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Hetero Male Dominant, 61,  Westford, Massachusetts
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You arrive at the agreed upon hotel and stroll to the lounge.  Sit at a booth by yourself and order a drink.  I would suggest over the years white wine seems to be the beverage of choice.   Whatever gives you the correct frame of mind to enjoy meeting a male stranger for a “routine” physical exam.   

In just a little bit I join you and order a coke.   I tell you the office is set up and ready upstairs. I ask you if you have any last questions.   You really don’t have any questions.   We have been chatting online for some time.  Together we have developed a for your particular “physical exam” fantasy.  We have discussed each of the scenes in detail. We have probably have had one previous face to face meeting to make sure we have enough "in person chemistry" to make this fun. We have picked the hotel together, some busy place where you can feel safe playing with a person for the first time. 
When you finish your drink I hand you the keys and let you go up to the room.  You open the door and find the office assembled as you have seen in the images I have shared.  Central to the scene is the exam table.  Ah yes, complete with stirrups. There is a small instrument table on wheels and the first tray of instruments for the general physical are set on the table.   There is the high intensity light, and the sheer changing screen just like in the picture.  The exam gown is hanging over the changing screen waiting for you.  It is just as I promised, thin from being used and washed so often.  One wouldn’t call the exam gown “revealing”, but there is a certain “openness about it”.  It is certainly not a heavy turtle neck sweater.  

The instrument tray for the “female exam” is laid out and sitting on the desk. You walk over to the tray of and pick up the speculum.  You giggle a little thinking, hey this is the first time I have ever felt one of these from this end? 

In what seems like no time you hear a knock on the door.  As promised I have given you ten minutes to look around, but with your mind racing the time goes by pretty fast.   I join you in the room and ask a few questions:  Is everything as you expected it to be?  Are you still interested in being examined?   I usually get a nod and a blush.

I tell you splendid, why don’t you go behind the screen and get out of your street clothes.  Come back in your panties and the exam gown and we can begin.  You go behind the screen and begin to disrobe. We continue to make small talk and you can see my silhouette very clearly through the sheer curtains. True you are not getting undressed in front of me:  but it is uncomfortable all the same. Privacy without privacy.

The exam gown goes on easy and you quickly tie it in the back. You take a deep breath, return to the office area and sit on the edge of the table. We are ready to begin.

I have been doing the exam scene for over 20 years.  I was genuinely surprised when I realized how common the fantasy is.  Over time I have come to realize it is the idea of being explored by a stranger that is the real objective.  Playing Doctor just adds a familiar framework for the deeds.

So if you have an interest in some highly sensual submission, with no strings attached, drop me a note. We can put together a scene that is as mild or as wild as you like.  I am always looking to meet new potential “patients”.


See one of the issues on my side of this play is I can only examine a lady for the first time once.   There is all sorts of possible other play, but the examining a stranger scene is a one time per lady thing. By the time we are done I will be thoroughly familiar with all of you.

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