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Not interested in Bisexuals, Bi-curious, switch, Sissy, Cross Dressers, Animals. I d
Hetero Female Dominant, 67,  Dallas, Texas
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 Dominant Female



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 5"

 158 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Friends Only

Not interested in Bisexuals, Bi-curious, switch, Sissy, Cross Dressers, Animals. I do not accept CHAT REQUESTS on here.

I wont add you as a friend unless I know you face to face.

SEEKS strong alpha male for LTR

My profile stipulates what I DESIRE in a RTLTR. Not who I will befriend or become friends and communicate with. Sexual orientation is ones own choice.
I simply REFUSE to share what is Mine in My personal LTR.

I am physically attracted to TALL men who are clean shaven, well groomed conservative in dress. I have set My personal criteria as follows

GENDER Biological Male


ORIENTATION Straight heterosexual male ONLY
AGE Must be mentally mature and responsible over 45
DEMEANOR sub slave
I am very honest and open about My size and My looks.
I am 46 34 45.
A size 1012 bottom and a 1618 Top.
My body size has nothing whatsoever to do with My brain, My emotions or inner feelings. I am the same erotic woman no matter what weight I am. I simply seek a SINGLE, STRAIGHT, CAUCASIAN male with NO CHILDREN who is very serious about being owned, marked and held in chastity at My whim. Has the ability to go from vanilla to the lifestyle world and is willing to live it behind closed doors as My partner in a monogamous, loving relationship.. DO NOT CONTACT ME If you have listed bisexuals as your sexual orientation! I do not want to listen to your crap about how you have never, only listed it to please others, but you are not.

Or that as a slave you did it because your Mistress demanded it!

That simply tells are someone who will simply compromise your values, morals and integrity to be selected by someone who more than likely not respect any part of you. Right? Right! Because WHERE is she now??? Oh she moved and left you behind? Wrong! Face it, she put you out with the TRASH when she was done USING YOU!

DETERMINE the TYPE of Lifestyle you want to participate within.
If BDSM Lifestyle, you negotiate with your MASTER (Owner) BEFORE being taken. It is supposed to be a mutual agreement and satisfactory relationship.

If you are participating with in the kinkster realm or the slave subculture, they believe and treat you as mere chattel and you have no choices. You give up all of those rights. Youre lower than an animal and treated as such. A lifestyle slave is controlled psychologically . Whereas, someone who is in the slave subculture, is generally taken without permission and held physically. So know what you want and know where youre going.

I am often astounded by many individuals lack of knowledge regarding the lifestyle they wish to participate within. Instead of assuming, wouldnt an intelligent individual ask for clarification? I would. I often do. When someone writes Me to say they seek a Mistress.. Basically that is the same as saying I want to buy a car. What kind of car? What color? What options? The same holds true with Female Dominants. We are not all alike, nor do we think alike. So do ask for clarification. Ask yourself, what is the baseline difference between a sub and a slave? A sub submits within LIMITS. Negotiates from point A to point B. As well as BDSM Play Scenes.
A slave surrenders completely. his heart, mind, body and spirit to One individual. He seeks a structured environment that is female led.

Being a slave is a mind-set. It is how you feel, view and approach life psychologically as well as with your heart. The deep desire, that driving inner need.. to not only please that special someone, but to feel that you honestly belong to them. You are here in life to serve! To be used in whatever way the Master or Mistress desires to use you. The autonomy of a full Power Exchange with Consensual Non Consent. Giving them all of your power, so that they have absolute control over you, while agreeing they can do anything to you, even if it is something you dont like, is something you are willing to accept.

While submissimves think in terms of submitting for a pre determined amount of time or scene while retaining a certain amount of control over the Dominants actions..A slave thinks in terms of surrendering to the right Dominant and being owned. They have a deep psychological and emotional commitment to that Dominant while feeling their primary purpose is to serve the wants, needs and desires of their owners.To enhance the owners life by what ever means possible.They naturally focus on what would make their owner happy and how best to please them emotionally and physically. Please note that physically does not always mean SEX!
As such, slaves live by core words like honor, integrity, respect, discipline, obedience, duty, structure and communication.

Yes, it does take time to build that bond of trust between the two. Yet, I am not interested in continually exchanging emails endlessly. I have read individuals comments on how they have no desire to be a mindless slave. Slaves, are not mindless individuals. They are generally strong, intelligent, assertive ALPHA individuals in the vanilla world. They have a deep understanding of themselves and their needs. Are generally in a position of control and authority of others, while possessing an astounding sense of humor. Which I desire.
They seek a relationship wherein, the bond of trust is so great, they have the ability to totally let go to a strong Dominant woman, in their structured environment behind closed doors and within the BDSM community, where she controls the relationship being the authority figure.

The other misnomer is that a slave HAS no rights and must to turn over everything they own to the Master or Mistress. FALSE! Unless you are dealing with an individual who practices within what we call the Own


I really find it incredulous that many of the players are still out here contacting Me as well as other Domina that are serious Lifestylers.
Im not quite sure what they think they are getting away with..Yet never take into account that we are all intelligent women in our own right.
For most, it is their Internet game. They feel total animinity being on the internet. Yet, do not understand that they can be traced from any site by anyone who has computer savvay.
Their game screams of a lack of personal integrity. I often wonder if these are social skills not practiced within their families or instilled during their ative years.. Or if they simply abandon them?
Yes, I know the shoe is often on the other foot and that there are Dominants that also play this game.
Again, no matter the demeanor of the person, I personally find it revolting. Im also wondering if they take the same drivel to the vanilla jobs?
How could you possibly hope to build trust with someone who is a liar? An individual that lacks honesty?
Their game and story changes from person to person.
Lord knows there are so many DEAD Dominants, I almost fear taking someone into My life on a fulltime basis.
I think the death or dying card is one of the worst these individuals can play.
Next would have to be a family member with a terminal illness.

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Journal Entries:
4/2/2018 4:28:26 PM
♡♡♡♡♡ WHAT FUN ♡♡♡♡♡ IF you LQQK at photo 9, I have placed up a photo of My NEW TOYS! On the left is a remote controlled electrical CBT UNIT. It has 12 different feelings, intensity level from 1-10! It can be preset to go from 1-15 minutes. I love hearing slave say: "OH MY MA'AM." See, No sounds forthcoming, I keep upping the intensity till I hear some sound of acknowledgement! I might just crank it UP, For Fun!!! The second UNIT you see.. the black one, is a remote controlled prostate massager. It has 10 different vibration patterns. It has 12 different levels of intensity PLUS a heater. The extension you see, wraps around the top of the balls. Perhaps you take Me to dinner and I put it in before we leave, sometime after the salad, I know I'm sure I turn the heater on. Then I sit there and watch you as I play with the level. Smile crossing my lips as my eyes made yours and your recognition of what is happening to your body. This little machine is a joy! It brings me pleasure. I used it on Chastity slave, and watched as his cock continually leaked cum. It was not anything he had control over, being milked. I allowed him to nurse on me as I milked him for an hour. Afterwards, I allowed him to shower me and clean me, then gave him permission to use the liquid shower gel to masturbate before he was locked back up! I love my new toys. They will be for my slave!

3/31/2018 11:58:12 AM
Working very hard outside to get a few things straightened up before Easter tomorrow. I had to cut down my lilies. It's spring and they had grown up about 8 to 10 in and that's when you cut them down so that when they come back they all Thrive instead of die from being overgrown. Once you cut them down you have to clean up your mess and bag the clippings. Washing down my front entry porch and going to get the hammock frame out. My fertilizer is in and I've got April and May to get it down I am simply waiting on my broadleaf killer to come as well as my grass seed. I tend to do things prioritized. So I will spread my broadleaf first it has to be applied with a pump container and sprayer. And I'll wait a day or two and I'll put down my fertilizer. After a few days of watering overseed my lawn I need to let it grow out to about 4 in. I plan on doing some traveling this year and there won't be anybody around to water my lawn. I have house sitters come in and stay in the house, but they don't do yard work because they're vanilla! LOL Don't be afraid to speak up I'll take your help! LOL

3/29/2018 7:54:28 AM
I have two tiny dogs. They are very much like children. The youngest one, who is the bigger one, is very friendly with everyone. He just loves attention and to be touched. The oldest one by a year, it's the smallest one. However, he is the most protective of the two dogs period is very aggressive with people who come in my home, especially men. He doesn't trust them and he doesn't want them around me. I have a collar Chastity slave who serves me. You all should understand anyone who serves me ranks lower than the dogs. My dogs have watched the Chastity slave get me through the flu season where I was very sick. He would leave work during the day and come and administer my medication as well as feed me lunch and make dinner leaving it behind for me should I get hungry. My dog's witness to devotion and loyalty. His kindness and loving Devotion to me extended to the dogs as well. Dogs are very sensitive to people they either like you or they don't. Both of my dogs have come to love the slave. We nicknamed him Papa. So now, after 6 weeks, when they hear his car come into the driveway, or I say Papa's here, they begin to whine and beg to get outside to him. When I open the door they run and jump all over him seeking his attention and love. They truly care about him. This is the way I want additional slaves to treat my dogs, and my dogs to respond to them. We will be a family. Besides caring for me, they will care for my DOGS as well. The smaller aggressive one weighs 5 lb. He is a tan male chihuahua. The bigger one is a chocolate miniature pinscher and weighs in about 15 lb. My son calls him Tootsie Roll, because he looks like a giant Tootsie Roll! LOL My dogs are welcome in my bed until 10 p.m. at that time they must go to their own beds and be zipped into their condo. My household will and does exist of totally straight males only. No interaction among any of them. I am the queen bee! If you are seriously interested and I have spoken with you about joining my Straight poly household, please feel free to contact me. As I will be making my final decision. It is not my responsibility to keep up with you. You have contacted me in hopes of serving me and being part of my house. You will be left behind. So be careful of who you throw away or put on hold. Because the true dominant, the real dominant, does not come back and does not have the time to put up with male ego. ☆☆☆

3/27/2018 5:31:45 PM
It's RAINING.. you know what that means, don't you bitch? -Master- 👄

3/1/2018 9:56:58 PM
A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America (and our allies) for an amount up to and including, their life. That is beyond honor and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact. Copy and paste this to your journal if you are a Veteran,... know a Veteran, Love a Veteran, or Support the Troops! May God Bless Them All.

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