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Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  Charlotte, North Carolina
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 North Carolina

 6' 4"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Breast Binding/Play (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Crossdressing (Expert)

 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Fisting (Expert)

 Gags (Expert)

 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Housework (Expert)

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Hypnosis (Expert)

 Leashes (Expert)

 No Strings Housework (Expert)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)

 Orgasm Control (Expert)

 Public Play  (Expert)


 Watersports (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)

 Historical Shows (Expert)

 Science Fiction (Expert)

 Conservative Politics (Expert)

 Economics (Expert)

 History (Expert)

 Mathematics (Expert)

 Nanotechnology (Expert)

 Occultism (Expert)

 Physics (Expert)

 Political Activism (Expert)

 1950s Household (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)

 Polyamory (Expert)

 Vampirism (Expert)

 Druidism (Expert)

 Neo-Paganism (Expert)

 Wicca  (Expert)


 Anal Play (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Bondage (Expert)

 Cages (Expert)

 CBT (Expert)

 Corsets (Expert)

 Chemistry (Expert)

 Libertarian Politics  (Expert)

 Writing (Expert)

 Cuckolding (Expert)

 Gorean Lifestyle (Expert)

 Goth Lifestyle

 Swinging (Expert)


 Biology (Expert)




 Liberal Politics  (Expert)

 Female Supremacy (Expert)

 Christianity (Expert)

 Islam (Expert)


 Computer Expert

 Gourmet Cook

So you have entered this life and tried many things but you see those around you as playing games and role playing.

You dont want role playing. You want this as your life.

You want this like a vampire wants blood.

You want vulgar, incorrect, profane and depraved.

Then .. You seek MY home. No roleplay, this is your life.

Taboo, black magick and more.. A black bath of darkness and depravity.

If you are ready, contact ME.

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Journal Entries:
4/21/2018 3:08:36 PM
Where did Edit Profile disappear to?

4/14/2018 10:30:24 AM
God (jokingly) I would rewrite this entire site.

4/7/2018 10:00:08 PM
Yet another .. Oh God I can't meet you.
You would beat and fuck Me and really enjoy it.

Yes ... And...?

4/6/2018 11:28:17 PM
Real people have phones and skype and can use them.

Real people don't ask for gas money, they ask to meet halfway.

The better ones will suck and fuck whomever to get to you just to impress you.

3/6/2018 9:51:49 AM
Whatever you are thinking is kinky or taboo is baby irin to Me.

Whatever you think "slut" means is spin the bottle to Me.

3/2/2018 1:53:13 PM
More wannabe "Online slaves"..

Online slavery is the most useless coward shit in the world. 

It is the opposite of BDSM!

Serve in the flesh or never speak.

2/13/2018 8:16:11 AM
Laughs .. silly slaves and high school girl games.

Call Me fat .. Yes I enjoy food and if I spent My time making Myself pretty then that would be submission to you.

I don't if I am a zombie from the walking dead .. I want what I want of you.

My wants and desires are all that matter.

The purity and depravity of what I inflict is what the right slaves seek.

2/13/2018 3:34:25 AM
Laughs .. a so called slave asked Me why I didn't think she was serious in a text.

Simple. If you are serious you want to make voice calls and skype. You want your Masters voice so you can serve your Master's flesh.

2/10/2018 7:34:17 AM
Laughs .. Why do owned slaves even have Collarspace profiles?

FetLife is for the intellectual "girly" shit of BDSM.

This site should simply be the shipyard to go grab slaves to use, beat and share.

The scammers and half asses make Me laugh.

If I say I will come get you, I will. I have gone to others in the past 28 years and used beaten and shared them. 

If you want this like a vampire wants blood, then I am your home.

1/22/2018 2:53:35 PM
Since a few have asked today.

Yes I am close (5 mins) from the new Publix in Huntersville.

1/17/2018 11:00:26 AM
It seems the fags pretending to be girls and scammers are getting burned out on this site.

Well if you are not one of those two then you can come here and live a dark sick life.

Role play .. fuck there is no role play to it.

You will be used, shown off, shared, traded.

The life I sincerely offer you can be the dreams of millions but only lived by the hardcore who want kink like a vampire wants blood.

1/7/2018 12:43:39 AM
Laughs is NC becoming a prude state? So few new women joining from NC.

12/25/2017 9:16:16 AM
Evil smile .. new writing on FetLife..

10/20/2017 12:00:27 PM
Irony.. Slaves telling Me My face is unattractive who don't show their face on their profile... Laughs. Well honey.. I a not here to be pretty. You see I put the roof over our heads and food on the table. Pretty, fucking, entertaining and cooking is YOUR fucking job.

10/18/2017 10:19:38 AM
Laughs.. No limit slaves who can't skype.. Laughs

10/3/2017 5:59:06 PM
I would be very interested in a slave who wants to be the foundation for starting a new poly group. I have learned you change someone to poly, it is best to start with a poly and build from there.

10/3/2017 9:08:27 AM
So many CDs and Trans hit on Me.. That is fine. Why isn't My cum in your holes.. Oh you don't show up.

9/5/2017 6:38:28 AM
Oh look.. Another snipe comment and block loser among many losers. I know I am fat. I am a glutton of food and sex. I don't exist to please you.. You exist to serve Me.

9/4/2017 5:58:04 AM
Laughing at those how put 666 on their profile for shock effect.

They think giving or taking 10 lashes instead of 7 makes them Satanic.. Laughs.

When you make a slave wear a physical or painted, tattooed, burnt sigil and beat them and use the act itself or coat the ritual candles in the blood and sexual fluids to charge them for ritual .. Then put 666 on your name.

7/6/2017 2:19:26 AM
Collarspace tech support. Give Me the kill button and I will purge the frauds off of here.

7/6/2017 2:06:50 AM
I laugh at what women think a slut is compared to the darkest heart of a man.

I laugh at what women think kinky and taboo is compared to the darkest heart of a man.

I laugh at what women think serve means compared to the darkest heart of a man.

"slut", "taboo", "serve" to them are play terms like playing tea party. You can turn them on and off like a light switch.

To the darkest heart of an unrepentant dark hearted man like Myself they are admissions of drug addictions to sex itself. They admit that the slave wants , craves and NEEDS kink like a vampire craves blood.

There is no "I will do that tomorrow". There is no tomorrow, only the dark blissful today.

6/25/2017 5:23:17 AM
I laugh at the number pictures on here where people use cell phone apps to cover part of their fact with cutesy dog noses and such.

It screams they are not sincere.

6/12/2017 5:39:37 AM
***** Just give me the master ban switch for 30 hours and I will clean up CS of the scammers.

6/5/2017 6:46:12 AM
I enjoyed two good n***** slaves this weekend. I will be back for more.

5/29/2017 4:23:14 AM
Hey scammers.. We know your stupid shit.

You can't talk on the phone.
You can't skype.
We can't come to you because of your "Uncle".

Real people in this life meet, talk and have little to no bullshit in beginning the depraved use.

Online only .. The biggest fucking joke ever.

You are either in the life and take the lash with a smile or you are a bullshitter.

5/9/2017 9:01:00 AM
No limit slaves that can't call you and count to ten .. Laughs

5/3/2017 7:31:01 AM
Laughs .. what most slaves think passes for kinky makes Me laugh.

I am full on depraved.. 

I need slaves who are proudly depraved.

4/15/2017 6:01:50 AM
Same bitch called back crying .. I told her the cost of readmission was to bring another slave who would serve beside her with her.

"I can't .. I can't" .. 

Bullshit you haven't even asked anyone. You are just fucking lazy.

4/14/2017 7:30:18 AM
A shame .. A potential slave going for her testing backed out.

She was to go to CVE (Carolina Video Exchange) and take ten dicks I chose. 

She called and said can it just be one.. She was very nervous.

I laughed ..  I told her to fuck off.. Fucking losers..

"Slaves" .. understand when you say you are a no limit slave that you will be tested. What you called no limits when you were someone's vanilla kinky girlfriend won't buy you a cup of coffee in My world.

The right slave would and sucked and sucked and lost count. That slave has expected her life's purpose as being giving sexual pleasure and complete service in all other ways.

Only the darkest minds and cunts need to come and serve under Me.

3/11/2017 6:03:01 AM
Why is getting on skype so fucking hard?

The software is free and usage is free.

Desktops are dead and most of us are using laptops that all come with webcams.

So don't bullshit the world with "I will do anything" to get a new good Master or Owner if you can't fucking load, run and be seen on skype.

Skype is

1/12/2017 9:25:33 AM
Laughs .. There are many slaves I can drive to and collect today or tomorrow.

Wow when you say you are ready to get in your car and come get them they become cowards. They scurry under the closest rock.

Know damn well When I say I will come, you can bet your life on it.

11/9/2016 10:51:35 AM
Trump won !!!! FUCK YES!

We are back to WHITE COCKS being in power and doing what is right.

Obama showed what a joke "letting a minority" try was.

Hopefully no female or further minority presidents EVER!

10/2/2016 5:43:05 AM
My definitions of words..

Slut.. you can skip the roses, dinner and smalltalk. You enjoy fucking within five minutes of the door closing.

Whore .. anything can be traded for sex.

No limit.. You eagerly want and do illegal things that can not be mentioned here. You probably have done them.

** Sodomy or fucking two guys doesn't count as no limit. I will just laugh.

Some experience.. less than one year

Experienced -- One to three years of seven day a week BDSM existence.

Very experienced .. More than three years of daily BDSM existence.

10/2/2016 5:16:25 AM
Steps for becoming a slave unto Me.

1. Don't even say the word yahoo. You get skype and use it so we can talk through the details. We will both be fully clothed so it isn't cybersex.

2. Credit and background check through a lawyer in your area. I will never know your private info.

3. Then you come here or I come and collect you in person.

a. You come here. I will repay reasonable and agreed expenses when you get here.

b. I go there. I verify your address by you going to a lawyer in your area that I hire.

4. You come here and you work. Slavery is not sending Master to earn money while you eat bon bons and enjoy Google Fiber.

5. If you are in college you still do some work but not so much you upset your studies. Yes I will read your homework.

9/10/2016 5:03:32 AM
My image of a slave..

Young but experienced enough. Let's say 15 prior men.

Legal age "mother and daughter" sets of slaves are the overwhelming exception.

"she" knows BDSM hurts and causes deep bruises and cuts. She loves them and treats each quality deep bruise as a new nipple or clit and can cum by rubbing it.

Other women see ten bruises, she sees ten clits.

Feminism repulses her. The only peace she knows is full of cum or during the racing of her heart as she is degraded, beaten or cunt hammered.

Her existence outside of sex is a snack break waiting for more sex.

Porn is not enough. Porn is baby aspirin. She needs to be beaten or be in arms length of others being beaten and fucked.

"she" is so beyond porn she must befriend and recruit other to her level of depravity.

When she sees cum drip out another cunt she wants to shove it in her with her finger.

"she" knows that Master doing the same to men and trans means He has a buffet of brutality for her because he is sexually unlimited.

"she"knows Master doing the same to all races also shows He is unlimited.

"she" craves "unlimited".

4/11/2016 11:38:06 AM
Kik is drknessnc

2/17/2016 3:04:22 PM
I drive all slaves I collect back to My place. I can send someone I trust to get their car later.

Now I see the need for a new rule.

All slaves shall go to the barber or stylist that knows them, their family and friends best and get their head shaved with #1's

That will be the last that community knows of them and it makes running back like a coward turd a lot harder.

10/31/2015 6:55:46 PM
And of course have a wonderful Samhain..

10/28/2015 3:29:43 AM
Now selling spell workings. I have to after all of you people begged so damn hard.

First satisfied customer was a guy who wanted to learn how to cloak because he was sick of being pulled over for "driving while black". Now it doesn't actually remove your image like a star trek cloaking device but it does cause people to look around you.

The guy called back laughing and happy because a cop nearly hit him because he didn't see him.

I have done other things like healings, yes we can do healings.

I have also done death spells against bitch / prick ex's and soon to be in divorce court ex's.

Ask Me.. I have good stories.

Yes I can do exorcisms much better than your BIG 3 priest. He and the demon will fight and Me and the Demon will fuck and I will take it home and keep it. 

Who do you think has the better chance?

I have five demons here that I have collected over the years. I also have five less complex evil thought forms I have pulled from people who needed to be healed.

All of them have interesting uses. Ask Me..

Interesting results over 20 years.

10/17/2015 8:19:57 AM
I was asked by a female slave what I would have her do..

I liked my response so I will repost it here..

I take you into an adult video store with glory holes. I dress you in the smallest black bra and skirt that is legal. You are wearing a leather choker with a Shiny Black Sulfer cross.

Garden variety kids wear Satanic Baphomets. Wearing the Black Sulfur Cross means you are more educated in the dark arts and work with more entities than just Satan.

I walk you in and you make the sissy fags kneel and eat your pussy and suck My cock. We take all of their cash money and you make them buy you every sex toy and slut outfit you want.

Then we go to the Doms and you suck their cocks like it was the cure to cancer.

You take loads down your holes and a lot smeared on your face and chest.

It is all video taped and put on fetlife for the world to enjoy. At the end of the tape you ask people to renounce Christ and Mohamed and join the dark path.

Then I clean you up and march you into a strip club having amateur night. You are wearing the same choker. The DJ plays "Bow down before the one you serve..." And you don't just dance you fuck the stage like Demonic cocks rose from it.

You fuck the stage .. You actually cum rapturously and the song stops and the room goes deathly quiet.

You stand up and scream .. Give My Lord your money.

I stand beside the stage and as if in a trance they all give every dime. They give business cards to contact them later.

10/12/2015 12:34:12 PM
Enough of you fools asking to be spoon fed.

Go to your local metaphysical shop and learn the basics.

If you want to learn everything from Me.. then come serve Me.

10/4/2015 5:07:14 AM
So .. If can't find a kinky sex cult . fuck it start one.

Go balls to the wall and start a black magick church.

“Alash tad al-ash tal ashtu!”

Yes I have been studying this for 20 years now and yes I what your preacher fears.

Now to bring in those worthy.

Obviously a lot of jokers want a one night stand with a "Satanic Priest" for their bucket list. I laugh at them and how obvious they are.

You want to show Me you are sincere. Try the following.

1. Make a journal entry renouncing Jesus Christ. Let that sit for a few days all by itself. Most cowards will have something scare them and run home and delete it. I did mine a year ago and have cleaned it up since the main profile clearly says enough.

2. Send Me a picture of you wearing a black magick sygil. Baphomets are nice but there are better ones. Certain ones other than Baphomet really get My attention.

The sygil can even be in marker or lipstick drawn on you.

3. Tell Me how far you have worked in your dark faith and how far you are willing to go.

4. Tell Me how many hours you are willing to work for My church in nonsexual work.

5. When asked to video chat about your faith don't chicken shit and say can we just yahoo.  I have yahoo and will have one or two converstaions but the faster you will video chat the more sincere I know you are.

6. If you think you can mentor Me please contact Me as well. I make absolutely no claims of being the end all be all black magick priest. I am working hard on My skills, workings and focus.

3/29/2013 5:14:29 AM

***WARNING: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - YOU DO NOT HAVE OUR PERMISSION to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.***

6/1/2011 7:03:50 PM

I am interested in kinky religous cults.. If you have one, send info!

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