23/2011 7:37:50 AM

In a vanilla relationship, most people are so afraid to talk about their fantasies and what they like and what makes them most satisfied that they never get satisfied.  With a slave, you don't have to measure your words, just tell him where to put what and exactly how you want it and you get satisfaction every time.  For the slave's part, he knows that the only thing he needs to do to make his Master satisfied is simply follow instructions.  If the Master is unsatisfied, probably he either doesn't know what he wants or he's not giving good instructions.  There is no partner who has a greater probability of satisfying his partner than a slave.


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