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Hetero Male Master, 49,  Cleveland, Ohio
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LadyIsabelDemona AQuietStorm

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 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 250 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women


 Renaissance Faires (Expert)



 Amusement Parks

 Fine Dining


 Musical Theater

 SCA (Beginner)


 Travel (Beginner)



 Body Worship

 Bondage (Beginner)

 Breast Binding/Play

 Collars (Beginner)

 Hypnosis (Beginner)

 Knife Play

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 Blue Grass

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 Art Galleries (Beginner)

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 Country Music


 Bar Hopping


I guess I have to start looking for a lady that will do the things that my wife doesnt want to do anymore. Anyone local interested? Its been a long time since a pretty lady has flirted with me.

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Journal Entries:
9/25/2015 8:05:39 PM
I don't know what I want to do more, find a lady to seduce, or find an outgoing lady that would enjoy seducing me.

8/26/2014 7:03:06 PM
Interesting conversation over the weekend. My wife and I were with some friends, and one of the friends, who knows somewhat about my frustration regarding her lack of libido, Made the comment "You really need to take care of him."

I jokingly responded with "I'm about to start looking for surrogates." Just a throw away joke, not expecting anyone to think twice about it. (If you knew my sense of humor, you would understand)

My wife responded with "I'm surprised you haven't done it already."

9/21/2013 6:44:19 AM

I really need to find a support group for neglected husbands. I feel like crap when my wife tells her friends "she is not an affectionate person and my husband is ok with that".

5/13/2013 8:12:25 PM

Someone asked me what I would like from a woman.


Here is my answer: I would like to have someone flirt with me, give me her attention and show me that she is interested in me. Its been a while since I kissed someone that wanted to kiss me.

5/13/2011 8:19:03 PM

I had an very interesting experience a few years back. I had a friend visiting for the weekend (He was a Dom) and he brought a friend with him. We sat around talking one night after dinner and telling stories when he talked about some of the things he learned over the years. My wife joked that he thought he was making things up, which made him decide to prove to her that we wasn't.


He had her sit on the floor in an indian position and relax, facing him. She was wearing a thin top and a pair of shorts. Very casual, but nice to look at. He had me sit behind her and be quiet until it was time for me to talk. He told me he would let me know when.


He had her close her eyes and relax, while he knelt in front of her, talking quietly and gently rubbing his hands on her upper legs. He never touched her under her clothes, but a few times you could hear her, moan slightly and gently answer him when he asked her questions. When he felt she was ready, he started to tell her that she would  hear her name, followed by a command, and when she heard it, she would orgasm harder then she has ever done in the past.


He asked her if she was ready, and she whimpered yes. He nodded to me and I said her name, followed by the word I chose as the command. She instantly reacted, kicking her legs out and kicking herself backwards as her body shook from the intensity of the orgasm. She actually moved so fast and so hard that she knocked me over because I was sitting on the floor behind her.



3/23/2004 6:39:36 PM
I've been looking around this sight and I must say, I'm very impressed. It feels good to find a website that is honest and straight to the point about the type of people you are looking for.

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